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~::Gothic Girl::~ A Jussi 69 Romance

INFO: You Are…

Name: Hazel Oakleigh

Birthday: August 29 1986 (22 years old)

Appearance: Short (about 5'3), slim (not anorexic, not fat. About 55kg (I'm not sure what that is in pounds). Shoulder length hair that's wildly layered and currently dyed a deep red colour (but it's been many different colours, such as black, purple and pink. It's constantly changing).

Tattoos: A chain of heartagrams like a bracelet around your right ankle, and The 69 Eyes ankh on the inside of your left wrist.

Piercings: Two in each ear, small silver stud in your nose, small silver ring on the right side of your bottom lip.

Style: Gothic. Lots of black clothing, gothic jewelry, and dark eye makeup. Everybody calls you a female version of The 69 Eyes.

Personality: Outgoing around friends, and people you know, shy around strangers and people you have just met until you get to know them. Your favourite band is HIM (duh) and of course living with Bam means you have met them many times, so your actually good friends with all of them, and especially close friends with Ville and Linde. You also love The 69 Eyes, but have never met them.

Background: Born and raised in Westchester, you've lived there your whole life. You lived in the same house forever, which happens to be next door to Bam Margera. You grew up with him, and your best friends.

You tried dating each other when you were teenagers, but it was too weird, like dating your brother. So you broke up and became even closer friends.

You also grew up with Dico, Rake, Dunn and Raab. Everyone is like family. April and Phil are practically parents to you.

When you were born your dad ran out on you and your mum, leaving her to fend for herself. Ever since then she's had a new boyfriend nearly every week. You're the oldest of two; you have a younger sister Sarah, who's six. Nobody knows who her father is. But she's a very happy little girl and you love her to bits, as does everyone else and Bam's.

At the age of 20 you got tired of your mum's constant boyfriends, and ended up in a massive screaming match. Bam heard this and came running over, saving the both of you from killing each other. So you ended up moving in with him and the others at Castle Bam, and have been living there ever since.

You're not dating anybody at the moment, and you don't have a job because Bam insists you "don't need one if you're living in this house" and that he'll pay for everything. (Which you hate).


Birds were flying around beautifully, there was a crisp breeze blowing gracefully around you. Everything was peaceful, everything was perfect.

That was, until you felt your body being thrown up and down as you lay on the grass.

Opening your eyes, you realized you weren't lying on grass; it was actually your bed. Further inspection showed you the reason you were being thrown up and down; somebody was jumping on your bed. As your vision cleared, you noticed it was Linde.

"Linde! What the hell?" You croaked in your morning voice, rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

The dreadlocked man took one final bounce and leaped forward, almost landing on top of you. You shrieked in fear, but he just laughed.

"Whoa, chill Hazel. I wasn't going to hurt you. Bam sent me up here to wake you and give you the good news." An excited smile crept upon his face.

A worried look passed your face.

The last time you had be given "good news" by one of Bam's messengers, Dico ended up telling you Bam had shipped your 8th grade teacher off to Saudi Arabia.

It had taken you a month to get her back and even longer to convince her not to press charges.

Sighing, you looked Linde straight in the eye, preparing yourself for the worst.

"Okay then Linde, out with it."

Smiling, he opened his mouth to speak. He hadn't even got a word out when 'BANG'

The door flew open and in ran Bam stupidly, landing on your bed with a thud.

"FINLAND!!" He screamed, whilst pulling you into a suffocating hug.

"Bam get off me! I can't breathe! Now go away, Linde was just about to- wait, what? Finland?" You looked at Linde expectantly.

His face was disappointed; obviously he wanted to be the one to tell you, not Bam.

"Way to go, arsehole," he shot at Bam. "I hadn't even gotten to tell her yet."

Bam looked at the floor. "Oh, sorry. I'll be downstairs if you need me then."

Linde smirked as Bam exited your bedroom. "Sorry about that love, now where was I? Oh yes, Finland. Okay, well Ville just got a call from Seppo and told him that we have about a week or two worth of shows to do around Finland before Tavastia on New Years Eve."

"Oh." Your heart dropped. The guys had only been staying here about three weeks, and weren't due to be leaving until the day before their New Years Eve performance.

This cut their stay back by two and a half weeks.

"Well I guess you better start packing then." You sighed, ready to pull the blanket back over your head.

Linde gave you a cheeky smile, and pulled the blankets away from you.

"I already have sweetheart. But you better hurry up and get packed too, our flight leaves this afternoon."

"Me? Hold on, I'm going?" You stared at him in disbelief.

"Yup. Everyone is. Well, everyone except for Dico and Novak of course. Dico still refuses to get in a plane, and Novak still isn't allowed to leave Westchester under his probation." He chuckled. "Oh, and Dunn and Rake have to stay behind to do something for MTV. But Raab's really keen on finding that Russian mail order bride again, so I think he's coming. So it's you, me the other HIM guys, Bam and Raab for the next few weeks." Linde finished, slightly out of breath from his long-winded explanation.

"Oh that's awesome!" You squealed excitedly, and hugged Linde just as Bam had hugged you. "I've always wanted to go to Finland!" You let him go when you realized you were strangling him. "Oh sorry," You giggled, "I'm just excited."

"Quite alright darling, quite alright. Well you better get up and ready, everyone's running around getting ready and going frantic. I think they need your help to get organized."

You nodded. "Sure thing, I'll be right down."

Linde nodded and smiled, before kissing you quickly on the cheek and leaving you to do your morning business.

After showering, changing, packing and what not, you made your way down stairs to see what everybody was up to, and to make some breakfast.

Discovering nobody was in the living room except for Novak who was passed out on the pool table, no doubt from last nights drinking rage, you made your way down to the pirate bar. Here you found everybody, even Ape and Phil, talking in mangled yells trying to talk over the top of one another. A hushed silence fell upon the group as you entered.

You gave them a weird look, "Uh… hey guys. What's going on? Why aren't you all packing?"

A clutter of nervous chatter flew around the room; about ten different explanations came your way.

"Oh… we were just uh… deciding what to pack." – Bam

"We were discussing different ways to get around Finland." – Ville

"Just deciding what's for breakfast." – Gas

They all stopped when they realized what everyone was saying.

Bam glared at everybody before turning to you.

"We were deciding what to pack." He repeated, quite sternly.

The others nodded quickly, in fear of getting in trouble if one of them objected.

"Right…" You looked at the group, who were now all staring off into different directions. "Well I guess you don't need my help to pack then."

Everyone opened their mouths to protest; you knew they needed your help. But Bam gave an aggressive cough, which promptly made them close them again.

"No no, we're fine." Mige` answered, sounding thoroughly unconvincing.

"Just continue with what you were doing."

You raised your eyebrows but didn't pursue your questions further, only saying, "Okay then, I'm just getting some breakfast. If anybody needs me just shout."

"Okay." Everybody chorused, as you made your way toward the other end of the pirate bar to get some food.

Once your back was turned the whispering returned. God their not subtle at all are they? You thought to yourself as you poured a bowl of cereal.

Just as you went to get the milk, you heard the distinctive voice of Bam.

"Well they will make a great couple, both short and curious."

You sighed, they were playing matchmaker again. And you really didn't want to think who they were talking about.

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