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Alice had me tied to a chair, and was coming towards me with an unidentifiable, long plastic thing.

I closed my eyes tight and waited.

To my surprise, the make-up brush felt very smooth on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised, but knew I wouldn't be once I saw the results. A knock on the locked door banished these fears.

"Just a minute!" Alice yelled, then stuck her tongue back between her teeth in concentration. "I'm giving Bella a make-over, and I have to get this just right!"

"Alice, just spare her the trouble of washing it off, and let her go."

I opened my eyes with a start. "It's Edward!" I hissed to Alice. She rolled her eyes and lowered her brush.

"Alright then. You win. You can have her in a minute, after I untie her."

"Alice, if you had to tie her up, shouldn't it have been some sort of clue that she didn't particularly want to be attacked by your make-up brush?"

"Your point?"

"Just...untie her."

After she had, and I was rubbing my sore wrists and ankles, she allowed Edward into her room. I was reaching for my pillow, but I could tell that, behind me, both were trying to suppress laughter.

"Bella?" Edward asked.

"What?" I turned around, and Alice was sent into a fresh bout of giggles.

"One of your cheeks is a rather interesting shade of purple."


I took a deep breath. Calmly, I held up the pillow I had picked up.

"Alice Mary Cullen: get me something to wipe this off or, so help me God, the contents of this pillow will be over your head in the next thirty seconds." I was trying to look serious, but a smirk appeared across my face and gave me away. She threw me a pack of make-up removing wipes, and I wiped off the purple smudge on my cheek, laughing.

Alice finally let me go, and I felt sort of bad. Rose had come over to do homework with Emmett, so she had nobody to play with. Oh well, I sighed, she'll find something to do: like booby-trap the bathroom, or put frogs in my sleeping bag or something.

"Do you want to start with the first one, or a different one?" He held up one of the DVDs.

"No, let's start at the beginning. Though," I added, "whoever did the make-up in this episode deserves to be shot."

He laughed. "I've always thought that too." He put the DVD in, and sat down in a chair. It was quite small, and if I were to sit on it with him, we would be squished together. I began to look for a different place to sit, but Edward had shuffled up to the very far end of the chair, and was patting the seat next to him. It wasn't as cramped as I first thought it would be, nor nearly as awkward. Once the film started, I almost lost sight of the fact that I was even sitting next to him, apart from my burning cheeks, and the electric shock I felt in the places where our bodies touched.

"You've heard the latest rumors, of course? That Louis was captured, just before Christmas? What do you think they'll do with him? You can't kill a king..."

"Obviously he's already forgotten about Charles I." I looked at Edward quizzically. He saw my expression and chuckled. "We had to do the Stuarts in History in year eight...that's um...seventh grade to you. Did you know, that despite raging for four days, the Great Fire of London killed only a handful of people?"

"Really?" He nodded. "How long have you been here, then?"

"Since I was seven...ten years."

"Wow," was all I could say. "You're practically British."

"Well, Carlisle was born in England to American parents, but I don't think that makes me British."

"So, where did you live in the states before you moved here?"

He turned to face me. "This could take a while. Carlisle met Esme when they were both working in Ohio, and then they moved to Wisconsin. They then moved to Tennessee where Emmett was born, then to Chicago, where I was born, and though I don't remember it, they tell me they moved to Mississippi, where Alice was born. After that, we moved around, to New York; to Pennsylvania; to Washington. And then here. And we haven't moved for ten years. It's so nice not to have to pack up and leave every few months and abandon the friendships I've formed."


"That's what you get when you're parents are with the military."

Wouldn't it be blissful, I thought, to not be tied down in a place? Go wherever you want, with no strings attached, like a bird, or one of those sailors on the screen. But humans form attachments. We're too sentimental to be moving about this much.

"When's your birthday?" he asked, out of the blue.

"September 13th. Why do you want to know?"

"So I can tell Alice when to sing 'Happy Birthday' to you in front of the whole class."

"You do, you die." He laughed.

"Calm down, I won't," he said, and we settled down to watch the rest of the film.

The last part I remember seeing was the death of Lieutenant Eccleston, a little over halfway through the episode. Each episode was two hours long, and the day of walking I'd had made me drowsy; I must have fallen asleep. I slept soundly, and without dreaming; I felt safe, not like I would have done in my potentially frog-infested sleeping bag in Alice's room.


I was half-watching the show in front of me, and half-watching Bella asleep on my shoulder.

She looked so peaceful, and so fragile. Her skin was so pale, and looked so thin, that it seemed as though I would tear it just by touching it. I tried it; ever so gently, I dragged the back of my forefinger across her cheek. Her skin was so smooth, so warm.

She was beautiful: there was no denying that. She wasn't gorgeous in a ridiculous sort of way, like Emmett's girlfriend, but beautiful in a more subtle way. Her cheeks were a perfect, gentle shade of red. Her chestnut brown hair fell to just past her shoulders, and ended in slight little ringlets. It smelled of strawberries.

When 'The Duel' ended, I almost couldn't bear to go to sleep myself and miss a moment of her peaceful slumber. I just picked up a blanket by my side and draped it over her, and allowed myself a smile. Soon, I heard whispers at my door.

"I think they're asleep."

"So Eddy didn't get lucky?"

"Shut up, Emmett! She fell asleep in his room! Do you know what this means?"


"It means our plan is working!"

"I thought our plan was to spy on Eddy and Bella."

"Our plan was to set up Edward and Bella. And it's working! Come on." I heard my door handle click, and my bedroom door squeak open. Alice and Emmett's glowing faces appeared at my doorway, and I slowly turned around to glare at them.

"Oh. Hi, Edward. Is Bella asleep?" Alice whispered.

"Yes. And don't you dare wake her."

"He's loving it!"

"No, Emmett, I am not a McDonald's commercial. And stop calling me Eddy. She's just so...peaceful. Let her sleep."

Emmett just made kissy faces.

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