TITLE: Propositions



TIMELINE: 2004 part of season 9

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SUMMARY: Jen's imagination is running away with her. Or is it?


"What do you think of me doing you against the wall, Coates?"

Jen's head snapped up and her eyes wide as saucers as she stared up at her superior officer in stunned disbelief.

"W... wha... what?" she stammered, her brain frozen, but her body wholeheartedly approving the proposal, screaming 'Yes! Yes! Do it!' and preparing for the pleasurable exercise. She swallowed, trying to moisten her dry mouth. No luck.

Men are not the only gender who has a smaller head, with which they think some of the time, women have such a head too. And it, together with the surrounding area, had received all the blood that should've gone to Jen's brain. "What did you say, sir?" she finally managed, silently berating herself for questioning the proposal instead of just propping herself against the nearest wall, pull up her skirt, take off her underwear and beg him to do it. Er... her. Do her.

"I said:'What do you think of me doing your and Mattie's support wall, Coates'? You know, the wall you and Mattie have been talking that needs to be fixed and re-painted. I had to repair most of the walls in my apartment, so I have experience. And you two paint the rest of the walls."

He repeated, then noticing she was flushed, perspiring, panting and her pupils had taken over her irises; he cocked his head and with his own orbs filled with concern, inquired. "Are you alright, Jen? You don't look so good."

Jen just gaped at him for a second. The nerve...

But then she looked into his eyes and saw the sincerety, true bafflement and concern. For a second she'd thought he was pretending he hadn't said what she'd heard at first, but looking at him now she realized he hadn't. It had all been in her mind. She closed her eyes and shook her head, groaning. She had it bad. Now, not only was she occasionally having erotic dreams about the two of them, not only did her feelings for him cause her to lose concentration at least once a day, but she was now starting to hallucinate him propositioning her.

She'd thought she'd gotten over the man, but she'd apparently thought wrong. It's hard to get over someone, to stop loving them, if you live just next-door to them, work in the same office with them and spend time with them 24/7. Now she was flushing from embarrassement, no longer arousal.

"Yeah. Sure. Thanks, sir." she muttered and hurried collecting his files so she could flee from his office.