There was one very small girl Alice's size maybe a very big man around Emmet's size. I had absolutely no clue who they were but by the bright red eyes and smell they had i knew they were vampires. I could see they were danger, thats the reason Ihissed but i didn't know why the others did could they see it too? I looked up at rick and he was very stiff he looked almost frightened. "Rick?" he looked down and saw my questioning eyes and whispered "the Volturi".


"contingency plans?" i repeated.

"well i wasn't going to live without you" he rolled his eyes as if that fact were childishly obvious. " but i wasn't sure how to do it- i knew Emmet and Jasper would never i was thinking i would go to Italy and do something to provoke the Volturi ."

i didn't want do believe he was serious, but his golden eyes were brooding, focused on something far away in the distance as he contemplated ways to end his own life.

Abruptly, i was furious.

"what is a Volturi?" i demanded.

" The Volturi are a family," he explained, his eyes still remote "a very old powerful family of our kind. They are the closest thing our world has to a royal family, i suppose. Carlisle lived with them briefly in his early years, in Italy, before he settled in America, do you remember the story?

" of course I remember."


my mind drifted off not clearly remembering my human memories. " Jane, Felix" josh said just noting that we knew who they were. " what brings you here?" he asked just as the cullens rounded the corner. Suddenly both Felix and Jane had sinister smiles on there faces.