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In late season five Giles stumbles up on the right book and finds a way to keep Dawn safe from Glory. It's quite simple: Buffy and Spike just have to get married.
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Something borrowed: Together

"Hello. Anybody home? Buffy?" Willow called while already on her way up the stairs. "You know what they say about that early bird." She knocked on Buffy's bedroom door but didn't wait for an answer to go in. Inside Buffy and Spike woke up in each other's arms. "Or maybe you've already caught that worm."

"Willow? What are you doing here?" Buffy started to scurry out of bed, away from Spike but then changed her mind. She moved closer to him again and he wrapped his arms around her with a smile on his face.

"You said you weren't sleeping together," Willow accused Spike.

"We're not – normally."

"We'll you seem to still have your clothes on so I guess there wasn't too much fun." The witch noticed the embarrassed look on her friends face along with the lowered eyes. "So Buffy, how about a change of clothes and then a best friend breakfast?"

Buffy turned her head to meet Spike's look. He nodded in response. "Alright" was the Slayers answer.

Willow shared a knowing look with Spike before leaving the room. "I'll wait for you downstairs."

When Buffy made no attempt to get up, Spike decided to give her a push. "You better get going, pet." Even if he contradicted himself he tightened his hold on her a little. "Go have fun with Willow. Talk to her."

She turns her head and looked at him without saying anything. He leaned in and kissed her. "No games his time, luv."

The short walk to the coffee shop was spent in awkward attempt of the friends to be casual. Willow was halfway through her bagel and Buffy kept fiddling around with her doughnut. Casual comments about the weather and coffee were made but the elephant in the room was ignored. Willow had enough. "You wanna tell me what happened last night?"

Buffy took a sip of her coffee. "What did Spike tell you?"

"Not too much. Said you were playing some kind of game, that you weren't really together. He didn't really explain much."

"We've been playing a game." Buffy started slowly. "He started it but I went along with it. It's silly really. One of us offers to do something for the other in exchange for something else. It's just small things, things we could easily do ourselves. Neither of us has ever refused. We've always been alone when we offer something but last night I slipped up". Buffy seemed to be fascinated with her coffee cup. "Do you hate me?"

"What?" Willow grasped. "No! I can't believe that we've made you so scared of us, that you have to play games in secrecy because you want to be with someone."

"It's not just your fault." Buffy mumbled awkwardly.

"Do you just play for kisses or something more?"

The glint in Willow's eye made blood rush to Buffy's cheeks. "It has happened. But not often."

"How long has this been going on?" Willow was smiling now but Buffy didn't really feel much at ease.

"A few weeks," the Slayer was almost down to whispers but finally took a real bite of her doughnut.

"Does he make you happy?" the redhead prodded further.

Buffy wanted to look Willow in the face but she couldn't. "Willow, I think I like him. I think I like him a lot." The unmistakable sound of Willow giggling finally got her to look up.

"Buffy, I sure hope you like him a whole lot if you play games for more than just kisses with him."

"I'm not supposed to like him. You know slayer/vampire is not the best…"

"Oh come on. You've been through enough hard times. You should be happy. If he makes you happy that's great. Let him. Some of us might have a problem with it at first but he'll get over it. We all watched you get married. We'll deal."

"He makes me happy." Buffy admitted just as much to herself as to her friend.

Willow smiled, happy for her friend. "Then go. Be happy. Go be happy with your husband."

Willow made it sound so easy, Buffy thought to herself when closing the front door behind her. Go home. Be happy.

In the hallway outside her bedroom the insecurity was still there now mixed in with a tiny hint of guilt. Spike's voice now echoed through her head. 'We could have this every night'.

She had been happy then. In the moment he'd said it she'd been beyond happy. A smile forged on her lips. She felt the muscles she was using. Spike was sleeping in her bed behind the door. She could feel him. She turned the doorknob and went inside.

Piece by piece clothes feel to the floor. A simple red sweater. A white tank top. Black pants. A cream colored lace bra.

With nothing on but her panties she climbed in her bed. Snuggled up against the room temperature body and went to sleep. From now on they would have this every night. This and more.