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Tokyo Mew Mew, Saki and the leaders were standing on the stage. All the fangirls were sitting on the chairs, calm for once.

Pai had Lettuce in his arms, holding her close. Rebecca was clinging to Keiichiro crying.

Saki shook hands with Ryou, "We hope you have a safe trip back."

Ryou nodded, "Arigato."

"Don't leave me Kei-Kei-kun!" Rebecca cried, clinging to Keiichiro tightly.

Jazz and Riiko got Rebecca off of Keiichiro and held her back. Mika gave Kisshu a very long hug, until he got her off of him. Pai, Lettuce, Pudding, Taruto, Mint, Zakuro, Keiichiro and Ryou were in the ship, waiting for Ichigo.

Ichigo started to walk away then stopped and turned around.

"Hey." Ichigo murmured, "Would you want to come back to Earth with us?"

Mika, Jazz, Rebecca and Plushie rushed into the ship before anyone could stop them. Ichigo looked slightly surprised and then she smiled.

Ichigo looked at Riiko and Cookie, "What about you too?"

"No thanks, we'll stay here."

Ichigo smiled, "Ok."

"Wait!" Meg called, scrabbling onto the stage, "I'm coming!"

Meg rushed past Ichigo and into the ship, then looked for Ryou.

"Bai." Ichigo said then walked into the ship.

The door closed and then the ship took off, heading towards Earth.


The fangirls were starting to put the chairs away with Saki and a box floated out of the sky. It landed on the ground and one of the girls walked up to it.

She gave it a hard kick and then box split. She quickly jumped back once she saw something moving.

A tall firgue suddenly stood up and turned around.

There stood Aoyama Masaya.

"Ahhh!" Saki screamed, she hated her brother, "KILL HIM!!"

The fangirls ran towards Masaya, "DIE!!"

Masaya screamed and ran, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"