Titan A.E.

The Remaining Wars

Chapter 2

Cale walks outside to go join Akima, not knowing she was kidnapped. "Akima?" He says looking for her. "Akima, I just want to check up on you. Akima?" Cale starts to worry and wonders where she's at. "Akima!" The n these twins, Janity and Kemeno, walk up to Cale. "Cale, Akima's gone!" Janity said out of breath. "What?" Cale asked in confusion. "She got taken away by the man that was here earlier! We saw him holding her and then they took off!" Kemeno finish. "Did you hear anything they said? Like where they were going or who was there?" Cale asked. "They were going to Shanx Colony. And there was a man named Aaron!" Janity screamed. "It wasn't Aaron! It was more like Ian or something like that Janity!" Kemeno said. "Erian?" Cale asked. "That's it! Right Kemeno?" Janity said. "Don't worry about Akima. I'll have her back here in no time." Cale said as he rushed off to get his things ready.

Meanwhile, Akima wakes up in a dark, cold room. She could hear the sound of rats running around. Then Erian walks in. "Hello sleeping beauty. How was your nap?" Erian says as he squats down to be level with Akima. "I hope this room is ok. If I knew you were coming I would have cleaned up a bit." Akima stays on the ground. She's still disoriented and hasn't fully regained consciousness. "Well, I have some things I need to take care of. When you decide to get up come and find me." Erian gets up and walks back out of the room. Akima starts to focus more and starts to remember why she's there. She stumbles to the door and tries to open it but it's locked. She starts hitting the door and then someone opens it. Akima jumps back. It was three of Erian's goons. Akima tries to fight them off but they were too strong. They pick up Akima and they take her to Erian. "Erian, she's awake." One says. "Good. Now let us talk in private." Erian says sending then out of the room. "What do you want from me?" Akima asks. "Do you remember that day Drifter Colony got attacked by the Drej?" He asks. Akima sarcastically says, "How could I forget?" "I had to beg them to take me! The Drej didn't even want to kill me! They just wanted the map to the Titan. So I had to persuade them that taking me along was best for them. Turns out I was right. They had no connection to humans besides me. So we made a quick trip to Sector 7 and who did we find? Korso. Turns out he was looking for the map too. But he was different. He knew who had it. The Drej threatened him and said that if the map to the Titan was not in their hands, they would kill him. And from there we were all on the same page." Erian says. "So where were you when I met Korso?" Akima asks. "I sent Korso to Drifter Colony hoping that he would run into you. I remember how good you were at flying and I knew that you would be a lot of help. But we had to make you believe he was on your side. Korso decided to bring three others on board. Preed, Gune and Stith. Three lumps of trash they were. I know Korso was just using Gune because of his intelligence but the guy was still an idiot. While you guys were out playing hide and seek with the Drej I had to be one step ahead. Just to make sure Korso didn't chicken out." Erian answers. Akima says, "There's one thing you forgot." "And what's that?" "What goes around comes back around." Akima says as she punches Erian in the stomach then as he hunches down she kicks him in the face.

"You stupid girl!" Erian screams as he runs after her. He grabs Akima by the hair and pulls her close in. "You couldn't beat me then. You will never beat me now." He says as he slams her on the ground. Erian kicks her in the side as she screams in pain. Just then Cale runs in and attacks Erian. They start punching and kicking each other. Cale throws Erian on the ground, sits on him then starts punching Erian's face over and over again. "Don't you ever put your hands on Akima!" Cale screams punching Erian. "Cale!" Akima screams to warn him of Erian's goons running in. Cale and Akima both fight off the goons. Akima winces from all the pain. Cale asks her, "Are you ok?" Akima picks up her shirt to her ribs to see them already bruised up. "I-I think they are broken." Akima says in pain. One of the goons grabs Cale and keeps a hold of him. "You will regret that Cale. Bad, bad move." Erian says as he holds up his gun. "Kill me. Do whatever you want. Just leave Akima alone." Cale says in tears. "Cale! No!" Akima screams! "Kill you?" Erian says, "No I will not kill you." Erian walks up to Akima. "My initial plan was to kill Akima in front of you but I think I have a better plan. If you want to keep Akima alive for now, you will want to follow every order. So listen carefully. You will go with me to Sector 3. Akima's coming too just in case you try to pull anything over me. Don't think I won't kill her because I will. I'll kill her just like the Drej killed your father." Cale jumps up as if he's about to strike Erian. "Ah! Watch it!" Erian warns, "One wrong move is all it takes."