Just a little drabble I wrote, well, I'm not sure if its a drabble, but that doesn't matter. Just read.


Death was something the Straw-Hats were used to. They had all seen it and they all had faced at some time or another. They had all touched death; they had all walked through Hell's gates and watched the doors close behind them, only to see a hand pulling them back out just in time.

Oh yes, death was not an easy thing to face, nobody could ever deny that. So when Robin told them she wanted to die, they all instantly knew it had as much truth in it as one of Ussop's stories.

Death chased the Straw-Hats where ever they went, as if the Grim Reaper was on their very ship. Death wanted them badly, and every time they evaded it, it would vow to take them back again, again, and again. Why death wanted them so was beyond their knowing; was it because they were pirates? Or was it just their fate to die? If that was the case, the crew of Monkey D. Luffy would fight fate till the end, until they won the never ending battle.

Each one of the Straw-Hats would gladly give their lives for their nakama, though that choice was easier to make for some than others. Yet, none of them could die, not before their dreams came true. Not until they found One Piece, until the world map was complete, until All Blue was found. Not a single one of them would die until they had successfully crossed the world's seas and completed their dreams, together.

They would not let death take them; it could follow them however much it wanted, but it would not take their dreams away. The Marines couldn't, the World Government couldn't, and defiantly not death.

Death toyed with them, it mocked them, and honestly, it fucked them up. It completely fucked them up, but yet, the Straw-Hats would fuck up death right back.

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