I couldn't help but feel good and bad as I got dressed after Mickie's and my shower. Good because being with Mickie felt so good, and bad because of Randy...Randy, oh Randy. He's such a great guy, he's a 1 in a million sort of person. He understands me and accepts me for who I am. But Mickie...ohhh, Mickie. She's incredible and I love being with her. She's been my friend for a long time, even though lately I've been neglecting our friend-friend relationship. But now, I guess we can never go back to our friend-friend relationship, not after what's happened.

Mickie buttoned her jeans and smiled at me "So, what do you want to do today?"

"Um, I have to go to my room really fast and grab some clothes" I told her. At least Mickie wouldn't be in my room to influence my decisions.

"Okay, then let's meet up in the lobby in 20 minutes, sound good to you?" Mickie suggested as she pulled on a gray and black tank top.

"Yeah, sounds good" I smiled, getting up and walking out of her room. I let the door shut gently behind me. Click. I took off running towards my room. I forgot my room key in Mickie's room, of course, so I began pounding my fist on the door.

Moments later, Randy was opening the door. He looked pissed, but he waited until I was in the room, and the door was shut, to blow up.

"Melina! What the hell! Where did you go last night?" Randy yelled as I scurried about our hotel room, grabbing clothes, my wrestling outfit, shoes, my toothbrush and toothpaste, brush, shampoo/conditioner, anything that I thought I might need, I crammed back into my two suitcases.

"It's a long story..." I wasn't going to tell him about Mickie and how I may or may not be starting to really like her. She was a girl and I think Randy's Catholic or Christian or something, I'm not sure, we never really discussed religion.

"Where are you going now?" Randy demanded to know.

"Out" was all I said. Gosh, I hated lying to Randy, but ever since I entered this hotel room, I've been seeing Mickie in my mind, I've been hearing her sweet moaning, and I've been feeling guilty. I loved Randy, but I needed some time to get things straightened out with Mickie.

"Melina, what the hell is up with you!?" Randy had a right to be angry.

"Nothing" I said zipping up my second suitcase and standing them upright "Look, Randy, I just need to clear my head. I'll call you soon."

Randy didn't say anything, he just watched me roll my two suitcases out of our hotel room.

I still had my two suitcases when I met Mickie in the lobby.

"Hey babe" she noticed my luggage "Where are you running off to?"

"Very funny" I smiled "Can I put these in the trunk of your car?"

"Of course" Mickie nodded, and lead me out to her car. After losing the extra baggage, we began walking out of the hotel parking lot.

We walked down the sidewalk in silence. The only noise was an occasional passing car and our feet tapping on the sidewalk. We were almost at a breakfast diner when Mickie laced her fingers with mine. I couldn't help but smile. Deep down, I'd been debating holding her hand. I was glad that Mickie was braver than I. But of course, at the same time, I hated myself for doing this.

I reclaimed the usage of my left hand once we got to the diner's parking lot. Mickie led the way in and got us a booth to sit at. The waitress came over and took our order, and we waited until she brought back our drinks before we began talking.

"Mel, I want to talk about last night" Mickie was the first to say what was on her mind.

"Me too!" I exclaimed.

Mickie giggled "I wanted to know if maybe, you wanted a night like last night to happen again...because I do...but if you don't, I'll understand!"

Actually, I have a boyfriend and he's been so kind and faithful to me. So, I should probably get back to him.

"I want last night to happen again too" I smiled at her.

I don't think my brain and vocal chords are attached.

"Great, because, I really like you" Mickie blushed "I've sort of had a crush on you for the past few months..."

I reached across the table and rested my hand on top of Mickie's. It took me a moment to realize that we were in a diner with lots of simple-minded, bigoted, and homophobic people. After that realization, I quickly retracted my hand. Mickie giggled. I think she came to the same realization.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Mickie asked me.

Be with my boyfriend, Randy.

"Go to the beach...a secluded part of the beach..." I blushed.

Mickie leaned halfway across the table and whispered to me "I think you're so cute when you blush and get shy."

That just made me blush even more. With every passing second, I was more and more stunned by the way Mickie James made me feel.

We'd found a nice strip of beach between two high up cliffs. Nobody else was there, just Mickie and I. Mickie quickly discarded all excess clothing and got down to just her bikini, which looked so hot on her. The way it just barely covered her full ass, and how the top was loose and if she ran or swam around a lot, it would come loose and her tit would be revealed. I licked my lips just thinking about her.

SHIT! I can't get Mickie off my mind, and I really can't when she's prancing around half-naked in front of me.

Since I was unwilling to strip down to my bikini, Mickie forcefully pulled off my shirt, and yanked off my shorts, grabbing some ass in the process. Oh, how that felt good.

As I watched Mickie frolic in the water, I kept getting hornier and hornier. I hated myself for that, but I couldn't help it. I needed to take care of this problem right away. I quickly put my shorts and shirt back on. I dragged Mickie out of the water and forced her to get dressed. She demanded to know what I was doing as I dragged her back to the hotel. I kept my mouth shut. I took Mickie's room key from her pocket and opened the room. I shut the door behind her, hastily.

God, I hated myself.

I pulled off my shirt and pulled down my shirt. Mickie just watched. I flopped onto the bed. I was lying on my back. What I was about to do, I knew Mickie would love to see. I removed my swimsuit top and cupped my breasts in my hands. A soft moan escaped my lips. I reached one hand down my swimsuit bottoms and rubbed 1 finger against my entrance. My moans got louder and increased as I carried on. The whole time, Mickie just watched in amazement. After I came down from my climax, I looked over at Mickie and smiled.

"Sorry, I was just really horny" I breathed heavily.

"Wow" was all Mickie could say.

I quickly grabbed a pillow and hid my face in it "You hate me!"

"No, of course not babe!" Mickie came over and sat beside me. She ran her hand along my inner thigh "Actually, that was really hot."

I still hid behind the pillow "Really?"

"Of course" Mickie took away the pillow and pressed her lips against mine. She quickly climbed on top of me as soon as I started to kiss her back. My hands grabbed her ass as she pulled her shirt off.

I guess I was in for some more fun.

We trashed the hotel room. Luckily, we had to check-out tomorrow morning. I lied in the bed, under the covers, naked. I was snuggled up to Mickie, my head was on her chest.

I hate myself. My head tells me to do one thing, but I end up doing another. When my head tells me to not sleep with Mickie -again- I go right ahead and sleep with her, again! When my head tells me to beg Randy for forgiveness, I basically tell him to fuck off. Great. Really fucking fantastic!

On the other hand, one very small section of my head is telling me that this is who I really am: a lesbian who is falling for Mickie James. Maybe this small section of my head is right? I can't be feeling these emotions of passion, happiness, and just pure bliss for no reason. I sure as hell wasn't feeling this way before Mickie. I would describe my time with Randy as content. Never in my life have I felt these sorts of extreme emotions, and I don't ever want them to go away.

"Melina..." Mickie whispered.

"Yeah?" I looked up at her.

"This might sound crazy but..." Mickie paused and took a deep breath...

"I think, even after such a short period of time, I have fallen hopelessly and madly in love with you."

Well, my time was nice with you, but I have a guy waiting for me and this guy and I are probably going to get married someday. So, bye.

"I think I've fallen hopelessly and madly in love with you too." I responded.

Fuck my life.

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