Hello readers, here's chapter 14 of "Avater and the Keybearer." Hope you like it.


Book 1 Chapter 14

The Fortuneteller

(Scene opens with a lake view. Camera pans up to reveal Sokka, Aang, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Katara and Momo sitting around a camp on the lakeshore. A large blue tent occupies the left hand portion of the screen. When the camera stops a large green fish jumps into view and falls back into the lake. Katara gets up and points at it.)

Katara: Look!

(Sokka gets up and assumes a gunslinger stance. Cut to a close up of Sokka's face, with Katara visible over his right shoulder. Cut to another fish in mid-air, it drops back off the screen in slow motion. It appears to be some sort of green catfish. Cut to Sokka and Katara again.)

Sokka: He is taunting us. (Cut to long shot of the group.) You are so gonna be dinner! (Sokka runs back to the tent and grabs his fishing pole which standing up outside of it, runs back to the lake edge and casts the pole a few times without effect.) Hey! Where's the fishing line?

Sora: Oops, I didn't think you would need it, Sokka. (Holds up a necklace.)

Sokka: Aahh, it's all tangled!

Sora: Not tangled ? woven. Something I learnt back on the islands. (He stands himself to a standing position and turning to Katara.) I thought I might make you a necklace, Katara. (Looking from side to side in an embarrassed fashion) Since none of us didn't quite get back the other one?

(Sora holds up the necklace and sheepish smile marked by a sound effect spreads across his face, cut to Katara.)

Katara (smiles, walks over to Sora and takes necklace): Thanks, Sora. I love it.

Sokka (again at the water's edge and looking back at Sora): Great, Sora. Maybe instead of saving the world from darkness you can go into the jewellery making business.

Aang: I don't see why he can't do both.

Goofy: Yeah, he's pretty good at doing them. (Katara puts necklace on in the background.)

(Sokka turns his back to the camera to see the fish leaping again from the lake. He throws his pole like a spear and it disappears into the water.)

Sokka: Stop taunting me!

(A visual effect denoting anger flashes briefly near Sokka's head as he says this. He draws his knife from behind his back and enters the water in a bandy-legged way. He lunges into the water with the knife trying to catch the fish. Sora, Aang, Donald and Goofy appears in the foreground, watching Sokka's antics.)

Donald: Sokka that's not how you catch a fish. (Follows Sokka in the water) Let me show you how it's done.

Katara (from o.c.): So, how do I look?

(Sora turns to face Katara as she begins to speak. By the end of her question Sora's eyes have almost popped out of his skull. He is dumfounded. Cut to a view of Katara's lower body with the camera immediately beginning to pan up. Around Katara, the world has become beautiful, with the rocks and trees bathed in a romantic dark pink or purple hue, every object reflecting light as if studded with diamonds. The music has changed abruptly to reflect Sora's feelings for Katara. The pan ends with a view of Katara's upper body, her hand at her new necklace and small patches of red under her eyes, indicated some embarrassment. Cut to Sora, who is using his left forefinger to loosen his collar while staring at Katara.)

Sora: You mean all of you or just your neck? I mean, uh, both look great.

Sokka (who has just emerged with Donald from the lake, holding the same fish as if Sokka was about to give it a kiss): Smoochie, smoochie.

Donald: Someone's in love. (The fish flips in his and Sokka's hands, knocking them back into the lake.)

Sora (rubbing his head in an embarrassed gesture): I?well?

Katara (looking in annoyance o.c. towards her brother): Stop teasing him you two. (Momo hops up onto Aang's shoulder.) Sora's just a good friend. A sweet nice guy ? And just like Momo. (She rubs Momo's head.)

Sora (clearly put down): Thanks.

(Sokka and Donald both approache them, sopping wet, empty handed and with a dark look on there face. An ominous noise off screen prompts Momo to fly toward it and off screen. Cut to a large rock that Momo is sitting on, looking off screen. He is joined a moment later by Aang who has clearly airbent himself into the air and onto the rock. He points towards the source of the noise.)

Aang: Someone's being attacked by a platypus bear!

Goofy: A what-bear?

(Cut to see a huge bear like creature with red eyes and the bill of a platypus. It bares its teeth and rears itself up on its hind legs. Cut to a view from right behind the bear's left shoulder. The bear is threatening a man in blue who smiles calmly at the advancing monster. Cut to long shot of the bear as it advances, swinging at the man, who dodges the blows by causally stepping backwards, hands behind his back. Cut to a view from behind the man's right shoulder. The bears swings a few more time while Aang jumps up onto a rock behind the bear. Cut to the a frontal shot of the man, a smile still plastered on his face.)

Calm Man (to Aang): Well, hello there. (Bears swings at him from o.c., the man dodges.) Nice day, isn't it?

Aang: Make noise, it'll run off!

(Screen expands and pans right as Sokka, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Katara run up behind Aang.)

Sokka: No, play dead, he'll lose interest!

(Cut to wide shot of bear and calm man. The bears swings and misses again.)

Calm Man: Whoa! Close one. Haha!

Sora: Run down hill, then climb a tree!

Sokka: No, punch him in the bill!

Aang: And then run in zigzags!

Goofy: Then do the cha cha!

Donald: (to Goofy angrily)This isn't a dancing lesson, Goofy!

Calm Man: No need. It's going to be fine.

(The bear swings again, swiping a large chunk of wood out of a nearby tree as the calm man ducks just in time. Aang shoots into the air from off his nearby rock up over the head of the bear. He lands, putting himself between the calm man and the bear, and airbends up a wall of air that momentarily pushes the beast backwards.)

Aang: Whoa there!

(The bears rears up and roars, only to have Appa rear up behind him and roar. Cut to a side shot of the bear with Appa behind him. The bear drops an egg out his behind and runs into the river and swims away. Cut to Sokka's arms picking up the large egg.)

Sokka: Mmm! Lunch! (He sniffs egg, then looks at calm man o.c. with a haughty look.) Lucky for you we came along.

Calm Man: Thanks, but everything was already under control. Not to worry, Aunt Wu predicted I'd have a safe journey. (He puts his hands in a position of prayer and bows slightly at this.)

Donald: Aunt who?

Calm Man: No, Aunt Wu. She's the fortuneteller from my village. Awful nice knowing your future.

Katara: Wow, it must be. That explains why you were so calm.

Sokka: But the fortuneteller was wrong!

Donald: Yeah you didn't have a safe journey at all, you were almost killed!

Calm Man: But I wasn't. All right, have a good one! (He gestures in farewell and begins to walk away, but turns back again.) Oh, and Aunt Wu said if I met any travellers to give them this. (He hands Aang a long, thin wrapped object and walks away.)

Katara: Maybe we should go see Aunt Wu and learn our fortunes. It could be fun.

Sokka: Oh come on, fortunetelling is nonsense.

Donald: For once Sokka, I agree with you.

Sokka: Thanks Donald. (realising it) Hey! What do you mean for once?!

(While Sokka is speaking, Aang shreds the objects wrapping to reveal an umbrella. When Sokka finishes speaking, the umbrella opens in Aang's hand.)

Aang: What do ya know, an umbrella!

(The sky darkens instantly and thunder is heard as it begins to pour rain. Katara smiles and waterbends the rain in a sparkling arc away from her head.)

Goofy: That proves it. (He, Katara and Sora runs under the umbrella with Aang.)

Sokka (holding the egg above his head to try and deflect the rain): No it doesn't ? you can't really tell the future.

Sora: Then I guess you're not really getting wet then.

(The egg slips out of Sokka's hands and in his attempts to grab it again it flies up into the air and lands back on his head. Cut to the six walking down a road. It is still pouring rain. Goofy, Sora, Aang and Katara are under the umbrella. Sokka and Donald are getting soaked.)

Donald: Of course she predicted it was gonna rain. The sky's been gray all day.

Katara: Just admit that you two might be wrong and you can both come under the umbrella.

Sokka: Look, we're going to predict the future now (making funny motions and in an exaggerated voice) ? ?It's going to keep drizzling.? (He folds his arms across his chest and assumes an expression of defiance.) See!

(The rain instantly stops and the sun comes out.)

Sora: Not everyone has the gift, Sokka.

(Cut to side view of the group walking with Appa bringing up the rear. As Appa passes Sokka and Donald he shakes off his wet fur, drenching Sokka and Donald once again.)

Sokka and Donald (as he gets soaked): Yahhh!

(Cut to a view of a single snow capped mountain, its peak partially obscured in clouds. Camera pans down to reveal a village and its main gate. They walk through the gate and come to the village square. In front of the circular door of one of the buildings, some sort of herald dressed in black greets them.)

Herald: Aunt Wu is expecting you.

Katara and Goofy: Really?

(The six walk forward as Sokka and Donald both make a sound of disgust. Cut to the three in a room with three sitting pillows and an open door to the left. They have passes through the circular door mentioned above and which is now on the right side of the screen. The herald closes this door behind them as they walk in. A young girl in a pink kimono and huge hair braids that stick straight out from the sides of her head enters from the opening on the left.)

Meng: My name is Meng and I'm Aunt Wu's assistant.

(Her eyes go wide. Cut to a view of Sora's lower body that pans upwards to his face and upper body. The music and background parallel Sora's romanticized view of Katara seen earlier. The effect is somewhat spoiled, however, by Sora's unenthusiastic facial expression and slightly hunched over posture.)

Meng (to Sora): Well hello there.

Sora: Hey.

Meng (as Aang and Katara sit on the pillows): Can I get you some tea, or some of Aunt Wu's special bean curd puffs?

Aang: I'll try a curd puff.

Meng (giving Aang the heisman): Just a second. (Bending down to address Sora) So what's your name?

Sora: Sora.

Meng: That's a quite name! And you've got some pretty spiky hair don't you?

Aang (confused): I? guess?

Sokka: Oh, don't be modest. It's spiky!

(Sokka spreads his arms wide to demonstrate just how huge they are, as Sora looks angrily at Sokka. He puts his hands over his hair as if to smash them down to an acceptable less spiky look.)

Meng: Well Sora, it is very nice to meet you. Very nice.

Sora: Likewise.

(Meng exits, looking back slyly out of the corner of her eye, presumably at Sora. Cut to shot of the six seated on the pillows.)

Sokka: I can't believe we're here in the house of nonsense.

Donald: And about to see the women of nonsense.

Katara: Try to keep an open mind you two. There are things in this world that just can't be explained.

Goofy: Or others worlds if you think about it.

Katara: Wouldn't it be nice to have some insight into your future?

Aang: It would be nice to have some bean curd puffs.

(Cut to overhead shot of the hallway adjacent to the reception room the six are sitting in. The hallway shows another door leading farther into the building. From the right, Meng appears with a tray of refreshments. A moment later the inner door opens to reveal a young woman in a green kimono. She rushes over to Meng.)

Woman in Green: Oh Meng! Aunt Wu says I'm going to meet my true love! He's going to give me a rare panda lilly.

Meng (with Sora visible over her right shoulder): That's so romantic. (Looks dreamily over at Sora) I wonder if my true love will give me a rare flower.

Sora (earnestly): Good luck with that!

Woman in Green (amused): Is that the spiky hair one who Aunt Wu predicted you'd marry?

(Meng shoves the young woman o.c. and brings the tray over to the six, but her eyes are fixed on Sora. She trips and almost dumps the food on Sora, but he helps steady her grip on the tray. His hands now hold hers as they together hold the tray. They share a moment looking into each other's eyes.)

Meng (embarrassed): Enjoy your snack. (She exits with a short fairy dust sound effect.)

Aang: What was that about?

Donald: I have no clue.

Aunt Wu (from o.c. at first): Welcome young travelers. (Cut to torso shot of Aunt Wu in a yellow or gold kimono looking serene.) Now, who's next? Don't be shy.

(Sora, Donald, Goofy, Aang and Sokka all look uninterested. Screen pans left to Katara.)

Katara: I guess that's me.

(Katara runs o.c. to follow Aunt Wu. Cut to Aang, Donald, Goofy, Sora and Sokka, the latter of which is chomping on curd puffs.)

Sokka: Not bad. Not bad.

Aang: Mmmm!

Goofy: There delicious. (Offers puffs to Sora.)

Sora (pushing puffs away): I'm good on puffs. So?what do you think they're talking about back there?

Sokka: Boring stuff, I'm sure. Love. Who she's going to marry. How many babies she's gonna have. Other dumb stuff.

Sora (growing more alarmed at each of Sokka's pronouncements): Really? dumb stuff like that?

Goofy: Are you okay, Sora?

Aang: Yeah, you don't look good.

Sora: I'm fine really. (bites his fingernails, eyes wide) Well I've gotta find a bathroom!

(Sora runs o.c. as Sokka stretches out over the pillows and eats another puff.)

Donald (looking where Sora went): What's with him?

Sokka: Who cares, means more crud puffs for us.

(Momo grabs the bowl of puffs and runs off. Cut to Sora walking down the hall near the inner door, obviously trying to be quiet so he can eavesdrop. All between Katara and Aunt Wu from o.c., camera on Sora.)

Aunt Wu: Your palms are so smooth ? do you use moisturizer?

Katara: Actually, I have this special seaweed lotion. I could get you some if you want. (Sora sticks his tongue out, his face clearly expressing his disdain for discussions around moisturizer) So, do you see anything interesting in my love line? (Sora's eyes bug out instantly and he leans in close to hear.)

Aunt Wu: I feel great romance for you. The man you're going to marry?

Katara: Tell me more!

Aunt Wu: I can see that he is a very powerful warrior, dressed in blue.

Sora (whispers to himself): Blue warrior?

(Sora's expression goes to a saddened look. Cut to long shot of him in the hallway as he launches himself into the air, ecstatic over this news. Clearly there is no doubt in his mind as to what this prediction means. Cut to Goofy, Sokka, Aang and Donald, who is picking his teeth. Sora walks back into the reception room looking like the dog that has lost his toy.)

Sokka: Looks like someone had a pretty bad bathroom break.

Sora: Yeh, when I was in there?

Donald: We don't even wanna know!

Sokka: Not even bathroom stuff!

(Aunt Wu and Katara enter.)

Aunt Wu: Who's next?

Sokka (standing): Okay, let's get this over with.

Donald (standing and pointing at Sokka): Like he said.

Aunt Wu (looking unhappily at Sokka and Donald): Your future is full of struggle and anguish, most of it self-inflicted. And the duck is just the same, but a bit more bossy.

Sokka: But, you didn't read our palms or anything!

Aunt Wu: I don't need to ? it's written all over your faces. (Cut to Sokka and Donald, who both look displeased. To Aang and Sora) You two then, come with me.

(Aang and Sora both follow her out, Sokka sits down and pouts.)

Donald: I am not bossy… (looks to Goofy) do you think I'm bossy?

Goofy: You sure are.

(Donald glares at Goofy by that comment, then sits down and pouts with Sokka. Cut to Aang, Sora and Aunt Wu entering her inner chamber. It is a simple room with the four red pillars rising to the roof. The square made by the pillars is depressed into the floor by a small amount so that you have to step down into the area where Aunt Wu and the guests sit and discuss the future. In the center of the square is a small fire. Four pillows lie at the four corners of the square. On the left is a small urn filled to the brim with bones. Aunt Wu, Sora and Aang go over to the urn.)

Aunt Wu: This is the most reliable method of telling your fortune. The bones never lie. (Motioning to the urn with bones.) Go on, pick one. (Aang and Sora both pick one and they sit down.) Now you bald one, throw it on the fire. (Aang obeys.) The heat makes cracks in the bones and I read the bone cracks to tell your destiny.

(Cut to a view of the fire. The camera zooms in on the bones. A huge crack appears and the music turns threatening.)

Aang: Wow, that's a big crack. (The bone cracks again, almost disintegrating.)

Aunt Wu (surprised): I've never seen this before. (Bone explodes, sending flame to the ceiling.) Oh my!

(Cut to commercial break.)

Act 2

(When the show returns, the camera focuses on the fire, bits of bone surrounding it. Cut to Aunt Wu, as dramatic music plays in the background, signaling the importance of what has transpired.)

Aunt Wu: This is incredible! You will be involved in a great battle; an awesome conflict between the forces of good and evil, a battle whose outcome will determine the fate of the whole world!

Aang (worried and nervous):Really? The whole world?

Aunt Wu (to Sora): Now it is your turn.

(Sora looks at the bone he picked then he too like Aang throws it into the fire. Cut to a view of the fire. The camera zooms in on the bones. A huge crack appears and the music turns threatening.)

Aang: That's just like mine. (The bone cracks again, almost disintegrating and suddenly the fire begins to turn white, before it changed back to normal which surprises him.) Except, for the white fire part.

Aunt Wu: This is truly incredible! You will also be involved in a great battle as well but very different; an awesome conflict between the realms of light and darkness, and for some odd reason the battle of nothingness too, a battle whose outcome will determine the fates of so many worlds in the stars!

Sora (dramatic music and the sound of fire suddenly dies away): Yeh, yeh, I knew that already, but did it say anything about a girl?

Aang (confused): A girl?

Aunt Wu (confused): You want to know about love?

Sora: Yes!

Aunt Wu: I'm sorry, but I didn't see anything. (Sora looks downcast at this, and Aunt Wu looks on compassionately.) Oh look! (She slaps the side of her face with her hand, in a gesture of mea culpa) I must have missed something. (She picks up a sliver of bone, holds it over her head and examines its underside) Right here ? it says, ?trust your heart and you will be with the one you love.?

Sora: Really? Just trust my heart?

Aang: That's great! (He stands and clasps his hands in a gesture of thanks) Thank you, Aunt Wu!

(Aang walks out with Sora also getting up and running after him. Aunt Wu shakes her head at the spiky hair boy. Cut to exterior of Aunt Wu's building. Sora and Aang who have just exited and the door closes quickly behind them. Appa, Katara, Donald, Goofy and Sokka await them, and once together they all move further into the main square together. Appa's massive footsteps echo through the ensuing conversation.)

Sokka: Well, now you got to see for yourselves that fortunetelling is just a big, stupid hoax.

Katara: You're just saying that because you and Donald are going to make yourselfs unhappy your whole lifes.

Sokka (exploding): That woman is crazy! My life will be calm, and happy and joyful!

(Sokka gets more upset with each of his successive pronouncements. He ends by kicking a small stone off the ground which ricochets off a nearby sign and hits him the head, knocking him on his behind.)

Sokka: Ow!

Donald (point at Sokka while looking at Katara): That doesn't prove anything!

Katara (cut to Katara and Sora): Well, I liked my predictions. Certain things are going to turn out very well. (She holds her hands together in a gesture of hope.)

Sora (knowingly): They sure are.

Katara: Why, what did she tell you?

Sora (smiling): Just some stuff.

(Cut to overhead shot of the village square. A large crowd has gathered at its center where a covered stage resides. Aang, Sora and there friends approach the crowd from the rear. Cut a view of the rear of the crowd as Aang et al enter. Most of the people standing around are looking up in silence. The Calm Man from before is one of these onlookers.)

Katara (also looking up): What's with the sky?

Calm Man: We are waiting for Aunt Wu to come and read the clouds to predict the fate of the whole village. (Camera pans left to Aang.)

Aang (pointing up): That cloud looks like a fluffy bunny.

Calm Man (shot widens to show more of the crowd): You better hope that's not a bunny ? the fluffy bunny cloud forecasts doom and destruction.

Donald: Oh brother.

Sokka: Do you even hear yourself?

(Calm Man looks annoyed at Sokka and Donald. Cut to another crowd member in front of the group.)

Woman: The cloud reading will tell us if Mount Makapu will remain dormant for another year or if it will erupt.

Calmn Man: We used to have a tradition once a year of going up the mountain to check the volcano ourselves, but ever since Aunt Wu moved to the village twenty years ago we have a tradition of not doing that.

Sokka (incensed): I can't believe you would trust your lives to that crazy woman's superstition.

Donald (incensed): And an old one too.

Katara (putting a hand on Donald's shoulder): Shhhh!! She's coming!

(Cut to shot between Katara and Donald's heads which zooms to show an ever larger view of the approach of Aunt Wu and her herald. Cut to an overhead shot of the village square that shows the large staircase that Aunt Wu has just ascended. The crowd has parted to allow Aunt Wu access to the little stage. Cut to Aang, Sora, Goofy and Katara, Aang with Momo perched on his head. The crowd begins to clap and cheer. Meng shows up suddenly next to Sora.

Meng (pointing to the sky and looking at Sora): Hey Sora, doesn't that cloud look like a flower?

Sora: Sure, I guess. (Camera pans left as Sora simultaneously pushes her off the screen.) Hey Katara, don't you think that cloud looks like a flower?

Katara: Shh!!

(Cut to Aunt Wu, now on the stage. She bows, draws breath and holds up her hands to the sky. Cut to a shot of an arrow shaped cloud. Cut to Aunt Wu examining an open book in her hands.)

Aunt Wu: Bending arrow cloud? good crops this year, nice big harvest! (Happy music plays)

Old Man: Arg! Good news! (Hugs old woman.)

Aunt Wu: Wavy moon shape cloud? let's see? gonna be a great year for twins.

Twins in Green (they give each other a high five): Yes!

Aunt Wu (dramatic music begins): And a cumulus cloud with a twisted nob coming off the end of it? the village will not be destroyed by the volcano this year and wisdom shall make sure of it!

(Crowd goes wild. Cut to Sora and Katara at the rear of the crowd, backs to the camera looking at Aunt Wu on the stage.)

Sora: Since we're here, uh, there's something I want to tell you. I like you, but more than normal.

(Cut to front view of the two, where Katara is clearly paying no attention to Sora. She is looking with rapt attention at the stage with Aunt Wu o.c. and at this point she runs o.c. up towards the stage leaving Sora alone. Sora looks crushed.)

Sora: Never mind.

(Cut to a shot of Aunt Wu's house that pans slowly down. Cut to a view of Katara knocking on Aunt Wu's door. Cut to wider shot as Aunt Wu opens the door.)

Katara: Hi, Aunt Wu. Sorry to bother you.

Aunt Wu: Anytime.

Katara: About this warrior dressed in blue I'm supposed to marry (her cheeks flush momentarily in embarrassment)?is he gonna be handsome? (She clasps her hands together in a gesture of hope.) Oh, I hope he's tall!

Aunt Wu: Ahh, you want another reading.

Katara: Yes, please!

(She follows Aunt Wu into her reading room and the door closes behind them. Cut to a shot of the upper half of Sokka's and Donald's heads as they walk through the village square. Ther are clearly in a bad mood.)

Sokka: I can't believe all these saps. (Cut to side view where it is apparent that Aang and Goofy follows behind them.) Someone really needs to scream some sense at them.

Goofy: They seem happy.

Donald: Not for long. I'm gonna prove Aunt Wu's predictions are nonsense.

Sokka: Now that's the crushing spirit!

Donald: Thank you. (Turns and grabs nearby man.) Hey, you. I bet Aunt Wu told you to wear those red shoes, didn't she?

Red Shoed Man: Yeh, she said I'd be wearing red shoes when I met my true love.

Donald: Uh-huh. And how many times have you worn those shoes since you got that fortune?

Red Shoed Man: Everyday.

Donald (swirling red fire appears behind him, demonstrating his anger and frustration): THEN OF COURSE IT'S GOING TO COME TRUE!

Red Shoed Man: Really? You think so? I'm so excited!

(Donald kicks a stone on the ground, it hits a duck, another duck that's not him, o.c., which soon fly's up onto Donald's shoulders and starts to annoy him. He crawls away with the duck expressing its displeasure loudly. Cut to wide shot of Aunt Wu's reading room, where she and Katara are seated. The camera zooms in to them.)

Aunt Wu: ?and then you'll have your third great grandchild before quietly passing away in your sleep. Is that enough information for you?

Katara: Wow, thanks Aunt Wu. (Gets up, turns to leave, but turns back.) Oh, wait, one more thing. How warmly should I dress tomorrow?

Aunt Wu (flabbergasted): You want me to do a reading for that?

(Cut to Katara with a huge and slightly scary grin on her face ? she nods enthusiastically. Cut to Sokka, Donald, Sora, Goofy and Aang, with Sokka and Doanld both clearly out of there mind.)

Sokka: We don't care what Aunt Wu told you!

Donald: You have to take a bath sometime!

(Cut to a filthy old man, who smiles, grunts his acknowledgement of Sokka's and Donald's shouting, and they both turn and walk away in a Pig-Pen like cloud of dirt and dust.)

Sora: So, Sokka, you know some stuff about girls, right?

Sokka (smugly): Some stuff? You've come to the right place. (Puts his arm around Sora's shoulders and points at his chest in a conspiratorial gesture.) What can I do you for?

Sora: Well, there's this girl?(cut to shot of Sora in the foreground, with Meng hiding behind a barrel at the far end of the square, stalking Sora. She laughs.)

Sokka: I think I know who you mean.

Sora: You do? And you're ok with it?

Sokka (clearly thinking of Meng rather than Katara): Of course I am. And, to tell you the truth, I've been picking up the subtle vibe that she likes you too. (Meng visible in the background, waving her arms trying to get Sora's attention.)

Sora: She does? Really?

Sokka: Oh yeh, she's crazy about ya. All ya have to do now is not mess it up.

Sora: Well, how do I do that?

Sokka: The number one mistake nice guys like you make: being too nice.

Sora (to a sound effect): You can be too nice?

Sokka: Yup. If you want to keep her interested you have to act aloof, like you don't really care one way or the other.

Sora (screen pans left to show Meng sidling up to Sora): Well?ok.

Meng: Hey Sora, I was wondering?

Sora: See ya later.

(Sora quickly walks away, leaving a disappointed Meng, who makes a sad noise.)

Sokka (rubbing his chin in admiration): Wow, he is good.

(Cut to the door of Aunt Wu's house. It is open and Aunt Wu is pushing Katara out into the square.)

Aunt Wu: ?and you'll be fine as long as you've got a scarf. Bye bye now.

Katara: Okay, okay, but, one more thing.

Aunt Wu (exasperated): All right, what is it?

Katara: Should I eat a mango or a papaya for breakfast tomorrow?

Aunt Wu: Papaya! (She slams the door shut.)

Katara: Ohhh, I hate papaya.

(She gives the dirt at her feet a petulant kick. The shot widens to show Sora leaning against the wall of Aunt Wu's house, trying to look nonchalant.)

Sora: Oh, hey Katara. I didn't see you there.

Katara (walking away): Hey Sora.

Sora (shouting after her): That's ok, I'm busy with my own stuff.

(Sora stands there for a moment looking abashed. A duck flys near him. They look at each other and the duck quacks at him. Cut to Katara at a papaya stand.)

Katara: Ugh. Papaya please.

(Cut to view from the papaya stand looking at Katara. The shopkeeper's hand enters the frame, handing Katara a fruit. Behind Katara, a woman in green and a man in white and pink are talking to each other in the square. The shot expands to reveal Sora entering from Katara's right.)

Sora (trying to sound cool): So?papaya.

Katara: Uh-huh. Would you like some?

Sora: You know me. (He picks up a fruit.) I don't really care what I eat.

Katara: Ok then. See you later.

(She turns and walks out of view while Sora takes a bite of the fruit. He chokes and spits it back up, clearly hating the taste.)

Sora: Maybe aloof isn't my style. Besides, she's got that blue warrior for her future.

(In the background, the man in white and pink has just given something to the woman in green.)

Woman in Green: Oh! A panda lilly! (She and the man hug.)

Sora (to Goofy who just walked by): Did you see that?

Goofy: Yeah, those flowers are pretty looking.

(Cut to a close of the panda lilly and the shot rapidly expands to show to couple hugging happily. The dreamy music is rudely interrupted as Sora appears in between the happy ? physically forcing them apart. They are both surprised, and he leans over them to point at the flower the woman's hand.)

Sora: Excuse me. Where can a guy find one of those things?

(Cut to a view of a path leading towards the mountain. Then cut to a shot of Sora climbing up rocks on the side of the mountain.)

Donald (from o.c.): I can't believe you're dragging me and Sokka all the way up here for a stupid flower.

Sora: Not just any flower ? a panda lilly. I've seen it in action and boy does it work.

Sokka (climbing into frame from below): Flowers are fine once you're married, but at this early stage it's critical that you maintain maximum aloofness.

Sora: But my heart is telling me to get this flower, and Aunt Wu said if I trusted my heart I would be with the one I love.

Sokka: What?

Donald: Oh great, don't tell me you believe in that stuff too.

Sora: Well, Aunt Wu hasn't been wrong yet. Why should she be wrong about love? (Pointing up.) There, on the rim!

(Cut to shot of Sora on the rim of the volcano. The panda lilies dot the rim. A fiery glow emanates from the caldera below. He picks up a flower and sniffs it. His eyes pop open though when he looks down into the volcano. The caldera is full of lava.)

Sora: Oh no! Aunt Wu was wrong.

(He drops the flower into the lava. It burns instantly. Cut to break.)

Act 3

(When the show returns, Sokka, Donald and Sora are on the rim looking down in alarm.)

Donald: Those people all think they're safe.

Sokka: We've got to warn'em.

Sora: There's no time to walk. (He summons his Keyblade and uses an ice magic to make a slide down the mountain.) But there's time to ice slide. (He grabs Sokka and Donald and they jumps onto the ice slide.)

Sokka and Donald: Aaahhh!

(The trio slide quickly down to the village and land in the square. Cut the trio walking up to Aang, Goofy and Katara, who is waiting outside of Aunt Wu's door.)

Sora: Hi, Katara.

Katara: Can you believe she won't let me in? And after all the business I've given her?

Aang: But, Katara she doesn't even charge.

Katara: I know, but still.

Sokka: Well, we have other things to worry about. Aunt Wu was wrong about the volcano.

Katara: Sokka, you and Donald have both tried to convince me she was wrong before. It's going to take an awful lot to change my min ?

(She is cut off by the sound of the mountain erupting to life. Cut to Katara, Goofy and Aang looking up at the mountain, which suddenly has a full plume of ash and smoke stretching to the heavens.)

Katara: Oh, no!

(Cut to overhead shot of the square, showing the three surrounded by many villagers, including the Calm Man.)

Donald: Everyone! That volcano is gonna blow any second. Aunt Wu was wrong!

Girl in Crowd: Yeh, yeh, we know you don't believe in Aunt Wu, ?Mr. Science and Reason Lover.?

Sokka: Oh come on, he's telling the truth here!

Katara: If you won't listen to them, maybe you'll listen to me. I want to believe Aunt Wu and her predictions as much as you do, but my brother, Donald and Sora saw the lava with their own eyes.

Calm Man: Well I heard Aunt Wu's prediction with my own ears.

(Aang airbends himself up onto the roof of Aunt Wu's house.)

Aang: Please listen to us! You are all in danger! And we have to get out of here. You can't rely on Aunt Wu's prediction. You have to take fate into your own hands.

Sokka (another explosion occurs): Look! (Pointing to the mountain.) Can your fortunetelling explain that?

Man in Crowd: Can your science explain why it rains?

Sokka (annoyed): Yes! Yes, it can!

(The crowd is not convinced. Cut to overhead shot showing the crowd dispersing back to their homes.)

Goofy: They just won't listen to reason. (Aang flies back down to them.)

Aang: But they will listen to Aunt Wu.

Sokka: We know, that's the problem.

Sora: Well, it's about to become the solution. We're taking fate in our own hands. First, we need to borrow Aunt Wu's cloud reading book.

(Cut to a shot of Aunt Wu's door. Katara, Donald, Aang, Goofy and Sokka stand guard with guilty expressions on their faces. Pan up to see Sora and Momo entering Aunt Wu's house via the topmost balcony. Cut to a view of her reading room, where Sora is now searching. Momo makes a few chittering noises.)

Sora (whispering): Shh? we don't want anyone to hear us.

(The polished metal gong in front of Sora now shows Meng's reflection, an expression of surprise on her face. Sora sees the reflection and jumps, startled. He turns and faces her.)

Sora: Oh! I didn't see you there.

Meng: You don't like me. Do you? (She is sad, and her enormous hair braids wilt to match her mood.)

Soea: Of course I like you.

Meng: But not the way I like you.

Sora: Oh. I guess not.

Meng: It's ok. It's just really hard when you like someone, but they don't think of you that way.

Sora (sadly): I know what you mean.

Meng: She's beautiful, by the way.

Sora (he blushes): Huh?

Meng: That water tribe girl. I can see why you like her so much. (Counting each reason on her fingers.) She's sweet, she's a bender, and her hair seems so manageable. (She tries to mash her braids down and fails at this last reason. She looks crushed.)

Sora: Don't worry. You're gonna meet a great guy who's gonna completely fall for you. I know it. (He puts his hands on her shoulders.)

Meng: Thanks. (He turns to leave.) Wait! Don't you want this? (She hands Sora the cloud reading book which Meng had in her robe.)

Sora: How did you know?

Meng (nervously playing with her fingers): I've kind of been stalking you? heh!

Sora (blushing): Oh, thanks. I guess.

(Cut to shot of Appa flying through the clouds with Aang, Donald and Katara on his back.)

Aang: Clouds are made of water and air, so between the two of us and with Donald's magic, we ought to be able to bend and move them into any shape we want.

Donald (taking out his staff):That I can do.

Katara (reading Aunt Wu's book): I found it. The symbol for volcanic doom.

(Cut to Aang and Katara bending the clouds, while Donald uses his magic to also move the clouds. Below, the villagers look up to see the clouds shifting. Sokka and Goofy brings Aunt Wu over to her stage. Goofy points to the sky.)

Goofy: Aunt Wu, look! Something is happening in the clouds.

Aunt Wu: That's very strange. It shouldn't? Oh my!

(Cut to a view of the new skull-shaped cloud that Aang, Donald and Katara have created. Cut to a view of the mountain spewing smoke into the air. The screen pans down to the village square. Aang is addressing the crows.)

Aang: We can still save the village if we act fast. Sokka has a plan.

Sokka: Lava is gonna flow downhill to this spot. If we can dig a deep enough trench we can channel all the lava away from the village to the river.

Aang: If any of you are earthebenders come with me.

(Cut to shot of the twins in green from earlier in the episode.)

Twin in Green #1: I'm an earthbender!

Twin in Green #2: I'm not!

Sokka: Everybody else grab a shovel (explosion sounds)? come on, we've gotta hurry!

(Crowd disperses like lightning. Cut to shot of the ground outside of town. Appa and the townspeople labor to dig the trench, using both earthbending and manual means. Another explosion heralds a cut to the mountain again, now spewing lava.)

Sokka: Dig faster! Dig faster!

(The earthbending twin finally connects the trench to the river.)

Sora: Everyone needs to evacuate! We'll come for you when it's safe!

(Everyone runs. Cut to the volcano. The view pans down to the group. It is now precipitating ash. The scene cuts to a view of the village gate. Lava engulfs it and it begins to burn away. The world has taken on the eerie red tinge of the lava, which now passes through the cemetery, consuming headstones as it flows downhill. The lava reaches the trench and begins to fill rapidly, its progress temporarily halted. Cut to the group on the safe side of the trench.)

Katara: It's too much! It's gonna overflow!

Donald: So much for your wisdom, Sokka!

Sora (after a brief pause realises it): That's it. (to Donald) Donald you're a geniuses!

Donald (puzzled): I am? I mean of course I am. (pause) How am I a genius?

Sora: It's like you said Donald, wisdom, that's the answer!

(Sora then runs to where the lava is which makes the gang surprised and worried about what he's doing.)

Aang (calling out):What you doing that's where the lave is!

Sora (calling out):I know!

(Sora stops and looks at the lava then he summons his Keyblade, gets into a pose and closes his eyes as he tries to focuses on something. The Keyblade then begins to glow blue then a flash of light appears around Sora. The gang cover there eyes from the flash, and when it disappears they look back at him and are surprised. Standing there was Sora, but his clothes have changed all blue, and his feet had magic coming from the bottom making his hover above the ground, his Wisdom Drive Form.)

Sokka (confused and surprised): What just happened?

Goofy (realising Sora's plan): Of course! Sora meant using the other Drive forms, his Wisdom form!

Aang: (remembering the prediction Aunt Wu said) Wisdom would stop the volcano.

(Another explosion rocks the village. Burning ejecta begins to rain down in addition to the ash. Katara, Aang, Donald, Goofy and Sokka turn to see Sora hasn't moved. A huge boulder falls out of the sky and lands in the trench, exploding. Cut to Sora flouting forward with a furious warcry. He launches himself into the air and begins to use his powerful ice magic. As the lava begins to overflow, Sora freezes the lava straight up, rather than allowing to advance on the village. Finally, he spins his Keyblade above him making a big blue mist above him and throws it forwards to the lava, freezing it as it covers, cooling all the lava to stone. Sora relaxes and assumes a meditation pose, calming himself after the massive exertion. Cut to Katara, Aang, Goofy, Donald and Sokka watching in awe, the mountain still visibly erupting, but no longer threatening the village.)

Donald (excited): Ha! My idea.

Sokka: Man, sometimes I forget what powerful warrior that guy is.

Aang: You mean a powerful blue (Katara's expression instantly changes at this, remembering Aunt Wu's words) warrior.

Katara: Wait, what did you just say?

Aang: I just said that Sora looks like a powerful blue warrior.

(Cut to Katara's, Goofy's, Donald's, Aang's and Sokka's view of Sora as he clothes change back to normal. His figure is wreathed in red glow of the lava still seething behind the icy stone shield Sora has created.)

Katara: I suppose he is?

(Cut a day shot of the volcano, smoking, but no longer erupting. Clearly some time has passed between this scene and the last. Cut to a view of the square where Aunt Wu and the people, including the Calm Man, have assembled. Aang stands in front of Aunt Wu to address her, offering her back the cloud book he ?borrowed.?)

Aang (sheepishly looking at the ground): By the way, we kind of borrowed your book.

Aunt Wu: So you messed with the clouds did you!

(She grabs the book in anger and Aang cringes. In the background, Katara, Sora and Donald all look guilty, while Sokka smiles and points at both of them, indicating that Katara and Donald was in on the cloud manipulation too. Donald glares at Sokka.)

Aunt Wu (begins to laugh): Very clever!

Sokka: No offense, but I hope this taught everyone a lesson about not relying too much on fortunetelling.

Calm Man: But Aunt Wu predicted the village wouldn't be destroyed and be saved by wisdom. She was right, after all.

Donald and Sokka (getting right in the Calm Man's face): We hate you.

Katara (taking Sokka and Donald by the shoulders): It's ok guys. Everything's gonna be all right.

(Cut to Aunt Wu and Sora, who were watching Sokka, Donald and the Calm Man. Sora turns to Aunt Wu.)

Sora: Can I ask you something?

Aunt Wu: Of course, honey.

Sora: You didn't really see love in my fortune, did you? You just told me what I wanted to hear.

Aunt Wu: I'll tell you a little secret, young lad. Just as your friends reshaped those clouds, you have the power to reshape your own destiny.

(Sora smiles. Cut to shot of Appa and the crowd. Katara is at Appa's reigns. Meng stands in front of Appa.)

Katara: Goodbye everyone! It was so nice to meet you! Take care, Meng.

Meng (waving goodbye): Take care! (Appa turns away, cut to Meng's face, whose smile disappears and is replaced by a frown.) Floozy.

That's Chapter 14 out of the way. Chapter 15 is soon on it's way. See Ya Real Soon.

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