Titan A.E.

The Remaining Wars

It's been 6 months since the new planet Earth was created. Now all the colonies are working hard to create their own cities. Drifter Colony, where Cale and Akima are doing their part to complete the city, has added many new faces to the group. Janity, a sixteen year old girl who just lost her parents escaping the Drej, and her twin brother Kemeno are also helping put Drifter Colony in the right place. However, an hour away Shanx Colony, ran by Erian, is also getting put together but not the way it should be. Erian is a shady man who grew up in Drifter Colony with Akima. Fate, however, tore them into opposite directions.


Young Akima and Erian are running around playing tag. "You're it Akima!" Erian screamed. "I will catch you this time Erian!" Akima playfully screamed back. "Yeah that's what you said last time!" Erian shouted as he runs away from Akima. He runs up a small mountain and looks down at Akima with his hands on his hips. "Don't worry, one day I might let you win." He taunted. "Trust me, one day you won't have to let me win. I will be fast enough to get you on my own!" stated Akima. "Haha I really don't know about that. You're just a girl. You can never be as fast as a man." Erian smirked. "Just wait and see Erian. One day I will get you." Akima said. Just then a loud blast shook the colony. "Drej!" One lady screamed. Drifter Colony was being attacked by the most feared alien group the Drej. Akima and Erian hide behind a pile of rocks and watch in horror as their own people were getting terrorized by the monsters. "We have to do something! We can't just watch." Akima whispered to Erian. "Do something huh? Well, I think you are right. We do have to do something and I think I know exactly what to do." Erian said. "What's that? How do we stop them?" Akima asked. "Stop them? Ha! The Drej are just pure energy! We can't stop them." Erian said with a crazy look on his face. "Then what do we do?" Akima screamed. "Well you know what they say, if you can't beat them. . .join them." Erian said as he got up and ran towards the Drej. "Erian!" Akima shouted.

(End of Flashback)

Akima is standing outside her house watching the sunset. Cale joins Akima, stands behind her and puts his jacket over her shoulders as he hugs her. "I don't think I can ever get used to this." Akima says quietly. "What? My hugs?" Cale jokes. "Haha no. The sunset." Akima says as she takes a deep breath of air as if she was trying to breathe in the moment. "I don't think I ever will either." Cale replies. "All day I couldn't help but think what if things happen for a reason? Like everything we went through was supposed to happen." Akima said. Cale replies, "What do you mean?" "Before the Drej destroyed Earth there was so much hatred and anger everywhere you went. So what if the Drej saw our planet just as a violent place? I know they aren't the friendliest guys either but, they always saw us as violent, crazy creatures." Akima said. "Well now we have a chance to change all of that. As soon as everything is restored and back to the way it was before, we can make sure that there will be as little crime as possible. Me and you can change that Akima." Cale said gazing into her eyes. "Wow. Every time I look into her eyes I feel like I am the luckiest man alive. It's weird but I feel strong and weak at the same time." Cale said to himself. Everything seemed so perfect. But then, an unexpected guest arrived to the colony. "Excuse me, there has been some, eh, concern in the colony." Ecaf said. "What is it?" Akima asked. "We have visitors." Ecaf stated. "Is it Drej?" Cale asked. "No sir. It's men. Men from another colony." Ecaf answered. Cale and Akima follow Ecaf to see who it is that was causing such concern. It was Erian and his posse of three buff looking men. They walked the colony as if they owned it. "Excuse me sir." Cale said approaching Erian. "Yes?" Erian answered. "Akima?" Erian recognized Akima's unique look. "Yeah. Who are you?" Akima asked.

"It's me. Erian. Don't you remember me?"

"Erian? What are you doing here?" Akima asked angrily. "Haha is that the 'hi' an old friend gets?" Erian said. "Friend? You turned your back on your own people. We stopped being friends the moment you walked up to the Drej." Akima said getting even angrier thinking about that day. "This is the guy you told me about?" Asked Cale. "Yeah. This is him." Answered Akima. "I would love to stay and chat but we have to get home. Cale, it was. . .good. . .to meet you. Akima, it was very nice to run into you again. I hope this is not the last time I see you. You should stop by my place sometime. I promise you won't regret it." Erian says as he looks her up and down. Cale stands in front of her. "You stay away from Akima. Just go back to where ever it is that you came from." "Stay away? Haha! We'll see about that. I'm just an hour away in Shanx Colony. The offer is still on the table Akima." Erian says as he starts walking away. "Don't count on it." Akima tells him. "I really don't trust that guy. I have a bad feeling about him." Cale says. "Yeah. I do too. I never knew what happened to him after he left with the Drej." Akima said. This night seems to be the darkest night there has ever been. The moon is not out and the stars are dim. There are no animals running around either. It's almost as if something bad is coming and the stars, moon and animals know it. Cale and Akima walk back to their house. It's nothing big because they have only been working on it for 6 months along with other buildings around Drifter Colony. "Are you coming to bed?" Cale asks Akima. "Yeah. I just have to clear my mind right now." She replies. Cale notices the sad look on her face and tells her, "Listen, all that's happened over the years is in the past. You have to stop living in it and just think about the future." "Yeah I know. It's just hard to forget about it." Akima whispers. "I'm not saying to forget about it. If anything let it make you even stronger than you are now." Cale hugs her and gives her a kiss while Akima runs her fingers through his hair. "I love you." She whispers into his ear. "I love you too." Cale says as he gives her another kiss but this time on her forhead. "Go to bed and I will be there in a minute ok?" Akima said. "Alright. I'll be waiting for you." Cale says with a smile. Cale walks inside and Akima stays out looking up at the stars. She closes her eyes and she remembers the day she saw the Drej kill her parents and her brother. The images fill her head as tears fill her eyes. "How can he help the same creatures that killed our people? Our families?" She says to herself. "That's an easy answer." Erian said as he snuck up behind her. Akima gasped! "What are you doing here?" "I missed you. Didn't you miss me?" Erian said with a crooked smile. "You need to leave. Now!" Akima screamed. "Oh don't worry I'm leaving." Erian says as his gunes creep up behind him, "But you are coming with me." One man sneaks up behind Akima and hits her on the head knocking her out.