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(Bella's POV)

Wait...love? No, that's crazy...I really didn't know what to think anymore. Everything was crazy. Me being in love was crazy. Me being in love with Edward?

Now that's insane.

But the thing was, I could imagine my entire life with him. The rest of my life, going off to college with him, getting married, having twelve dozen children (that's 144, so maybe I'm exaggerating), seeing them all off to college, growing old together, growing senile, then heaven. Heaven could wait awhile until I got him to love me.

I looked up at him shyly. He didn't even look at me. Edward hasn't had much girl experience, has he? Maybe I could like kiss him on the cheek or something and...what am I, a freshman? No way! I shook my head of weird thoughts and continued processing random things.

(Edward's POV)

Bella was being really quiet. Like REALLY quiet. Like quieter than she normally was quiet. Like Alice had gotten into her head and eaten her brains quiet.

Freaky quiet.

It was making me uncomfortable.

So I tried looking as natural as possible, trying to pass Bella off as my sister to the other customers in the store.

Wasn't happening.

Not by a long shot.

I sighed as I checked off the last thing on my list, a bag of marshmallows. My mom was really craving marshmallows now. Strange as it was, I couldn't pass it off as pregnancy like she could. It seemed to me like menopause, and I don't want to be around when she figures out that it is.

That would be unpleasant.

I looked at Bella. She had gotten extremely...something in the past few years. I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Especially since I hadn't seen her since the...um, kiss.

When she had brought it up, I had been so embarrassed that I just wanted to deny what it really was and reject her like she rejected me.

But I was in love with her.

My siblings made me realize that.

All these years, I looked at myself in the mirror, trying to be Bella's Prince Charming without realizing it, and now that I was standing next to her in Walmart, I looked around at all the husband and wife couples that were walking around, arguing about whether or not to buy 80% cotton 20% spandex underwear or not, I realized that what I wanted was to be that type of couple. But not just with any girl, but with Bella. Even though we were only in high school, I knew I had fallen in love, and fallen hard.

I wanted to be the beer-belly husband on the couch shouting at football games, and I wanted Bella to be the wife yelling at me to clean myself up before going to work. I wanted to come home and kiss her on the cheek and tell her that the kids had drawn in my important paperwork again.

I wanted to come home to her.

And nothing in the world would ever change my mind of that.

But the problem was...I didn't know how she felt about me. I mean, Alice had given me hints about stuff like that, such as, when I walked in that first day, Bella was drooling, and whenever I'm in the room, she turns red like she just stopped breathing.

I didn't see anything like that.

But of course, Alice always tells me my head is even more full of cobwebs than Emmett's is.

Because he had the guts to ask out his crush on Valentine's Day in seventh grade.

And they went out for a month.

As we walked over to the counter together, I gathered enough courage to ask one question while I was piling things onto the conveyor belt.

"What are you doing tonight?"

(Bella's POV)

I was going over in my head anything that I said that might have pissed him off.

That would be EVERYTHING, Bella. So...okay, I might have wrestled with him and acted like a guy and he might have a grudge against me for beating him up in his earlier years, but does that give him any right to ignore me the entire time we've been shopping?

...I guess so.

So when he popped the all-so-important question at the conveyor belt, I looked over at the cashier to see if she had noticed. She didn't. She was probably around eighty, so I guess that's why.

"I...um..." OMG, Bella! Hot guy asking you out? Of course you're saying yes! Whyever not? He's your total Prince Charming, he's your total other half! Okay, Valley Girl conscience? Freaking shut up.

"Um..." Memories flashed through my mind. All those fun times. But it's just a question, right? It's nothing, right? You don't imagine spending your life with him, right?


Dead wrong.

"Nothing...I guess. Why?"

He shrugged. "I don't know. I thought I'd ask."



Seriously? He put me through all that stress and sweat just to say "I don't know."?

I cracked my knuckles nervously.

Okay, he's just baiting me. He wants to see how I'd react. Be cool. Pretend you don't care. Pretend that this isn't killing you second by second. Bait him instead. He'll ask. Just wait.

(Edward's POV)

Hmm...she doesn't sound like she's doing nothing. Maybe she's just trying to be polite. I'll ask her in the car.

Bella was fidgety when we were checking things out. Even I could notice that. And I don't usually notice a lot of things. It was cute, though. I liked it. Maybe it has to do with asking her out. Maybe she WANTS me to ask her out. Keep baiting her. She'll get it.

I didn't really like seeing her so fidgety. She looked like she had to pee really bad.

We took the bags to the car and threw them in the trunk. I got in the front and Bella rode shotgun.


Ten minutes of silence.

I decided to pop the question since she was still getting fidgety.

"Alice, Emmett, and I are going with a few friends to a club this evening. We won't be back until tomorrow. You wanna come? It's not illegal for us since it's a club for minors and they won't have anything stronger than a Shirley Temple. Emmett just wants to introduce me to a few girls he met on his trip to London last year."

She was quiet for a while. I tried to put on an aloof air, even though I really wanted her to go. Nothing in the WORLD would ever stop me from wanting her to go with me.

"Hmm...well, if it's okay with my parents...yeah, I'll go. "

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