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We all got in line alphabetically as the instructor told us to do and I regretfully was away from all the Cullen's. Names were suddenly being called and I got nervous. I finally heard the first Cullen's name being called and I cheered.

"Alice Cullen."

Alice danced up on the stage with a smile that could be spotted a mile away. She gracefully took her diploma and danced her way down the stage.

"Edward Cullen."

Edward walked up on stage and when he received his diploma he gave me a wink and went to stand by Al.

"Emmett Cullen."

Emmett plowed his way to get his diploma and when he received it he let out a long 'whoop' and the audience laughed.

"Jasper Cullen."

Jasper came off the stage and gave Ali a peck on the cheek.

"Rosalie Cullen."

Rose gracefully made her way up stage and looking as beautiful as ever got her diploma. I laughed when she and Emmett started a full blown make out session. Only they would make out during graduation.

I tuned out the rest of the names knowing it would be a long time before they got to me. As soon as we got out of here we all had our future pretty set.

Alice and Rose received jobs at the famous Seventeen magazine. It is their dream job. Jazz has his first book currently in production. It's a vampire book where he named the characters after all of us. Emmett was heading off to play for the New York Nicks. We were all extremely excited for him.

And me and Edward, well lets just say their happened to be a representative from a major record company in the audience at last years competition. Which by the way Edward and I have won every year. They signed us and we were heading of to record our first single after graduation was over. I snapped out of my thinking when they got to the S's.

"Isabella Swan."

I focused on trying not to trip on my way up the stage. I laughed when I heard all my friends screaming for me. I grabbed my diploma and ran into the awaiting arms of Edward.

And when the last name was called and we were throwing of our caps, I knew that even though we were all doing different ways, we would eventually find our way back to each other. And I owed it all to coming here. To my favorite school: Julliard School of the Arts.

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