Rob, Olympian God of Robotics

By: Jo Ann

Chapter 1: Death and Rebirth

Summery: In an alternate universe, Rob dies and is taken to Mount Olympus where he becomes the new God of Robots and Robotics. What happens when Rob from one universe meets this more powerful version?

Disclaimer: Mighty Orbots and its characters and places belong to TMS Entertainment. Wonder Woman and this version of the Olympians belong to DC Comics. I'm not making any money off of this. Mark Jones and Hoshi Me/Robin Simmons belong to me. It is just a fanfiction.


Robert Simmons floated in a bubble of water, though he seemed to be breathing air. He was naked, and curled up in the fetal position, with his legs folded and his knees up against his chest. His arms curled around, hugging his legs. His head was bowed between his knees, and his eyes were closed, seemingly asleep.

The bubble, itself, seemed to be suspended in a void of some kind, with no stars or planets. Just inky blackness for as far as the eye could see --if Rob was awake to see it. And the bubble was alone in this sea of space; no other bubbles or life of any kind could be seen. Just the one bubble, with its one, blond-haired occupant, asleep and oblivious to his surroundings.

Rob dreamed of the past, of memories he held dear –and some not so dear, but still a part of his life. Images of those he loved flashed through his mind –Galactic Patrol Commander Rondu, who was so much like the father Rob had never known; Dia, Rondu's beautiful daughter, with whom Rob had always been so madly in love with; Tor, the mighty red Orbot; Bort, the nervous blue shape-changer; Bo, the wise-cracking, prank-playing, flirty orange female; Boo, Bo's sweet, shy, yellow sister; Crunch, the overweight purple Orbot; and little Oh-No, Rob's assistant.

It was the most recent memory that now tormented Rob. Over-and-over again, the same sequence of events played themselves out, and Rob viewed them, as if watching the same scenes in a movie, over and over again…


"Are you sure this is where they are?" Rob asked Mark Jones. Mark was the Galactic Patrol officer in command of this particular sector of the galaxy. He was also one of Rob's best friends.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Mark replied. "A confirmed Shadow Haven, right on this planet." A Shadow Haven was a place where the remains of the Shadow organization came together after the destruction of Umbra and Shadow. For months, the Galactic Patrol had been locating and cleaning out these Shadow agent refuges and putting their occupants on Devil's Asteroid.

"You know I don't like using guns, Mark," Rob reminded his friend. He held the blaster pistol like a trained officer, but not without some unease.

"Yeah, I know," the other officer said sympathetically. "But if the Shadow agents in there refuse to cooperate, we'll have a firefight on our hands. If you aren't armed and ready, that could be fatal."

"I know," Rob replied. "But that doesn't make me feel any better. I don't like to hurt people."

"Just shoot to wound or disarm," the cowboy-uniformed officer advised. "We'll do the rest."

"Okay," Rob agreed, still uneasy and unsure. Mark smiled and pushed the brim of his ten-gallon hat up. A sound from the caves they were watching got their attention.

"Get ready," Mark said. "Here they come…"

It had been almost an explosion of activity. One moment, Mark, Rob, the Orbots, and over a hundred Galactic Patrol officers were watching the Shadow Haven entrance, waiting for the Shadow agents to make their next move; the next, the Shadows were attacking, their blasters blazing. Even if they, themselves, were taken alive, the Shadow agents wanted to make the capture a costly one for the Galactic Patrol.

During the confusion of the battle, Rob fired his pistol, doing his best to either wound or disarm as Mark had advised. He did so to several of the Shadow agents, mostly disarming them, much to Rob's relief. Whenever he had fought Shadow before, it was in the safety of Mighty Orbots, not in the middle of a battlefield, with only a blaster pistol as his weapon. A weapon he was none to comfortable with, as Rob was a peaceful young man.

"Commander!" he had heard Mark scream. "LOOK OUT!" Before Rob could react, however, he was hit by an energy beam, and he fell to the ground.

"OH, NO!" he heard someone cry out. Little Oh-No, of course, for that is how she had gotten her name. There were sounds of fighting around him, but Rob could not move. He saw Mark and Oh-No appear in his vision.

"Oh-No, you start first aid," he heard Mark order. Rob could hear the sound of Mark's pistol as it fired at the attacking Shadow agents. He felt the small, cool metal hands of his littlest Orbot gently examine his wounds. His blurred vision saw Bo and Boo also come near to help Oh-No.

"Hang in there, Commander…" was the last thing Rob heard as he drifted into unconsciousness.


I'm dead! Rob thought as he floated inside his little bubble. I died on that planet, in that battle. But what happens now?

Now, young one? a soothing voice answered him. Now you will embark on a wondrous journey, at the end of which, you will be given a wonderful gift!

Who are you? Rob asked. And where am I? Where am I going? And what is this "gift"?

So full of questions! the voice replied with amusement. Patience, my sweet and handsome young friend. All will be explained once you have reached your destination. The voice was feminine, and soft and gentle and motherly. The sound of it relaxed Rob some, although he was still confused and a little uneasy. The voice began to sing in an unknown language, and the soft, gentle sound soothed away the nightmare of his last waking moments.

As Rob slept in his watery prison, the bubble began to move seemingly upward, although direction could not truly be detected in the black void. But the bubble seemed to know where to go –or perhaps it was being guided to its destination.


Rob awoke sitting on a cloud, still in the fetal position, and still very naked. He looked about him –and blushed when he saw that he was not alone! All around him were men and women dressed in ancient Greek clothes –robes and tunics—all standing or sitting around, watching him. As soon as the man in on the throne saw that he was awake, he smiled and gave Rob a greeting.

"Welcome, Robert Simmons, to Mount Olympus!" the man greeted. "I am Zeus, king of the gods of Olympus!"

"'Mount Olympus'?" Rob repeated incredulously. "'Gods'?"

"Surely you have heard of us," the woman seated at Zeus' side replied.

"Of course," Rob answered. "In legends and myths. But to find that you're for real…"

"Of course we are for real!" a warrior in dark armor declared. He turned to a woman in long, blue robes. "I thought you said he was intelligent, Athena."

"Do not mind Ares," A beautiful blond in pink robes smiled at Rob. "He is always like that." To Rob's surprise, hers was the same voice he had heard while he was in the bubble!

"The poor dear," a woman in orange robes commented. "He has no clothes!" Rob blushed even more at the reminder of his unclothed state.

The woman on the throne waved her hand, and the clouds swirled around Rob, weaving themselves into material, then draping over him. When the excess clouds dispersed, Rob found that he wore a simple, white Greek tunic, held on by a pair of gold brooches. There was no other adornment, and he was still barefoot.

"There," she said. "He is sufficiently covered."

"Thanks, uh, your Majesty," Rob said.

"Do you know us?" Zeus asked.

"Well, not personally, no," Rob admitted. "But if I were to make some educated guesses – not counting the ones that have already been identified by name—I would say that you are Hera, queen of the gods." She smiled and nodded in affirmative. He turned toward the woman in pink.

"Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty?" he asked. She, too, nodded. He looked next to a young man in a long red cloak, a winged, gold helmet, and golden winged sandals. "You would be Hermes, the messenger of the gods. You," he turned toward the woman in orange, "I would guess –Hestia, the goddess of the hearth?" She nodded. To a woman in a short, red tunic, and carrying a bow, he said, "Artemis, goddess of the moon and of the hunt?" Another yes.

"He is good," the aforementioned Artemis nodded in approval.

"You," Rob said to a green-robed woman, "are Demeter, goddess of agriculture. And you," a young man in gold, "Apollo, god of the sun, and twin brother to Artemis."

"Very good," Apollo agreed.

"And you," he grinned at an older man in purple robes and holding a wine goblet, "are Dionysus, god of wine. You," he turned to a somber man in white and black, "are Hades, god of the Underworld, the land of the dead. And you," he finished, looking toward a sea-green merman carrying a trident, "are Poseidon, god of the seas."

"And me?" a muscular man in a green loin cloth asked. "Do you know who I am?"

"Hmmm…let's see…" Rob thought for a moment. Then, he snapped his fingers as an answer came to him. "Hercules. Or, in Greek –Herakles."

"Well done, lad!" Zeus cried his approval. "Now, do you have any inkling of why you were brought before us?"

"Not a clue," Rob admitted. "But I have a huge hunch that I died in that battle."

"That you did," Hades replied. "And it was at the request of Zeus that I stop your journey to the afterlife and bring you here."

"But for what purpose?" Rob asked.

"To offer you something that few mortals have ever received," Zeus answered. "A chance to be a god!"

"What…?!?" Rob's eyes bulged wide as what the king had said sunk in. "Me? A god?"

"Yes," Hera answered patiently. "You have earned the right to become one of the Immortals."

"What would my powers be?" Rob asked. He could not imagine what he would have power over.

"You would be the god of robots and robotics," Artemis answered.

"Your compassion for even the metal people makes you the perfect choice for the role," Aphrodite added.

"You would have powers over any kind of constructed person or animal, be it a statue or a robot," Zeus explained. "You could create such a construct, and imbue it with intelligence and even a measure of free will and consciousness with just a thought. You could heal –or destroy—them at your whim."

"Not to mention all the basic godly powers," Hermes added. "Immortality, healing, invisibility, and many more."

"I would have that kind of power, huh?" Rob asked, seemingly to consider the offer.

"Of course," Zeus nodded.

"What about my friends?" Rob asked. "Would there be any way for them to live here, too? I'm not asking for all my friends. Just Rondu, Dia, and the Orbots. And only if they want to stay."

"Hmmm…" Zeus contemplated Rob's question. "Perhaps…" He looked toward Hades for a way to answer the young man.

"When their time comes," the lord of the dead spoke up. "I will bring them here and the same offer can be proposed to them. They do not have to become gods and goddesses; just immortal. If they accept the offer, then all will be well. If not, they will resume their journey to the afterlife. But," he warned sternly, "only these that you have named shall be extended the invitations. No others. Is that understood?"

"Yes," Rob nodded in agreement. "I understand."

"Good," Zeus said. "Now that you have heard the offer, do you accept? Will you become one of us?"

"If I do," Rob observed, "I would have to change alliances. I would have to be on your side, not the United Planets, or the Galactic Patrol."

"True," Zeus answered. "But that was in your mortal life. You are now starting an immortal life. Changes are being made. What do you choose?"

Rob contemplated for a few moments. The lure of immortality, to be a god, was strong. There was so much good he could do, if only he had the power to do so. And he was now being offered the power. And yet, he knew, power often came with a price. Even as a god, he would be limited in power to just figures of people and animals. He could not, for instance, raise the dead, or make someone fall in love with him. Still, the chance to have the power to make things better…

Rob snapped out of his train of thought. He turned to Zeus with one of his cocky grins, one of the ones he used when he had a plan.

"I accept your offer," he said simply. His announcement made the gods and goddesses around him relax.

"Excellent!" Zeus shouted grandly. He waved one muscular arm. "Bring the nectar and the ambrosia!"

Instantly, the items were brought. The nectar was in an ornate, gold and jeweled goblet, while the ambrosia was in a matching bowl. Each was carried by a beautiful young girl, who knelt and offered them to Rob.

"Drink the nectar for eternal youth," Zeus commanded. "Eat of the ambrosia for immortality and join the ranks of the gods!"

Rob took the goblet and drank deep of the sweet nectar, then took some of the ambrosia and ate it, chewing it and savoring the taste before swallowing. As soon as he swallowed the last of the ambrosia, Rob felt himself bathed in warm, golden power. When it faded, Rob knew he was one of the gods.

"Now," Zeus continued, "it is time to dress our new godling as befits an Olympian!" He waved his hand, and, just as before, clouds swirled around Rob, draping themselves over him. His simple tunic changed to the finest of cloth, the lower hem trimmed in gold. The brooches became a little bigger. Around each of his upper arms there appeared a golden armband, while each wrist sported a golden wristband. Around his waist, a wide golden belt encircled. On his feet and legs were tall, golden sandals.

"Gods and Goddesses of Olympus!" Zeus announced. "Welcome our new immortal: Robert Simmons: God of Robots and Robotics!" As Rob stood on the pedestal among the deities of ancient Greece, he felt a surge of triumph and pride that he had never felt before. Then, Zeus waved his hand again. In Rob's hand there appeared a gold and jeweled screwdriver. The handle of the screwdriver was in the shape of a robot.

"That is your symbol, Robert," Zeus explained. "All gods and goddesses have something that symbolizes them in some way. The lightning bolt for me, or the seashell for Aphrodite, and so on. Yours is that screwdriver, a tool --I believe-- you used often as a robotics engineer. That is why the handle is in the form of a robot."

"Thank you…uh…" Rob stammered. Somehow, "Your Majesty" did not seem enough for Zeus, even though he was a king.

"Everyone calls me either 'Lord Zeus' or 'Father Zeus'," the king smiled helpfully, amused at the youth's unsureness.

"Thank you, Father Zeus," Rob corrected himself sheepishly.

"Now," Zeus announced. "Time for the feast in honor of our new godling! To the feasting chamber!" With that, the gods and goddesses filed out, and headed inside the palace. Rob stood where he was, unsure of where to go. It was not until Hermes put his arm around Rob's shoulder and led him inside that the new immortal joined the group.

Inside the palace, in the feasting chamber, there were cushioned and marble couches, each with its own table. At each couch there stood a boy or a girl, each ready to serve the meal to those who would be occupying the couches. It was to these couches that the gods and goddesses went, settling down for the feast.

Hermes led Rob to a couch near Zeus and Hera, on which the new immortal settled in. The fabric covering the couch was soft and plush, a rich red color. There were cushions of all colors, trimmed in gold. The dishes on the table were jewel-encrusted gold and beautiful crystal. Rob reclined on his couch when he observed that the others were doing likewise. He was new to godhood, and looked to those around him for instruction.

At a signal from Zeus, the food was served. Rob was surprised to find most of the foods recognizable. Turkey was featured, as well as goose and other game birds; beef in some form or another; fruit of all kinds; breads and cheeses; honeycomb, and –of course—wine.

Rob sampled a little of each course offered, sticking mainly with the ones he was most familiar with. The wine was something fairly new to him, as he had never drank any kind of alcoholic beverage before. But he found that, in his new form, he could handle the strong drink very well.

All around him, the deities of Olympus were feasting as if it was all they had ever done. Except for Dionysus, no one was feeling the effects of the wine, which everyone drank like free-flowing water.

He probably likes it like that, Rob thought to himself as he caught a glimpse of the god of wine flirting with the servant girls that attended him.

"And how is our newest Olympian doing?" a voice asked him. "Enjoying yourself, little godling?" Rob turned toward the voice to see a balding man sitting nearby. He was muscular, but seemed to have a limp. This contrasted with the seemingly perfection of the rest of the Olympians.

"Yes, thank you," Rob replied. "It's all excellent." He scanned the other for a moment, then continued. "You're Hephaestus, god of fire and the forge, right?"

"Aye," the other confirmed. "We are alike, you and I, at least in one respect. I work with metals, making everything from armor to machines. You create machines, as well. But the machines you create seem to have lives of their own. Your Orbots, for example. I have never seen such beings as your metal children! Products of the times, I would wager."

"Yes," Rob answered. "Robots and humans have been together for centuries, but only as recent as about one hundred and fifty years ago has robots been accepted into human society."

"You seem nervous, Robert," Hera observed. "Does the food not please you?"

"Oh, no," Rob replied. "The food is great. It's just that this god-thing is going to take some getting used to. I'm going to need time to adjust to being immortal."

"So very modest!" Hera smiled at him. "It reminds me another young mortal that became a goddess."

"Yes," Zeus agreed. "Princess Diana of the Amazons of Themyscria. She was mortal, as well, but was made immortal, and became the Goddess of Truth. However, Diana wished to be mortal, and so she was made so."

"You mean," Rob asked, "if I wanted to, I could go back to Earth?"

"No," Hades answered from where he sat just off to the side of Zeus. "Although Diana, too, died before becoming a goddess, she was an Amazon. She was one expected to reappear among the mortals. You, however, are not. To the universe, Robert Simmons, the robotics engineer and the Orbots' Commander is dead. Killed in battle on a distant planet while fighting agents of the organization once known as 'Shadow'. Your mortal remains were brought back to Earth and buried."

"There is even a statue in your honor," Hestia broke in. "It stands on a pedestal that serves as your grave marker."

"For you to return to your mortal life would require much explanation," Zeus went on. "Could you explain to your loved ones how you were alive, even as your corpse lies buried in its tomb?"

"No," Rob admitted sadly. "I guess I couldn't. They would think I was a clone created by Shadow, or other such imposter. And I couldn't prove that I was the real Rob Simmons." He took his goblet and sipped the red-purple drink quietly.

"Here is an idea," Hermes spoke up. "Why do we not ask Diana to come to Olympus and tutor our godling? She would have to temporarily resume being the Goddess of Truth, but it is for a good cause. Our young friend could certainly learn better from someone that has been mortal, as well as immortal."

"What?" Hercules cried. "You mean I do not count as mortal-immortal?"

"Of course you do," Hermes replied. "But Robert needs someone that will not try to challenge him to a wrestling match every few minutes. Also, Diana would be more sympathetic to our boy if she could see how shy and modest he was. The perfect man –or near so—to an Amazon."

"Hmmm…Not a bad idea, Hermes," Zeus nodded. "Tomorrow, then, you shall go to Paradise Island and retrieve Diana. Promise her that she will only be the Goddess of Truth temporarily, and only to instruct our newest godling."

Rob smiled his thanks, and he settled back to enjoy the feast. He reflected on this newest chapter of his life. Or rather, to continue the book analogy, this was more of a new book instead of a new chapter. His old life was concluded, ending with his death in battle and his burial on Earth. Now, he was beginning a new book, and a new life.

Next Chapter: Training a Godling. Rob is trained by Diana, the Amazon Princess, on the finer points of being an immortal.