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(Bella's POV)

I sat in the car, fanning myself, and staring out the window at the endless fields of golden-brownish wheat, weeds, grass, and hills passed by.

As much as I liked to get away form my ex-boyfriend, car rides were a pain. Especially since the airport was about three hours drive from the place we were going.

So, I sat in the car, in the backseat, listening to my iPod because my parents were listening to whatever old people listen to. Maybe the Beatles or something. Hopefully, they wouldn't park the car on the shoulder and get out and start dancing. That could get embarrassing. I had nothing to do, seeing as our luggage was in the trunk, so I started thinking.

Dangerous of me, since thinking could lead to accident, if I'm walking towards the Grand Canyon. That one landed me in the hospital for a week.

So, I started thinking about Mike, my in-bred ex-boyfriend who stalks me every chance he gets. He was cute while he lasted, but I broke up with him. I had developed a massive crush on Jacob Black, and I wanted to let him see I was available. But, alas, my heart was broken as I watched him pine after a girl named Ashley and ask her out at lunch. By then, I had matured-ish enough to realize that Mike actually creeped me out. So, I stayed single.

I was done thinking. Almost. I had to look at the clock. Only five minutes. I groaned in frustration when I glanced at the clock. Renee looked back at me, frowned and went straight back to sleep. My brother, Stephan, was snoring in his seat.


The ONE time I actually WANT to fight, just to do something, he's sleeping.

We were going to visit Charlie and Renee's old and dear and old friends, retired DR. Carlisle and Esme Cullen; and their kids, Alice, Emmett, and, I mentally shuddered, Edward.

I hated Edward. He was too skinny and too weak and had a pubescent, squeaky voice that made me cringe. Plus, he was too dang smart for his own good.

They lived out in the country, as narrated, and the shortest way to their house was three hours from the airport. They had to live all the way in freaking Texas. We lived in Florida. It had been about four years since we last saw them. I was in eighth grade, and so was Edward. Stephan was in sixth. I couldn't see why Stephan adored Edward. He was annoying and obnoxious and mean. He had all these snarky little comments to whatever I said.

He obviously hated me, for whatever reason I couldn't see, and so, being the immature teenager that I am, I hated him back. I begged my parents not to let me go out to Texas with them. I wanted to stay in Miami with Rose and Jessica and Angela. But, as usual, my parents won the argument by telling me I would be able to see Alice. Alice was my favorite person out of all the Cullens. She was bouncy and energetic, and took me as one of her best friends immediately the first time she saw me.

We got there a few hours later, after some yelling, and milkshakes, and throwing up on the side of the road.

We drove up their mile-long dirt driveway and made our way to the front of a huge, white mansion. I didn't stop to look at it and gasp in awe. I had already seen it. Esme, in all her glory, made her way down the stairs to greet us. Cowboy style, of course. She was wearing a floor length dress and some cowboy boots, and a t-shirt that said, "Kiss the Cook," but other than that, she looked great.

Renee smiled and spread her arms out wide and said, "Long time no see, Esme! I missed you!!!"

And then the old ladies greeted each other old-lady fashion with hugs and kisses, and fake "You look great!"s.

Carlisle, by then, had arrived at the scene, in his normal clothes, flannel and jeans. He was pretty hot for an old guy. You know, kind of like George Clooney. Charlie and Carlisle greeted each other old-man style with handshakes and offers to bring the bags in.

I yawned. This stuff was so boring. Where the heck is Alice? I thought, dragging my suitcase up the stairs. Stephan soon followed. Esme caught up to me and said, "Let me show you to your room."

We all had our own rooms in the Cullen house. Esme had designed a room especially for me, and it was all white and blue and oceany and awesome. Despite her bounciness, Esme had great taste when she knew the person's personality.

"Where's Alice?" I asked, knowing already that she was at a friend's house.

"She's at Jasper's." Esme replied, releasing every detail about him that she knew and that Alice had told her.

By the end, I was finished unpacking and knew that Jasper wore tighty-whities sometimes and he was blond and had blue eyes and practically all his personal secrets that I would mentally block out for the rest of my life.

Esme left to go see to dinner, and Emmett came jumping in soon after.

"Bella!" he cried, gathering me in his arms and swinging me around.

"Uh, Em, I'm gonna barf all over you if that's okay."

He put me down.

"So, Bells, what's new?"

I flopped on my bed, taking my shoes off.

"Oh, nothing much. I broke up with my in-bred boyfriend, lusted after a guy who goes out with Ashley, and plenty of other things."

"Well, you're gonna have new things to top 'plenty of other things' by the time you go back to Miami."

"What do you mean?"

"Milking cows, lusting after Edward, helping me stack hay, shopping with Alice..."

I held up my hand to stop him.

"First of all, Em, I do NOT lust after Edward. That's just gross. Second of all, how are milking cows, helping you stack hay, and shopping with Alice 'new things'?"

"We got a new cow, ordered more hay, and Alice discovered new designer brands."


He smirked at me and got up to go.

"Hey Bells, dinner's in ten minutes, so go get ready, 'kay?"

I nodded.

I stood up and went to the bathroom to wash my face and comb my hair. I wasn't really one for staring at myself in the mirror, but this time I did. I looked pretty good for a Junior.

I slid down the banister and into the foyer, ran into the dining room, and seated myself at my place. The dining room was next to the back door, and we could see into the backyard. Everyone else was seated, except Edward and Alice. I didn't really want to know where Edward was, so I ravished the time without him. Soon, I heard the mower, and I looked out. There, I saw the most gorgeous body I'd ever seen, better than Jacob's. The body's head was wearing a black cowboy hat over glossy, bronze waves.

I felt myself drool a little bit.

I slurped it back in and swallowed. I stared some more. Six-pack, shirtless, no man boobs...I felt myself mentally listing all the things that I liked. He was wearing jeans and straddling the thing. I watched as he turned it off and slipped on a flannel shirt.

Mental note, I told myself, steal shirt.

He walked in through the back door and took his hat off. Chiseled face... He turned and and walked to the kitchen. I've seen those green eyes somewhere...

"Edward," Esme called, "Get in here and eat your dinner!!"

I almost choked.


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