i woke up with an empty bed beside be i looked around and found a note.


went hunting wont be back till noon ~ Edward.

Humph. Hunting...again, he always goes hunting like more then twice a week now. Oh well i thought and pushed the thought away. I got in the shower got dressed and went down stairs, i looked around, why not go for a drive? I thought,so i grabbed my keys and jumped in to my old Chevy truck. I started the truck an looked at my ring my engagement ring, it was so beautiful. I pulled out not exactly sure were i was going.

I soon found myself heading up the Cullen's driveway i knew Edward wouldn't be there but Alice would so i jumped out and knocked on the door Carlisle answered it and looked a little surprised to see me "hello Carlisle" i said he now looked pained to see me" Bella maybe this isn't the best time" that was a surprise. " whats wrong Carlisle?" i asked in a worried tone i heard him mumble something about Edward . I pushed past Carlisle and ran up to Edwards room as i approached the bedroom door i heard moans and someone yell "OH EDWARD!". Was he cheating on me? I opened the door and looked at the image before me Edward and some bimbo blonde were on the bed having sex. They looked up at me and i stared back. I couldn't help it i burst out laughing.

Now all the cullens were in the bedroom to and starring at me like i was crazy. "Edward ... you ...loser" i managed to say between laughs " Bella im so sorry" Edward said and started to get out of the bed " no, continue" i said and gestured for him to continue. He looked at me pained but he came over to me and i was no longer laughing i was mad now that every thing sunk in .Edward. Edward cheating. blonde bitch.

I felt a really big need to punch someone or something took my engagement ring off and through it at Edward" here i have an idea why don't you give this to the blonde whore over there and marry her?" i think Edward got mad that i called her a whore but i could care less now. he ripped my heart out once and buried it he dug it back up but still kept it, now he took it and stomped on it and enjoyed doing it. "have a nice life every one!" i said fake cheery and i stormed out the house and jumped in my truck.

I was crying angry, sad tears. The love of my life has cheated on me, the family i once wished to be apart of didn't tell me anything and they knew the whole damn time what he was doing. I was now on my street when a woman with wild red hair came out and stopped in the middle of the road it took me a while to recognize her. Victoria she ran over to my side of the car in a flash and tore the door of and grabbed me it hurt. A lot. I think she broke my arm but i was too numb to feel it. We were now in the woods somewhere

" come on all ready just kill me and get over it i could care less if i die" she looked surprised i got hope full when she put her mouth to my throat i thought for sure this was it im dead in a few more minutes. I was shocked when she pulled away she didn't drain me all im still alive she drooped me to the ground and was gone. Thats when it got hot oh god really hot im burning im being turned oh lord why do you hate me? I screamed in pain for years it seemed like and when i opened my eyes i knew what i was.

End of flash back.

Its been 33 years sense Ive seen the Cullen's. Edward. I have my own coven now Rick

my best friend ever well were more then friends were not quite dating but we have sex when we want and kiss a lot hung and stuff but theres no love just lust. We tell each other every thing. He has shaggy black hair that often gets in his eyes. Hes such a cutie!

And hes slender. Theres Christa and her mate josh. Christa has black hair and blue under layers. Very pale like lots of vampires her mate josh is blonde and has a hair style

similar to him just a bit shorter. When i say him i mean the man who broke my heart and stomped on it. Were all in a band called "thnxs 4 the Mmrs" that makes up of the four of us. Rick is drums, Christais keyboard and back up singer, Josh is bass and i am lead singer and guitar.

We were ariving at our new gig when we smelled the scent of 6 vampires besides our selfs. My thoughts instantly went to the cullens. I stiffend ans Rick noticed and put his arm around my waist and pulled me inside the buliding were the scent was much stronger.

(Tell me if i should go on or stop writing and never do it again i was simply board one day but if you like ill write more)