Amour tourne mal

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or any characters and I would like to state here and now that while I may have gotten the idea for this story from reading Disambiguation and Rescue I did not plagiarize any of the authors hard work.

Where it all started going wrong

Ziva awoke to the warmth of Tony's arms around her. They had made love earlier that night. She smiled at the memory of their entwined passions. She gently maneuvered out from Tonys embrace and gasped as the cold air hit her naked body.

Ziva dressed in her running clothes and deciding against bringing her cell phone, scrawled a note for tony and left to run her usual route.


As she was running by a dark alleyway that just screamed trouble, a man stepped out from the shadows and grabbed her arm forcing her to turn to him. As she turned she felt a sharp pain at the back of her head and her vision dissolved into blackness and all she could think was this is not good…


Tony woke up slowly and instantly felt the absence beside him. Figuring that she had left for her run he got up and started his morning regime. Going into the kitchen his suspicion as to the whereabouts of ziva. Her note:


I have just gone for a run. I will probably be back after you leave for work. Do not worry about me. I will see you at work.

Love Ziva XXXXXX


Tony was sneaking into his desk when he heard

" Gear up" being shouted by an irate Gibbs

"We have a dead marine in Georgetown"

Grabbing his gear tony followed gibbs and mcggee into the elevator.


As they drew up at the crime scene Gibbs started barking orders "Mcgee Bag, tag and take photos. Dinnozo check out that allyway. Bag and photogragh anything you find."

'Onit Boss'