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Ch. 1 (15) Two by Two


(Kelso's POV)

Boss and the Absol began to stir in their sleep. They had become real quiet after screaming for so long. Officer Jenny had left me to watch them, while she waited for the transport in the lobby. Boss was beginning to open his eyes. He took a few moments to focus.

"Wahhhhh!," he screamed in my face, "Kelso, what are you trying to do give me a heart attack!"

"(Boss you're awake! You're awake! I'm so happy that I could dance!)," I cheered while jumping up and down for joy.

"Would you get off of me before you break something," Boss said throwing me of off him.

"(Ow, my head.)," the Absol said.

"(Oh h-hiya, Absol)," I said while peeling my self off of the table.

"(Oh, hey... Do I know you?)," she said blinking the sleep from her eyes.

"(Uh, nope not at all!)," I ran to the safety of my Pokeball, "(see ya Boss!)"

I pushed the button and saw a red light before being sucked into sweet sanctuary.


(Morgan's POV)

"(What a strange Kelceon)," I turned to Marcus, who looked as if he was recovering from some sort of hits to the stomach.

"(Hey, how are you feeling?)," then I slapped myself.

... oh that's right, he can't understand me in the real world.....

"My head hurts a bit and I didn't appreciate Kelso using me as a trampoline, but I should be fine," he said rubbing his head, as he looked around the room, "where am I anyways? Speaking of which, who asked that? Where are you?"

"(Wait, so you can understand me?)," I asked.

"Well of course I can," he said as he continued to look around, "you are speaking in perfect english..... though I can't tell where your voice is coming from."

"He's right in here," Officer Jenny said as she opened the door followed by a paramedics with a stretcher.

"Hey Officer Jenny," Marcus waved at the guests. The paramedics and Officer Jenny looked at each other.

"Just what are you trying to pull," one of the paramedics asked.

"Nothing," Officer Jenny defended herself, "he wasn't awake when I left the room!"

"Look, we have more important business to take care of than these ridiculous false alarms," and with that the paramedics left the room.

"They sure are a grumpy bunch," Officer Jenny shrugged, "Marcus, it sure is good to see that you're awake."

"I may not be completely well," he scratched his head, "for a minute there, I thought I was hearing voices."

"(You weren't hearing voices.)," I said again without thinking.

Officer Jenny walked over and stroked my hair, uh fur, I mean.

"Well, looks like Absol's awake too. What a beautiful fur coat for such a young Absol." Officer Jenny said as she continued to scratch my head.

I decided to let her pet me. It made me feel better after that nightmare. I looked over at Marcus.

..... By the look in his eyes, I guess he might know who that voice is.... Maybe I should confirm his suspicions....

"(Well, it's completely natural. Hey, how about a little to the left? Yep. Yep right there. Now that feels nice.)," I smiled, not because Officer Jenny got just the right spot, but because of the look on Marcus's face.

"What's a matter Marcus? You look a little pale," Officer Jenny said obviously seeing the same face as I did.

"(Yeah, you look about as pale as I am white.)," I teased.

"Well, It's just.... nothing, I'm sure. Maybe I just need to lie down for a bit longer," he said as he laid down on the table again.

"That might not be such a good idea," Officer Jenny stood up, "after all, you were a victim of the sleeping curse and seem to be the only one that has awoken from it. You might not be able to wake up next time."

"I was what," Marcus sat straight up.

"Do you remember anything from the dream that you were having," she asked.

Marcus looked at me, as if he wanted some sort of permission. I remember a lot that happened in the dream, but not everything. I frowned and shook my head no. Marcus seemed to understand.

"Nope not a thing," he lied, "I'm really sorry Officer Jenny, but I can only remember going in and coming out. Everything in between is a blur."

"Well, that's too bad," she sighed, "I was hopping for some sort of clue as to how you two managed to wake up."

"(Two?)," I asked and looked around, "(Hey, where's Bobby?)"


(Marcus's POV)

I was not about to let Officer Jenny know that I could suddenly understand what that Absol was saying, but I'm not really one for being inconspicuous.

"Bobby? Where is he? Is he okay? Oh man, if I lost him!"

"Marcus calm down, alright," she held me by the shoulders, "Bobby's.... well, in another room."

"Where is he," I asked, getting out from under the covers.

"I don't really think that," she looked at my expression, "Okay, fine. Follow me."

... Score! My signature begging Eevee eyes did it again...... I got up to follow her out of the room. Absol jumped from the table.

"And where do you think you're going," Officer Jenny walked past me.

"(I'm going to go see my friend)," Absol barked and smiled happily, enduring the pain in her shoulder.

"You are in by far in no condition to leave this room just yet," Officer Jenny scolded her. Absol got real close to the ground and looked at her with those big red eyes of hers with her lip quivering.

"That's not going to work on me. I've trained hundreds of Growlithe and they all gave me that same look."

"(But I don't want ta be alone!)," she cried as she came up closer to me and started rubbing against my leg. "(Work with me here kid or I'll do something else I'll regret.)"

At that moment, I noticed how sharp Absol's blade was, but that may have just been my imagination....

....at least I hope it was.


(General POV)

The paramedics had just now finished reloading their van. They swiftly got into the back of the ambulance and drove off. After removing their white coats and wigs, the screen in the back of the vehicle was switched on.

"Commander Venus," they both saluted.

"So I take it that the retrieval mission was unsuccessful...." the woman on the screen showed no signs of any type of emotion. Her face seemed to be trapped in the same position as she spoke to the two bowl cut subordinates.

"No, it would seem that this one was a false alarm, Commander Venus," the left fashion disaster said.

"Are you certain," questioned the golden haired woman known as Commander Venus.

"The boy was awake when we arrived, Commander," this time the right fashion disaster spoke, "he showed no signs of the target's aura around him."

"It's not like Nurse Joys or an Officer Jenny to be mistaken," the commander pondered, "so is it not possible that he was able to escape the nightmare curse. I want you to observe that child for the next 48 hours. If he shows any signs of the target then take him in for a more thorough examination."

"Yes, Commander Venus," the freaks saluted.

"And be sure to leave no trace of Team Galactic: Delta Sector's existence. That is all."

(Meanwhile at ????????'s place)

"I know that two new Travelers came in at once, but I can't get a clear picture on them," the little girl kicked the television, "come on you stupid thing. Why is it you chose to break down now?"

"It's not like you to lose your temper...." a young boy's voice said.

"What do you think you're doing here?"

"My television was broken, so I thought I'd borrow yours," the white haired boy smirked, "but is doesn't look like yours is working too well either."

"Mine works just fine," the girl's anger was rising, "I just can't get a fix on any of the remaining Travelers."

"Did you try unplugging it," The long white haired boy laughed, but the girl was unamused.

"You know as well as I do that there's no plug."

"How about changing the channel," he said pressing the button. To the girl's surprise, an image came into focus, but it was not of the one she wanted to see.

"Hey, that Traveler is already a lot cause. Besides, I want to see the new ones," she changed the channel a few more times and found that there were three other channels that could not come into focus, "Come on work!"

"Don't get mad, just because I'm winning," the boy chuckled a bit before the little girl grabbed the boy by his shirt's red shirt collar, "hey, put me down you're gonna rip my favorite shirt."

"You know why the televisions aren't working, don't you?"

"Okay, I'll tell you what I know, just put me down," she did so, "I was going to tell you anyways, sheesh. The reason that you can't locate those four is because all four beings came from the same world."

"So their signals are interfering with each other. Well, that's just great! It was hard enough when there were only two of them from the same world."

"And here's the kicker, it seems that both your target 'Morgan' and the latest target 'Bobby' are also friends with the two new Travelers."

"You mean that they purposely fallowed them here?"

"No," the boy's blue eyes glowed even in the lack of moonlight, "but what ever makes this 'Bobby' so special, seems to attract his friends to him whenever he's in trouble. They all share some sort of bond."

The girl turned to the mountains just as the morning's sunlight started to peek through, "These are no ordinary Travelers, are they brother?"


(Marcus's POV)

After having to convince Officer Jenny that Absol was too scared to be left alone. That plan failed when Jenny said that one of the Chansey's would stay with her. Then having to use my pouting Eevee eyes on her again..... well, you get the point. We were on our way to see Bobby.

"Well, here we are Marcus," Officer Jenny gestured to the glass window. I peered in. Bobby was on a table and there were some wires connected to his body. There was also a heart monitor and a bag. Connected to the bag was a tube that was also connected to his arm. The orange liquid in the bag was emptying slowly, but noticeably.

"(Hey, what's going on? Let me see.)," Absol scratched at my leg. I carefully picked her up. She hated the fact that she was so short, but when she saw Bobby, she was speechless.

"What's wrong with him, Officer Jenny?"

"That's just it. Nothing," she shrugged, "According to both Nurse Joys, he just had something called a panic attack. Something in his nightmare scarred him so bad that he couldn't breath. Then, not breathing caused him to be scared and well, the cycle continued from there."

....Panic attack?....


"Bobby, It's okay. I'm here. I'm here," he said rocking the child back and forth. His hand still grasping the soothe bell tightly.

"It's okay. Bobby everything will be fine," I forgetting about everything else around me, "listen to my heart beating. Listen to my breathing."

It wasn't working. I was so scared. I couldn't think about anything else to do. So I started humming. Bobby slowly stopped wheezing and was falling limp in my arms. A few moment later, Bobby was breathing in and out harder than he should be but at least he was breathing. When the song was halfway done, Bobby was breathing normally again.

"(Look, he's waking up!)," Absol said snapping me out of my memory.

She was right. Bobby stirred a little bit. He slowly sat straight up for a moment, before he pulled the wire connected to his artery out.

Both Nurse Joys gasped.

They were surprised to see Bobby awake up at all.


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