Jazz: I was bored, so I started this and some people have been asking about this so here it is.... at last. Right I need an leader for the Taruto fangirls and Ryou fangirls but I wanna know something, Mika-chan do you wanna be the leader of the Kisshu fangirls?

Kisshu: Where's Mika-chan?

Jazz: I dunno

Disclaimer: I do not own Tokyo Mew Mew

The room was dark, the walls and floor bare. Lettuce was on the chair in the middle, nervously. A girl stepped out of the shadows smiling. She, by the name of Jazz, had blond hair in a ponytail and sparkling blue eyes.

"W-Who are you?" Lettuce whispered.

Jazz smiled, "I'm Jazz, the leader of the Pai fangirls."

Lettuce sweatdropped, poor Pai-san....

"Anyway since Saki-sama kidnapped you, they should be coming soon!"


"I'll show ya to ya room." Jazz said, then led Lettuce out of the room.

Lettuce got a quick look inside the rooms, some rooms were covered in posters of Kisshu or Pai or even Keiichiro!

Jazz opened the door to Lettuce's room and stepped in. The walls were a light green and the carpet was a dark green. Jazz turned to Lettuce her eyes narrowing.

"Let's say this was planned a long ago."

Lettuce just nodded, not sure what to say. Jazz smiled and then started to walk out of the room.

"I'll be back later."

Jazz walked out of the room, leaving Lettuce alone.


Ryou and the others stared at the screen.

"I can't find where Lettuce is but it's not on earth." Ryou murmured.

Zakuro spoke up, "Would it be the Aliens?"

Keiichiro shook his head, "No, Lettuce would have transformed."

"Well where could she be?" Mint asked.

Ryou shrugged, "I dunno, I might not be able to find her and I'm not going to the Aliens." Ryou said his eyes narrowing a bit.

"We are if they can help us." Ichigo said, glaring at Ryou.

"I'm not."

"Oh c'mon Ryou! Lettuce is our best friend!" Ichigo snapped.

"FINE!" Ryou yelled, making Ichigo shrunk back a bit.

"Pudding's going to the Aliens na no da!" Pudding yelled, a bit upset that Ryou had upset Ichigo a bit.


Jazz grabbed an plate off of the side and began placing food on it. She then walked to Lettuce's room, to find her sitting on the bed.


Lettuce turned around and Jazz placed the food in front of her. Lettuce smiled softly.


Jazz nodded and then turned around.

"Wait!" Lettuce called, "Are there any other leaders for groups?"

Jazz nodded slightly, "Hai, but the other's hasn't got any leaders yet, there still picking. There's five groups altogether, there's the Kisshu fangirls, Pai fangirls, Ryou fangirls, Keiiciro fangirls and Taruto fangirls. Rebecca is the leader of the Keiichiro fangirls."

"What about Aoyama-san?"

Jazz frowned, "Aoyama-san?... Oh you mean Masaya, no Saki-sama made the Masaya fangirls move to a different planet."

"Oh." Lettuce murmured.

"Anyway I've gotta go, bai bai!" Jazz said then ran out of the room.


Ryou walked into the cafe and shook his head, "No I still can't find her."

Ichigo punched the table and then sat down. The cafe doors opened the most sexy Alien walked in -cough- I meant the three Aliens walked in.

"What the hell do you want?!" Ryou yelled.

"We know where Lettue is." Pai said.

"Where?" Ichigo asked.

Pai glanced at Kisshu and he nodded. Pai took a deep breath.

"Lettuce has been kidnapped and took to The Planet Of The Obsessive Fangirls."