Summary: As he backed me into the wall and I heard the heavy breathing coming from him... I leaned in for one more kiss and realized.. I was in love with Jeff Hardy

"Who is that?" I asked mesmerized by him

"Thats Jeff Hardy... Matt's younger brother" Amy anwsered

" He'" I stammered

"Wanna go talk to him?" Amy grinned

"Amy! I'm the new diva.. He won't know me" I said shyly

"Faith! Your beautiful! He'll want to know you" Amy ushered

" Okay,, Here goes nothing"

"Faith!! Hello!!" Kelly said

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at my best friend completely blank

"You were thinking about Jeff again weren't you?" Kelly giggled

"I was Not!!" I said pulling my brown hair into a messy bun and climbing into the hotel bed

"Awww" Kelly smiled climbing into her bed

"Remember the times before I met Randy" Kelly started the story over again

"Kels, I'm 24 I don't have that much to remember" I said

" I was just a lonely diva on ECW with only strange men who liked me... Like Balls.. Jesus...Balls" Kelly cringed

"Kels....." I groaned

" Then I met Randy....When he tripped and fell into that can of paint" She recoiled her memories

I stiffled a giggle when I remebered Randy covered in Yellow paint

"Hey! Remember when I told you guys Randy and I were dating!" She said suddenly excited

"How Could I forget? John swallowed a walnut whole, Chris got a straw down his esophagus and

Hunter and Shawn were in shock for 2 days" I groaned pulling the covers over my head

"You leave me speechless when you talk to me, You leave me breathless the way you look at me

"You manage to disarm me, my soul is shining through, Can't help but surrender ny everything to you"

My phone rang and the ring tone made me know it was Jeff

"Awww Jeff sent you a text!!" Kelly gushed

I playfully rolled my eyes and read the text from Jeff

Dear Faith

I know it's a little after midnight but.. I wanted to let you know that I got you something

Really special for christmas this year! Oh and Randy says to tell Kelly Hi!

Love, Mr. Rainbows

"Awww Hi Randy!!" Kelly said. "Mr. Rainbows?"

"Yeah, My nickname for him" I smiled.. "What haven't you seen his hair?" I asked

" I wonder what he got me for Christmas?" I pondered

"OH MY GOOD GOD!!" Kelly jumped out of bed

"Kels!! You okay?" I asked suddenly concerned

"NO! I didn't find Mr. Hot Pants anything!" She groaned throwing herself back onto the bed

"Thanks for stopping my hear- Mr. Hot Pants?" I asked

"Randy" She said drifting off into a fantasy

I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes... Drifting off into sleep