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Chapter One: Sudden Attack

It was three hours past midnight, and a single golden hawk with a blue star pendant on a silver chain around its neck flew around Terra Atmosia. But that was no ordinary hawk. It was actually Kara, Guardian of the Atmos and Sky Knight, transformed into a Sky Hawk. She often took midnight flights around Atmosia to scout for any trouble. With the betrayal and imprisonment of the Red Eagles' Sky Knight, Carver, there was no Sky Knight to lead the Red Eagles of Terra Atmosia. Kara and her boyfriend, fellow Sky Knight Adrian, had no interest in joining the Red Eagles, knowing the mockery they would get for being "children" because they were Sky Knights at the age of 14. But then again, they knew that there was another in their exact same position, except with his own squadron and travelling around the Atmos.

"Good… another silent night…" Kara mumbled to herself, "No sign of trouble so far…"

Suddenly, a huge green glowing missile appeared from the distance and was headed straight for Atmosia! There was an emblem of the Cyclonian Talons on it.

Oh no! she thought, folding her wings and diving towards the terra. She cried out in alarm, and in return, lights flicked on within the Sky Knight Council building. Instantly four of the councillors ran out of the building in their sleepwear and looked up at her. All the other townspeople came out running too.

"There's a missile headed straight for here!" Kara shouted as she hovered above them, "It looks like it's from Master Cyclonis and her Talons!"

"Hurry and try to see what you can do to stop it!" the head councillor told her.

Another councillor pointed and they all looked at what he was pointing at. The missile was headed right for them. Somehow it had sped up and got there faster than expected.

"GET INSIDE!" Kara yelled at them, but it was already too late.

The missile detonated, and instantly, the terra was covered in a huge fog of green gas. Coughing could be heard all around them.

Kara tried to beat her wings in order to blow away the fog, but it failed.

I need to get to the others, she thought, they should be in headquarters.

A few months ago, before the incident with resurrecting Piper of the Storm Hawks, Kara and Adrian had created a secret group they called the "Wyvren Knights". They went around Atmosia and surrounding terra's and helped the people there. But no one ever knew who they were. She flew close to the ground, making sure she wouldn't crash into any buildings. When she arrived, she collapsed to the ground, coughing. The gas was starting to take a toll on her lungs.

A young man with short, messy brown hair and light chestnut eyes ran out and helped her up. He was holding his breath as he helped her into the building. After he closed the door and locked it, he exhaled deeply before breathing in. Kara transformed back into the tomboy she really was. She shook out her long black hair and blinked her dark brown eyes. She was wearing a Sky Knight's uniform, with the emblem of the Wyvren Knights painted onto the armour.

"Are you okay, Kara?" Adrian asked worriedly.

She nodded. "Yeah. My powers have made me immune to the effects of that gas… at least… I hope so… but it was hard to breathe out there. What was that green fog anyway?" she replied.

"Don't know…" he admitted, "But I know Laura and Chris are out there, so we may be in for some trouble."

"We've got to get outta here," Kara told him, "While we're airborne, I can alert the Storm Hawks for assistance. We will most definitely need help on this."

He nodded, walking towards one side of the room where two mysterious vehicles were hidden under a huge sheet. He grabbed one end and threw it off, revealing two silver, purple, and blue coloured skimmers. They looked slightly identical, but they actually weren't even close. Kara's was the one on the right, a Skimmer III Extreme, while Adrian's was a standard Skimmer III with some modifications he did himself. With some help from Kara, of course.

"We've gotta get outta here quick. Who knows what that gas could do to the others? Or to us if we stay too long," Adrian said, revving up his skimmer.

Kara got onto hers and looked at him uncertainly. "But I'm kind of unsure about just leaving the others behind to Cyclonis' wrath," she told him.

"Don't worry. Once we make contact with the Storm Hawks, we'll ask them for their help and we'll all do this together," he reassured, pulling out a heavy-duty container, "And I'll take a sample of the gas so that hopefully we can analyze it once we get on the Condor."

"Let's go," Kara said, pressing a button on the wall, and instantly, the wall right beside it moved up and they hurriedly drove out into the fog, the wall closing behind them. They held their breaths as they drove as quickly as they could out of there.

A few moments later, they broke through the dense green fog and flew off the terra, them and their bikes plummeting towards the Wastelands. They pulled the toggles on their bikes, transforming them into bi-planes, and they began to fly away from Terra Atmosia with a heavy heart of leaving their friends behind.

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