Summary: Klaatu has been home for a long time but no longer can he stand the distance between him, Helen and Jacob. So he dares to return, only to find that it's been three years.

Rating: T for some thematic elements, some possible language and possible adult situations.

Pairings?This I'm not sure of. Klaatu was an alien who, well, didn't comprehend the emotions that humans did and as couply as he and Helen looked, I really don't know if falling in love would be likely for either of them. However, I think I've found a truly reasonable way to give everyone a little taste of a softer, more curious Klaatu without bashing his extraordinary personality. So, here it is. If you keep reading, you may catch a glimpse of what could be looked at as a possible Klaatu/Helen moment...or at least as Klaatu/Helen as it can get. The elder in McDonalds learned to comprehend human love, so maybe Klaatu can at least try.

~Across The Worlds~

Chapter I

What is time and space? Why are there stars around us? Why do most planets have a moon? Why would we need a sun? Who created all of this, what created all of this? Who are we really? What are we? Where did we come from? So many questions float about the Earth and only so few have theories that could be liable answers. All we really know is that all things great and small, living and dying, flying and walking, the moon, the stars, the universe…it is all here for a reason. None of it is overkill or unnecessary. There is a purpose for it all, and it is all of these things that keep us alive on Earth, that give us the chance to survive.



Laboriously he sat, thought and contemplated in an idealistic way. His mind full of equations, his hands continuously etching on the glass-like slate that would be equivalent to earth paper, drawing out different plans and design possibilities. They worked him hard, and if his hands weren't drawing they were putting something together - a model of sorts.

The hours in the laboratory were rewarding for one who desired an honorable title - and Klaatu was an ingenious scientist among the colony no doubt. But at times he grew tired, weary in his body and mind, often desiring things that the others would deem as wicked humanistic thoughts. So, to himself the desires remained and he continued doing what he was destined to do - design, construct and build.

He often wondered how it felt to endeavor into the pleasures that human beings shared. He wondered restlessly how their society had grown accustomed to delighting in things they referred to as hobbies and leisure time. For the most part, he thought it strange and maybe even foolish, but on the other hand it engaged his curiosity even further to contemplate on how and why the humans did the things they did and what it felt like to be engulfed with that pleasure.

The doors slipped open, quickly vanishing as a figure stepped through, and quickly they closed behind him.

Klaatu heeded no mind to the male presence as it wandered quietly to lurk over his shoulder. Then the male, cloaked in white, began to speak to him in a tongue that only their race would understand.

"Klaatu, you work long but remain far from finished."

"It is a project that takes much time, Captain." Klaatu replied blandly, never pausing from his work.

"The Colony is expanding quickly. More housing is needed. The machine must be finished soon, Klaatu."

"It will be finished when it is finished." he responded, now glancing the Captain coldly.

"Very well then. You're the scientist. The creator." The alien returned the sneer.

"Then we've come to an understanding at last." Klaatu sounded challenging in his tone and this did not appease the Captain.

For a while the alien stood behind his shoulder, quietly observing the work Klaatu did. Then he broke the silence and said,

"There is to be a council, Klaatu. The Secretary of the Republic has asked me to inform you. The Prime Minister has many important things to discuss and it is important that you appear."

"When is the council?"

"In ninety two hours. We will be expecting you."

"Then I shall come." Klaatu had no desire to ask of what it was - asking was not something they commonly did. For when they were called to do something or attend something they did it. Questions were a rarity and often considered an act of rebellion depending on the situation.

"And Klaatu," the Captain stalled on his way to the exit, speaking abruptly. "Do not disappoint me." he added in reference to the project. "Ever since your return, I've feared for the worse. I think these Earthlings have made you soft. It does not please me."

Klaatu did not respond, he only waited anxiously for the Captain to leave before returning to the task at hand. After the doors had shut behind him and Klaatu was certain that the imbecile was gone, he thought of the malicious beast that held the end of his chain, dangling it before his face in a mocking manner, and he wondered just what he meant by 'soft'.

The control he had over Klaatu was futile. Why he watched him like a hawk was unknowing to him, but Klaatu knew it to be worse since his return - it was as if he suspected something or perhaps wanted to catch Klaatu in some lie. He resented him for saving earth, for believing in the humans, and if the choice was his own the Captain would gladly cast Klaatu into exile. But the Republic had agreed that the humans deserved a second chance, and so Klaatu was at least welcomed back in his own society.

Grunactagu 123456-8908311, a large shuttle that orbited through space near the planet Warranekti. It made up the countless homes of many Colonists, Colonists who worked as scientists, engineers and military, making their home here among many and bringing their families to live in this cold place.

Their families. Klaatu often mused at the young aliens he would see in the halls near the upper floor where the living quarters were, seeing them walk so solemnly alongside their parents.

The offspring here were different from the earth children. They did as they were told and their parents cared for them well, seeing that they were fed, clothed and bathed; but there was no parental love, no child-parent bond. It was all a duty, an instinct to follow like most everything else. It was nothing like Helen and Jacob.

"Helen…Jacob." he spoke their names out loud, absentmindedly. It seemed like everything he saw around him threw some small piece of remembrance at him, forcing him to recall the friends he had made on Earth.

Friends...and they were human of all things. Klaatu had only ever thought of himself as a friend to the Earth and nothing more.

They had fascinated and amazed him in ways they didn't know, for the bond they had was unlike anything he had ever seen. It was different, something he couldn't reckon, and Klaatu wondered how the elder, who spoke with him in that strange restaurant, had learned to love the humans, much less comprehend what love was.

What was a bond and how did it feel? What ability did it take to develop feelings for another living thing, feelings that soared beyond instinct?

No one here expressed deep and passionate emotions. No one here made the facial expressions nor act in the manner that humans did.

Klaatu tried to stop thinking about them, he tried to stop remembering, but strangely these beautiful creatures were not so easily forgotten.

Often he trailed the long halls near the dissection labs, peering through the glass and catching grim glimpses of the life that had been gathered from the other spheres. The aliens had chosen to take advantage of the creatures they had managed to collect, mainly amphibians, insects, reptiles, rodents, fish and small birds, things they had only ever studied from afar, but now they had the chance to examine these creatures more closely, to conclude what they truly were.

Klaatu thought little of the dissecting, only dwelling on the fascination these creatures brought to him; but a few days back while walking by, he had caught sight of a small bird in one of the cages. It glanced him back, and somehow the creature looked unhappy. If there was one emotion that his people knew how to express, it was coldness, albeit they were unaware.

He lived here like the rest, huddled in the warren in a one roomed dwelling where all necessities were crammed into one area.

He recalled the brief visit to the Professor and the warmth that filtered the air of his home. The strange images of pretty things mounted onto the wall; Klaatu barely noticed it, but as he rendered his own dwelling he began to think more on the human housings and how they appeared to him.

Sitting down on the cold metal chair, he reached for a small device, pressing his thumb against a small button and finishing an errand he had long planned to do, though it wasn't until now that the time to do so had been given. The alien would record his account on Earth.

"This is Klaatu. I have been home for some time, designing a robotic machine that will construct housing at a more efficient rate. I have been here for six months. After the completion of my mission, I have realized that I have brought back some intriguing memories that have been planted into my mind and I have had the privilege of seeing for myself what human behavior is, what it is like and what it means to them. And it has come to my attention that there is more to these remarkable creatures than many have given them credit for. They are by far one of the most extraordinary living organisms in the existence of this galaxy,"

The accounting was interrupted by a sudden buzz at the door. Slowly, he carried himself to answer the ringer.

In the hall stood a female, standing firmly behind a small cart topped with dishes of food that would be unappealing to the human tongue. She stared through him somehow and he glanced her momentarily in an almost observing way. In his people he saw little gratitude. In their eyes he saw nothing but blackness, or so it seemed. These were things he never minded before, but ever since his visit to Earth that had changed almost overnight.

Klaatu chose a random plate, bringing it in and returning to his desk where he began to sink his teeth into the squid-like meat. Once finished, he noticed that the food had inspired something else to comment on in his account.

"The earthlings have strange food, often stored in machines in convenient places. During my stay, I noticed that food was a common thing to come by and I assume that the reason for the frequent sights of eating places could be either two things: greed, or some fear of not having enough."

Taking a moment to recollect further thoughts, he went on,

"I will be attending a council before long. I do not know the full purpose of this meeting yet, but I am strongly considering to request the revisiting of Earth for exploration purposes."

To Be Continued…

A/N: Going by his intelligence I assumed that Klaatu would more than likely be somewhat of a scientist/inventor maybe, on his home planet.