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Smallville: Season 5 Between Episodes Splinter and Solitude

Supernatural: Season 1 Between Episodes Home and Asylum

A Very Supernatural Smallville



Dean Winchester sat up and stretched, squinting against the sun filtering its way through the dingy curtains. It was way too early to be up, but apparently Sam thought was sitting on one of the two crappy chairs that the King's Quarter's Motel had to offer, watching an infomercial on Oxy-clean.

"Why are you up so early?" Dean asked, already knowing the answer.

Sam's nightmares gave him pounding headaches, and sleepless nights. Ninety percent of the time they were about his girlfriend Jessica, who had died in their apartment right above him three months ago. Dean had to literally pull him out of the burning building before he would leave, and he made an attempt to go back in once he was out. Despite Dean's pleads for his little brother to get some sleep, Sam had ignored him and spent most nights with an hour- maybe two- of sleep.

"Couldn't sleep," Sam said. Dean nodded and stood, heading toward the bathroom. "Hey, we got another job." Sam called, just as Dean was closing the door. He poked his head out and stared at him. He really had been up all night. Dean himself hadn't slept much either. This was the first time in twenty two years he'd been back in Lawrence, and his mom had been haunting the house he never wanted to see again. It had been a very, very long night.

"What is it?" Dean asked.

"I think it might be a vengeful spirit, possibly a Wendigo, but that's a stretch. People around this town have been disappearing for a few days then are found dead, and things beyond weird happen there all the time already, figured we should check it out." Sam said.

"Where is it? Bermuda Triangle or something?" Dean asked. Sam shook his head.

"No it's right here in Kansas. Really small town called Smallville." Dean froze. His eyes grew; he gripped the door frame a little tighter.

"Where?" Dean asked. Sam chuckled.

"I know, never heard of the place either. And who names a town Smallville? Anyway I'm surprised we haven't been there before. Two meteor showers, plenty of murders, accidental deaths, and just, well freaky shit. I found this old copy of the high school newspaper's article talking about this girl that was like, hundreds of years old but she was sucking the life out of people to stay alive." Sam said, still chortling. Dean didn't seem amused.

"So some kid needed a hobby at the newspaper, big deal. I still don't think it's up our alley."

"Dean, this place is nicknamed the meteor capital of the world. Weird stuff has been going on there for the past seventeen years. I think we should check it out. What's your problem anyway?" He asked. Dean frowned.

"I don't have a problem," He said a little too defensively. "I just don't think it's worth checking out, that's all." Sam stared at him.

"Dean in my entire life I have never seen you turn down a hunt. What's up?" He asked. Dean shook his head.

"Nothin'," He said with a small shrug. "I gave you my opinion on it; I didn't say we shouldn't check it out. Jeez Sam why are you acting so weird?" Dean laughed and walked into the bathroom, nearly slamming the door behind him. Sam stared at the spot his brother had been moments before, puzzled. Something was definitely wrong with Dean, well, more than usual.

Clark looked out the loft window, staring at the rising sun. His chores were finished early as usual, when you had the ability to run faster than a speeding bullet you kind of had an advantage, and the sky never ceased to fascinate him. He had a lot to think about right now. He had just found out his college professor was actually a Kryptonian, and had saved him from doing something horrible. Killing the woman he loved. The silver Kryptonite had made him hallucinate, and very dangerous, especially with the powers he possessed. Lana had understood what had happened, thanks to Chloe, who had saved him from another bad lie once again, but Clark still felt awful.

And on top of that whole mess, his father had decided to run for state senator against his ex-best friend, Lex Luthor. Mom wasn't even close to being thrilled about it. She hated the idea. Jonathon's heart wasn't what it used to be, another painful reminder of what Clark's powers cost the people he cared about, and she was scared at what this might do.

Clark was worried too, but more so about Lex. Lex was a ruthless business man but Clark had no doubt he was a vicious opponent and would stop it nothing to win, including pry into his father's private life.

Clark shook his head, he needn't worry about this right now. There was plenty of time later.

"Clark!" Martha's voice called. Clark smiled and raced down the barn steps, out the door, over the driveway and into the kitchen in less than a second. "Oh!" Martha exclaimed as he blew past her. "Honey, you really should stop at the porch when you do that." She said, patting her hair back down. Clark smiled meekly.

"Sorry Mom," He said, sitting down caddy corner from his father. "I'm hungry." Martha chuckled lightly and went to retrieve the orange juice from the fridge.

"So Clark," Jonathon said. "You catch a look at today's paper?" Jonathon tossed the paper he was reading onto the table. Clark glanced at it, skimming through the article.

"And all of these people have died?" He asked quietly. Jonathon nodded grimly. "Does anyone know what might be doing this?"

"Sheriff Adams said she might have a few ideas when I talked to her yesterday, but she did say it was definitely a who, not a what." Clark looked at the newspaper again.

"Dad, the way they describe these injuries, sounds like a wild animal did it. Is she sure?" He said as Martha poured the juice into the glasses in front of them.

"Oh she's sure alright," Jonathon said. "Then again she's sure about everything." He said with a grin. Martha sat down and shook her head.

"I've never met a human being that could ever do something like this without a guilty conscience." She said. Jonathon's grin faded to a smirk.

"Get a Luthor in the right mood." He mumbled, digging into his eggs. She gave him a stern look.

"I'll see if I can find anything out," Clark said, swallowing the last of his orange juice and rising with an empty plate. "Chloe might know something." He set the plate down in the sink and sped out of the kitchen, leaving a slight wind in his wake. Martha shook her head.

"I swear that boy only eats more as he gets older." She said. Jonathon grinned.

"Well when you have woman that cooks like you and looks as lovely as you do…" He said, trailing off. Martha smiled warmly at him.

"Well I was talking about Clark."

Dean gripped the steering wheel tighter as they passed the sign that blared: Welcome to Smallville Kansas, Population 45,001 The Meteor Capital of the World! He'd seen that sign before, and the last time he did he was driving as fast as he could in the opposite direction, falling rocks visible in his rearview. He swore to himself that no matter what, he would never come back here, and now, now he was gonna kill Sam when they got out of here, if he got out of here alive.

Sam glanced over at his older brother, who was extremely tense, and had been that way since they had left Lawrence this morning. His hands were wrapped around the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were stark white. His shoulders were rigid, and every time Sam asked him a question he nearly bit his head off. This was the longest time in history Sam had been in the car with Dean riding in total silence.

"Okay, Dean, what's wrong with you?" Sam asked. Dean glared at him.

"I told you Sam, nothing." He muttered.

"And I told you, you're full of shit. Have you been here before, or what?" Sam asked harshly.

"Sam, for the last time, shut up!" Dean snarled. Sam sat back in the seat with a huff. They pulled onto the street that could only be Main Street, and the only street in town. Dean pulled over and put the Impala in park.

"So where're we going first?" Sam asked. Dean sighed.

"Probably the place where locals hang out. See if we can find out any local legends or something like that."

"How're we gonna figure that out?" Sam asked, getting out of the Impala. Dean looked down the street, staring at the sign that said Talon.

"We could start there." He said, gesturing toward the building.

"A movie theatre?" Sam asked. Dean shook his head.

"No it's a coffee shop." He said. Sam looked at him, as if he had just proven a point. Dean started walking down the sidewalk.

"Shut up."

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