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"I shotgun the shower!" Bam squealed while Bazie unlocked the front door to their mansion-like home.

"Bam you didn't even play!" Mige', who was quite smelly himself protested to the hyperactive skateboarder. "Let us go first."

Bam didn't reply to this, as the front door opened and he ran in, basically ripping the shirt from his body and running into the bathroom.

Ville sighed. "I'll go in with him. It'll save time and water." And with that, he promptly took his shirt off and followed the same path Bam had taken towards the bathroom.

The others sniggered when they heard an "Oh Willa! What a lovely surprise." Come from the bathroom.

"I always thought there was something going on between those two." Timo-Timo hissed to everyone, as they listened to Ville and Bam singing a 50 Cent song together in the shower.

"Haven't we all?" You sniggered back, while you all piled into the lounge room.

Jyrki, Burton, Archzie, Gas and Bazie all sprawled out on the long black couch together, while Mige`, Timo-Timo and Jussi sat in large arm chairs, and you lay in Linde's lap on the floor in front of the fire, it was very warm and cozy.

Jussi was giving Linde what could only be described as a jealous icy-cold death stare.

The only people to notice this were Jyrki and Linde himself.

Jyrki snorted when he realized, and tried to direct the conversation towards Jussi.

This didn't last however, because as soon as Linde noticed, he wrapped his arms around your body and put his head on your shoulder in a big bear hug; smirking at Jussi.

You didn't think anything of it, you just though Linde was trying to keep warm.

You wrapped your arms around him and listened to the conversation contently.

That was, until you saw Jussi staring in your direction. It didn't even occur to you that he was directing it towards Linde and not you.

At least until Jyrki looked at Jussi and said quite abruptly, "Jussi, leave Linde alone, he's allowed to sit with Hazel."

You gave the room a confused look just as Jussi blushed furiously and looked away.

Before he could speak, or another smartass comment could be shared, the bathroom door flew open and out ran Bam; in nothing but a towel.

"Showers free!" He yelled boisterously, as he bounded around the room looking for clothes.

Ville came out of the bathroom slightly quieter than Bam had; and he was wearing clothes.

He laughed just as hard as everyone else at the sight of Bam running around after his clothes.

Nobody but you noticed Jussi slip quietly out of the room towards his bedroom.

Making sure everybody's attention was still well on Bam, you crept down the hall trying to remember which door was Jussi's.

You opened a random door only to find it was a linen cupboard.

It highly amused you for some reason to see that The 69 Eyes had a linen cupboard. You made a mental note to tease them all about it later.

Finally reaching the only familiar door in the hall, you knocked loudly on the hard dark wood.

There was no answer.

Sighing, you knocked again slightly louder waiting for at least a response.

When there was no reply, you decided to just go in uninvited.

You looked around, expecting Jussi to be bashing away on his drums or tucked up in bed hiding from everyone.

But the sound of running water told you he was in the shower.

Deciding you'd wait for him to come out, you sat on the bed and took a look around his room.

One of his drawers was half open, and curiosity got the best of you when you saw the edge of a photo frame poking out of it.

Making sure you could hear the tap still running, you quietly made your way to the cupboard, and pulled it open the whole way.

The drawer was almost empty except for a few spare drumsticks, a pack of gum and a picture in the frame.

You pulled it out to take a better look.

The picture staring back at you slightly shocked you at first, and you weren't sure whether to put it back and pretend you hadn't seen it, or to keep looking.

You didn't really seem to have a choice in the matter, as you couldn't take your eyes off it.

The little girl was staring back at you wide-eyed and cute. She only looked about 3 or 4 years old; she had blonde hair and dark eyes and was playing with a toy car in a pile of sand.

As you continued staring, your stomach plummeted at the sight of her eyes.

There was no mistaking it, they were Jussi's eyes, big and dark they pierced through your skin like daggers.

A thousand thoughts began running through your mind at once.

Who was this child? Why does Jussi have her photo hidden in his drawer?

And why does she look like him?

You thought your lunch would come up and spill all over the floor when your last thought reached your mind.

Was this bJussi's/b child?

You tried to calm yourself with different thoughts; like that she was maybe just his niece or cousin or something.

Another thought came to you.

Why did this even worry you? Why did you care? You tried to push the first reason that came to your mind away quickly.

Banging on the door to Jussi's room interrupted your thoughts. In panic, you stuffed the framed photo back into the drawer and slammed it shut quickly just as you heard the door open.

You arranged your face into what you hoped was a normal expression, and not a guilty one. It seemed to work, as both Ville and Jyrki acted normally.

"What are you doing?" You asked suspiciously.

Before they could answer, your eyes trailed down to what Ville was holding in his hands. You let in a sharp intake of breath at the site of the beautiful dress.

Black, with thin straps, it had a corset-like top, with black ribbon criss-crossing over the bust and down the waist. The bottom went down to the knees at different lengths, with a meshy material that flowed around the bottom. One look and you knew it was the perfect dress for you; and that it must have been expensive.

You looked back up at the Finnish men purely gob smacked.

"What.. is.." But Ville cut you off.

"This, sweetheart, is what we call a dress. You wear it." He demonstrated by putting it on over his own clothes and modeling it for you. Both you and Jyrki burst out laughing, with Jyrki pulling out his phone from his back pocket and snapping a quick photo of Ville before he could stop him.

Ville pounced on Jyrki, rolling around on the floor with him, shouting in rapid Finnish what you thought could only be a lot of swearing. You put your fingers in your mouth and whistled loudly, getting the guys attention.

"Would you two stop?! You're going to wreck the dress before I even get to wear it!" You stopped. "It is for me isn't it?" You asked.

Ville raised an eyebrow. "Oh no of course not, we bought it in for Jussi, we thought it might accentuate his curves." He said sarcastically.

You grinned as the image of Jussi in a dress came to mind. "Oh haha" You retorted, taking Ville's hand and helping him up, before pulling the dress off his long body.

"So where are we going tonight? It must be somewhat nice if I'm wearing this." You couldn't keep your eyes off the beautiful dress.

Jyrki picked himself up off the floor. "Tavastia sweetheart, we've booked a private room for dinner and a little surprise." He grinned. "And no, we're not going to tell you what it is. Now get ready." He and Ville turned to leave the room.

"And we expect you to look gorgeous!" Ville added as they closed the door behind them. You laughed and rolled your eyes, laying the dress out on Jussi's bed and admiring it from every angle. The sound of water was still coming in from the bathroom, so you thought it was safe to try the dress on without being caught by Jussi.

You took your jeans and shirt off and slipped into the dress carefully. It was just the perfect size for your slender frame. You walked over to the dresser slowly, still getting used to the dress. You were surprised at what you saw; the dress seemed to be made for you and you alone. For one of the rare moments in your life you actually liked what you saw.

Wondering briefly where Ville had got such and incredible dress, you began to walk back to your side of the bed to find your makeup and hair products. Just as you were rummaging through your bag, you heard the sound of the water stopping, and the pattering of feet toward the door. Pretending you didn't hear, you busied yourself with plugging in your hair straightener.

Before the bathroom door could even open, the main bedroom door flew open and a pair of arms snatched you from behind, along with all your hair and makeup things. They hand their hand covering your mouth so as you couldn't scream, dragged you out into the corridor and slammed the door behind them. It wasn't until they attempted to steer you down the corridor that you slammed your feet into the carpet to stop the movement and turned around in their arms to see your kidnapper.

It was Bam.

"Bam! What the hell are you doing?! I was about to-." But Bam placed a hand over your mouth once again and forced you into another room; the one he and Ville were sharing.

Once you were safely inside the room, Bam let you go, and took his hand off your mouth.

"Bam what are you doing?!" You screeched angrily at him. You had only just noticed Ville lying on the one queen sized bed much like Jussi's that was in the room. He looked mildly amused at the sight that had just entered.

Bam just stared calmly at you with a small smirk on his face; he was clearly up to something. You knew this look all too well, and it made you nervous.

You toned your voice down a little.

"Bam, would you kindly tell me why you ambushed me in here?"

Bam threw all your makeup and hair things onto the dresser beside you, and finally gave you an answer. "Hazel think about it. If Jussi sees you when you're half ready it'll lesson the effects! We want to surprise him with your stunning outfit and good looks! It's like when you get married, the groom doesn't see the bride the night before the wedding; it makes it all the more special."

You stared at Bam in disbelief. So this is what this was all about? You rolled your eyes.

"Bam! How many times do I have to tell you, there is nothing going on between Jussi and me! We're just friends ok?! Get that through your thick head!"

Ville stood up from the bed. "There's no point in arguing with her Bam-Bam, she'll always win."

You distinctly saw Ville give him a small wink. You rolled your eyes yet again but said nothing. Bam grinned.

"Okay okay. Hazel, continue with what you were doing while me and Ville get ready." He went over to Ville and they began to go through the wardrobe; picking out clothes for the other to wear. You sniggered into your hair straightener as you listened to them compliment each others clothing choices ("Oh Willa you look simply dashing in those jeans")

You straightened and teased the back part of your hair up, sprayed it to keep it in place, and then started on your makeup. After a coat or two of eyeliner, you coated your eyelids with a bit of dark grey eye shadow and your eyelashes with some mascara. You looked at your work in the mirror; to you it wasn't your greatest effort, but it would have to do. You turned to Bam and Ville, and noticed they were both now dressed. Ville in tight dark jeans slightly flared at the bottom with a chain on the side, a red collared shirt and a black blazer-like jacket over the top, left undone; he looked quite handsome.

Bam was wearing slightly baggier jeans than Ville, with a Cradle of Filth shirt that had long sleeves; he had a peaked beanie on his head; of course printed with a heartagram. Although not quite as formal as Ville, Bam still looked quite presentable. They turned and noticed you staring; both their mouths dropped.

"Babe…" Bam started.

You snapped. "Bam! How many times do I have to tell you?! Don't call me babe!"

Bam opened his mouth to protest, but Ville covered it with his hand and spoke for him. "Bam's sorry sweetheart, but please allow me to say, you do look quite beautiful tonight."

You blushed; Ville always had a way with words. Bam nodded in agreement; still getting smothered by Ville's hand.

You smiled shyly. "Thanks guys, do you think it's ok?"

Ville gave you a cheeky grin. "Oh sweetheart, Jussi will think it's more than ok, he'll drop dead at the sight of you."

Bam sniggered at these words, but agreed with Ville's comment whole-heartedly.

As the hours drew on, the house was in a frantic mess. All the guys seemed to think this was a massive night out. And seeing as you didn't know exactly what they had planned, you decided to just go with the flow. The only annoying thing about it, was even with the constant stream of visitors coming in and out of Bam and Ville's room to get ready, (they seemed to be using that room as headquarters but you had no idea why, as all members of The 69 Eyes had their own rooms, but to be fair Mige`, Linde, Gas and Burton had to share the living room) everybody had made agreement to keep you barricaded inside Bam and Ville's room until it was time to leave. Of course they bought you water and such so you didn't die of dehydration, but it got rather boring just walking around their room.

The only person who didn't come in at least once was Jussi. When you asked the guys where he was they merely shrugged cheekily, but you had a feeling they were keeping him out purposely for the same reason Bam and Ville kidnapped you in the first place. This made you roll your eyes, but feel slightly nervous and excited at the same time, and you weren't sure why.

Finally seven o'clock rolled around, and it was time to leave. Bam had arranged some sort of special traveling arrangement, but they weren't there yet so they guys still kept you barricaded. Finally it got to you.

"Guys! Will you please let me out?! I'm so sick of looking at this room!"

You heard muffled whispers outside the door, and then someone clearing their throat. All of a sudden the door flew open and you got up off the bed in a hurry "Final-.." you started, but were cut off by Bam. "Da da na na!" He yelled; his arms in the air pointing to you.

You stood in the doorway and looked out. A long red carpet had been rolled from the beginning of the door to the couch. There was only one person sitting on the couch; Jussi.

The others had placed themselves along the red carpet and were admiring you from every angle. You blushed slightly and looked to them confusedly.

"Um… what am I supposed to do?" You asked them, looking dumbstruck.

Bam looked like he wanted to scream the answer at you, but Jyrki kneed him ever so gracefully in the balls. He spoke while Bam rolled on the floor in pain. "Well you see sweetheart-" (Jussi couldn't keep his eyes off of you or his jaw off the floor as Jyrki spoke) "We've decided that everyone should have a date for tonight." You raised your eyebrows but said nothing. Jyrki smiled. "Yes I know you're the only girl but we've sorted it out. Now will you walk down the aisle and meet your date?"

You weren't at all surprised by this news. In fact, you were secretly excited. You tried to bottle that particular emotion as you began your journey walking down the red carpet; Jussi smiling nervously at you the entire way. Bam sat up off the ground as you passed, and slapped you on the backside playfully. You only stopped to punch him lightly on the arm and continued on down the carpet. The walk seemed endless, as everyone appeared to dissolve around you; all the while you and Jussi seemed glued at the eyes.

You finally reached the couch and Jussi rose, taking your arm in his own. A sudden dry cough from behind the two of you bought you back to your senses. Jussi gave you a nervous smile before turning to Archzie, who said, "Shall we go then?" Everybody was smirking silently at each other. You laughed when you noticed what was going on. They had all linked arms with their "date". Archzie with Timo, Jyrki with Linde, Burton with Bazie, Mige` with Gas, and of course, Ville with Bam. You couldn't help but grin at Bam, who was now bouncing up and down in excitement attached to Ville's arm, his earlier pain now quite forgotten.

You all began making your way outside into the cool night air. The sun was now almost set, and the shadows were making pretty shapes around the garden of their beautiful home. There was a light, cool, breeze, which was nice, as the weather was quite warm; although the clouds looked as though they were threatening to burst open at any moment.

Quiet chatter covered the silence as they waited for Bam's arranged transportation. Jussi slipped his hand in yours and said so the others were out of earshot, "You look really beautiful tonight."

You could feel yourself blushing. Was he trying to impress you or was he just being polite? Did he actually mean those words?

You smiled but had no time to reply or ponder his words; the transportation had arrived. You gasped when you saw five sets of horse draw carriages approaching the front gate; each with its own driver.

Bam turned at the sound of your gasp and beamed at you. "Do you like it Hazie?" He asked hopefully. You released yourself gently from Jussi and ran up to Bam engulfing him (and Ville who was still attached to his arm) in a giant hug. "I love it Bamzie!" You squealed into his shoulder. You couldn't see what was going on behind you, but you heard whispers of "Aww Jussi, don't look so jealous!" Come from under everyone's breath. But as you turned back to Jussi his face was unreadable.

Bam assembled everyone in two lines next to their date at the entrance of the gate. It was the most organized you had ever seen him. He began assigning each couple to a carriage and directing them to their seats. When he eventually got to you and Jussi you smiled. "Uh Bam..? Won't this all look a little gay? I mean, they're all guy couples."

Bam seemed highly unfazed by this, in fact, his eyes sparkled. "It's just for fun so who cares? Besides, where in a private room remember? And anyway, why are you complaining? You got the 2nd hottest guy there is."

You smiled knowingly while Bam led you and Jussi up to the final, and grandest looking carriage of them all. It was black, with gold trimming around the edges. A small lantern hung on its side, and the inside looked dark but inviting with blood red seats reflecting the shining light of the lantern. The driver sat calmly on the seat in front; wearing a long, dark, flowing cloak and matching top hat. He dipped his hat in greeting when Jussi and Bam both led you up the steps into the carriage. You saw Bam run to the front carriage where Ville was waiting for him, and then all the matching black horses set off in a single line down the streets.

Inside the cabin was pleasantly warm. You could hear the soft clip clopping of hooves just outside the door, and the sound of the slightly creaky wheels turning. Other than those it was total silence.

You sat back into the comfy seat next to Jussi and gazed contently out the window. The whole way there you and Jussi speculated about what Bam's surprise could be (Jussi was the only other one who hadn't been told, for the guys thought he would tell you if he knew), coming up with many extravagant suggestions; the tamest of which involved a live lion in the room.

When you finally reached your destination the driver came around to your door and held it open for you both; dipping his hat as he did so. You smiled and thanked him graciously before taking Jussi's arm after seeing the others do that with their own dates.

Ville and Bam led everyone up the path and steps to Tavastia, closely followed by Archzie and Timo, Jyrki and Linde, Burton and Bazie, Mige` and Gas, and lastly, you and Jussi. Jussi looked quite handsome in a tight fitting suit jacket, dark tight pants and a nice white collared shirt with long sleeves that poked out fancily at the end. The lights from the building glowed against his tanned skin, making his face shine in the darkness. He noticed you staring and smiled; you blushed and turned your direction to the front doors of which you were now walking through.

The doormen greeted you both, and pointed in the direction of a private room, where the others had already entered.

The room was beautiful; you had never seen anything like it. With a ridiculously high ceiling, there was a chandelier hanging from it; sparkling golden and silver diamonds. The floor was a velvety red, and there were highly placed windows on either side of the walls, in the shape of arches. In the centre of the room lay a long dark wooden table, where everybody had sat themselves down, to the left of the table was a bar, where two men in tuxedos were standing gathering drinks. At the front of the room was a stage; a long red curtain reaching the floor. It was a very beautiful room.

Jussi squeezed your arm affectionately and walked you over to the two empty seats near the end of the table. You found yourself between Jussi and Bam. Ville, who was on Bam's left, smiled at the two of you in greeting. In fact, as you looked around, everyone was smiling (or smirking) at you and Jussi.

In an attempt to distract everyone from the topic of your apparent "love life", you looked down at the menu that was in front of you, and said to them all, "Shall we order now? I'm starving." There were murmurs of agreement and everyone picked up their menus (all the dates were sharing).

With everyone lost in the thought of food, Jussi turned to you. "Any ideas on what you want to order?" You looked at the menu and smiled. "Err, Jussi…? This is all written in Finnish." He laughed and translated everything for you, before you finally decided on a chicken pasta dish; Jussi choosing the same. As Jussi gave your orders to the waiter that had suddenly appeared at the table, Jyrki glanced over (he was sitting directly opposite Jussi). "Hey, weren't you telling us just the other week how much you hate chicken?"

He, Bazie, Archzie and Timo all looked over, also smirking.

"Yeah Jussi!" Timo piped up, trying to hide his smile. "I believe your exact words were: "Slimy chicken shit" and that you "wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole"".

The others laughed and agreed. You could hear Bam silently choking on air beside you; Ville was patting his back loudly to try and control it. Nobody took much notice.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw Jussi glaring across the table at Jyrki. "I've decided to open up my mind a bit more and try new things. Eating chicken seemed like a good place to start that's all."

The guys seemed to think this was a pathetic and somewhat lame excuse, but didn't push the matter any further.
After the waiters and scurried off to start preparing the orders, Bam stood up and announced he would get the first round of drinks. Everyone told him what they wanted, again Jussi picking the same as you, and he and Ville went over to the bar to get them all.

The night grew on, and after a few more rounds of drinks, the atmosphere was very loose and fun. Talk had now turned to embarrassing stories about everyone. Of course, Bam had jumped at the opportunity to throw in a big fat juicy one about you, and was currently describing it (in annoyingly perfect detail) with the help of Ville, to the sheer delight of everybody else.

"So then, he shook her hand and hugged her and said, "Hi, I'm Ville Valo." That's all he had to say and Hazie here trembled and just stood there staring at him like a nidiot."

You looked down at the floor; you knew what was coming, and really didn't want it repeated.

Bam continued eagerly. "So Ville was just staring at her waiting for her to say something, and Hazel stood there still looking like an idiot and then it looked like she was gonna speak because she opened her mouth, but then -get this- she threw up all over his shoes!"

Everybody roared with laughter, but none more than Bam himself, who couldn't contain his laughter, falling on the floor clutching his side. The waiters around the room were giving him funny looks, and Ville eventually had to help him up when he had calmed himself down a little.

"Does that mean you don't like us as much as these guys then?" Jyrki teased, pointing toward the members of HIM. "You didn't throw up on any of our shoes, is that a sign we need to do something better with our music?"

You smiled as the others laughed and agreed. "No, no. I threw up over him because I idon't/i like their music! It's a good sign that I didn't for you." They picked up on your sarcastic tone, but couldn't resist badgering you about it for the next twenty minutes until the food arrived.

When each person's dish was placed in front of them, Bam looked up and gave his waiter (they all had their own personal waiter between each couple) a twisted smile. You laughed as you saw the poor Finnish man look at him with worry, and then hurry away with the empty drink glasses. Unless you were very much mistaken, you believed the waiter had a suspicion that Bam had some sort of mental problem. Although April had been trying to prove that all these years, you knew it wasn't true. Though it was funny at some of the places they went, as a lot of people didn't know how to act around Bam when he was in one of his hyper and crazy moods.