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Is This the Destiny We Desired?

Chapter 1

In our last story Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter found the love they were destined to have; the love for each other. It was unexpected, but wanted. They never expected to go from enemies to lovers in a matter of ten years. They never expected to have a whirlwind romance that took them both by surprise. They love each other more than anything in this world, but there is a price to be paid for their happiness and it brings us to a question, is this the destiny they desired or will they find that they wish for a different destiny?


We left our boys in the hospital greeting their son and daughter and professing their love for each other once again and looking forward to their new life together. We jump ahead now to five years in the future.

Harry and Draco are still happily together, but not married. Their focus has been on their children. Scorpius and Teddy are now sixteen years old and in their sixth year at Hogwarts. They are still the best of friends despite being in different houses at Hogwarts and having some different interests. They dote on their little brother and sister, Gabe and Isabella who are now five years old. They are beginning their first year in the Introduction to Magic course at Hogwarts. Gabe has grown up to be very much like Harry. His hair is just as unruly and black as Harry's, but his eyes are still the exact same as Draco's. He is very intelligent and brave. The amount of care that he has for others far surpasses even his own father's. Isabella on the other hand is almost the exact opposite. Her hair darkened slightly over the years, but still remains a vivid shade of blond and her eyes continue to be an unusual shade of pale green which she uses to her advantage. She is extremely bright for her age, brave, and caring like her brother, but she has underlying Slytherin qualities such as sneakiness and cunningness. She always figures out a way to get what she wants and manages to get away with everything. The eyes always get her out of a tough situation. They love their parents and their brothers and are always looking out for each other.

Harry became the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor shortly after the twins were born. Draco continued on as the Potions professor along with Deputy Headmaster. He is slated to take over for Professor McGonagall after this year. When they are not staying at Hogwarts they live at Grimmauld Place where there is more room. Draco sold his home in Hogsmeade to Ginny and Neville shortly after Harry and Draco officially moved in together.

Ron and Luna are celebrating this year since it is Serena's first year at Hogwarts. Leo is in his second year of the Introduction to Magic (ITM) course and loving every minute of it. Ron continues to be the Head Auror and has never been happier. Luna retired from being an auror to stay at home and publish and edit the Quibbler.

Hermione and Viktor have settled down more in their life. Aries and Jasmine are ten years old now and in their last year in the ITM course. Hermione quit her job at St. Mungos and opened her own practice. She has many patients and enjoys spending more time with the twins and her husband. Viktor became the head coach of the Montrose Magpies and shares referring duties of Quidditch matches at Hogwarts.

Seamus and Lavender are also celebrating this year. Star is thirteen and starting her third year. Their other daughter Orchid is eleven and starting her first year. Their son Lucky is ten and in his last year of IMT. They also had another son named Demetrius and he is four years old. Seamus is second in command with the aurors and Lavender spends her time at home with their two younger children.

Pansy and Brennan added to their family as well. Sharise is now nine years old and they also had a little boy named Zephyr who is three years old.

Lastly is Ginny and Neville. They got married about four years ago. They have a little girl named Iris who is one years old. Ginny is a part time flight instructor and shares the referring duties with Viktor for Quidditch matches. Neville continues to be the Herbology professor at Hogwarts.

Harry finally took on his duties completely as Teddy's godfather and he now lives with Harry and Draco permanently. Andromeda and Narcissa live together and spend their time traveling to exotic places. Fred and George have expanded their company and have several shops throughout Europe and are even opening a new shop in America. The last five years have been quite eventful for everyone.


"Daddy! Daddy! Our letters are coming! Look over there!" Gabe cried jumping up and down. Harry and Draco both looked up from the play set they were putting together in the backyard to watch three owls flying towards the house. Isabella looked up from her book and merely smiled. She is always one to contain her excitement much like Draco. Teddy and Scorpius were looking over the instructions for the play set and glanced up for a moment at the birds. Since they were both older it was very childish to show excitement for their Hogwarts letters, but both of them were jumping for joy internally. They both smiled at the birds which earned them a raised eyebrow from their little sister.

"Come on Isabella, aren't you even remotely excited to start at Hogwarts?" Scorpius asked.

"Of course I am, but I have more class then to jump up and down like a rabbit," Isabella replied. Gabe turned to his sister and glared at her. She just gave him the trademark Malfoy smirk that rivaled even Draco's. He glanced back at his only daughter and chuckled. Harry scooped up Gabe and placed him on his shoulders.

"Don't let miss grumpy pants over there ruin your excitement Gabe," Harry assured.

"I know Daddy. She's excited I can feel it. She tends to forget the connection that we have," Gabe replied smiling sweetly at his twin sister.

She glared back at him and stuck her nose up in the air. Draco laughed again and went over and scooped her up in his arms giving her a kiss on the cheek. She tried to contain her smile, but couldn't.

Harry stretched his arm out and one owl landed on his arm. He removed the envelopes and Gabe scratched it gently before they sent it off again. Another owl landed on Draco's arm and he removed the letters and sent the bird on its way. The last owl landed on Isabella's head which made her screech loudly and sent Gabe into fits of laughter. Draco quickly untied the letters before she freaked out even more. Harry set Gabe down since he was nearly falling off his shoulders from his laughing. Isabella wriggled in Draco's arms wanting down so she could chase after her brother, but he didn't allow that.

They handed out the letters to their rightful owners. Teddy and Scorpius ripped their letters open and both whooped and jumped up in the air. Harry and Draco looked up at them.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"I'm a prefect and the Gryffindor Quidditch captain!" Teddy cried. A big smile crossed his face.

"Congratulations! That's great news!" Harry complimented giving him a quick hug.

"I'm a prefect and the Slytherin Quidditch captain!" Scorpius cried out happily. He slapped high fives with Teddy and received a hug from Harry.

"Scor, that's great! I'm so proud of you," Draco said giving him a handshake followed by a hug. Isabella and Gabe hugged them happily as well.

"Well, this should be interesting. Now we'll have even more competition in this family," Harry said with a smile.

"It wouldn't be complete without that. The only difference is they aren't enemies like we were," Draco teased.

Harry nodded and laughed.

"Daddy, I want to see my letter," Isabella demanded.

Draco raised an eyebrow at her which caused her to cower a bit, but then she batted her eyelashes and made her eyes wider.

"May I please have my letter?" She asked sweetly.

"That's better young lady. You are going to have to watch that attitude of yours when you start school. I know for a fact that Headmistress McGonagall will not tolerate it," Draco scolded.

She looked at him innocently which did nothing to affect Draco's scolding. She turned to Harry giving him he same puppy dog look. He stared at her for a moment trying to keep his resolve, but caved and scooped her up into a big hug.

"Harry," Draco warned.

"What? You know she takes after you. She can't help it," Harry responded.

Draco narrowed his gaze at him and then looked at his daughter who was looking rather smug. He started to chuckle and turned away. He handed the twins their letters which they happily opened. Both of them were able to read already and they quickly scanned their letters. They were going to be in the same group of course and were taking Transfiguration and Herbology.

"Well, it looks like we'll need to head into Diagon Alley this week to get your supplies. I think we could all use some new robes and I know that Harry and I both need some new supplies for our classrooms. We've got a staff meeting tomorrow morning so how about we go after that?" Draco suggested looking at Harry.

"Yes, I think that will work just fine. Teddy, Scorpius you don't have plans tomorrow do you?" Harry asked.

"No, we'll be watching the twins, but that's it. Um, listen dad, tomorrow night um, some guys from school are having an end of summer party at the lake and uh, we were wondering if we could go?" Scorpius asked nervously.

Draco and Harry looked at each other and then back at the older boys suspiciously. "Scorpius, why are you so nervous?" Draco asked crossing his arms.

Teddy chuckled and Scorpius glared at him. "He wants to go because there is a certain witch that's going to be there," Teddy replied for him.

Scorpius turned several shades of red and avoided his father's gaze. Draco looked a bit panicked and Harry looked slightly amused.

"A witch huh, Scor?" Harry teased.

This sent Teddy into more fits of laughter. The twins looked between them in confusion.

"Well, Scorpius, I think we can talk about this later," Draco replied stiffly.

Scorpius looked up at him slightly angry. He looked over at Teddy and glared at him again. He stomped away from them and into the house slamming the door. Teddy watched him leave and looked down at his feet looking a bit upset. He turned away and went back to looking over the instructions for the play set. Harry looked over at him with concern and then looked over at Draco's still panic stricken face.

"Gabe, Isabella, why don't you go ask Kreacher how soon dinner will be ready?" Harry told them. They looked between their dads and nodded before running into the house. Harry glanced over at Teddy who looked hurt and angry. Teddy looked up at him and through the instructions down before turning and walking inside leaving Draco and Harry alone. Harry turned to Draco whose expression still hadn't changed.

"Love, what's on your mind?" Harry asked as he moved closer to him. He reached out tentatively and touched his arm. Draco looked up at him with a hint of sadness in his eyes. Harry gave him a confused look.

"My little boy is growing up too fast," Draco responded quietly.

Harry smiled at him and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into a hug. "Oh, Dray, it happens. You can't stop it," Harry comforted.

"Yeah, I know, but this is my little boy. He's already interested in girls and nervous and everything! Oh my gosh, what if he's thinking about having sex with this girl or something?!" Draco exclaimed horrified. He started to turn towards the door to go after Scorpius. Harry gripped him tightly to stop him. He reached out and cupped his chin. He kissed him gently and smiled at him.

"He's sixteen years old. Do you honestly think this is the first girl he's been interested in? I don't think it is. You were making out with girls before your twelfth birthday so why are you jumping straight from him being interested in girls to having sex with them?" Harry asked.

"Well, that's different. That was me; this is Scorpius, my baby. And you know how teenage hormones are! I'm 110% positive that it's crossed his mind several times. Oh no, what if he's already done it?!" Draco cried. Again he turned towards the door and again Harry stopped him with a kiss.

"Draco, why don't we talk to both our older boys? They are getting to that age where it's time for that conversation. I think you are overreacting. Scorpius is a shy young man, unlike his father," Harry teased trying to lighten the mood. Draco glared at him.

"Okay, yeah I guess you're right. I'm probably jumping to conclusions. And what do you mean I'm not shy? I am shy!" Draco exclaimed.

Harry burst out laughing and shook his head. He looked at his lover who had crossed his arms and was glaring menacingly at him. Then an evil gleam set in Draco's eyes and Harry knew that he was in trouble. He slowly backed away as Draco advanced on him. He immediately stopped laughing and looked around quickly looking for shelter from Draco. He whipped around and took off across the yard with Draco close on his tail. Draco let out a primitive yell and leapt at Harry tackling him to the ground. Harry let out a strangled cry as Draco flipped him over and pinned him to the ground on his back. They were behind a large oak tree which blocked them from the view of the house.

"Take it back my love," Draco growled.

Harry looked up at him fearfully. "You are the shyest bloke I know," Harry said meekly.

Draco grinned at him and leaned down planting a heated kiss on his lips. He slowly ran his hands down Harry's arms and slipped a hand under Harry's shirt caressing the soft skin of his stomach. Harry let out a quiet moan and arched his back, pushing against him. Draco smiled into the kiss and trembled as Harry ghosted his hands down his back. Draco pushed into him earning a groan from him. He lifted his head and brought another hand up to run his fingers down his cheek. Both their eyes were filled with desire and they smiled lovingly at each other.

"I love you," Draco whispered.

"I love you too," Harry whispered back. Draco smiled broadly at him and leaned down again continuing where they left off. The gentle kissing was soon taken over by rough passion. They were nearly ready to rip each other's clothes off when a high pitched voice called from the house.

"Daddy! Dinner is ready!" Isabella cried. Draco and Harry stopped mid kiss and let out an exasperated sigh.

"Can I take a rain check?" Harry asked quietly.

"Definitely and I plan to use it tonight," Draco replied with a sneaky smirk. Harry grinned at him and nodded in agreement. He pulled Draco's head down to kiss him again.

"Daddy, I said dinner was ready. Oh-" Isabella said in embarrassment as she approached them. "Sorry," she mumbled turning away.

Draco and Harry stood up and after a quick glance that they were both relaxed they laughed and Harry scooped up Isabella who was very red and giggling.

"You are definitely sneaky little miss. We didn't even hear you come up," Harry commented as he gave her an Eskimo kiss.

"Well, it's not like you two were paying much attention to your surroundings," She teased recovering from her embarrassment. Harry and Draco both blushed as they walked into the house. Draco put his arm around Harry's shoulders and leaned over kissing him on the cheek. They smiled at each other which did not go missed by their only daughter and she just smiled happily at them.


Dinner had been a tense affair. Scorpius and Teddy weren't talking and Draco had gone back to worrying about his oldest son and exactly what they were going to say to him. Gabe and Isabella ate quicker then usual in order to get out of the dining room faster. They had barely swallowed their last bite before leaving the room quickly to go watch a movie.

Harry cleared his throat and looked at his oldest boys. "Listen boys, your father and I would like to talk to you both after dinner, separately. It seems like there are some things that need to be talked about," Harry said. Teddy and Scorpius glared down at their plates and gave a quick nod to them. Harry glanced over at Draco who was studying the two boys.

Harry set the dishes in the sink and he and Draco followed the boys upstairs. Teddy went into his own room to wait for Harry and Draco to talk to Scorpius first. They followed Scorpius into his room and closed the door. Harry sat down in a chair and looked between Draco and Scorpius thoughtfully. Both of them looked very uncomfortable.

"On second thought, I think Teddy should be in here for this conversation. It'll be easier," Harry commented. He stood up quickly and summoned Teddy from his room. He moped in and took a seat in another chair, far from Scorpius. Harry looked between the two and glanced at Draco who was still looking quite horrified. They sat there for several minutes. Harry wanted Draco to begin, but it wasn't going to happen. He sighed loudly and turned so that he could look at both boys effectively.

"Alright, well I guess I'll start seeing as your father doesn't seem to have words to begin. This conversation is probably coming a bit later than it should have, but better late then never I suppose," Harry began. He looked at all three of them waiting for some acknowledgement that they were listening. Scorpius and Teddy were the same shade of red. Draco was the opposite. He had turned paler than usual. Harry shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Okay, Scorpius and Teddy, you are at that age where you are starting to look at girls in a different way and your father and I want you to know that we completely understand and we want to be here for you and help you through it all," Harry continued.

"Oh, dad come on, do we really have to have this conversation?" Teddy interrupted uncomfortably.

Harry stalled for a minute at Teddy calling him 'dad'. He had just started that about two years ago, but it still caused Harry to swell in happiness. He recovered quickly to address the situation at hand.

"Yes of course we do. This is very important. I'm pretty sure you aren't ready to be parents at sixteen," Harry replied.

Scorpius and Teddy rolled their eyes together. "Of course we don't! What makes you think we've even thought about sex and all that?" Scorpius demanded, speaking for the first time since his outburst while they were outside.

Draco looked up finally, "Scorpius, do not talk to Harry that way. It's a valid concern young man," Draco scolded. Scorpius cowered a bit and looked back down at his hands.

"Sorry Harry," Scorpius apologized. He was still reluctant to call him dad after all this time, but Teddy was as well when it came to Draco.

"It's alright Scor. I understand. I never really had this conversation with anyone. My godfather attempted to try and talk to me about it, but it was a bit too early and I wasn't even really thinking about girls when we had the conversation so I know it's a bit uncomfortable. I was not implying that you were thinking about having sex with this girl, but it's a natural thought," Harry explained.

Scorpius turned a deep shade of red and Teddy scoffed angrily. Harry looked between the boys as did Draco.

"Boys, is there something were missing?" Draco questioned. Both boys shrugged, but didn't answer the question. Harry and Draco exchanged looks.

"Alright fine, this obviously isn't working out how we planned so let's just do it this way. Here is a book for you both to read that gives you some basic knowledge and several protective spells. Whatever else is going on with you two, I hope that you figure it out. You are brothers and best friends. There is no reason that you can't work whatever issues there are between each other," Harry told them. He handed them two copies of the same book and then he stood followed by Draco.

"We love you guys very much and no matter what we are here for you. Don't forget that," Draco said. He smiled at them even though they weren't looking up at him. He glanced at Harry again and followed him out of the room. They closed the door behind them and headed back downstairs.

"Daddy! Uncle Ron is here!" Gabe yelled from the sitting room. Harry looked at Draco in surprise and glanced at his watch. It was a bit early for him to be coming by. They walked into the sitting room to see a distracted Ron looking at the twins.

"Hey mate, what's going on?" Harry asked unsurely. He had a feeling that whatever Ron wanted it wasn't good.

"Hey guys. Uh listen, Harry we have a problem and I don't know what to do," Ron said quietly.

Harry and Draco exchanged looks.

"Ron, what happened?" Harry asked nervously. Ron glanced at the twins.

"Gabe, Isabella, why don't you guys go get ready for bed?" Draco asked.

The twins looked between the three and nodded. They left the room quickly and then Ron finally spoke.

"Someone's been kidnapped," Ron responded.

"Who?" Harry asked.

"Headmistress McGonagall," Ron said quietly.