Here the cast of another upcoming parody as you can see who is who. Also if you have any questions on some of them please ask

no one here I own.

Subspace Emissary parady cast


Mario: Metabee

Peach: Brass

Zelda/Sheik: Gali Nuva/Gali Mistika

Kirby: Emerl

Donkey Kong: Sam

Bowser: Mega-Emperor

Fox: Jaden Korr

Falco: Luke Skywalker

Luigi: Sumillidon

Yoshi: Peppercat

Link: Tahu

Pikachu: WarGreymon

JigglyPuff: Biyomon

Ness: Armada Optimus Prime

Ganondorf: Zaktan

Samus/ZS: Sora/Roxas

Marth: Nightmare

Mr Game & Watch: Solider Heartless

Ice Climbers: Ratchet and Clank

Captain Falcon: Kyle Katarn


Wario: Armada Sideways

Pit: Boba Fett

Olimar: the Overlord

Snake: Sev

Sonic: XLR8

Lucas: Armada Hot Shot

Toon Link: Takanuva

King Dedede: Chaos

MetaKnight: Neo Metal Sonic

Pokemon Trainer: Matt

Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard: Garurumon/WereGarurumon/MetalGarurumon

Ike: Richard

Wolf: General Grievous

Diddy Kong: Max

Ancient Minister/R.O.B: Oom-9

Lucario: Flamedramon


Doctor Mario: The Doctor

Mewtwo: Armada Thrust

Roy: Siegfried

Pichu: Agumon

Young Link: Kopaka