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On the Sixth Day of Christmas.

Naomi tapped the steering wheel as she drove, Christmas music still on most of the radio stations, but when the presenter had told her that Bon Jovi would be on next, her hand had stopped over the dial and left it playing. Dean would pitch a fit if he knew I was listening to Bon Jovi. Naomi sighed sadly and shook her head. She was about three hours of L.A and was already itching to get back to her apartment and either make herself a dress or go dress shopping. Anything to get her mind back off of Dean. The ringing of her cell was the most welcome distraction Naomi had ever heard in her life and she grinned when she flipped it open.


"Hey Pretty Girl, what are you up to?" Anna's Californian lit was so much more prominent over the phone and Naomi couldn't figure out why.

"Hey, I'm still driving. I'll be back soon. Why?" Naomi reached for the dial and turned the volume down a little, wanting to hear her conversation over whichever girl band was butchering White Christmas at that moment in time.

"Still driving? I thought you were supposed to be home yesterday? You got your dress sorted yet?"

"Yeah, something came up." Naomi sighed sadly, thoughts of Dean racing through her mind. Naomi cleared her throat and turned her attention back to the conversation at hand. "I was just thinking about it, actually. I have everything but the dress, should I make or buy?" Naomi mused, thinking about the different fabrics she had in her apartment.

"Well, that depends. Will you have time? I mean, it's the 29th already, you have 2 days and I was going to ask you to come a bit early and work your magic on the place."

"Anna, sweetheart, its clothes I design, not houses." Naomi laughed.

"aw, come on, I need help. I mean, I have no skills what so ever and the people that my folks hired seem to be just as bad. Please, Naomi."

"Jeeze. Okay, I'll raid the dress rack at work, raid my closet and borrow something from yours if there isn't anything that tickles my fancy when I come round to yours that afternoon, alright?" Naomi was shaking her head when Anna went on a massive tirade of thank yous.

"By the way, was your boy toy in town?"

"What?" Naomi almost choked on the word.

"I thought I saw him and that cutie he always has with him the other day, sped outta here like a bat outta hell."

"Uh, yeah, he forgot I was going home for Christmas, he came and met me." Naomi went for casual, but knew that wasn't how it would sound.

"Oh, right. And you just happen to be a day late because lover boy just happened to come and meet you. Coincidence." Anna's teasing tone made Naomi smile, a little of the weight in her heart being lifted knowing Dean was in a rush to come find her.

"Shut up." Naomi giggled, "So I spent the night with him, it's not all that rare."

"He drove from LA to wherever your ass was at breakneck speed. When are you guys just going to admit that what you have is more than just sex? I've seen the looks."

"What looks?" Naomi kinked her eyebrow, knowing full well Anna couldn't see her, but doning it anyway. Don't do this to me, Anna, it's not fair.

"Don't play miss innocent with me. He stares at you when you're not looking. You stare at him when he's not looking. You both get progressively closer. You end up making out. Then moving it somewhere more private. Then say nothing is going on. Then say that its just sex. But clearly, clearly the way you get all jealous and he gets all jealous and the jealousy-"

"Anna. Shut up." Naomi tried not to sound too annoyed. Anna just picked her times. "It is just sex. He's freaking gorgeous, of course I'd stare at him." Oh for fuck sake. Your being petty, you know it. She's your friend, you could at least admit it to her.

"Naomi, look. I get that your not all for the white wedding with the harps and the choirs and all sorts, but you haven't been with anyone else for over 18 months and I remember being there when you were sitting with a massive tub of ice-cream crying because you felt bad for cheating on him. Don't you think it's time for you guys to either admit it or walk away? I mean, I know you guys argue all the time, but seriously, if he didn't care, if he didn't want you for more than sex, he wouldn't put up with that. Neither would you."

"You know what? Your right." Naomi let out a breath. "I do love him, Anna. And I was going to tell him, but he's pretty much assured me that although he does care, it's just sex."

"He said that to you?" Anna sounded entirely unconvinced.

"Well, no, not exactly but-"

"But nothing Naomi. Unless those words come out of his mouth under torture so you know he means them, then its just what your thinking."

"Actions speak louder than words." Naomi whispered defensively, rolling her eyes when Anna sighed.

"Which actions are we referring to?" Anna was using her "I know I'm right." tone and Naomi really couldn't be bothered arguing with her.

"The ones where he shows up, drinks my beer, we have sex, then we argue a bit then he leaves." Naomi felt the familiar pull of tears and let out a soft sigh.

"Uh-huh. Why does he keep coming back to you? I don't know how good you are in bed but sweetheart, you seriously must be the modern day Aphrodite and Eros rolled into one if he keeps driving across the country to be with you and putting up with your bitching."

"I am." Naomi chuckled into the handset. "I'm incredible in bed. As his little presents over the past few days have been telling to me."

"He's been getting you presents?" Anna let out an incredulous laugh at the other end of the line.

"Yeah, he fixed my car, got me some sexy lingerie complete with a garter belt and suspenders, some epic boots which I'll be wearing at new years, edible body oils, an apple pie and a couple of bottles of jack. He's got some 12 days of Christmas thing going on, today's day six. So I wanna know what I'll be hit with." Naomi smiled fondly at the gifts, albeit they were sexually orientated, but at the same time, the thought was there.

"I see."

"What, that's it?" Naomi asked confused.

"Naomi, I'm not going to push the boat out here. At least you've admitted you love him, maybe now it'll be easier to work things out between you guys. I'm not saying go the distance, because no offence love I don't really think that'll work, but actually make the arguments worth it. Or walk away." Anna said the ast part so softly Naomi almost missed it.

"Yeah, well. Maybe letting him go is the best thing I can do." Naomi finished on a sigh, glaring at the line of traffic she had pulled up into.

"I'm sorry, babe, I didn't mean to upset you."

"You didn't." Naomi shook her head, "I tried to be with someone else, then realised I couldn't and got upset, Dean came by because he was worried, we ended up having sex and he left." Naomi shrugged. "I couldn't even finish it with him."

"How far out are you?"

"Couple of hours."

"Right, come right to mine, I'll call for take out, you can bring some ice-cream in with ya and we'll sink some beers and sort this out. I can't have you this heartbroken before knew year."

"Sounds like the best idea I've heard in a while." Naomi agreed, glaring at the traffic in front of her. "Listen, I'm stuck in traffic now, so I'll let you go do what you need to do and I'll stop off and bring in some movies too. Also, expect a phone call from me soon." Naomi laughed into the receiver and Anna laughed in return.

"I'm on it, sweetheart. Okay, so you know, don't kill anyone, don't dent your car again and come by my place. Speak soon!"

Naomi flipped her cell shut and dropped it onto the passenger seat, cursing the tears in her eyes and cursing Mariah Carey and her song "Miss you Most At Christmas Time." which was currently playing on the radio. why can't I just let him go? It's clear he doesn't want me. Probably time to let go and move on. Despite herself, Naomi found herself singing along to the words of the song and ignoring the tears that were slipping down her cheeks.

Naomi pulled in by the curb, completely elated to be off of the freeway and on her way to her best friend's place. She'd called Anna and apologised for the delay and the fact she was heading over there at ten thirty that night All she needed to do was grab some ice-cream and some chick flicks because there was still a bottle and ¾ of Jack in the car, so the alcohol wouldn't be a problem. She figured it would be easier to head on into the video store first, choosing which flicks to get over Dean could take some deliberation and she didn't really trust the ice-cream not to begin to melt in the video store, because that place always had the heater running.

The door chimed at Naomi walked through, she was glad that this one of the shops in town that stayed open later than the rest, she had about half an hour to grab something to watch before heading to the 24 hour grocery store for some ice-cream. The traffic jam had left her stuck in traffic for a mammoth five hours, extending her journey time by almost three hours. It was just before ten when she got off the freeway and into LA.

She looked around the store and smiled at the cashier who had looked up from the magazine she had been reading at the chime signalling of the door, before Naomi headed towards the chick flick section of the shop, bypassing the comedies and the Rom-Coms. She needed to cry tonight, to get him out of her system.

"Okay." Naomi muttered to herself, surveying the choices in front of her. She took her cell out and scrolled down her recently dialled list, her heart clenching at Dean's number sitting there on her cell. Shaking her head she pressed the call button to call Anna, smiling when her friend answered on the first ring.

"I figured you'd call. You suck at choosing girl movies."

"You know me so well." Naomi laughed, grateful for her friend's ability to make her smile no matter what.

"Is Ghost there?"

"Can we pass on the dead guy refusing to cross over?" Because hell knows I don't want to deal with ghosts. I'd be thinking of Dean the whole time and probably worrying about him hunting and then I'd cry but not getting over him from missing him.

"would you please listen! You have a choice between; Dirty Dancing, The Great Gatsby, Titanic and Beaches."

"What the hell?" Naomi choked down the line. "Dirty Dancing? That ends happy and there's Dancing in it and the cheesiest line known to man! The Great Gatsby bored me in school, so I'm not going to learn anything from that, I laugh at Titanic and Seriously, Beaches? Okay, I'll cry but I'll still be in love with Dean."

"Actually. Dirty Dancing was more for the fact he fights for her and it works, kind to prove to you that you need to make the choice here.. Titanic is about letting go and Beaches is about friendship overcoming all the odds! The Great Gatsby however, is what we'll end up watching because I want to prove a point."

"Which point can you possibly prove with Robert Redford in a ridiculous man swimming costume? Because it might have been high fashion, but he shouldn't have been allowed to wear it. Ever."

"Naomi, just bring me cookie dough ice-cream and Jay Gatsby."

Naomi glared before she remembered that Anna couldn't see her and huffed out a sigh. "Fine."

"There's my girl. Now, you know, hurry up. You have half an hour and you should arrive with the delivery kid. I want to prove how cute he is."

"Anna, there's laws against that sort of thing." Naomi laughed, reaching for the DVD and rolling her eyes.

"He's 18. He's legal. He's single. Which means?"

"He's fair game. I'll be there soon." Naomi flipped her cell shut before Ann could even think of response and walked up to the register, smiling at the girl behind it and handing the DVD over. Before she even had the chance to open her purse, Dean's tone filled up the space and she let out a sigh, holding the cell in her hand and wondering whether or not to answer. I mean, I could ignore it and he might get the message, on the other hand, I given the other night's performance, he'll be calling me until I pick up.

"Hey." Naomi breathed down the line, holding her cell between her ear and her shoulder while she paid for the rental.

"Hi." There was something odd about the way Dean said that word, it was short and clipped, not like the usual greeting she was used to.

"Something wrong?" Naomi kinked an eyebrow as she took her cell in her hand again, waiting for her change and receipt.


"Dean." Naomi warned, his one word answers only making her worry. He never calls when his dad is there, not since last time. Naomi smirked slightly before realising where she was.

"You're busy. I shouldn't have called, I'll call you later."

"Oh for God's sake Dean." Naomi snapped down the line and instantly regretted how harsh it came out. "Dean." Naomi said again, grateful that he hadn't hung up. "Look, I'm sorry I snapped, but something is obviously eating at you, so you know, I'm all ears. Well not all ears, cause that would look creepy." Naomi smiled when Dean let out a small chuckle as she took her change and the DVD.

"It just sucks." Dean began, before sighing into the receiver, Naomi smiled sadly as she walked back down the aisle towards the door. "I might not make it back for New Years. This hunt is much bigger than we first thought and we're all a little battered after earlier -"

"You are alright though? I mean, no-one is seriously hurt?" Naomi's eyes widened, her heart racind painfully in her chest when Dean sighed.

"My Dad's concussed and therefore outta action for a bit and he has a dislocated shoulder, Bobby's coming to help us out. Sammy's hardly able to put any weight on his leg at all, nothing's broken thankfully, just sprain and my shooting arm is screwed to hell so it might take a day or two before we can actually get to it…what was that noise?"

"Thank God you guys are alright, all things considered. I'm just leaving the video store, heading to the grocery store. Don't change the subject." Naomi warned him, trying to ignore the sinking feeling in her heart at the thought of not being with Dean for New Year. I'm getting what I wanted and somehow it's the last thing I actually want to happen. I just want to be able to snuggle up with him on New years. I wanted my New Years kiss from him.

"You planning a night in or something?" Dean asked and Naomi rolled her eyes, I should have told him to change the subject, he might have actually stayed on topic.

"Yes, I'm going to Anna's to watch movies, eat Chinese and get very very drunk. I'll probably pick up or make my dress tomorrow which means I have the 31st to completely revamp Anna's place and make sure she has enough food for a small country and get my hair done. Now that your aware of my every move, you were telling me your plans." Naomi smiled down the line at the fact Dean had stayed silent the whole time, no smart remark or anything.

"Sounds like your pretty packed out. Even if I could make it, would you have time for me?" There was something in Dean's voice, something insecure, that Naomi really didn't like at all.

"I'm sure I'd be able to fit you in somewhere babe, I'm pretty good at working things out that way. You know I've always got time for you, even in the middle of finals." Naomi wished she wasn't in front of the freezer section right now, and was instead, in Denver with Dean just to make sure he knew she meant it.

"Yeah, I always wonder why you bitch about having so much to do, because you're never busy when I get there." There was a playful tone in Dean's voice and Naomi let out a small sigh of relief.

"Ah, you got me there, Colombo. I really just sit about and do fuck all." Naomi teased as she reached to grab the ice-cream.

"See, can't con a con-man." Dean laughed, the obvious tension and strain he'd been feeling earlier was abating, albeit slowly. If only you knew Dean, maybe your just to oblivious to it.

"Nope, you can't. And you also can't throw someone who is trained to pay attention to detail off course in a conversation. You were telling me about your hunting trip?" Naomi grinned at the way it sounded. Highly amused at the fact Dean sounded like one of the boys she went to school with who would go hunting at the weekends with their fathers at different country estates.

"I was?" Dean asked innocently and Naomi rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, you said you were injured and then I asked if you were alright and then we talked about the various injuries and you said; it might take a day or two before and then you started talking about the noise and then we got talking about my DVD night and plans for the last few days of this year and how you can't con conmen and now we're talking about your reluctance to go back to the original topic." Naomi placed the ice-cream down in front of the cashier who looked started at the fact Naomi hadn't taken a breath before she began that rant.

"Be careful, Sparky, you might take a seizure." Dean deadpanned down the line and Naomi threw her head back on a laugh.

"I'll die before I ever find out the end of this." Naomi continued to laugh as she handed a five dollar bill over to the kid behind the register.

"Well we can't have that, can we? Dean chuckled and Naomi shook her head, before taking her change and the ice-cream. "I'll take your silence as no we can't. babe, you really need to learn phone etiquette I can't see you, so you actually have to speak to me, okay? Anyways, It might take a few days to get this show on the road and another few for it to be done. I'll also need a few days to rest up…." Dean trailed off and Naomi sighed.

"Then you'll go on another hunt and I won't see you for months." She said regretfully.

"Well, I was kinda thinking taking those days of R & R at your place, Sammy'll need to be enrolled in a school to graduate after the holidays, so I figure I can convince my dad to find a school nearby, that way, you can keep an eye on Sammy and I can keep an eye on you."

"You guys are more than welcome to crash here. How many times do I have to tell you that? You sound pretty tired already. You've been there like, ten hours or something and you've already had the shit kicked out of you. New record?" Naomi shivered slightly in the cool breeze, her heart feeling less heavy at the sound of his voice, the fact this conversation was one of the rare ones he had with her that didn't end up either an argument or sex or goodbye.

"Something like that." There was a muffled noise at the other side of the phone and a muffled curse from Dean as Naomi got into the car.

"Everythign alright?" Naomi asked, for the second time in their conversation.

"Sammy needs to go to the bathoom. I need to go deal with that, I'll call you later, or whatever." The insecurity from earlier had returned - whatever spell had been cast to get rid of it obviously broken now and Naomi rested her head against the steering wheel.

"Yeah, you should, he's clumsy enough as is, you wouldn't want another injury on the list. And please do call me later, I don't know how much sense I'll make but, you know, I'll remember it and we can continue it tomorrow." Naomi agreed, wishing Dean didn't have to hang up the phone, but throwing a joke in to try and lighten the mood a little.

"Yeah, drunk dial me later, I promise to pick up." Dean only sounded as though he was half joking.

"I do not drunk dial people!" Naomi muttered, relishing in the soft laugh Dean gave her.

"Whatever. Right, I really do have to go or Sammy'll piss his pants and I'm not cleaning that up."

Naomi laughed and sighed again. "You go do what you gotta do, I'll speak to you later."

"Mimi," Dean called down the line, just as she took her ceel from her ear.


"Thanks for, you know, listening. Its been nice having a conversation with someone who isn't high on Vicoden. You're just high." Dean's voice was soft and Naomi smiled, trying to ignore the fluttering in her stomach.

"You're welcome Dean. You can call me anytime, you know that." Naomi decided to just listen, ignoring the new aspect of their relationship, the fact Dean was leaning on her for once.

"Thanks." Dean cleared his throat. "I'll uh, go now. I'm getting bitch face number 4." he chuckled and Naomi giggled with him. "Oh, Naomi. I left day 6 on your bed I think. If it's not on your bed, its on your couch. I'll speak to you later."

"Okay, Thanks. Remember and call me to let me know how things are going. Bye." Naomi waited for Dean to hang up before dropping her cell into the set beside her. Anna is going to have a field day with this one. That so wasn't even about sex and I am so totally screwed.

"You." Anna announced, dragging Naomi into the apartment. "Are late! The cute delivery guy left five minutes ago. What took you so long?"

"Uh, Dean called." Naomi told her making her way into the den with the DVD and the whiskey, after handing Anna the ice-cream. No point in beating around the bush, I mean, I'll get drunk and spill to her anyways, so I may as well just tell her now and save myself the hassle.

"What?" Anna's peered around the doorway and Naomi set the whiskey and DVD down and took off her jacket.

"What, what?" Naomi looked at Anna who frowned and stepped into the room.

"You didn't answer right?"

"No, I answered."

"You told him where to go, yes?"

"Uh, yeah. Well, sort of."

Anna let out an aggravated sigh as she left the room, muttering something which sounded a lot like "I give up." before returning with two plates of Chinese and setting it on the table. "We need to have a chat, N."


"No." Anna held up her hand. "What I really meant was, I have a little something to say and you have a little something to listen to."

"Give me a fork, I can eat right?" I know what your going to say. You need to leave him blah blah blah.

"Don't get snarky." Anna warned handing Naomi a fork. "Wait there, I'm going to get the ice-cream and the glasses."

Naomi sighed and grabbed some cushions off of the sofa, knocking her jacket down onto the floor and sending her cell flying into the carpet. She dropped into one of the cushions and picked up her cell, Dean's conversation flying through her head and wanting nothing more than to call him and make sure he was alright.

"Oh, come on Naomi, right. Tell me about this conversation." Anna dropped into the other cushion and automatically reached for the bottle of jack.

"Well, basically he sounded really sad and like he never someone to talk to." Naomi shrugged and stuffed a forkful of chicken chow mien into her mouth.

"Uh huh. Okay, little talk time." Anna smiled and Naomi rolled her eyes. "Babe, look, I'm not trying to be a bitch about this, I just don't want you to get hurt and this looks like the way it's heading." Anna handed Naomi a glass and waited for her to drink it before continuing. "I wanted you to get The Great Gatsby mainly because I think its you to a tee, only in reverse. You don't want Dean, persey, you want what he represents. He's common and dangerous. He's the opposite form everything you've ever known an I think that's what the issue is here. I don't think it has anything at all to do with Dean as a person, just the world he's from."

"That's not it." Naomi shook her head. Trust me, Anna, that is not it. I am not a fan of the world he's from. I'd rather he wasn't fighting demons and ghosts, but you wouldn't understand.

"Naomi." Anna was looking at her with such sadness in her eyes that Naomi dropped her fork into her plate.

"Anna. Here's the thing, it's not the rugged bad boy thing that I've fallen for, that's always been my type. It's not the drink and the fact he can curse up a storm or the fact that he can't stomach wine or champagne. It's not the fact he's from a world that's completely different from mine. You don't know him when he lets his guard down, which he has done, he can be so sweet and thoughtful. I know what kind of OJ is his favourite, what his favourite beer is. How he likes his cereal…. I am completely and utterly in love the guy." Naomi sighed and leaned back against the sofa. There it is.

"Has he fallen the same way for you?" Anna stated bluntly and Naomi shrugged.

"The phone call seemed to suggest there was something there, but I don't know. I hope so?" Naomi looked at her plate and picked up her fork.

"For your sake, I do too." Anna patted Naomi on the leg and reached for the bottle of Jack again. "When are you next seeing him, new year? You can bring him here if you want."

"I dunno. He's working so he probably won't make it back and I'm not sure getting down with the LA elite is his idea of a good way to spend New Years." Naomi chuckled slightly, earning an eyebrow raise from Anna.

"Working? Does he get any time off? Besides, there is nothing wrong with my parties. I'm certain he's all for getting down with someone else though."

"You suck. Shut up and eat your dinner, bitch." Naomi mock glared, trying hard to ignore the sadness settling over her at Anna's words.

"Your so sweet, darling." Anna fluttered her eyelashes and Naomi allowed the laughter bubbling from her throat to mask the sadness.

It was almost noon before Naomi made it back to her apartment, smiling fondly at the mail on the counter next to the phone, Most probably Sam who put it there, Dean more than likely stepped over it. Speaking of… Naomi walked over to the sofa and frowned when the cushions were a mess but the seats were empty. okay, bedroom. Naomi dumped her suitcase at the door to the small utility room before heading into the bedroom and grinning at the white box in the centre of her bed. I have never been happier to see this little box. She dove at the bed and grabbed for the box, frowning at the weight before pulling it into her lap.

"Okay, Winchester, what have you got for me."

Naomi lifted the lid off of the box and let out a bark of a laugh. "Oh, Dean. Only you would find a six pack at all romantic." She continued to laugh as she rooted around in the box for the little accompanying letter.

On the sixth day of Christmas, Dean Winchester gave me to me…a six pack of beer to be consumed liberally. What can I say, poetry is a strong point. Anyway, back to the birds again, six geese a laying? What the fuck? Why would anyone possibly want six geese let alone six geese laying eggs? I will never understand people. Demons and spirits and werewolves and all sorts of other creatures make a heck of a lot more sense than people. So yeah, I thought a six pack would be much more fun. Besides, you like beer. So it's all good. You like to have a beer when your doing your thing, so yeah. I like beer, you like beer, we like to share beer when we're having fun so its great. I should be back in time to share some of that with you, so yeah. Don't get too much of a head start before me.

Love, Dean.

Naomi grinned stupidly at the note and grabbed for her cell from her jacket pocket, dialling his number straight away.


"Sam?" Naomi's brow furrowed in concern, considering Sam had picked up on the second ring and sounded terrified.

"Yeah, listen, I hate asking this, but could we crash at your place for a few days. Dean and I could use some R&R and my Dad's headed to Bobby's."

"Sure, Sam. What's wrong?"

"He's hurt pretty bad Naomi, I don't know what to do. I can't take care of him properly and my dad is pretty messed up too and the other hunters Bobby called to help are pissed at Dean and its all really nasty, so I couldn't take him to Bobby's or he wouldn't get a proper rest -"

"-Hey, Sam, Sam, hey listen to me. If he's not hospital serious, bring him to mine and give me a call when you're here and I'll come down and help you get him up here. Don't panic, I'll take care of you. Both of you. You hear me?" Naomi could feel the tension in her body and let out a sigh.

"Yeah." Sam sounded deflated and tired as hell.

"So, where are you?" Naomi asked, knowing as logical as Sam was, he would be too worried about Dean to think straight.

"About three hours out."

"Okay, well, I'll go and get some things in and you call me when you get here and I'll come and help. Please try not to panic Sam." Naomi did her best to reassure the youngest Winchester even as the panic was rising within her.

"Okay, I'll call you. Thanks, Naomi. I mean it." Sam still sounded worried, but more relived than anything.

"Good. I'll see you soon." Naomi sighed when Sam ended the call without a goodbye and dropped her cell onto the bed and threw herself back, trying quell the worry and the panic that she was feeling.

So much for not seeing him over the next few days. Naomi furiously blinked away the tears. I know I really want to see him, but not like this, never like this. I just hope it isn't as bad as Sam is making out, although the fact that kid is so worried, I'm pretty damned sure I'll be tossing out another couple of bed sheets. Best move my ass and put the protective plastic on the mattress, see if I can shake this deep set feeling off. With that Naomi got to her feet and set about preparing the apartment for the Winchesters' arrival.