She woke up breathless and alone, it had passed over a year since his death and yet she couldn't get used to not have

His body next to her; The days dragged slowly, becoming into months and years, she did was what expected of her, raised her son so he could be what his father dream of, a good king, a brave soldier, a kind man, and in betwing Gorgo suffered the " invitations" of different suders and of the second king of Sparta, that wanted to ruled alone, fortunally Pausanias, who crash the Persians in the last, definitive battle, was Pleistarchus guardian, he would rule in his name until he came to age, this comfort her, because she didn't wanted to live much longer.

" Married a good man, have children, live a good life" this were his last words for her, and her first disovidience, how to love another one, if she buried her heart in his grave, but for their child she endure a life with no life at all. On the tenth year after Leonidas death Dilios was wounded in battle, his words lost forever making this world more sad, Gorgo saw him like a link to the pass, the last one, and now she felt truly alone, an era had die, and freedom was over rated, but soon Pleistarchus would take the throne, she tough, and all of this would be worthed. On the seventeenth year after his death, Their son married Stelios granddaughter and a year later she give him a son, finally she was free, but even so life was no over with her, and she live to see her grandchildren playing and learning how to fight with their father, much like he had learned from his. She started to feel the passing of the time in her body, little signs that made her aware that the end was neared, so she decided to said goodbye to her world, at dawn she would wandered for the city, that fount were her son played, that corner in the palace were one night they made love desperally after he came back from a battle, the field were she last saw him, were she lost him with out a tear on her face.

They were all together round her bed, she was dying and it was right, it was time for her to go; when the night came only Pleistarchus remained in her bedroom, he was looking trough the big windows, she opened her eyes and saw him, her husband so tall and proud, Gorgo reach for him and her son turn around, but failed in eared her last words

_ Leonidas….my king… husband……love

Hedidn't cry his mother death, hi was a Spartan, he fought instead