"Bye Mom, Bye dad, I'm going to miss you so much." I said sadly to my parents.

"Oh, sweetie, were going to miss you too." My mom sighed grabbing me in one last hug before I left.

"Last call to board flight G609 to New York." A kind sounding woman's voice came from the intercom. I gave my dad one last quick hug and headed on the plane ride to my future. I had recently accepted to Julliard an arts school. I had been excepted in the field of singing.

I have had a lot of training in singing. I had started singing when I was just eight. By ten I was snagging the lead roles in musicals at the theater in my town of Forks. When I was fourteen I got a part in the play 'Annie' on Broadway. After I was done performing on Broadway, I went back to Forks and performed in musicals all through High School and now I'm of to Julliard.

The flight was quick I got off the plane, got my luggage and got a cab to go to the campus. The cab driver dropped me off at the main building. I took one look around and realized that the campus was beautiful. It consisted of about ten brick buildings scattered over the campus.

I walked into the main building to find out where my dorm room was.

"Hi, I'm Miss. Cope, how may I help you?" A middle aged looking woman who sat at the front desk asked.

"Hi, I'm just here to find out where my dorm is." I replied.

"Your name is?" she questioned.

"Isabella Swan." I replied.

"Yes here we are." Mrs. Cope said while looking of her computer. "You are in Building three rooms 226."

"Thank you." I murmured before leaving the building.

I trudged out the door and followed the map to get to my dorm building. I found it easily and headed inside. I got in the elevator and just as the doors were about to close a voice yelled.

"Wait, hold the elevator please."

I quickly grabbed the elevator and waited for the mystery person to arrive. A bouncy, jet black spiky haired girl ran into the elevator.

"Thanks so much." She said sounding out of breath.

"Anytime." I replied kindly.

"What's your name?" the spiky haired girl asked.

"Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella." I said.

"Well hi Bella, I'm Alice Cullen, It's nice to meet you."

"Same to you." I replied.

"So what room are you in?" Alice questioned.

"Umm, 226." I replied looking down at the paper.

"Ohmygodthisissogreat!" Alice said in a rush. "That's my room, were going to be roommates!"

"Cool, I was worried I was going to get a horrible roommate." I replied

The elevator opened and we stepped out.

Alice showed me to the room and when I opened the door. To my surprise I walked into someone hard and cold.

"Oh I'm so sorry."

"When I looked up I was shocked to see a piercing set of green eyes looking down on me.

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