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It was a week before Christmas and it had been a peaceful and wonderful past two months. Harry sat in the sitting room on the floor pulling out ornaments to put on the tree. Draco was out doing some wedding planning. Teddy and Scorpius were at school and the twins were spending the day with the Weasley's. It had been a long time since Harry had some time to himself and on one hand he enjoyed it greatly, but on the other he missed his family.

He began placing ornaments on the tree, the less personal ones. He wanted to wait until later in the evening to put the sentimental ones on when Draco and the twins were home. He was also trying to distract himself from his upcoming nuptials. They were only a week away on Christmas Eve and he wasn't sure he was quite ready for them. He was more than ready to marry Draco, just going through the process he wasn't really looking forward to.

The front door opened and Harry glanced over his shoulder to see Draco coming in with several packages floating behind him. Harry suppressed a groan not wanting to imagine just what was in them.

"Hello love! What are you doing in there?" Draco called as he closed the door behind him and directed the packages into the sitting room that Harry was in.

"Hey. Just putting up some ornaments on the tree. What do you have there?" Harry asked.

Draco smiled broadly as he leaned down and kissed the top of Harry's head. "I picked up some gifts for the kids and got some wedding stuff like the favors and centerpieces. It was loads of fun. Are you alright?" Draco asked as he realized that Harry wasn't entirely happy at the moment.

"Yeah, it's just… do we really have to go through all this pomp and circumstance to get married? I mean do we need to have a guest list filled with people that we barely know if at all? I don't know. I just want to marry you in front of close family and friends, not everyone in England," Harry replied.

"Not everyone. The queen turned down the invite," Draco teased. Harry cracked a smile and rolled his eyes. "Harry this is the biggest wedding in Wizarding history. I mean we were two sworn enemies in more ways than one. We have famous names in our world and we just went through two horrible ordeals in the past five years. It's just how it's supposed to be."

"Does it make you happy?" Harry asked.

Draco knelt down and placed his hand underneath Harry's chin tilting it up. He searched his green eyes for a moment and then leaned forward and kissed him deeply. "I'm marrying you and that's all that matters," He whispered against his lips.

Harry smiled and kissed him again. "Okay," he said when Draco leaned back.

"Now you must look at what I got. Humor me Harry, please?" Draco said as Harry glowered at him. Harry sighed and motioned for Draco to start showing him what he got. He couldn't wait to get this wedding over with.


Harry stood in a room at Malfoy Manor alone staring at himself in the mirror. It was his wedding day and he still couldn't kick the butterflies that he had flapping through him. He was wearing an all black tux with a dark green tie and a dark green vest. He looked smashing. He couldn't help grinning at himself for a moment, but then he remembered all the people that were going to be witnessing their wedding and he scowled. Five hundred people were coming and he knew maybe fifty. He wished that's all that was going to be there, but what Draco wants, Draco gets.

There was a knock on the door and Harry turned to glare at it. It opened and Ron and Hermione walked in smiling brightly at him. Hermione ran over to him and hugged him hard. "Oh Harry, you look brilliant!" She cried. She already had tears in her eyes as she stepped back. She even held a kleenex in her hand and was wiping her eyes profusely with it.

"You look fantastic, mate," Ron said as he hugged him as well.

"Harry, why are you scowling?" Hermione asked.

"Not getting cold feet now are you?" Ron asked.

"No, no of course not. This has been a long time coming and I am more than ready to marry Draco. It's just all those damn people! He must be out of his mind," Harry grumbled.

Hermione and Ron stifled laughs at their best friend's discomfort. Harry glared at them. Another knock sounded on the door and opened admitting Teddy and Scorpius. They got a good look at Harry's expression knowing that he was still annoyed with the wedding extravaganza.

"Hey dad," They said in unison.

"You look great!" Teddy said with a huge grin as he hugged him.

"Yeah, yeah. You look great as well. Same with you Scor," Harry commented.

"We just saw dad," Scorpius said. He watched as Harry blushed and shifted his weight. "He looks drool worthy," Scorpius replied with a wink. Harry barely suppressed a shudder (a good one).

"Of course he does. Your father could be wearing beggar's clothes and still look hot," Harry said.

Everyone chuckled at this. Hermione glanced at the clock and gasped. "Oh Harry it's almost time! We've got to get going. Good luck!" Hermione said with a grin as she pecked him on the cheek and left the room quickly Ron following behind her giving him a pitying look.

"Well, I better go see if Dad is ready to go," Teddy said as he started for the door.

"You just called Draco dad," Harry said before he left the room.

"Well yeah, he is my dad as well. Why not start calling him that?" Teddy replied with a grin. He turned and left the room leaving Harry and Scorpius alone.

"Don't be nervous. You are barely going to notice the five hundred people," Scorpius said.

"Yeah, that's easy for you to say. You're not the one getting married," Harry said darkly.

Scorpius laughed. "Come on, let's go get you married."

Harry sighed and took one last look in the mirror before he followed Scorpius out of the room. They walked down the stairs and towards the gardens. When they stepped out Harry could see nothing, but the space around him and the aisle. Draco and Harry had decided to walk down the aisle together, but a barrier that was only for them prevented them from seeing each other. Everyone else could see them.

"Are you ready?" Scorpius asked. Harry nodded slowly feeling like he was going to throw up. Scorpius handed him a calming draught potion and Harry tipped it back gratefully. He hugged him and smiled then headed down the aisle to stand on his side. Draco and Harry had also decided that the other's son would be their best man.

Harry took several deep breaths as the potion began to work and his nerves calmed. He smiled when Gabe and Isabella walked out to go down the aisle as the ring bearer and flower girl. They were being very mature as they began their walk down the aisle not jumping around excitedly when they saw Harry. They smiled brightly at him and turned to where Harry assumed Draco was standing since he saw them smile that way as well.

Harry stared at the spot for a moment as the twins walked down the aisle. Draco was on the other side and suddenly Harry didn't care if there were five hundred people there. He was marrying Draco and that's all that mattered. With a skip in his step he turned towards the aisle as the music began playing. He focused on Scorpius who was waiting at the altar as well as Kingsley who was marrying them today and walked down the aisle stopping in front of them.

"Are you ready Harry?" Kingsley asked.

Harry nodded.

"Are you ready Draco?" Kingsley asked again.

Harry assumed he nodded because Kingsley grinned and with a flick of his wand the barrier dropped and Harry was now facing the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, Draco. He was wearing an all black tux as well with a silvery blue tie and vest that made his eyes pop. He was grinning broadly at Harry looking him up and down. In that moment Harry felt his entire body relax and fill with joy. This was it. Draco's eyes flickered to the audience and Harry followed his gaze. He looked out and saw only about fifty people, all his close family and friends. Harry's face brightened further as he turned back to Draco.

"I thought there was going to be five hundred people?" Harry asked in bewilderment.

Draco grinned. "I had to play one more trick on you before we got married. It's always been planned to only have our close family and friends. I can't imagine inviting that many people to our wedding," He replied with a wink.

Harry grinned and threw his arms around him in a hug which Draco returned and then he kissed him. The audience chuckled.

"Now boys, it's not quite time for that yet," Kingsley joked. Harry and Draco broke apart and blushed.

They separated, but never took their eyes off of each other. Kingsley began the ceremony. After awhile it was time for the vow exchange. "Draco and Harry have written their own vows today so let's start with you Draco," Kingsley said.

Draco cleared his throat before he began. "Harry, I've been thinking a lot about what I was going to say to you today and I hope that I've found the right words to express to you how much you mean to me. You've been a part of my life since we were eleven years old. Although we got started on the wrong foot and battled often throughout our years at Hogwarts, I never stopped feeling a deep connection with you. We've been through just about everything imaginable and yet here we are, still together, and making the biggest commitment possible to each other. I love you so much and I am so happy that you are up here with me today," Draco said.

Harry grinned as he heard several sniffles in the audience. "Draco, I grew up not feeling love and until I went to Hogwarts I had no idea what kind of feeling it was. I learned what familial love is with my friends and adoptive family and I learned what true love is with you. I am now complete. I am so grateful to be up here today with you and I am so grateful that you have forgiven me time and again for my craziness. I love you truly and deeply and I am so thrilled to call you my own," Harry said. Draco smiled broadly at him tears glistening at the corners of his eyes. They turned to Kingsley who smiled happily at them.

"Gabriel, do you have the rings?" Kingsley asked professionally. Gabe smiled and held up the pillow that held the intricate bands of woven titanium. Kingsley removed them from the pillow and waved his wand over them blessing them and then he held them out. Draco picked up one and Harry picked up the other.

"Do you Draco take Harry to be your lawful wedded husband through everything that comes your way?" Kingsley asked.

"I definitely do," Draco replied with a grin.

"And do you Harry take Draco to be your lawful wedded husband through everything that comes your way?" He asked again.

"Yes, I do," Harry said with a broad smile.

"With the power of Merlin, I now pronounce you Misters Potter-Malfoy. Now, you may kiss," Kingsley declared.

Harry and Draco grinned and turned to each other. Draco reached up and placed his hands on Harry's face as Harry rested his own on Draco's waist. With a loving glint in each other's eyes they leaned towards each other and their lips met. A burst of cheers and light exploded around them as they deepened the kiss for each other. They were now officially married and bonded.


Six years later

Harry and Draco stood on the platform with Isabella and Gabe at their side looking nervous. The twins were off to their first year at Hogwarts and Draco and Harry were having a hell of time getting used to that. They fussed over the two making sure that they had everything they needed and that they understood the rules and everything.

"Daddy, Papa, were you this bad when Teddy and Scorpius went off to school?" Isabella asked as she tapped her foot.

"No they weren't. I just might be offended by that," Scorpius commented as he stepped away from the barrier followed by Teddy.

"Oh stop you two. We fussed," Harry replied.

"Not like this. You're going to give the kids a complex," Teddy replied.

Harry rolled his eyes.

"Shouldn't you two be at home aiding your extremely pregnant wives?" Draco questioned.

Scorpius and Teddy blushed. "They told us to leave because we were driving them crazy," they said together.

Harry and Draco started to chuckle. "Well then I'm glad you're all here because Harry and I have an announcement," Draco said.

Isabella and Gabe looked at them expectantly as well as Scorpius and Teddy. "What is it Papa?" Gabe asked.

"We are having another baby," Draco replied with a grin.

Gabe started jumping up and down excitedly as he hugged them both. Teddy and Scorpius hugged them as well. Isabella looked at them critically.

"What is it sweetheart?" Harry asked.

"Is it a girl or a boy?" She questioned.

"A boy," Harry replied.

Isabella's eyes widened and she looked thoughtful for a moment. "Another brother? Great… all well at least I'm still the only girl!" She said with a grin as she hugged Harry and Draco.

"You would think she'd want to have a sister," Draco whispered to Harry. He chuckled and laughed when Isabella narrowed her gaze slightly at Draco.

"Papa, no more girls because then I wouldn't be the apple of either of your eyes anymore," She said widening her eyes ever so sweetly. Damn those eyes.

"Don't worry love. No matter what, you'll always be the apple of our eye," Draco told her as he scooped her up in a hug.

Isabella grinned happily as she got her way once again with those eyes of hers. Draco reluctantly let go of her and set her down again. They hugged the twins tightly before allowing them to even consider stepping towards the train.

"We have to board," Gabe said quietly, tears in his eyes.

"Yes, you are right. Well go on then. We'll see you in a bit," Harry said biting his lips to fight back his own tears.

"You guys are something else. You're going to be at the school with them since you are still teaching there or did you forget that?" Teddy asked.

"No, we did not forget that, but it's a long train ride and something could happen to them," Draco pointed out.

"What's the worst that could happen?" Scorpius asked.

Harry and Draco exchanged looks. Wouldn't you like to know?

The End