Fate is a Strong Word

Full Summary: Bella Swan enrolls at an all girls' boarding school in England. She doesn't expect to meet any other Americans, but befriends Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale, two American girls living in Yorkshire.

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My first day of school was relatively eventful.

Well, it wasn't technically my first day. I had gotten here yesterday to get settled and stuff. The real first day was today when I met all my other classmates and started lessons.

I was being swarmed as if I was covered in honey and had just been stuck in a beehive.

"Where in America do you live?" I was asked by a faceless voice from somewhere to my right.

"Phoenix," I answered simply, not knowing exactly who I was directing it at.

"Is that in California?" asked a girl who was standing right next to me, with black curly hair tied up in two braids and big brown eyes behind a pair of glasses.

"No, Molly," said a girl on my other side. "It's in … erm … Arizona, isn't it?"

"Yeah," said another voice without an owner.

Molly pulled her mouth into a pout.

"Seriously, if you guys were any slower, you'd be walking backwards." The previously unseen voice stepped out of the crowd and came to stand by my side. "Hi, I'm Alice."

The girl was a head shorter than everybody else in the room, with spiky black hair and pale skin. She was unnaturally pretty in a pixie-like sort of way, but the thing that most surprised me was the American accent she had.

"I'm Bella."

"Finally: we have another American! It was getting lonely, just the two of us."

The two of them?

"The two of you?"

"Yeah. There's me and Rosalie. Our parents work at the top-secret-not-allowed-to-talk-about-it American Air Force base."

I hadn't noticed the teacher come in.

"Alright, girls! Time for chapel!"

Oh, how fantastic. Forced Christianity and olive-green floor-length hooded cloaks.

Chapel is fun!

The walk there though, was a valuable time for conversation, I soon found out.

"So…you board?" asked Rosalie, who hadn't been in the classroom earlier. Tall, blonde and utterly gorgeous, she made me feel incredibly self-conscious just being in her general vicinity.

"Yeah. This is probably the furthest away from my parents that I've ever been before. I don't mind too much. Yeah, I'm one of those people." Alice laughed.

"What is it about your parents that makes you feel that way?" Geez, Rosalie, I didn't know I had to study for a pop-quiz this morning.

"I don't know. My mom's a bit of a pain. It sorta feels like she's the daughter and I'm the one taking care of her, y'know? And as for my dad…well there's not much of him to miss. He doesn't talk a lot, or interact with the family very much either." I sighed, but I don't think they entirely understood.

I think I may have gotten a bit on Rosalie's bad side.

Turned out she was and orphan, living with her adoptive parents, who apparently weren't very nice.

"I'd do anything to get my parents back," she told me. What she didn't say – but I knew she was thinking – was how she couldn't understand how I could leave my parents and give them up like they were nothing.

Alice didn't really seem to get it either. She was one of those big, happy families – two brothers (one around our age, one in the grade above us) and rich, happily married parents.

"You should come over some time," she said one day while she and Rosalie were waiting to be picked up. "Emmett and Edward are dying to meet you."

"Wait…what did you tell them about me?"

A shiny red BMW pulled up.

"Rosalie," said Alice, slyly changing the subject and gazing dreamily at the blond behind the wheel of the BMW. "Your brother is so hot. Remind me why you won't introduce us? I fixed you up with Emmett."

"Alice," she sighed, "I told you, I don't think he's your type. He's into all this Civil War stuff – stuff you wouldn't be interested in."

"But I'm totally ok with that!" Alice shouted as Rosalie walked away to where her brother waited in the car. "Pleasepleasepleaseplease?"

"Maybe," she said, walking backwards for a second. She was laughing as she climbed into the car next to her brother.

"That means no," Alice huffed, sitting down on the step her arms folded across her chest. "Oh, well. I'll keep trying and maybe next time…" She paused for a moment in thought. "Maybe the trick is to just kill Rosalie, put on a blonde wig and pretend to be her. Oh, wait…my dad's here." Alice skipped over to her dad's car – a sleek black Mercedes.

"It's worth a shot," I said, smiling, more to myself than to anyone else.

A/N: This story is based on a similar circumstance: and all girls' British boarding school in the heart of Yorkshire and three Americans. If you didn't get the Plain White T's song reference in the title, you are no longer my friend. All hope is not lost, however, because you can redeem yourself by reviewing. :) Tell me what you think.