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On The First Day Of Christmas…

Naomi let out a contented sigh as she dropped the bags of gifts, wrapping paper and cards onto the table and proceeded to unwind the scarf from her neck. The blinking of the answering machine alerted her to the fact she had at least one message left in the three hours she had been out. Dropping the scarf onto the table and peeling off her gloves and jacket, she maneuvered towards the other side of the room where the messages—all from her mother, no doubt—were flashing away like the fairy lights on the tree. Hanging up her coat in the closet, she pressed the button and the drone of the answering machine mechanical voice filled the room, informing Naomi that she had 4 messages, allowing Naomi to walk back towards the table where she had dumped the bags of the last few gifts she had had to pick up, this Christmas Eve.

"Hi sweetheart, it's Mom, just making sure you remembered to buy Aunt Beatrice a little giftbrandy would do, I'm sure. Well, I have to go and finish icing the cakewe'll chat later! Love you, bye!"

Naomi sighed and rolled her eyes heavenward as she pulled out the first box from the bag. A broach. Her Aunt Beatrice who liked a drink's Christmas gift. Setting it on the table she waited for the second message to play.

"Hey N, it's me, just making sure you're not dead or anything and letting you know I landed in Michigan, safe and sound. So Merry Christmas in case I don't get to talk to you before then! Catch you back here for New Year's!"

"Lola, Lola, Lola," Naomi giggled and shook her head as she continued to unpack the bags. She had two messages left before she could delete them and go have a quick shower before making the Christmas Eve dash back home to her parents place in New York.

"Hey girl, it's Anna, just calling to make sure that little ass of yours is at my place for the New Year's bash of the millennium. So gimme a ring when you get this, bye!"

Reaching for her cell from her jeans pocket, Naomi began to dial Anna's number before the fourth message played, and the familiar huskiness of a male voice echoed through the room.

"Hey, Mimi, it's me, Dean... Um, couldn't get you on your cell, and you gotta delete voicemails, babe,"Naomi chuckled over the gruff laughter on the other side and walked over to the phone. "Anyways,, this is probably pointless, since you're probably at your parents by now but ah, what the hell, right? If Sammy had his way, you wouldn't get this until you came back, but I wanted to do it my wayscrew tradition. It's never really been my thing, and I figured, seeing as we'd be in town during the New Year's parties and you'd be back here too, it would be better to at least get things started. So yeah. It's in the closet near the huge-ass pile of shoes. Happy hunting, babe."

Naomi blinked a few times, his words slowly sinking into her confused brain.

It's in the closet? What the hell is he talking about? Naomi left the answering machine to run through her list of options as she raced into her bedroom and pulled open the closet door, looking down at the shoes before scanning the closet for something that looked out of place.

"Come on, come on," she muttered as she flipped the light on, looking around for whatever "it" was. Naomi frowned when she saw nothing and dropped to her knees letting out a huffing breath and glared around the closet.

Near the shoes, huh? Way to be specific, Dean.

Her shoes were on the floor and up the side in the little shelves and on the other wall in the…Naomi's eyes suddenly zeroed in on a shiny box next to the red and white tennis shoes in the top pouch, excitement filling her as she stood and reached up for the little box. Holding it in her hands, a goofy smile spread over her features as she fingered the bow and walked over to her bed.

Flipping open the gift tag, Naomi's eyebrows shot up in surprise before a giggle made its way past her lips.

"On the first day of Christmas, Dean Winchester gave to me…"

Naomi pulled the bow genuinely curious at the contents of the little box. Unwrapping the paper, Naomi pulled open the lid and folded back the tissue paper, her brow furrowing in confusion at the key glinting back at her. "What the hell am I supposed to do with this?" Naomi asked out loud as she picked the key up from the box and inspected it from all angles. It was a car key. It was most definitely not a spare for the Impala—Dean wouldn't even let Sam drive it, let alone her, especially not with her track record. And her car, her beloved Mustang was in the shop getting fixed after she added another mailbox casualty to her track record when she was back in New York for Thanksgiving. Naomi frowned and looked around the room for another clue. Before looking back in the box and spotting the carefully placed piece of red paper. Red on rednice, Dean, even I wouldn't have thought of that. Idiot. Naomi shook her head and took the paper out of the box, sitting the key and box on the bed.

It's a key! I'm not telling you what it's for. You'll see when you get to New York, providing you found this before you left otherwise it will have been pointless… Dean

P.S. There'll be three presents waiting for you when you get back.

Naomi growled in frustration and threw herself back onto the bed, the promise of three of Dean's cryptic gifts in one go not enough to make up for her not getting her gift tomorrow.

Stupid parents. Stupid Christmas. Stupid flight. SHIT! Flight! Naomi sprang off of the bed, putting the key safely into her pocket as she glanced at the clock. Half past four. Just enough time to wrap the presents and shove them in my case before I have to go. Naomi darted into the living room and over to the table, quickly sorting out the bags, gifts and wrapping paper for each present before another time check. Quarter to five.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Naomi cursed as she sped over to the kitchen area and grabbed some scissors and raced back over to the table, cutting as quickly and as neatly as she was expertly trained to do. A normal person would have taken about half an hour to wrap the presents she had laid on the table, but Naomi took all of ten items and wrapped them in fifteen minutes, using her years of practice at fashion design to cut and fold with speed and precision. Letting out a breath, she ran back into the room for her suitcase and dumped it on the floor, filling it with the presents and closing it securely. Giving the place one last check, Naomi grabbed her bag and case and walked out of the room, Dean's key still in her pocket.

Naomi pulled her coat around her as she stepped off of the plane, the chilly air of JFK airport swirling around her causing her almost elbow length chocolate brown curls to blow wildly in the frosty air.

"I knew there was a reason I liked LA so much,"Naomi grumbled under her breath, practically running across the tarmac to the blacked out car that was waiting for her, her father having promised there would be someone there to get her luggage providing she used the red case her father had sent her. Naomi hated airports enough without having to look for her own luggage so she dismissed the horrible feeling she always got when she used one of her dad's many privileges.

"Evening, Miss Nichols," the chauffeur smiled cheerfully as he opened the door for her.

"Good evening, Charles," she said with a smile, climbing in as the man her dad had obviously sent brought her bag across the tarmac. Shaking her hair back into place, Naomi fumbled around in her bag until she found her hat and gloves, pulling the hat on and cursing softly as Charles rounded a bend, narrowly avoiding another car who was speeding and zigzagging across the street and her gloves went sliding to the floor.

Damn it. Naomi thought as she leaned over to grab them from the floor. "Ouch!" she squeaked when something sharp dug into her side. Leaning back, she dug into her pocket, giggling when she pulled out the key that Dean had given her.

"Everything okay, Miss Nichols?" Charles asked from the front seat, and Naomi nodded, a massive smile on her face as she settled back down into the seat and waited for her parents' house to come into view.

Naomi climbed out of the car and smiled when her mother walked down the steps to give her a hug.

"It's so good to see you, darling," her mother whispered softly in her ear. "I've missed you." Naomi squeezed her mother back and let out a breath as her mother kissed her on the cheek.

"I've missed you too, Mom." Naomi grinned as she pulled her hand bag back onto her shoulder. "How've you been?" she asked as she followed her mother into the house.

"I've been good, sweetheart—well, as good as can be expected under the circumstances, the chemo is taking its toll a little but that's nothing for you to worry that pretty little head of yours about. Richard, your daughter's home!" she called as the passed the foot of the stairs making their way into the reception room.

"I'm out here, Belle," Richard laughed as he made his way in from the garage at the side of the house. He placed a kiss against the side of his wife's head before holding out his arms for his daughter. "Come here, princess," he smiled, and Naomi threw her arms around her dad's neck, holding him close to her and giggling when the familiar feeling of tears filled her eyes. "I've missed you, Princess," Richard whispered, and Naomi nodded back.

"Yeah, Dad, I missed you, too." Naomi cleared her throat and laughed when her mother wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Come here." Naomi held her arms out and pulled her mother into a close hug.

"Excuse me, Mr. Nichols," Charles interrupted, "There's a man outside that needs a signature from Miss Nichols for the delivery." **

"Delivery?" Naomi asked confused, letting go of her parents as she stared back at Charles with a blank expression, only realizing a moment later that he was still waiting for a response. "Oh, um, thanks, Charles," she blurted out, patting the man on the arm as she hurried past him and out the front door. "MY CAR!" she yelled happily as she raced down the steps.

"Miss Nichols?" the delivery man asked as she ran past him to the car, stroking it lovingly as the man looked on, a worried look on his face.

"Yeah, that's me." Naomi turned abruptly to him, holding out her hand for the clipboard and pen.

"Uh…." the man trailed off, an amused smile on his face as Naomi threw her hair over her shoulder and took the pen and board from him.

"Hector Aframian?" she murmured sceptically, casting a raised eyebrow at the delivery guy, eyebrow lifted in a perfect arch, as she scribbled her name on the signature line halfway down the page, handing him back the board.

"Uh, yeah…you don't know him?" The man asked, as he gazed down at the piece of paper.

"Maybe." Naomi said noncommittally. "Did you see him?"

"Yes ma'am," the man nodded as he handed Naomi her keys.

"Describe him."

"Tall, had a younger, taller guy with him, brown hair--"

"Leather jacket? Kind of a rugged looking bad boy? Drove an Impala?" Naomi inquired and the guy nodded , looking startled when laughter bubbled from Naomi's mouth. "Yeah, I know him." Naomi turned from the man and walked back to her car, throwing the door open and climbing behind the wheel for the first time in a few weeks.

Naomi glanced around the car and pulled open the glove compartment, grinning at the little envelope she found inside.

So I'm wondering--what the hell kinda bird is a partridge!? And what the fuck was it doing in a pear tree? Seriously. Anyways, I thought you'd like the car more than some pansy-ass tree and a bird shitting all over the place, and I had a few days between hunts, so I took the liberty of borrowing your car from the shop and fixed it myself. Did a hell of a lot better job than they ever could, if I do say so myself. Can't believe you put a car like that into a shop. Those idiots wouldn't know their asses from a hole in the ground. Next time, just ask me—I'll fix it for you, and I won't even make you pay. Not in dollars at least.. Anyways, await further instructions.

Merry Christmas.


P.S if you think you're getting a car every day, think again.

Naomi laughed and sat in the car, waiting for the man to drive off before getting out and walking up to her worried parents.

"What was that all about?" Richard asked as his daughter jogged up the stairs.

"Nothing. A friend fixed up my car as a Christmas present," she told him easily, preferring to avoid any further questioning on the subject, lest her father get wind of it being Dean that she was referring to—touchy subject. "Let's go inside," she said quickly, catching her mother's eye as she changed the subject. "It's too cold out here." Naomi took her mother's hand and led her into the house, leaving her father to follow behind them. She caught her dad casting one last look back at the car before shrugging, apparently willing to let it go this time. She sighed with relief, relaxing enough that her curiosity suddenly came rushing back.

Three gifts when I get back, huh? Hmm…

If I got my car fixed this time, I wonder what else he's come up with. There're still eleven days of Christmas left to go…

Whatever it was, she knew, it was gonna be good.