Hello readers, this is TonicShadow here showing my first story/script. hope youi like it.


Book 1 Chapter 1

The Boy In The Iceberg And The Boy From The Stars

(Open with a longshot of the stars in space. The screen pans right showing mores stars, then a shooting star comes form the left and goes off screen on the right. It comes to rest and slowly zooms in on a space ship that is flying past the screen. Cut to a closer shot of the Gummie ship flying in space with three beings inside it. A teenage boy, Sora, with spiky hair, is sitting on a chair relaxing with his hands behind his head. He looks out into space daydreaming. The other occupant is a duck, Donald, also relaxing in another seat with a smile on his face. Lastly is a big dog, Goofy, looking at the monitor screen searching for any new worlds. The ship is on auto pilot. Cut to a shot of Sora, Donald and Goofy, who stops looking at the screen.)

Goofy: Say, guys?

Sora: Yeah?

Goofy: Do you think it was alright to leave Jiminy, back at Hollow Bastion?

Donald: He'll be fine. Besides, all where doing is just checking if there are any others pathways around. We can head back and pick Jiminy when we find another path.

Sora: He's right, Goofy. Well be back in no time.

Goofy: I hope your right, Sora.

Sora: I always right.

Donald: Some, of the times.

Goofy: I just hope no Heartless ships will come and attack us.

(Cut to a shot of Donald, Goofy, and Sora the ship shakes about as it was being hit. Donald falls off his seat, while Sora and Goofy both quickly hold onto there seats. Cut to a short of Donald getting up.)

Donald (furious): Goofy, you jinxed us!

Goofy: Sorry!

(Cut to Sora taking a look though the cockpuit window to see behind them seven Heartless ships on there tails. Close up on Sora surprised to see them.)

Sora: Heartless!

(Sora then quickly runs to the drivers seat and grabs the wheel, turning off the auto pilot. Cut to a shot of the Gummie ship speeding up away from then Heartless ships, but they also speed up in pursuit as well and start firing at the ship. Cut to the Gummie ship being shot at flying into an asteroid field, and dodging the asteroids as it flies pass them with the Heartless ships hot on there tails. The Gummie ship does some very good mauves dodging the asteroids and the Heartless ships shoots. One of the Heartless ships then hits an asteroid and knocks into the other Heartless ship destroying them both with a few asteroids flying from the explosion. The Gummie ship then flies out of the asteroids field with the remaining Heartless ships right behind them. Cut to a shot of Sora, Donald, and Goofy in the cockpit.)

Goofy (panicking): There too many of them!

Sora: I can't shake them!

(Cut to one of the Heartless ships firing at the Gummie ship, making a hit on one of the wings. Cut to the cockpit as a red light flashes and a siren are both going off. Goofy checks the wing that's hit panicking.)

Goofy: We're hit! We're hit!

Donald (panicking and pointing at a world): And where heading for that world up ahead!

Cut to Sora looking a head of him seeing the new world. Cut to the Gummie ship heading towards the world out of control, while the remaining Heartless ships stop pursuing them and flies off into space. Cut to Sora doing his best to pull the ship from the orbit, but it is useless as the Gunnie ship heads closer and closer to the world revelling icebergs and a lot of watre. Cut to a shot of Sora, Donald, and Goofy holding onto there chairs, while Sora still tryis to keep the ship up.)

Sora: I can't keep it up! Where going for a crash landing!

Donald: (panicking with his hands on his head) What do we do?!

(Cut to a shot of Sora trying to make the ship pull up, but can't. He then begins to think of any way to stop the ship but doesn't. Cut to a shot of Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Sora then gets an idea, but he doesn't like it.)

Sora: We have to eject.

Donald: What?!

Sora: We have to, Donald. We got to get out before the Gummie ship crashes or we all will be dead!

(Cut to a shot of Donald and Goofy both thinking about it, then they both look at each other. Donald then looks at the ground saddened and nervous, then looks up at Goofy and Sora with a determined look on his face.)

Donald: Abandon ship!

(Donald and Goofy quickly get off there steats and both run to the back of the ship. After a brief pause Sora follows afterwards. Cut to Donald and Goofy, who is trying to open the escape door of the ship. Sora arrives and helps Goofy open the door. The Door opens with a quick gust of wind that come in, Sora, Donald and Goofy all look out of the ship. Goofy then grabs his noise and jumps out of the ship and lands in the snow. Donald follows by also jumping off the ship saying "Jaramillo!" also landing in the snow but head first. Sora was about to jump out too, until one of the engines on the back of the ship exploded shaking the ship and making Sora fall on the floor in the Gummie ship. Cut to a shot of Goofy and Donald, who has got his head out of the snow, watch the Gummie ship carrying on in the distance.)

Goofy (worried): Sora's still on the ship!

Donald (yelling out): Sora! SORA!

(Cut to the Gummie ship still flying with smoke coming from behind it. Cut to a shot of Sora getting off from the floor inside the ship and quickly goes to the open door to the outside. He stops and holds onto the sides as he sees icebergs and water.)

Sora (worried): Why did this world have icy waters?

(Cut to a shot of Sora jumping out of the Gummie Ship, heading to the icy waters near the icebergs.)

Sora: Ahhh!

(Cut to a shot of Sora falling to the ocean below him as the Gummie Ship carries on flying towards who knows where. Sora then hits the water making a big slash. Cut to a shout underwater as Sora sinks. Sora then suddenly opens his eyes as realising that he's underwater and swims to the surface. He gasps for air when he breaks the surface then swims to the crossest small flouting iceberg. He gets on it quickly then rolls the the middle of the iceberg. Sora then coughs a few times getting the water out of this thought, then curls up and hugs himself to keep warm. He is also falling to sleep because of the icy water he was in.)

Sora (shivering and whispers): Cold… so, cold. I can't, keep my… eyes, open… Donald. Goofy. Where are you?

(Sora then closes his eyes and falls asleep on the flouting iceberg. Cut to a shot of Sora on the iceberg, then zooms out to the other icebergs around him. Fade to black. After a brief pause to fades to a few scenes being told by a person.)

Katara (voice over): Water? earth? fire? air? My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. But that all changed when the Fire Nation the Avatar mastered all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless firebenders. But when the world needed him most, he vanished.A hundred years have passed and the Fire Nation is nearing victory in the war. Two years ago, my father and the men of my tribe journeyed to the Earth Kingdom to help fight against the Fire Nation, leaving me and my brother to look after our people believe that the Avatar was never reborn into the Air Nomads and that the cycle is broken, but I haven't lost hope. I still believe that somehow the Avatar will return to save the world.

Act I

(The show opens with an overhead shot of iceberg laden waters. The screen pans left and rotates showing footprints in the snow, then fades to soaring pan shot from the air of the icy waters. As if the shot were taken from the outside of an airplane, the camera banks left as it moves forward. It comes to rest and slowly zooms in on a two person canoe out among the icebergs. Cut to a closer shot of the canoe. A teenage boy, Sokka, shaven headed except for a pony tail, stands in the canoe. He looks down at the water, spear at the ready. The other occupant is a young girl. Both wear blue overcoats. The canoe drifts slowly as the boy concentrates on fishing. Cut to a close, overhead shot of the canoe. Beside the boat a fish swims close to the surface in front of the boy.)

Sokka: It's not getting away from me this time. Watch and learn, Katara. This is how you catch a fish.

(Katara leans over the edge of the canoe to see a fish. Hesitantly, she removes her left glove. She takes a deep breather and with a look of trepidation begins to motion with her exposed hand. Suddenly, a globe of water containing the fish bursts out of the water.)

Katara: Sokka, look!

Sokka: (whispers) Shhh. Katara, you're gonna scare it away. Mmmm? I can already smell it cookin'!

Katara (trying to retain control of the globe of water): But Sokka! I caught one!

(She struggles with the blob of water and it floats closer to Sokka, who raises his spear to strike a fish. When he cocks his arm back he burst the bubble of water. The fish falls back into the sea and Sokka gets drenched.)

Katara: Hey!

Sokka (very exasperated): Ugh! Why is it that every time you play with magic water I get soaked?

Katara: It's not magic. It's waterbending, and it's?

Sokka: Yeah, yeah, an ancient art unique to our culture, blah blah blah. Look, I'm just saying that if I had weird powers, I'd keep my weirdness to myself.

Katara: You're calling me weird? I'm not the one who makes muscles at myself every time I see my reflection in the water.

(Cut to Sokka, who is making a muscle and looking at his reflection in the water. He turns to Katara and gives her a look. Suddenly the boat is bumped, they look up to see they have entered an ice packed area. The begin to work frantically to maneuver the canoe between the icebergs.)

Katara and Sokka: Ahhh!

Katara: Watch out! Go left! Go left!

(Cut to an overhead shot of the canoe as it threads its way through the ice pack. Icebergs are colliding all around them. Each time they manage to avoid getting crushed between the colliding icebergs, but their safety margins decreases rapidly each time. Finally the canoe is crushed when three icebergs collide at once. Sokka and Katara jump out in time onto one of the icebergs. Cut to a wide shot of the ice field. They are now at the mercy of the currents. Then cut back to the kids.)

Katara: You call that left?

Sokka: You don't like my steering. Well, maybe you should have waterbended us out of the ice.

(Cut to a wide shot of the kids on their little iceberg. Behind them a huge towering iceberg rears up into the sky.)

Katara: So it's my fault?

Sokka: I knew I should have left you home. Leave it to a girl to screw things up.

(Cut to a close of up Katara, her anger boiling over. She points at her brother.)

Katara: You are the most sexist, immature, nut brained?

(As she gets more excited, the iceberg on which they are sitting begins to heave. Switch to a wider shot, where the huge iceberg behind her cracks.)

Katara: ugh, I'm embarrassed to be related to you! Ever since Mom died I've been doing all the work around camp while you've been off playing soldier!

Sokka (noticing the cracking iceberg): Uh? Katara?

Katara: I even wash all the clothes! Have you ever smelled your dirty socks? Let me tell you, NOT PLEASANT!

Sokka: Katara! Settle down!

Katara: No, that's it. I'm done helping you. From now on, you're on your own!

(By the end she is screaming. As she finishes, the iceberg behind her splits open entirely. It disintegrates and the major pieces fall into the water, pushing their iceberg away. They hold on desperately until the iceberg settles.)

Sokka: Okay, you've gone from weird to freakish, Katara.

Katara: You mean I did that?

Sokka: Yup. Congratulations.

(They both are leaning over the edge of the iceberg raft. Suddenly, the water just in front of them begins to glow an incandescent blue. They move backwards on their raft as another, lighter colored iceberg breaks the surface. It is unclear whether this is part of the one Katara broke up or not. As the new iceberg settles, Katara walks to edge of their iceberg raft to get a better look. Deep in the ice, the figure of a boy in a meditation pose is seen. He has white arrows on his fists and on his bald head. Suddenly, his eyes glow and his arrow markings glow white.)

Katara: He's alive! We have to help.(She grabs Sokka's hockey stick type spear, pulls down her hood and turns to go to the boy.)

Sokka: Katara! Get back here! We don't know what that thing is!

(Katara ignores him and skips across a few little icebergs to arrive at the one in which the boy is trapped. Sokka follows. She begins to use the hockey stick to whack the ice. After a few big whacks, she cracks open the ice. It looks like air is released, as if the iceberg had a hollow chamber within it, but it is not entirely clear. The iceberg then cracks from top to bottom and explodes open. A huge shaft of white blue light shoots straight into the heavens. Cut to a quick shot of the iceberg from underwater where it glows brightly, then to shot an above ground shot from somewhere nearby where the shaft of light and the aurora australis is clearly seen in the background. The foreground is occupied by a herd of tiger seals, who rears themselves up and roar at the to a view of an iron hulled battleship with a spiked prow cutting through the sea also nearby. It is apparently steam powered as it has a single smokestack. The foredeck is much longer than the afterdeck. The bridge appears to be several decks above the main deck. Cut to a shot of the back of a young man on the foredeck dressed in red, also shaven-headed except for a pony-tail, staring intently at the shaft of light in front of the ship. Then cut to a shot of his face, still illuminated by the shaft of light. The left side of his face is badly scarred around his left eye. The is Prince Zuko. The light from the light shaft dissipates.)

Zuko: Finally. (He turns to address someone o.c.) Uncle, do you realize what this means?

(Cut to an old man seated cross legged at a low table, drinking tea and playing a game involving domino like objects.)

Iroh: I won't get to finish my game?

Zuko: It means my search - it's about to come to an end.

(Iroh groans.)

Zuko: That light came from an incredibly powerful source. It has to be him!

Iroh: Or it's just the celestial lights. We've been down this road before, Prince Zuko. I don't want you to get too excited over nothing. Please, sit. Why don't you enjoy a cup of calming jasmine tea?

Zuko (exploding in anger): I don't need any calming tea! I need to capture the Avatar. Helmsman, head a course for the light!

(Cut back to a wide shot of the exploded iceberg, which quickly shifts to Sokka still shielding his sister from the blast that just dissipated. They look up to see residual blue light still swirling around the top of what is left of the iceberg. Suddenly, the boy appears, his eyes and arrow markings still aglow.)

Sokka (raising his spear at the boy): Stop!

(The boy stands up as the glow and residual energy fades. He seems to pass out and slides down the side of the ruined iceberg to Sokka and Katara, who lunges forward and catches him as he falls. Sokka pokes Aang in the head with the blunt end of his weapon.)

Katara: Stop it!

(She gives Sokka the heisman and turns to the boy. She gently turns him over so that he is lying on his back. He begins to wake up. He slowly opens his eyes and the camera switches to the boy's p.o.v. to show his view of Katara. A breeze gently blows her braids and we hear him intake a breath.)

Aang (whispering in a weak voice): I need to ask you something.

Katara: What?

Aang (still whispering): Please? come closer.

Katara: What is it?

Aang (in a normal, even excited voice): Will you go penguin sledding with me?

Katara: Uh... sure. I guess.(Aang airbends himself to his feet as he starts to rub the back of his head.)Sokka: Ahh!

Aang: What's going on here?

Sokka: You tell us! How'd you get in the ice? (Poking Aang with his spear) And why aren't you frozen?

Aang (batting the spear anway, absently): I'm not sure.

(Aang gasps as a low, animal like noise is heard from o.c. and begins to frantically climb back up the ruined iceberg. He jumps over the lip of what is in fact now a crater and lands on a huge furry animal.)

Aang: Appa! Are you all right? Wake up, buddy.

(He leans down and opens one of the beasts eyes. He closes it again. Aang hops down and tries to lift the animal's huge head, but without effect. Katara and Sokka come around the corner and their mouths drop in shock as the see the monster, whose mouth opens and licks the boy trying to wake him up.)

Aang: Haha! You're okay!

(He hugs Appa, then cut to a wide shot of the destroyed iceberg. Appa occupies most of the crater left by the explosion. He is a huge flying bison with six legs and horns like a steer. He gets up and shakes himself off a bit.)

Sokka: What is that thing?

Aang: This is Appa, my flying bison.

Sokka: Right. And this is Katara, my flying sister.

(Aang is about to reply, but doesn't as Appa begins to sneeze. Aang ducks in time as Appa proceeds to sneeze all over Sokka.)

Sokka: Ewww! Aahh!!!

(Sokka, covered in snot, tries to get rid of it by rolling around on the ice and snow.)

Aang: Don't worry. It'll wash out.

Sokka: Ugh!

Aang: So, do you guys live around here?

Sokka: Don't answer that! Did you see that crazy bolt of light? He was probably trying to signal the Fire Navy.

Katara: Oh, yeah, I'm sure he's a spy for the Fire Navy. You can tell by that evil look in his eye.

(Cut to a shot of Aang's innocent face, his smile accompanied by a funny sound effect.)

Katara: The paranoid one is my brother, Sokka. You never told us your name.

Aang: I'm A... aaaahhhh... ahhhhhh.... aaah aaah aaah AAAAAAACHOOOO! (As Aang sneezes he zooms of the ground far into the air. He responds to her question after he lands to the whistling sound of a bomb dropping.)

Aang: I'm Aang. (He sniffles and rubs his nose.)

Sokka: (incredulous) You just sneezed... and flew ten feet in the air.

Aang: Really? It felt higher that that.

Katara (gasping): You're an airbender!

Aang: Sure am.

Sokka: Giant light beams... flying bison... airbenders... I think I've got Midnight Sun Madness. I'm going home to where stuff makes sense.

(Sokka turns to walk off, but is stopped at the iceberg's edge. The camera zooms way out to show how desolate the area is. Just sea and ice.)

Aang: Well, if you guys are stuck Appa and I can give you a lift.(Aang airbends himself onto Appa's head, then to the top of his back where rests an enormous saddle. Reigns are attached to both of Appa's great horns.)

Katara: We'd love a ride! Thanks! (She gets on Appa.)

Sokka: Oh, no... I am not getting on that fluffy snot monster.

Katara: Are you hoping some other kind of monster will come along and give you a ride home? You know... before you freeze to death?

(Sokka starts to say something and gives up before he does. He sighs. Cut to Katara and Sokka in the back part of the saddle. Katara looks excited. Sokka looks grumpy, arms folded across his chest.)

Aang: Okay. First time flyers, hold on tight! Appa, yip yip!

(Aang shakes the reigns and Appa makes a low rumble. Cut to a rear shot of Appa. He flaps his huge beaver tail and then launches into the air. He spreads his legs wide, but then comes right back down into the water with a huge splash. He begins to swim them forward.)

Aang (shaking the reigns again): Come on, Appa. Yip yip.

Sokka: Wow. That was truly amazing.

Aang: Appa's just tired. A little rest and he'll be soaring through the sky. You'll see.

(He makes a ?soaring through the sky? motion with his hand, his eyes finally resting on Katara. He leaves them there, a smile on his face as he looks at her.)

Katara: Why are you smiling at me like that?

Aang: Oh... I was smiling?

Sokka (disgusted): Uuuuugh.

(Sokka then looks out to the icebergs, then he notices something on a small iceberg, he narrows his eyes to see what it is. Cut to Sora lying unconsciously on the iceberg. Cut to Sokka surprised to see Sora.)

Sokka: Hey…hey, there's someone over there!

Katara: What?

Sokka (pointing at Sora): There's someone floating on that iceberg over there!

(Katara and Aang both look towards where Sokka is pointing at and also see Sora as well and are surprised by it.)

Katara: Oh god. There is someone there!

Anng: (pulling the reigns) Appa head over there!

(Cut to Appa turning towards where Sora is and quickly heads over there. Cut to Sora still unconscious as Appa swims next to the icebeag ehere he's on. Aang then jumops off Appa's head and lands next to Sora. He then checks to see if Sora's got a pulse. Cut to Sokka and Katara looking at Aang with worried looks on there faces.)

Katara: Is he…is he dead?

Aang: No, he's still breathing. But he's freezing cold and socking wet, he must have fallen into the water.

Katara: We need to get him up here and get him warm, quick.

(Cut to Aang putting Sora's arm over his shoulder and pulls him up. He then airbends both himself and Sora on top of Aang. Ciut to Katara taking aout a blanket from a bag, and as soon as Aang lays the unconscious Sora on the ground, quickly covers Sora with the blanket around the top half on his body. Cut to Katara then taking a look at his clothes and is puzzled about them.)

Katara: I've, never seen clothes like these before.

Sokka: (he is suspicious) He must be from the Fire Nation.

Katara: Sokka, Fire Nation people wear red cloths, not black one.

Sokka: Maybe they decided to change there look.

(Cut to Aang about to touch Sora but stops as he sences something from him. He then moves his hand away from him with a puzzled and familiar feeling. Cut to Sokka and Katara noticing Aang's expression.

Katara: Aang, What is it?

Aang: I don't know why, but…it's like there's something about him that's, familier…but also something, magical too.

Sokka: Magical. Sure, magical. And I think this guy can glow in the dark too.

Katara: Sokka, stop that. (Katara then looks at Sora again with a worried look on her face.) We need to take him back to the village.

Sokka: Are you insane?!

Katara: No, but if we don't get him there he could get a bad fever or something worse.

(Cut Sokka trying to think of a good response, but he can't think of one, and looks at the unconscious Sora, then back at Katara. Cut to Katara looking at Sokka with a serious look on her face. Cut to Katara, Sokk, and Aang.)

Sokka: (sighs in defeat) Alright fine. But I'm gonna keep an eye on him, until we get there.

(Cut to a shot of Appa swimming through the water, flopping his tale. Fade back to Prince Zuko's Fire Navy ship. Zuko, on the spotting deck off the bridge looking forward, is approached by Iroh. It is now night.)

Iroh: I'm going to bed now. (He makes an exaggerated yawn) Yep. A man needs his rest. Prince Zuko, you need some sleep. Even if you're right and the Avatar is alive, you won't find him. Your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all tried and failed.

Zuko: Because their honor didn't hinge on the Avatar's capture. Mine does. This coward's hundred years in hiding are over.

(Fade back to a long shot of Appa swimming, his friends on his back. Cut to a closer, overhead shot. Aang lies back on top of Appa's head. Katara, in the saddle on Appa's back with her brother, crawls forward and looks down from the saddle at Aang.)

Katara: Hey.

Aang: Hey. Whatcha thinkin' about?

Katara: I guess I was wondering ? your being an airbender and all ? if you had any idea what happened to the Avatar.

Aang (looking disconcerted): Uhh... no. I didn't know him... I mean, I knew people that knew him, but I didn't. Sorry.

Katara: Okay. Just curious.

(Cut to Sokka at the back watching Sora, Sora begins make groaning sounds.)

Sokka: Hey, I think he's awaking up.

(Katara and Anng quickly join Sooka and Sora. He begins to wake up. He slowly opens his eyes and the camera switches to the boy's p.o.v. to show his view of Katara, Aang and Sokka. A breeze gently blows Katara's braids and we hear Sora intake a breath.)

Sora (whispering in a weak voice): Who… who are?

Katara: Take it easy, your still not fully warm yet. I Katara, this is my brother Sokka, and this is Aang. We found you on that iceberg an where taking you to the village to get you warm.

Sora (whispering in a weak voice): Sora…my name…is, Sora.

(Cut to Katara then smiling at Sora. Cut to Sora as he falls back to sleep again. Cut to Katara, Sora, Aang, and Sokka.)

Katara: He's gone to sleep again.

Aang: Well, at least we know who he is.

Sokka: Isn't Sora a girls name?

Katara: Sokka, don't make fun of it.

(Cut to Katara looking at Sora still sleeping, then she begins to yawn in tiredness. Cut to Aang, Sokka and Katara.)

Katara: We better get some rest too guys.

Sokka (pointing at Sora): I'll keep an eye on this guy, just in case he does something Fire Nation like.

Katara: Enough with the Fire Nation stuff, Sokka.

Sokka: Hey, you will never know what a sleeping guy would do.

Katara (sighing in annoyance): Goodnight.

Aang: (He makes his way back to Appa's head) Sleep tight.(Katara takes another look at Sora still asleep. Cut to Katara looking at Sora still sleeping, she then begins look at Sora knowing that there's something about he that's…different about him. Cut to a long shot of Appa swimming again before a cut to commercial break.)

Act II

(The show returns to Sora in a dream. The colors are grays, cris and pale browns. He wakes up on top of Appa and the view rotates with Aang in Appa's saddle, then cut to Aang struggling against Appa's reigns with heavy rain coming down.)

Aang: Aaahhh!

(Cut to an underwater shot, where Aang and Appa suddenly penetrate the surface and enter the watery depths. They come up briefly for air, Appa groans, but they are once again driven under the storm tossed waves. As they drift downward, Aang drops Appa's reigns and begins to lose consciousness. Suddenly, Aang's eyes and markings glow white. He puts his hands together and he freezes himself and Appa in a huge ball of ice.)

Katara (voice over): Sora! Sora, wake up! (He wakes up, gasping) It's okay. Sora it's okay.

Sora: (Looking around and talks quickly) Who? What? Where?

(Sora then notices Katara next to him, then looks around the tent not knowing where he is. Cut to Sora still looking around, then looks at Katara)

Sora: Where am I?

Katara: Your in the village, the Southern Water Tribe.

Sora: (he is puzzled) What Tribe?

Katara: Water Tribe.

Sora (After a brief pause): Your, Katara, right?

Katara (nodding and smiling): Yeah, I am. But are you alright? You looked like you where having a nightmare.

Sora (uncertain): Sort of, I think.

(Cut to Katara a bit puzzled about Sora's answer. Cut to Sora then Sora was about to take the cover off when he realises that his isn't wearing any pants and quickly covers his bottom part of his body slightly surprised.)

Katara: You okay?

Sora: (embarrassed) Um, yeah…except, where are my pants?

Katara: When we brought you hear, we had to take them off you so you didn't catch any bad colds or fevers.

Sora: Oh. I, guess that's a good reason. (He quickly shivers from the cold and hugs himself.) Man it's cold.

Katara: Well it would be, since where at the South Pole.

Sora (he is surprised): Did you say the South Pole?

Katara: Yep, why do you think it's called the Southern Water Tribe?

(Cut to Sora realising that the name of the village was a give away then smiles ans rubs the back of his head sheepishly.)

Katara: Come on, get ready. Everyone's waiting to meet you.

(Sora gets up and puts on his pants, shoes, and jacket. Katara looks at his crown necklace around his neck. She grabs Sora by the hand and drags him outside.)

Sora: Whaaaa!

(Cut to a wide overhead shot as Katara pulls him out. Cuit to Aang noticing that Sora is up and quickly comes up to Sora with a smile on his face.)

Aang: Hey your awake, good to know your alright now.

Sora: Thanks, um…Aang, right?

Aang: Yep that's me, the one and only airbender with arrows here on my head.

Sora: ?Airbender??

Katara: Come one, you two got to meet the rest on the Tribe.

(A small crowd has gathered to greet them. It is composed of women of various ages and children.)

Katara: Guys, this is the entire village. Entire village, meet Aang and Sora.

(Aang bows to them in a friendly manner and Sora waves to them, but the people pull back from him anyway.)

Aang: Uh... why are they all looking at me like that? Did Appa sneeze on me?

(An old woman enters the frame as Aang inspects his clothes for bison snot.)

Gran Gran: Well, no one has seen an airbender in a hundred years. We thought they were extinct until my granddaughter and grandson found you.

Aang: ?Extinct'?

Katara: Guys, this is my grandmother.

Gran Gran: Call me Gran Gran.

Sora: It's nice to meet you.

Gran Gran: Why thank you young lad. And I must say, you wear such odd clothing.

Sora (nervously): Well, I wouldn't say it's that odd.

Sokka (grabbing Aang's staff): What is this, a weapon? You can't stab anything with this.

Aang: It's not for stabbing. (He creates a jet of air that sucks the staff back into his hand.) It's for airbending.(Aang opens the staff into a glider with red wings.)

Sora: Whoa.

Little Girl: Magic trick! Do it again!

Aang: Not magic, airbending. It lets me control the air currents around my glider and fly.

Sokka: You know, last time I checked, humans can't fly.

Sora: I have to agree with…Pokka, on this one.

Sokka: See, even this Sora guy thinks so too. And it's Sokka.

Sora: Oh, sorry.

Aang: Well, check again!

(Aang launches himself into the air with his glider. He soars through the air, doing loops as the villagers on the ground point to him in wonder.)

Villagers: Whoa... it's flying... it's amazing!

(Aang looks down at Katara who smiles at him. He is so enthralled with her attention that slams right into Sokka's guard tower. He pulls his head out of the tower and falls to the ground with his glider.)

Aang (as he crashes): Oof!

Sora (winces): Ouch.

Sokka (gasping): My watchtower!

Katara: That was amazing.(Sora helps Aang back to his feet. He twirls his glider shut as Sokka examines the damaged tower behind him. After Aang closes the glider a huge bank of snow buries Sokka.)Sokka: Great. You're an airbender, Katara's a waterbender, together you can just waste time all day long.

Aang: You're a waterbender!

Katara: Well... sort of. Not yet.

Sora: (scratching his head puzzled) Okay, I maybe new here but, what's a waterbender?

Katara: You don't know what a waterbender is?

(Sora shakes his head in response, but as Katara was about to ask, Gran Gran comes into frame.)

Gran Gran: All right. No more playing. Come on, Katara, you have chores.

(Gran Gran leads Katara away.)

Katara: I told you! He's the real thing, Gran Gran! I finally found a bender to teach me.

Gran Gran: Katara, try not to put all your hopes in this boy.

Katara: But he's special. I can tell. I sense he's filled with much wisdom.

(She looks over to her right. Cut to Aang with his tongue frozen to his staff, children gathered around him.)

Aang: (slurring) Sthee? Now my tongue ith thuck to my sthaff.(A child next to him grabs the staff and yanks, but Aang's tongue stays stuck.)

Children (clapping): Tee hee!

(Cut to Gran Gran and Katara still looking at Aang slighting surprised.)

Gran Gran: But what about the other boy?

(Katara looks towards Sora. Cut to Sora helping Sokka rebuild his tower, then cut back to Gran Gran and Katara.)

Katara: He, seems really nice. I don't know why but, it's sort of like, he's Aang in some way.

(Fade to an afternoon or sunset on a large iceberg where two figure are walking to the edge of the Icebereg, then zooms in to show them as Donald and Goofy. Cut to Donald and Goofy hugging themselves from the cold.)

Goofy: Gosh, I hope Sora's okay.

Donald: Me too, but first we need to know where the heck we are.

Goofy: But we don't know where we are, and there isn't enough ice on this iceberg left.

Donald: (sighs in defeat) Your right, what are we gonna do?

(Cut to Goofy then noticing something in the water, he squints his eyes and uses his hand to see what it is.)

Goofy: Say, Donald? Do you see that?

Donald: See what?

Goofy: (he points in the distance) That over there.

(Cut to Donald looking at Goofy with a questionable look on his face, then looks to where Goofy is pointing at. Cut to a Zuko's ship in the distance with Donald and Goofy looking at it.)

Donald: Goofy! It's a ship. It's ship!

Goofy( he is excited to hear that): It is a ship!

Donald (jumping for joy and calling to the ship): Hey! Hey over here!

Goofy (also calling out to the ship): Hello! Over here!

Donald: Hey! Hey!

(Cut to Donald and Goofy still calling out to the Zuko's ship, then zooms out to. Cut to a shot of Zuko's ship cutting through the waves, then cut to Zuko facing two Fire Navy seamen. Iroh sits nearby.)

Iroh: Again.

(Zuko blasts fire from his hands at the guards, but misses. Then the guards attack Zuko with blasts of fire from their fists, but Zuko dodges. He back flips over the guards to land behind them.)

Zuko: Ha! Heeya!

(Iroh sighs and gets up.)

Iroh: No! Power in firebending comes from the breath. Not the muscles. The breath becomes energy in the body. The energy extends past your limbs and becomes fire. (Iroh demonstrates, releasing a controlling plume of flame that bursts in front of Zuko, but does not hit him) Get it right this time.

Zuko: Enough. I've been drilling this sequence all day. Teach me the next set. I'm more than ready.

Iroh: No, you are impatient. You have yet to master your basics. (More forcefully) Drill it again!

Zuko: Grrrr... huh! (He blasts one of the guards backwards with a gout of fire.) The sages tell us that the Avatar is the last airbender. He must be over a hundred years old by now. He's had a century to master the four elements. I'll need more than basic firebending to defeat him. You WILL teach me the advanced set!

Iroh: Very well. But first I must finish my roast duck. (Begins eating) Num num... num...

(Cut to Zuko bewildered from this then growls ion anger.)

Fire Nation Soldier (off screen): Sir.

Zuko: (in frustration) What?

Fire Nation Soldier: You better take a look at this.

Zuko: What is it?

Fire Nation Soldier: There seems to be two animals over there.

Zuko: I'm not interested in any animals on icebergs.

(Zuko begins to walk to off passing Iroh. Cut to the Soldier and Zuko, who is still walking towards the inside on the ship.)

Fire Nation Soldier: But sir, they seem to be wearing cloths.

(Zuko stops walking and is confused when the soldier said that, then looks at the Soldier still confused.)

Zuko: What?

Fire Nation Soldier: And they seem, to be calling out to us too, sir.

(Cut to Zuko taking the telescope from the soldier, then close up on Zuko taking a look through the Telescope. Cut to a shot of Donald and Goofy waving and jumping to get Zuko's ship attention calling out. "Hey!" and "Over here!" through the lens of a telescope. Cut to Zuko surprised to see this then lowers the telescope in disbelieve. Zuko looks back into his telescope.)

Fire Nation Soldier: What should we do sir?

Zoko: Turn the ship into that direction (gives the telescope back to the soldier) and bring them aboard.

(Cut to a longshot og Zuko's ship turning and headiong towards Donald and Goofy, who both notice it coming to save them.)

Donald: (excited and jumps for joy) There coming over. Where saved!

Goofy: (worried) Are you sure this is safe, Donald. I don't think that ship is right.

Donald: It's the only ship here, Goofy. Besides, it can't be that bad.

(Cut to Donald and Goofy both all bounded being thrown to the ground. Donald and Goofy both look up to see Zuko, four Fire Nation soldiers and Iroh, who is sitting down drinking tea, all looking at both of them.)

Donald: Okay, maybe it is that bad.

Iroh: Now that is surprising, talking animals?

(Cut to Zuko then take few steps towards Donald and Goofy who both look nervous. Close up on Zuko glaring at them both. Cut to Donald and Goofy still nervous, Donald gulps.)

Goofy: (nervously waving at Zuko) Hi, there.

Zuko: Where do you two…creatures, came from?

Donald (nervous): Well, uh…where just, um…

Zuko: (demanded) Tell me!

Goofy (chastened): We're from another world and our friend Sora is the Keybearer.

Donald (shutting Goofy's mouth with his hand.): He didn't say that. He didn't say anything.

(Zuko is puzzled by what Goofy just told him. However Iroh is surprised to hear that and quickly stands up as he puts his cup of tea on the table and stares at Donald and Goofy.)

Iroh: Did you two say the Keybearer?

Donald (Shakes his head nervously still keeping his hand over Goofy's mouth): No we didn't. We didn't say that at all. Right, Goofy?

(Goofy shakes his head with Donald still holding his mouth. Cut to Zuko looking at Donald and Goofy oddly, then he looks at Iroh.)

Zuko: Uncle, you know what there talking about?

Iroh: Yes, I do. And also the legend about this Keybearer they speak of.

Zuko: What legend?

Iroh: They say that the Keybearer is a warrior. A warrior that equally matches in power to the Avatar himself. But does not live or belong to this world, but to the (Iroh points to the sky) stars. And this warrior is said to carry a weapon, that is none like any other has seen. Because with it comes not only power or skill…but of magical potential that can control fire, lightning, ice, and many others that we all know. But the wielder is picked by the weapon known as the Keyblade, which also has the power to unlock any door known to man. And being a weapon of great power, the Keybearer must also keep the balance to the world of both light and darkness, just like the Avatar.

(Cut to Zuko getting a surprised look on his face, then looks at Donald and Goofy. Cut to Donald and Goofy, who no longer has a hand over his mouth, not trying to make eye contact with Zuko. Cut to Zuko realising that Donald and Goofy are from another world.)

Zuko: So, these two are really from…another world?

Iroh: Or, it could be that these two are both a new breed of animals here.

(Cut to Zuko looking again at Donald and Goofy. After a brief pause he looks towards the front of the ship to the path ahead. Close up at Zuko remembering about the light he saw earlier.)

Zuko: So that light that we saw Uncle, means that the Keybearer must be the one who freed the Avatar.

(Cut to Donald and Goofy confused and puzzled about not knowing about the Avatar, then they look at each other.)

Goofy (whispers): Avatar?

(Donald shrugs at Goofy's question. Cut to Zuko turning to the soldiers, Donald and Goofy.)

Zuko: Take those two to the holding cell. If this Keybearer legend is true like they said…then I want to capture him, with the Avatar.

(Cut to Donald and Goofy then getting shocked and worried looks on there faces. The Fire Nation soldiers the push the two off screen as they walk to the holding cells.

Cut to a shot of the afternoon sky. The screen pans down to reveal Sokka, clearly addressing an audience as he paces back and forth.)

Sokka: Now men, it's important that you show no fear when you face a firebender. In the Water Tribe, we fight to the last man standing. For without courage, how can we call ourselves men?

(Cut to the audience. It is a group of six children, most of whom are toddlers.)

Little Boy (raising his hand): I gotta pee!

Sokka: Listen! Until your fathers return from the war, they're counting on you to be the men of this tribe. And that means no potty breaks.

Little Boy: But I really gotta go.

Sokka (sighing): Okay... who else has to go?

(All six raise their hands. Sokka slaps his forehead in disgust as all six exit to the right. Katara and Sora both enter from the left.)

Katara: Have you seen Aang? Gran Gran said he disappeared over an hour ago.

(Cut to Aang emerging from a small igloo type bathroom stall. He adjusts his pants and smiles at the trip of boys coming to use the toilet.)

Aang (gesturing over his shoulder at the toilet): Wow! Everything freezes in there!

Children: Hahaha!

Sokka: Ugh! Katara, get him out of here. This lesson is for warriors only.

Kid (voice over): Wheeee!

(Cut to a rear shot of Appa, Aang on his back. They have propped up his tail using a makeshift sawhorse. A kid has used Appa's back and tail as a slide to land in a pile of snow. The children, and soon Katara and Sora, all start laughing.)

Sokka: Stop! Stop it right now! (To Aang) What's wrong with you? We don't have time for fun and games with a war going on.

Sora: War?

Aang: What war? (He hops down off of Appa) What are you talking about?

Sokka: You're both kidding, right?(Aang's gaze shifts slightly off of Sokka to look at something beyond him o.c.)


(To accentuate Aang's exclamation the screen around him vibrates slightly in a visual effect. Cut to a shot of a penguin in distance, visible between Sokka, Sora and Katara. The camera closes on the penguin almost instantly. The penguin, aware that it has been spotted, makes an excited noise and turns to waddle away. Aang uses his airbending skill to run at unbelievable speed toward the horizon where the penguin had just been.)

Sokka: He's kidding, right?


(Fade to a beach loaded with penguins who waddle around squawking. Katara and Sora both enter, looking for Aang.)

Katara: Aang?

Sora: Aang, where are you?

(Cut to Aang chasing some penguins, but unable to catch them as the waddle away.)

Aang: Haha! Hey, come on little guy. Wanna go sledding?

(Aang lunges, but falls flat on his face. He gets back up as Katara and Sora both approache.)

Sora: He sure is hyper, isn't he?

Aang: Oof! Heh heh, I have a way with animals. (He puts his arms out and waddles in imitation of the four flippered penguins) Yarp! Yarp yarp! Yarp! Yarp yarp! Yarp!

Katara: (giggles) Hahaha... Aang, I'll help you catch a penguin if you teach me waterbending.

Aang: You got a deal! Just one little problem. I'm an airbender, not a waterbender. Isn't there someone in your tribe who can teach you?

Katara (looking away in sadness): No. You're looking at the only waterbender on the whole South Pole.

Sora: Wait, your the only one here?

(Katara nods her head.)

Aang: This isn't right. A waterbender needs to master water. What about the North Pole? There's another Water Tribe up there, right? Maybe they have waterbenders who could teach you.

Katara: Maybe. But we haven't had contact with our sister tribe in a long time. It's not exactly ?turn right at the second glacier.' It's on the other side of the world.

Aang: But you forget: I have a flying bison. Appa and I can personally fly you to the North Pole. Katara, we're gonna find you a master!

Katara (happily): That's... (then uncertain) I mean, I don't know. I've never left home before.

Aang: Well, you think about it. But in the meantime, can you teach me to catch one of these penguins?

Katara (mock teacherly tone): Okay, listen closely my young pupil. Catching penguins is an ancient and sacred art. Observe.

(She produces a little fish from her coat and tosses it at Sora. He is instantly surrounded by a horde of hungry to a shot of an ice bank. It appears to be late afternoon. Suddenly, Katara, Sora, and Aang rocket off the ice bank, each sitting atop a penguin. The land on the bank below and continue down at high speed on the penguin's belly. Aang and his penguin take a jump off a small ramp, eventually landing in front of Katara and Sora. Katara takes the jump and lands near him. They laugh and whoop happily.)

Katara: I haven't done this since I was a kid!

Sora: You still are a kid!

(They continue to rocket across the frozen landscape, eventually entering system of ice tunnels. The tunnels are have periodic gaps where sunlight pours through. They emerge from the tunnels and get off their mounts, which stand up and dizzily wander away making little chirping noises. They walk forward, looking at something in front of them.)

Sora: Whoa... what is that?(Cut to a huge ship locked in the ice in front of them. It is a derelict Fire Navy ship, silhouetted by the sun behind it.)

Katara (deathly serious): A Fire Navy ship, and a very bad memory for my people.

(Aang and Sora begins to walk to the ship.)

Katara: Wait, stop! We're not allowed to go near it. The ship could be booby trapped.

Aang: If you wanna be a bender, you have to let go of fear.

Sora: I have to agree with Aang on this one, you got face your fears head on, and not look back, right?

(She looks uncertain, then follows them to the ship. They climb up and enter the ship through a gaping hole in one of forward compartments below the water line. They walk around the dark corridors inside past many a darkened room.)

Katara: This ship has haunted my tribe since Gran Gran was a little girl. It was part of the Fire Nation's first attacks.

Aang: Okay, back up. I have friends all over the world, even in the Fire Nation. I've never seen any war.

Sora: Same with me, I've never heard anything about this war either.

Katara: Aang, how long were you in that iceberg?

Sora: Iceberg? You where in an iceberg?

Aang: Yeah, and to be honest I don't know long I was in there... a few days, maybe?

Katara: I think it was more like a hundred years!

Aang and Sora: What?

Aang: That's impossible. Do I look like a hundred-twelve year old man to you?

Katara: Think about it. The war is a century old. You don't know about it because, somehow, you were in there that whole time. It's the only explanation.

(Aang puts his hand to his head and walks backward. Stunned by this realization, he sinks to the floor.)

Aang: A hundred years! I can't believe it.

Katara (kneeling next to him): I'm sorry, Aang. Maybe somehow there's a bright side to all this.

Aang: I did get to meet you.

Sora: And me too as well, Aang. And where all friend here now, so that's one heck of a bright side.

Katara (smiles): He's right, Aang. Where here and your friends. (Katara then turns to Sora with a serious look.) But, what about you.

Sora: (he is puzzled) What about me?

Katara (getting up): You said you haven't heard about the war, like Aang hasn't. You know even know what a waterbender is either. (Katara walks to Sora with a serious look on her face.) And I beginning to wonder how you got on that iceberg in the first place too. Where did you come from? Why don't you know about the war that lasted for a hundred years? And how did you get on that icebearg in the first place?

(Cut to Sora thinking of an excuse to tell Katara. Close up on Kastara looking at Soera with a determined and serious face, then she narrows his eyes at Sora. Cit to Sora, then giving a sigh in defeat.)

Sora: Alright, I tell you. You see, I'm from a small group of islands called the Destiny Islands.

Aang (raises his eye brow in confusion):Destiny Islands? I've never heard of that place before.

Sora (nervously rubs the back of his neck): Well truthfully, no one not from there has, not even about this hundred year war too, or about water bending, airbending or any kind of bending.

Aang (he is surprised): Really? No one? Wow, and I thought I was the only one not knowing about the war.

Katara: What about when we found you on that iceberg? How did you end up on there?

(Sora sighs in sadness, then walks to the wall and leans on it he sinks to the floor.)

Sora: I'm looking for my friends…well, two sets of them really. Before I was on that iceberg that you guys found me on, I was with my two friends Donald and Goofy who where with me on our spa. (Sora realising that he's not allowed to say he's from another world) Um, I mean, sailing ship. (He then looks at the ground with a sadden expression on his face.) Then we where attacked. They attacked our ship and the only way to survive, was for me and my friends to jumped into the ocean, just before we lost our ship. I just hope Donald and Goofy are okay.

Aang: Donald and Goofy? That's there names?

(Sora nods at Aang's question with a saddened look. Cut Katara feeling sad about what Sora has told her and Aang. Aang then gets up and walks next to Katara.)

Katara: I'm sorry. I…I didn't know.

Sora: It's okay. I could guess why you asked in the first place, considering you found me on that icebereg.

Aang: You said you where looking for two sets of friends. So, who's the other one?

Sora: His name's Riku, and he's been my best friend since I was little. He was also a good rival too…until, one day on the Islands, he disappeared form the islands, and they said he went to travel to other places. So, me and my friends went to look for him and try and find him. But, it's getting difficult to find him, and I don't know where else he could be.

Aang (after a brief pause, he smiles):Don't worry, and don't give up on your seach for him. I'm sure you'll be able to find him. Don't give up.

Katara (smiles): and I'm sure your friend Donald and Goofy must be around here some where. We'll help you look for them.

(Cut to Sora looking at Katara and Aang both giving him a hopeful smiels on there faces, which makes Sora give a weak smile.)

Sora: Thanks.

Katara: Come on. Let's get out of here.

(She helps Sora back to his feet and they start walking once again. Fade to an exterior shot of the Fire Navy ship. Cut back to an interior shot of the ship as Aang enters a darkened room on the ship, Katara and Sora behind in the hallway.)

Katara: Aang? Let's head back. This place is creepy.

Aang: Huh? (Cut to a shot of Aang's foot dragging a trip wire on the floor. Behind them the door is blocked by a grate that drops from the ceiling. They grab it just after it falls shut. They are trapped.)

Sora: What's that you said about booby traps?

(Around them, machinery in the room starts to operate. Gauges how steam pressure and wheels begin to turn. Steam begins to pour out of some of the equipment. Cut to an exterior shot of the ship. Suddenly, a bright flare explodes out of the Fire Navy ship and into the sky, leaving a trail of smoke behind it. Cut back to Aang, Sora, and Katara looking out the window of the ship's bridge.)

Aang: Uh oh.

(Cut back to the flare as it rises. When it reaches its zenith it explodes with a small shower of sparks. Cut back to Aang, Sora, and Katara with a wide shot on the bridge. There is a hole in the ceiling that Aang is looking at.)

Aang: Hold on tight!

(He grabs Katara and Sora, who cries out in surprise, and launches them both through the hole in the ceiling. He lands with her in his arms on top of the to a long shot of the falling flare as soon through the lens of a telescope. The telescope follows the flare down for a few moments, before shifting downwards to show Aang hopping down the ship and the ice which encases it to the ground below, Katara and Sora still in his arms.)

Zuko (voice over): The last airbender. (Cut to a profile view of Zuko looking through his telescope) Quite agile for his old age. Wake my uncle! Tell him I found the Avatar...

(Zuko looks back into his telescope to see Aang, Sora, and Katara running across the ice away from the ship. He then scans left quickly, then pulls it back right to focus on Katara's village.)

Zuko: ...as well as his hiding place. And if the Avatar is there…then so is the Keybearer.

(Cut to a close up of Zuko's left eye, the unscarred one, which arches in determination.)

Well That's the first Episode of "Avatar and the Keybearer." I hopt you like it.

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