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I was concentrating hard on Alice's thoughts, trying to beat her at chess. All of a sudden, Emmett came over. "Hey Edward," he said. When I didn't answer, he repeated. "Edward!"

I realized he wasn't going to stop, so I sighed and said, "What is it, Emmett?"

Alice screamed, "NOOOO!!!" But, before I could see what she was thinking, she turned her thoughts on something else.

"You know what would be great?" he continued.

"What?" I was starting to get annoyed at him. His thoughts were a jumbled mess and he was keeping me from my rematch with Alice.

"Peanut butter!!" he exclaimed. He held up a half-eaten jar of the stuff.

I ignored him and went back to my game. I decided not to tell him that vampires and mortal food did not mix- at all.

Emmett said, "Edward. You know what would help you play better? Peanut butter!"

"You know what would help, Emmett? Shut up!"

Alice joined in, "Wouldn't it taste like dirt, anyway?"

He smiled, "Nope, it's the best stuff ever! I'm thinking of going on an all peanut butter diet. No more grizzly for this vampire!"

He continued to babble on about peanut butter, and I held the bridge of my nose. I regreted not going hunting with Bella.

Alice asked, "Where did you get the idea to eat peanut butter, anyway?" She was laughing internally.

"Oh, I got the idea from Bella. She was talking about food she liked as a human, and I just had to try it!"

I decided to question her when she got home. I knocked over my king and said, "You win this time, Alice."


I was almost home, but my instincts told me something bad was waiting for me. I pushed the invisable shield from my mind and thought Edward, I'm back. I walked in and there he stood, arms crossed.

Emmett came up and gave me a big bear hug "Thanks for the peanut butter, sis. I LOVE it!" My first thought was oh no! I knew how Emmett could get.

"It seems," said Edward. "That you've gotten Emmett hooked on peanut butter."

"It was Renesmee's idea to give him any!" I said quickly. As soon as I said that, she came home from Jacob's house. Talk about bad timing, I thought.


I walked in to find everybody staring at me. My dad spoke up, "Did you give Emmett peanut butter?" I looked around, my uncle was nowhere in sight.

"You know," I said defensively. "Alice could have seen it coming."

All eyes turned to Alice, who smiled. "Maybe so. But it wouldn't have been near as fun to watch!" Alice went on, "Plus, I am very busy. I'm off to go shopping!"

Out of nowhere, Jasper appeared. "For once, I want to go with you!"

"Where did you come from?" I asked, a little freaked out.

"I know, I came out of my room!" We all heard Emmett's footsteps, and Jasper ran over to Alice. He quickly exclaimed, "Let's go!"

Alice clapped her hands excitedly. "Yay! Jazz's coming shopping!" Then they were gone.

I spoke up, "Hey, don't leave us here alone Alice!" But I could already hear the sound of tires squealing.

Emmett jumped down to the second floor, avoiding the stairs entirely. I realized that it was just me, my mom and my dad here with Emmett, who seemed to be hight on peanut butter. Why did people always conveniently disappear when he started acting strange? The answer came seconds later. He held up what looked like four tickets. "Guess what I got?!" He asked in a sing-song voice. "Tickets to Name That Song!!"

"A gameshow?" My dad asked.

"Yep. Won them on a radio station! He grinned, "Come on, there's just enough tickets for all of us!"

My mom raised an eyebrow, "You know, I'm stronger than you, Emmett. I think I have more of a choice in matters like these now."

My dad turned to her. "That may be true. But if he forces me to go, I'm dragging you with me!"

She sighed, "Fine! What's in it for us?"

"Just a life-time supply of peanut butter- human life-time, that is.....but I promise not to bug you for a year!"

Dad considered it, "A whole year free from Emmett's crazy schemes? Even if we're immortal, that's still not bad. So, who's our opponents?" As soon as my dad asked, he made a face.

"Who is it, Daddy?"

My dad glared at Emmett, "Alvin and the chipmunks."

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