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Ch. 30 (44) A Growing Flame

(Nick's POV)

"You guys did it," Nicole praised us. We beat all of the Kricketune. I don't know How we did, but we did. If I had to guess what my level was I'd say that I'd have to be at level fifteen by now. Kendle and Gunther had already thrown most of the fainted Kricketune up into a pile.

"(Well, that's the last of them.)" Kendle said as she threw the last one on the pile.

"(See why you shouldn't treat me like a child now?)"

"(Don't get cocky kid.)," Gunther growled.

"(Gunther, just admit that Nick was an excellent fighter already.)"

"(Make me!)," Gunther snarled at Kendle, "(I'm the strongest one here, so I'm the leader of the pack. And I say that the Kid was not that good.)"

"(Alright then…)," Suddenly, she started to glow and change shape, "(Now what do you say…?)" The newly evolved Houndoom growled deeply at Gunther.

"(Fine, You're pretty good kid.)," Gunther sighed, but I was gone, "(Hey, where are you going?)"

Me and Eiffel ran back to Nicole and Joseph. What? Don't judge me! I just don't want to find out if the burns you receive from a Houndoom really do not ever go away.

"(Safe now.)," Eiffel shuttered next to Nicole.

"(I know!)," I huffed.

"That was a great battle, Nick," Nicole's smile seemed to make my fatigue vanish for a few seconds and her sudden embrace made the pain dull a bit.

"Um, Nick could you, possibly…," Joseph asked shaking the bars to his cage slightly.

"(Oh, um sure…)," I said as I slashed the paint lines into the air. They weren't as thick as my first attack, but since it was Furry Cutter, they were stronger than ever. They slashed through the bars like butter.

"Thanks," Joseph slipped out and ran to the wreckage connected to the house, "Pop? Pop, where are you?"

"Nick stay with Unown, where it's safe," Nicole said as she moved her way over the wreckage and into the house.

"Ah, my legs," Pop had just woken up. His legs were trapped under another large part of the roof. They weren't being crushed, but they were stuck in place, "Help me, boy!"


"What did you say?"

"I said no. Not until you promise that you will stop this business of yours Pop."

"You dare bite the hand that feeds you!"

"No, but I do question wether or not Gunther or Kindle would like to use you as a chew toy or help you out from under there." Kindle and Gunther stood at both sides of Joseph as he looked down on his father.

"They wouldn't dare bite me! I'm their Master," Pop laughed.

"(You just tried to kill him and you don't expect them to hurt you?)" I asked despite the fact he couldn't understand me.

"Pop, I'm the one they saw first when they were born," Pop stopped laughing, "Not you."

"You wouldn't let them hurt your old man would you?"

"Ge, if it was my Dad that would be one thing, Pop," Joseph explained, "But you're not my Dad, not anymore."

"Hey, Joseph the phone's still works," Nicole yelled from inside, "I've got Officer Jenny on the line!"

"You wouldn't dare…," Pop growled at Joseph, but Kindle and Gunther growled back.

"What should I tell her?"

"Tell her the house collapsed and that my…," Joseph said as he walked away from his Pop, "and that Pop's stuck under the wreckage."

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I'm leaving Pop," Joseph said, "And you can't stop me."

"Come back here! You can't just leave me here!"

"I think that we just did," Nicole jumped over the wreckage as Kindle and Gunther followed her, "But don't worry, Officer Jenny's gonna take good care of you. See ya in thirty years to life!"

"You didn't actually tell her everything did you?"

"Oh, course not," Nicole shook it off, "Otherwise we wouldn't have any leverage."


"You can't come on a Pokémon Journey if he's in jail now can you?"

"You're the best Nicole," Joseph laughed as he reached into his pocket, "I've been waiting years to use this."

Nicole returned Eiffel to its Pokéball and me back into her bag. Joseph got to Ember.

"Hey, Ember," Joseph pet her, "we're leaving. We're finally leaving. Come on, wake up."

Hello... I'm not sure how I should start this. Maybe I should tell you more about myself. So let me start over.

Hello, my name is Ember. I am six years old and have yet to see the ocean. I always wanted to... Warm sand between my toes, dancing water as far as the eye can see, and, in the evening, it changes colors with the sky.

Now, I know what you are thinking. How could I know about something that I've never seen before? Simple, my family talked about it. They were always going there on their "weekend vacation" thing. When I was younger, Joseph used to tell stories about their trip. I realize how dangerous water is for my kind, but when I hear about the ocean, I'm not scared. On the contrary, I'm excited. Maybe it's because I was even born near there.

For the record, I don't really remember where I was born. It was too long ago and I was too young to pay any attention to details. The vastness of time was one of those details. All I remember from that day was the sunlight. The sunlight was bright. I knew what it was called for some reason. I'm not sure why. Perhaps, it's by the grace of the Gods. I remember the sun, then there was a shadow with a face. My master's smiling face. I miss that face.

"Hello there," Master said, "aren't you a beauty?"

"What should we name her, dear?"

"How about Ember," Master said, "she has such a unique glow to her."

"If that's what you want then Ember it is."

Master's Mate used to be this way with Master. They used to talk a lot more than they do now. He used to be so much nicer and she... Well, let's just say, that they've both changed so much since my first year.

"Joseph, say hello to the newest member of our family." I was placed on the floor in front of a much younger Joseph.

"Hello puppy!"

"No dear, Ember. Her name is Ember."

"Hello, Embrr!"

"That's my boy. He's so smart."

The four year old then latched himself onto me. My first impression of Joseph, very clingy. As days past, I didn't mind so much. Despite that I was loyal to Master, Master's Mate was the one who trained me. Teaching me the basics. Joseph love to watch. He even started to copy what I did. He even talked like I did. None of them knew it, but he learned to speak my tongue quite efficiently. Master thought that it was cute at first, but when he was five, both of them decided that it wasn't proper behavior to eat my food instead of his birthday cake. I can't imagine why. The few words that he learned stuck with him until he was a little older than that. Even years later, he growled in his sleep little meaningless words. I don't think that he remembers that he ever did.

Back to the ocean, Master's family went every month or so for a weekend. I learned that "weekend" meant two nights. I always missed them while they were gone but then they'd come back. The Daycare was a nice place, but it just wasn't home. Joseph tells me everything that he did at the "beach". Joseph would occasionally mention that he stayed this "hotel" place that I was born in. At one point, Joseph began to notice how sad I was when they were leaving, yet how happy I was to hear about tanning, sandcastles, bonfires and marshmallows (even though I have little to no clue of what most of those words mean).

One day, while in the middle of telling me about how they buried Pop in the sand and took pictures of his Mermaid sand body, Joseph asked the one question that I had least expected.

"Hey, Pop can we bring Ember on our next trip," Joseph winked at me.

My ears perked up. Between the two of us, winking means "Give them 'The Look' so we can get what we both want.". I drooped my ear down and well you know.

"Don't give me that look. You know why we can't bring her." My "Look" didn't even seem to butter him up. However, it didn't prepare him for his now eight year old.

"But they let all of the Trainer's Pokemon stay there," Joseph's "Look" is much more effective than mine ever was. Even as a new born pup, I couldn't top Joseph in this area.

"They don't have a choice there Joseph," Master explained.

"Then it's decided, I'm going to be a Pokemon Trainer."

Master giggled at the thought of their son being a trainer, just so that I could go to the ocean with them.

"But if you become a Pokemon Trainer then you'd have to travel the whole region. You can't bring you parents along with you."

"But I can take Ember to be my starter Pokemon, right," Master thought for a moment, then nodded, "Then the first place we'll go to is that hotel, you two can just so happen to be taking a vacation."

"Well, alright," Master laughed again, "But you have to wait until you're Ten before you can register."

"We can't wait! Right Ember?"

I barked in agreement. This was the happiest day in my life. That was my promise to go to the beach. Unfortunately, it was also the start of the worse two years of all of our lives.

A month later.

Master's Mate and Master came home from a party or something and they were both different. They kept yelling at each other for no reason, or rather they yelled at each other for every reason, except a rational one. Even us Pokémon bicker about more important details. That was the beginning…

"I just don't understand what happened, Ember. Ma and Pop never fought like this before."

I just licked him on the check.

"Thanks Ember," Joseph smiled again, "You always know how to cheer me up."

"No fair," Nicole grumbled, "Why is when she licks you it cheers you up, but when I lick you it's gross."

"Because you're a girl."

"Well, so is she," Nicole was expecting Joseph to laugh, but he just pulled his legs to his chest.

"What the heck is this Team Galactic about anyways? What makes them so special?"

"How am I supposed to know," Nicole yelled.

"What am I supposed to do," he asked me directly.

"Don't worry Joseph," Nicole patted him on the back for support, "everything will be alright."


"Come on Ember. Wake up," Joseph slowly woke her up, "We're going. I have your Pokéball ready and everything."

"(Joseph don't tease me…)," Ember growled.

"I'm serious Ember," with a tap of the Pokéball she disappeared inside, "(Now get some rest.)"

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