Naruto The Twin Swords

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Chapter 25


Part 1

Lemon Story

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Author's Notes:

This series was created as a separate entity for the Naruto Dragon Champion series that I started. The reason for the separation was the fact that making epic stories with lemons would consume too much time and while I enjoyed doing that in GunDread SEED The Second Stage, I discovered that it would consume too much time and I didn't want to delay the chapters of Naruto Dragon Champion and I would lose my train of thought for the series…

Thus the lemons are here instead of being in the main story. Just so everyone is clear. The scenes that are about to be written here will NEVER happen in the anime and manga in real life….though I wish it could. So they will only be found here in this story. And since we ARE talking about four women after one guy….you can bet all the money in your wallets and BA (Bank Accounts is you have any.) that things are about to get really hot and steamy.

All right, enough banter….on with the show!!!


In the bed room…

Naruto could only moan in pleasure at the moment as Kurenai and Anko continued to lick and play with his ears at the moment, while Shizune was busy touching his back and shoulder blades and placing gentle kisses that got his blood going….and the sight of the blonde Hokage in her birthday suit and between his parted legs made Naruto feel very alive for some reason…

He shivered as Kurenai and Anko began to rub their bodies on his own….and that allowed their breasts to move up and down on his arms at that moment and it was taking so much of his will power to not lose it at that moment. However it seemed that it was exciting the four mature women even more as Tsunade touched Naruto's erect cock at the moment and she smiled at Naruto.

"You look so hard Naruto-kun….I was amazed when I saw this you know…."


The blonde Hokage smiled was she began to run her hands slowly on Naruto's cock and it was quick to react as well, much to her delight as she touched it. The blonde Hokage had to admit that it had been years since she had ever been with a man and she was eager to feel the pleasure and bliss of being with a man, it was even more of a turn on to know that the man liked her back and now was the time for her to see just how much of a man Naruto had become.

Naruto turned his head to the right and Kurenai was quick to take advantage and kissed Naruto deeply in the mouth and the red eyed Jonin reached down and grabbed Naruto's right hand and placed it on her breast and Naruto began to massage Kurenai's breasts slowly….making the red eyed woman moan in pleasure as they kissed each other as Anko took her own route into pleasuring the blonde Chuunin as she kissed and licked his chest…giving Naruto a number of kiss marks on his body. She then takes his left arm and places his fingers in her mouth and proceeds to lick and suck on them for a few minutes before moving his hand to her breasts and making Naruto touch her breast with his fingers.

Shizune was not planning on being left out on the action as she continued to kiss and lick Naruto's back and skin while pressing her hands in certain parts of the body. As a skilled Medic Nin, she was familiar with the human body and how it worked, though not in the same caliber as that of Tsunade….and being trained in the art since she was young by Tsunade….she was familiar with how to use chakra to enhance a person's reactions to stimulus and she was going to put that knowledge to good use.

She let some of her chakra flow out and she ran her hands on certain nerve clusters and endings on Naruto's back and she was aiming for the pleasure centers and clusters and began to stimulate them carefully and gently and the results were obvious as Naruto became all the more active at the moment and Shizune smiled as she even used her chakra to her lips in order to spread out more of the pleasurable sensations on Naruto's body.

Tsunade smiled in approval as she continued to caress Naruto's cock and then his sac gently, making the blonde Chuunin moan out loud in pleasure at the sensations that were flooding his body at this very moment. Tsunade decided to take it one step further and smiled as this had been a while since she had done this to a man and now she wanted to see if she still could do it.

She kissed Naruto's cock on the tip and got an immediate reaction from the blonde Chuunin and she smiled as she used her tongue and lips to pleasure Naruto even further and the blonde didn't disappoint as he moaned out loudly while still being kissed by Kurenai. The separated and Naruto gasped at the sensations as Tsunade kissed and licked his cock from tip to the base and the sight of the gorgeous blonde Hokage doing those things to his cock while she was gloriously naked was doing wonders to Naruto's mind at the moment. Tsunade saw that and looked at Naruto as she licked and kissed his cock slowly and sensually.

"Watch this Naruto-kun…."

Naruto could only look as Tsunade opened her mouth and slowly took in his cock and the sight of the blonde Sanin doing this to him at this moment and time drove Naruto out to shout in absolute pleasure as Tsunade slowly took in Naruto's cock and she licked the tip, sides and lower portion as she took in his length…


Naruto couldn't help but say that endearment as Tsunade was doing things to his cock that was driving him to lose control of his normal train of thought at the moment. It was incredible…it was so hot, wet, and so right….it was driving him crazy at that moment.

Tsunade was enjoying this greatly, she had to admit that Naruto's growth was certainly good and his body showed it as well. He was already nine to ten inches long, and for someone his age…THAT was more than perfecta at the moment. As soon as she took in all of his length and was able to easily control her body's gag reflex she let Naruto's cock get used to it being there, she knew for a fact that Naruto's actions told her that he was a virgin and the fact that she was about to have sex with a man who she did love back and was a virgin at the same time sent a thrill of pleasure down her spine.

Tsunade continued to relax and as soon as she felt comfortable, she moved her head back and forth and caressed Naruto's testicles slowly. Once in a while she would release Naruto's cock from her mouth and then gently lick it from tip to base and the sides as well….


Tsunade looked at Naruto who was blushing bright red and she blushed a bit as well….it had been so long but she was happy that she still had what it took to make a man squirm and shout her name in pleasure….it was a real turn on for the blonde Hokage and Sannin to know that she still had it….and now she had every intention to make this night memorable for Naruto and herself.

"I want to hear you scream my name Naruto-kun…only louder this time…"

With those words, she also used her training with the human body to use her chakra to aim at Naruto's pleasure centers and she even took it one step further and with a light application of her chakra to her tongue, she increased the sensations with greater results as Naruto tried to move his hips but she was easily able to restrain him with her hands.

It was then that Shizune got involved as she pressed a certain cluster of nerves on Naruto's back and Naruto couldn't help but moan out at that.

Shizune then kissed Naruto deeply and then spoke.

"I think I'll help Tsunade-sama."

With that, Shizune moved away but not before sending a wave of pleasurable sensations up and down Naruto's spine with her fingers, tongue, and lips. Shizune then made her way to where Tsunade was and she spoke to Tsunade.

"Can I join in?"

"Of course."

And it was not long before the two women, master and apprentice placed their knowledge of medical jutsu to the job at hand….and what a pleasurable job it was at the moment. Tsunade reached down with her hands and used her chakra training to tickle the pleasure centers in Naruto's thighs and the sensation was driving Naruto wild….as Shizune used the same moves on him doubling the pleasure he was feeling at the moment.

Kurenai and Anko looked at Naruto and were smiling at the way the blonde Chuunin was blushing and moaning out loud, for Kurenai, the sight was very arousing, and for Anko, she was enjoying every second of this. The two friends couldn't help but smirk as they had a very wicked idea.

Naruto moaned in pleasure as Shizune and Tsunade were there, licking and taking turns with his cock at the moment as well as his testicles….the sight of the two women doing VERY sinful and delicious things to his cock with their mouths and tongue was driving him to the brink….but he not going to be alone for long as Anko and Kurenai put their own plan into action as they kissed him first and it was in a three way kiss and when that hot tongue battle between the three was over, Kurenai was in front of Naruto and standing in front of him.

This naturally allowed Naruto to see Kurenai's vagina for the first time and to his amazement, she kept herself very well groomed, a small triangle of soft, wet fur was right there in front of him and he could see the wetness that was there….showing him that the red eyed woman was already very aroused.



Anko smiled and spoke to Naruto.

"Kurenai-chan wants you to lick her there Naruto-kun. She's really eager at the moment you know and you would make her very happy right about now."

Naruto gulped and decided to lean forward and the moment he touched Kurenai's wet vaginal folds, the red eyed woman moaned out loudly and the blonde Chuunin couldn't help but taste Kurenai's inner wetness and to his amazement, he liked the taste and he slowly licked Kurenai's wet folds gently, taking in more of the red eyed woman's moisture and Kurenai was moaning out deeply as she held Naruto's head closer to her body. The blonde Chuunin reached with his hands and held Kurenai's hips with his hands and Kurenai was enjoying the situation. Anko was not offended at the moment as she watched the whole scene and she couldn't help but get even more aroused by the sight before her at the moment.

Naruto was being given what many would call the best blowjob in existence by two of the most skilled Medic Nin in Konoha's history, and he was licking the sex of one of the most attractive Jonin in the whole village, the moans Kurenai made was very arousing and Anko was not planning to be idle forever as she looked at it and he reached for Naruto's hand and then licked his fingers once more and she spoke to him.

"Here's something you are going to LOVE feeling Naruto-kun!"

Anko moved Naruto's now wet hand and as soon as she had guided his hand to her own soaking wet vagina and without any hesitation, she guided his fingers right into her vagina and she hissed deeply at the pleasure that flooded her senses at that moment and as soon as Naruto's fingers were as deep as they could go while they were in her wet vagina, she began to guide Naruto's hand to move his fingers in and out and she moaned as the sensations that came as a result of what she was doing with Naruto's hand….it naturally didn't take too long for Naruto get the hang of things at that moment and she no longer had to guide him on how to use his hand.

Naruto was in heaven at this moment and time….he was in what most men would literally kill to be in at the moment. And this was going to be something that he was not going to forget anytime soon. His right hand was moving in and out of Anko's wet vagina, while he was licking Kurenai in the same place, as well as this strange bulb that whenever his tongue touched, the red eyed woman would scream even more in pleasure….and that excited him to go even further with his actions on her wet sex. And naturally, there were Tsunade and Shizune taking their turns on his cock and the feel of each woman taking their turn was so arousing and filling him with amazing sensations with not just their physical actions but with their use of their chakra to further stimulate the pleasure centers of his body at the moment.

It was not long before both Anko and Kurenai reached their limits as both women screamed out their release and the blonde Chuunin couldn't help but feel aroused as he lapped up as much of Kurenai's moisture as he could manage at that moment and the feeling of his hand being covered by Anko's own moisture drove him to the edge as he finally came hard and shouted in pleasure.

Tsunade and Shizune sensed that situation moments before and Tsunade took the first shot and engulfed Naruto's cock and she moaned out loud as she felt Naruto's hot and thick cum fill her mouth and to her amusement and delight, it was actually sweet tasting and very nice to her taste buds, she lapped up as much as she could and heard Shizune groan, showing that her adult apprentice wanted a taste of that and she nodded and she moved away and allowed some of Naruto's cum to fly to her face and that made her smile as Shizune made her mown moved and took Naruto's cock into her mouth as it released more seed…and like Tsunade, Shizune found the seed much to her liking at that moment and she took as much as he could take.

Naruto lay back on the bed and was panting….that was his very first orgasm and it floored him like a massive hammer would hit a man on the head and drive that person down to the ground. He could only gasp as he took in as much air as he could…and when he could look, he spotted Tsunade and Shizune with their faces covered in his cum and the sight of that was enough to get him back up to speed as his cock twitched in reaction.

Anko gave a slight scowl and spoke.

"Hey! I want a taste of that!!!"

Tsunade looked at Anko, then Kurenai and then to Shizune, the Jonin apprentice of Tsunade blushed and nodded as the two women moved away….Tsunade went to Kurenai and Shizune when to Anko and much to Naruto's shock and awe….Tsunade started first by opening her mouth and allowing some of the cum he had released out and Kurenai was quick to catch on and she opened her own mouth the take in his cum.

Shizune does the same thing and Anko is giving a moan of pleasure at this and when both women tastes Naruto's cum, they smiled as they swallowed what Tsunade and Shizune had handed them and the sight was so strong and sending powerful erotic thoughts to his brain. Tsunade wiped her face clean and licked the left over cum from her hands and Shizune did the very same thing and Shizune spoke.

"Naruto-kun tastes very sweet doesn't he?"

Kurenai nodded and Anko gave a very lustful grin at Naruto with Tsunade smiled as she licked her lips as well….the red eyed Jonin then spoke to Naruto.

"I think you need to let us have more of your delicious essence Naruto-kun, what we had was only a light taste."

"Yeah….we're going to have some fun with you, so have plenty of that delicious milk ready."

With that Anko and Kurenai went to his cock and were eager to have their own taste of his cock and his cum as well and Naruto could only stare until Tsunade and Shizune were there to have their own fun while Kurenai and Anko had their fun with Naruto's quickly hardening cock. Naruto could only moan out loud as both Kurenai and Anko licked his cock on either side and then they took turns, licking, sucking and, kissing Naruto's cock from tip to sides and base, as well as the two of them taking turns to play with his testicles

Tsunade however had other plans.

"I want you to taste me too Naruto-kun, but I think I'll let Shizune go first….are you ready for that Shizune?"

Shizune blushed and spoke to Naruto….

"Make me feel good Naruto-kun….I am so wet…"

Shizune straddled Naruto's head and gently lowered herself to Naruto and Naruto was quick to see that Shizune's own vagina was soaking wet and he could smell her arousal greatly at this moment and he couldn't help but blush as he looked at Shizune's wet vagina and he couldn't help himself and reached out to lick her folds…Shizune moaned out loudly at this and said Naruto's name.

"Right there Naruto-kun….yes…."

Tsunade smiled at this and decided to help as she straddled Naruto as well and was now behind Shizune and played with her apprentice's breasts to further stimulate Shizune and to further add to the whole situation, she uses her chakra in the same technique to touch Shizune's pleasure centers and the Jonin couldn't help but moan out loud at the sensations that were flooding her brain at the moment.

Naruto on the other hand was utterly turned on by all this as Tsunade continued to play with Shizune's breasts and both Anko and Kurenai continued to take their time with his cock and they would take turns with it, first Anko would take his cock deeply into her mouth and licked from tip to base and as soon as she had her fill, she played with Naruto's testicles with her tongue and Kurenai took her turn and she did the same thing….making Naruto moan out even more at that and he continued to lick Shizune's vagina and his tongue finally hit the clitoris of the older woman and the result made Shizune shout in pleasure.

"That's it Naruto-kun!!! MORE!!!!"

Tsunade loved the sight and spoke.

"That's it Naruto-kun….make Shizune scream out your name."

Naruto moaned as he continued to lick Shizune's vagina and tasted her juices and it was certainly different from Kurenai's own taste and that made Naruto realize that each woman had a unique taste to their inner selves and it was quite interesting for him at the moment, and truth be told….the sight of Shizune all covered in sweat, blushing bright red, her face in the throes of pleasure and joy, her breasts heaving and being played with by Tsunade's hands was very erotic to him at this moment and time.

Shizune was in heaven as she looked at Naruto who continued to lick her vagina with gentleness, desire and passion as well, this made Shizune even more aroused as she reached with her hands to Naruto's head and stroked his hair gently.

"Stick it in…..yes, like me there Naruto-kuuuuun….more! Oh yes more!"

Naruto did his best and it seemed that he was doing all right as Shizune was moaning out her pleasure and he couldn't help but be even more aroused by the sight of Shizune being driven in pleasure by him and by Tsunade and that mixed with the pleasurable sensations that Kurenai and Anko were placing on him at this moment and time. The blonde Chuunin didn't know how much longer he was going to last in the pleasure that was flooding his brain and the smell of sex was filling up the room and making the blonde Chuunin and the women even more excited. Kurenai and Anko were enjoying themselves at the moment and it showed as they continued to take turns licking, teasing and touching Naruto's cock and testicles, this was the ultimate fantasy for most men in Naruto's mind….and thank Kami he was experiencing it first hand.

(Man….I am NOT going to mention this night to ANYONE ever!!! Kakashi-sensei would freak, Kami only knows how the other guys will react, and if the Pervy Sage hears about this….I am going to grilled alive!!!!)

But that was the last thing on Naruto's mind as he finally reached his limit as Shizune also reached hers and she orgasmed….


Shizune arched her back and screamed as she felt her body nearly shatter in pleasure as she came and Naruto couldn't help but lap up as much as he could at the moment of Shizune's moisture and that was when he finally came as well.

Kurenai and Anko were already waiting and as soon as they sensed Naruto's orgasm, they were ready, Kurenai went first and got the first bursts of Naruto's cum into her mouth and she moaned at warmth, thickness, and taste, she was certainly going to like this for quite a while and she took in as much as she could and then moved aside as Anko took her turn. The former student of Orochimaru was more than happy to take in as much of Naruto's cum as she could manage and like before….she like Kurenai, Shizune, and Tsunade loved the taste and she was going to enjoy this night for all it was worth…

"Naruto-kun tastes VERY nice, doesn't he Kurenai-chan?"

"Yes….yes he is…"

"Oh yeah….I can get used to this."

Anko had a very lustful gleam in her eye as she swallowed the amount of Naruto's cum she had in her mouth and so did Kurenai who also had a very seductive gleam in her eyes at the moment.

Naruto was able recover as Shizune moved away as well as Tsunade and all four women were on the bed around Naruto to look at the blonde Chuunin as he got his body and energy back, as soon as he was able to get his wits back, Anko leaned forward and licked his face with her tongue.

"Mmmm….even your skin tastes nice….if you were a buffet meal, I'd gladly go for seconds."

Kurenai nodded as well…her gaze was heated with passion, desire, and overwhelming lust as she looked at Naruto like he was something she needed in order to even breathe. Tsunade nodded at that as she and Shizune were even more eager to make Naruto moan and scream out their names….however, she kept in mind that Naruto needed to make all of them cum at the very same time but that would be a long way from now….however…she had a very wonderful idea.

"We can't wear him down too much ladies… why don't we do this….Naruto-kun….I want you to make a number of Kage Bushin."


"You heard me….don't worry, this will help out a lot, you're about to find out how Kage Bushin can be used outside of fighting…and I KNOW you're going to love it."

Naruto was finally able to get the energy to his body as his Dragon Fire reserve kicked up a notch with his chakra and he was able to summon the Kage Bushin requested by the four women.


In a few moments, a number of Kage Bushin were there, at least The four women couldn't help but give warm smiles to the Kage Bushin, Naruto, and one another. Tsunade looked at her naked compatriots and fellow Kunoichi and they also nodded. Naruto tried to figure out what was going on until Shizune moved and grabbed the arms of four of the Kage Bushin, while Kurenai took the hands of three of the other Kage Bushin and Anko grabbed the four remaining Kage Bushin and the three women were getting ready to have fun….and this allowed Tsunade and Naruto to be alone together and Tsunade was not going to waste any time.

She crawled over Naruto in a slow and almost catlike grace and she smiled at Naruto and spoke.

"Now Naruto-kun….for tonight, I am not the Hokage, nor a Sannin for that matter, I'll be a normal woman, but not just any woman….I'll be YOUR woman….make me scream and moan your name….my lover."


Naruto looped his arms around Tsunade's neck and the two kissed one another deeply and as soon as the two were kissing each other deeply. As soon as the kiss was over the blonde Hokage was quick to act as she presented her breasts to Naruto and he wasted no time as he reached for her lovely, full, and well formed breasts and licked her deep red nipples, much to Tsunade's delight and pleasure as she moaned out her lover's name and enjoyed the actions of his tongue on her breasts as she was over him.

Naruto then reached out and caressed Tsunade's back and as soon as he was done laving considerable attention to her large and well formed breasts, he moved back to her face and the two kissed deeply once more.

Tsunade moaned out in pleasure as they kissed once another and she could hear the moans of the other Kunoichi and the Kage Bushin as well and that excited the blonde Hokage even more at the moment as she continued her deep lip lock with her lover and as soon as the separated….she was quick to act as she moved on her hands to touch Naruto's cock once more and gently caress it…making Naruto moan out loudly….and Tsunade marveled at how quickly Naruto got aroused.

"Mmmm….I like that Naruto-kun, you're really eager for this…aren't you?"


Tsunade smiled and made her move at this point and moved to be in front of Naruto's erect cock once more and to Naruto's amazement and pleasure….she used her hands to place his cock between her large breasts and he was overwhelmed by the softness that smothered his cock right there and then and Tsunade was enjoying the feel of Naruto's cock between her breasts. She gave a seductive smile to Naruto and spoke to him.

"You like the feel of my breasts Naruto-kun?"


"Good….now I'm going to make you feel even more."

With that in mind….Tsunade was moving her breasts up and down Naruto's cock and with her hands pressing her breasts together….Naruto could only wail in pleasure and bliss as the feeling of Tsunade's breasts rubbing his cock was driving him to the brink of Cumming again but he held on as he wanted to last longer this time as he focused on calming his racing heart and his nerves as they were on fire from the pleasure. Tsunade was enjoying the way Naruto moaned and cried before her.

Shizune was having her own fun as with her Kage Bushin at the moment as one was busy give her a deep throat of a kiss while another was playing with her breasts. The Jonin was standing as both Kage Bushin were doing their best to make Shizune cum hard, as the first moved away, another went down to Shizune's wet vagina and much to her pleasure, the Kage Bushin began to lick her wet folds and her clitoris once more and that made her react in deep pleasure at that moment, and then the other two Kage Bushin made their way to her breasts, one Kage took one on breast while the other Kage Bushin took the other breast, and the results for the Jonin were amazing….she was moaning out in absolute pleasure and bliss at this very moment as the Kage Bushin behind her played with her back and to her arousal was rubbing his cock on her butt and it was making her even wetter that that moment

"Oh yes….right there Naruto-kun!!!!"

The Jonin apprentice of Tsunade was in heaven as she had never done something like this before in her entire life and this was exciting her bit by bit as she was being surrounded with pleasure at the moment as the Kage Bushin licked and sucked her breasts in very arousing ways, while the Kage Bushin who was between her parted legs was licking away at her ever increasing moisture and pleasure, while the other was sending great shivers of pleasure running up and down her spine with his cock rubbing her butt at the moment. As soon as she was able to gasp for breath, the one behind her kissed her deeply as Shizune was once more being plunged into joy and pleasure at what was happening to her at this moment. As soon as the kiss was done…she screamed in pleasure.


Shizune wasted little time as she came hard a few minutes later and she was now on her knees and shared a deep kiss with the Kage Bushin that had licked her wet vagina to her orgasm and the two kissed one another deeply as Shizune didn't mind the taste of herself in the mouth of her Kage Bushin at the moment. As soon as that was done and out of the way….Shizune found herself being surrounded by the four Kage Bushin and she saw herself surrounded by their cocks as the other one she had been kissing earlier had now stood up.

Shizune blushed and made her move, running her hands on two cocks and began to use her hands…making the two Kage Bushin moan in desire and pleasure while she licked and sucked on the other two before her….further adding to the sounds and moans in the room at the moment.

Anko was enjoying herself immensely as well as she had a LOT of fun with her own group of Kage Bushin at the moment. One was having his cock between Anko's own breasts at the moment while another Kage Bushin was begin straddled by the Jonin and was licking her dripping wet vagina at the moment and he was lapping away, much to the Jonin's delight, while the other two were on the sides and pushing their cocks before her….and Anko merely smiled and replied seductively.

"Down boys….there's plenty of Anko-chan to go around!"

And to prove her point at that, Anko make the Kage Bushin below her stop and she had him moved the other way and she then had his cock bend down ward to the stomach and when that was done, she placed her wet vagina on it and began to move her hips and that allowed her vagina to massage the cock in the most pleasurable way possible and the Kage Bushin could only scream. The Kage Bushin who had his cock between Anko's breasts was finally released and Anko took hold of the other two who were on either side of her at the moment and she licked her lips.

"I am going to make you scream my name at the exact same time."

With that plan in mind, the Jonin proceeded to take on all four of her current companions at the moment and she was going to enjoy every second of this very delicious and rewarding out ing at the moment. She removed Kage Bushin's cock from her breasts and brought the three of them closer to her and she proceeded to take them each in turn….all the while, she played with her breasts and the two other cocks that were close to her, and the sight of that was enough to arouse any normal human male at the moment as Anko went on with gusto and energy with her actions on the Kage Bushin at the moment..

Kurenai was having her own share of fun at that moment with her own Kage Bushin as she had one licking her wet vagina as she lay down on her back and another one was also placing it's cock between her breasts at that moment, while the other Kage Bushin was currently kissing her deeply and she was loving every second of this as her breasts were being moved about by the movements of the Kage Bushin's cock between them at that moment. As she felt her body reaching release….she moaned out loudly and as the Jonin broke the kiss between her and the Kage Bushin.

As soon as that wad done, she had the Kage Bushin who was on top of her move away and sit next to her at the other side as both the Kage Bushin were close enough, the Jonin held both their cocks with her hands and began to kiss, lick and suck on them while using her hands as the other Kage Bushin who was licking her vagina and clitoris then moved to rubbing his cock over it and making Kurenai moan out even more in pleasure and joy as she was getting into the swing of this as Anko and Shizune were..

The overall result was the sounds of sex filling the room as well as the smells of sex filling through the room and spilling out through the house….Naruto was lucky that there were no roving bands of ninja there at the moment, had there been any who would have infiltrated his home and saw this…

Well, it would have made one hell of a scandal in Konoha!

While all this happened, Naruto finally reached his limits as he came hard from the feel of Tsunade's breasts rubbing his cock in the most sensual and hot fashion.


Tsunade smiled as Naruto came hard as she got some of her lover's seed on her face and she took in his cock and swallowed the soon to come shoots of cum from her lover's cock and she relished the sweet taste and the warmth and thickness of it all and she sucked hard on Naruto's cock to get all that she could get at this moment and time.

Naruto felt his eyes flow back to the back of his head from the pleasure that stuck him and he felt like he was going to pass out from all the pleasure, but he managed to use his chakra and Dragon Fire to bring power back to his body and it showed as he was glowing with the normal blue chakra and then the white and golden flame…making the blonde Hokage smile in surprise….allowing Naruto to make his move as he reached out and with amazing swiftness was able to reverse the situation as Tsunade was now underneath him at this moment and the blonde Hokage was very surprised at Naruto's actions and the speed in which he did those same actions. However she was not unhappy as she purred at her lover and rubbed his face….her hand was unharmed by the energy that was leaking out of Naruto and she smiled.

"Ooooh….adventurous aren't you?"


"You know….if ANY person did this to me when I was clothed….I'd make sure to end their lives for that, Jiraiya included. But for you….I am willing to make a great exception."


"Care to make me feel better Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded and knew already what was going to happen and what he was supposed to do at this moment and time as he kissed and licked Tsunade's breasts and he couldn't help but place his face into her breasts…making the blonde Hokage chuckle in delight at the sensations her lover was giving her at the moment and she couldn't help but comment.

"You men….I can never understand why you like our breasts so much…."

Naruto didn't answer as he didn't need to as he took in Tsunade's right nipple, making the blonde Hokage blush bright red as he licked and sucked on her right nipple and then her left nipple, he also laved her breasts with his tongue and then made his way to her well formed stomach and hips and kissed his way there and then he reached Tsunade's wet vagina and saw that she also kept her lower self clean and trim, her triangle of wet fur was so exotic that Naruto couldn't help himself but kiss it and that made Tsunade blush a bit more and Naruto couldn't help but look at the sight before him at this moment.

The tough and strong young again Tsunade, the current Hokage of the village, and someone he cared deeply about…

Naked before him, covered in sweat, blushing deeply, her skin flush and pinkish red….her breasts moving up and down due to her breathing at the moment….it was erotic to the extreme…

He placed those thoughts aside and Tsunade merely parted her long and gorgeous legs and he was now able to see her wet vagina and the sight was enough to make Naruto gasp….but his lust, passion, and desire won over him thoughts as he moved to be close to Tsunade's wet folds and passionately began to lick them and kiss them as well…making Tsunade moan out a bit as she was enjoying this situation for as much as she could. It was when Naruto licked and kissed her clitoris that the Hokage began to make much louder cries…and for good reason…

It had been a VERY long time…

Naruto continued with his actions and he felt very much rewarded for his efforts when Tsunade gave out a loud cry as he teased and licked her clitoris and her vagina and the fresh juices that came out from her sex was more than enough to tell the blonde Chuunin that he was doing all right at the moment and he had every intention to see the end through as he carried one.

"Yes…..right there Naruto-kun!!!!"

Tsunade moaned out loudly as she reached with her hands and grasped Naruto by the hair and gently held him close to her without accidentally harming him since that was the last thing she wanted to do to her lover at the moment and as she continued to reach the very limit of her endurance….Naruto finally succeeded and made Tsunade cum hard.


The blonde Hokage arched her back and she held onto the bed sheets tightly as her release hit her fast and hard and sent shiver's of pleasure and bliss through every corner of her body at that moment and time, it was glorious to her as she lay there and let her body fly in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Naruto saw that and he couldn't help but move back and gently kiss Tsunade who was not bothered by the fact she was tasting herself at the moment. As the two parted, Tsunade nodded and got ready as Naruto once more placed himself between Tsunade's legs and he slowly gulped and took hold of his cock and slowly moved forward, he made it to the outer folds and he slowly pushed his cock in and the sensations were enough to floor him. It was like he was entering a brand new world of sensations as he slowly pushed his cock past Tsunade's soaking wet outer folds…

"Yessss…..deeper Naruto-kun…"

"Tsunade-chan….you feel so good….I'm going to faint…"

"Not yet Naruto-kun…."

Naruto managed to control his body's desire to faint from all the delicious pleasure that was flooding it at the moment and as soon as he was finally able to bury himself deeply into Tsunade's wet vagina….he shouted out his pleasure at the sensations that flooded his body and Tsunade heard that and she smiled warmly as she was also blushing due to the pleasure and sensations that were flooding her own senses. She had never felt so full and complete in years….and soon enough, the familiar gnawing hunger for completion and release overcame her once more.

"Go on Naruto-kun…"

Naruto needed no further guidance as he was driven purely by instinct at that moment and he began to move his hips slowly….pulling out at first and the sensations that flowed through him were absolutely delicious and as soon as he was nearly out, he pushed back in…making Tsunade moan out loudly as he began to pick up the pace and slowly pushed in and out of Tsunade's wet and throbbing vagina and the blonde Hokage was also enjoying the pleasure and sensations that were flooding her body at this moment and time.

"Naruto-kun!!! That's it….faster! Harder! Deeper!"

"Tsunade-chan!!! You feel so hot, tight….oh kami!"

The two lovers were enjoying the pleasure and bliss that was filling their bodies at the moment as Naruto began to pick up the pace and it was then that Naruto decided to try using the same trick that Tsunade and Shizune had done t him before and that was to use chakra to stimulate the pleasure centers of his body and he was more than willing to try it out. And he focused his chakra at this moment and then moved it through his hands, lips, tongue, and his cock as he continued to thrust deeply into Tsunade's vagina.

Naruto's actions were quick to affect Tsunade as her pleasure centers were now being touched in very powerful and delicious ways at this moment and the blonde haired Hokage was more than willing to reveal how much she was enjoying the sensations as Naruto continued to move his cock in and out of her hot, willing, wet, tight and soft vagina.

"Oh yes….right there Naruto-kun! This is glorious!!!!"

The blonde Hokage was further pleasured by Naruto as he once more licked and sucked on her large, soft, firm, and well formed breasts and the nipples, and with his use of chakra and Dragon Fire to further increase the pleasure being felt by the blonde Hokage, it was hardly a surprise when the two finally reached their release point. Tsunade came fast and hard….and Naruto came at the very same time…making both blonde lovers scream out in absolute bliss.



The blonde Sannin couldn't help but feel her body being filled to the brim as she felt Naruto's hot, and thick cum fill her vagina right to the limit….it was something she had not felt in quite a very long time and she was very much in joy for it as she felt Naruto's cum fill the areas of her body and made her feel more alive than she had ever been at this moment and time and it was good to her. She held Naruto tightly as she felt more of his cum fill her and her orgasm was almost over as the pleasure flooded her very senses and she wanted to remember this down to the very core of both her soul and her bones.

Naruto felt like he was in heaven at this moment and time as he felt Tsunade's vagina milk his cock for all it had in him at the moment and the feel of Tsunade's inner walls caressing and massaging his cock made Naruto feel like he was going to be drained of all his essence, but he was not going to mind that in the very least as he gave a few more thrusts for good measure and as soon as he reached his limit….he slowly pulled out of Tsunade's wet vagina and watched as some of his cum came out and was there in Tsunade's vagina.

"You….were so good….Naruto-kun…

That was also the same time when the Kage Bushin that were around Shizune also reached their limits and came hard….they covered the Jonin with their cum from her face….to her breasts and body and that was enough to make Shizune cum hard as well as she shouted out her joy….however she was far from satisfied at the moment as she directed attention to the real Naruto.

Naruto could only gasp as the Kage Bushin that had surrounded Shizune finally poofed away and he was quickly hit with the memories of the pleasure that the Kage Bushin had experienced….

The pleasure had clouded Naruto's brain so he was unable to discover quickly the ramifications of what had happened. Tsunade smiled as she moved aside….despite the fact that since she had cum hard from what she and Naruto had done earlier and she was more than willing to let Shizune have her turn. Shizune was covered in the cum of all four Kage Bushin and her eyes were glazed over with lust, passion, desire and more as she moved over to Naruto and quickly kissed him from behind.

"Naruto-kun….I want you now….please!!!!"

"Yes Shizune-chan!"

Shizune blushed as she quickly got on top of Naruto and quickly placed her hips in position with Naruto's cock at that moment and she then lowered her hips and both of them moaned out loud as Shizune didn't hesitate and took in Naruto's full length, her vagina was so wet that there was nothing that was going to stop that from happening and Shizune cried out loudly as she felt herself being full to the brim and the pleasure for her was very much welcome at this point and time. As soon as she felt Naruto's cock fill her to the very limits of her body….she moaned out loudly to Naruto.

"You're so deep Naruto-kun….I feel so….full!!!!"

"You're so tight Shizune-chan…."

"Make me feel good Naruto-kun!!!!"

Naruto nodded and used his chakra and Dragon Fire to give him more energy and he began to moved his hips, lifting Shizune up and as soon as he moved back down, this allowed Shizune's vaginal walls to massage, grip, and caress his cock in a very wonderful way that made her scream and moan out her joy and pleasure at that moment. As soon as Naruto got his rhythm into play, Shizune began to move her hips as well…further adding pleasure to what she was feeling at this point and time. The two continued to pick up speed and power as time passed while Tsunade observed all the while, still feeling the effects of her amazing orgasm and was more than content to watch and regain both her strength and her drive….

And the sight of Shizune and Naruto moving as one being and hearing the sounds of sex, smelling it thick in the air and the sight of the other Kunoichi being thoroughly pleasured by Naruto's Kage Bushin was more than enough to make her even very happy.

"Naruto-kun….harder! Deeper!!!"


The two continued to make their moves on one another at that moment and the pleasure continued to mount for the both of them as Naruto continued to move his hips to drive himself even deeper into Shizune's wet and throbbing vagina while Shizune moved her own hips to take in as much of Naruto's own cock into her vagina as her inner walls caressed and held Naruto's cock in as best they could….Shizune was in heaven at the moment as more and more pleasure flooded her body and she wanted it to never end. Naruto likewise focused his chakra and Dragon Fire to arouse Shizune even further and the results were worth it as Shizune wailed in pleasure and joy at each thrust of Naruto's cock into her wet vagina.

Naruto moved upwards and the two shared a deep and hot kiss with one another as Naruto moved hips as best he could while Shizune did the very same thing at this moment. Naruto also touched Shizune's breasts and the Jonin relished the contact that she was getting at this moment and time and the fact that she and Naruto were in a deep and utterly hot kiss with one another was also making her all the more excited and aroused as Naruto's use of his chakra and Dragon Fire to touch and intensity the pleasure she felt by arousing her pleasure centers.

It didn't take very long for the two to finally reach their respective limits as Naruto thrust harder and deeper into Shizune's wet sex as Shizune drove her hips faster on Naruto's cock which was moving in and out of her vagina due to their combined actions at that moment. And it was not long before the release they both craved and lusted for came and hit them hard.



The Medical Nin and Jonin apprentice of Tsunade screamed out her lover's name and so did he as they both came at the very same time.

Shizune felt Naruto's cum fill her body as the hot, thick and strong cum flooded every corner of her body and made her body feel more alive as it made her become more energized as she and Naruto then kissed each other very deeply as she felt herself being filled to the very limit of her body at this point and time….it was so good that she couldn't help but grind her hips to further increase her pleasure and that of Naruto's own pleasure as well.

Naruto himself felt like he was once more being drained of his essence by Shizune but he was not bothered by that in the least as he moved his hips as he unleashed more of his cum deeply into Shizune's hungry vagina and the feel of her inner walls milking him to the point that he felt like Shizune wanted to take him into the very center of her own self and that made him feel even more aroused as his final thrusts made him feel how her inner walls were caressing and milking him for all that he had at the moment…

As he pulled away from Shizune, he got to see some of his cum moving out of her wet and dripping vagina and the sight made him feel something that was to be decribed as delicious pleasure and desire….it was also when the Kage Bushin who were with Kurenai finally reached their limits.

Naruto gasped in deep pleasure as the Kage Bushin that flanked and occupied Kurenai finally poofed away and the Jonin was now alone….covered in the cum of the three Kage Bushin who were with her. The blonde Chuunin was still beset by the pleasure of his orgasm with Shizune that he had not yet seen the trick of using Kage Bushin.

She stood up and smiled seductively at Naruto as she too was covered in both her sweat and the hot and thick cum of all three Kage Bushin who had kept her fully pleasured and aroused at the moment. He could only watch in a pleasurable state of mind as Kurenai slinked up to him and smiled warmly at him.

"You're so good Naruto-kun….ready for me?"



Naruto barely had time to react when Kurenai kissed him deeply and then she proceeded to kiss and lick her way to his chest and then all the way to his stomach and touched her special seal where the Dragons where as well as the seal placed there by the Yondaime all those years ago…she gave it a parting kiss and then as she reached his cock, she merely kissed and licked the tip….unmindful of what had transpired between Shizune, Tsunade and Naruto….after all, she had taken great care of herself and both the previous Kunoichi were exceptionally talented and top notch Medical Nin so she was not that worried at the moment. Kurenai smiled at the lustful and passionate look Naruto had and she quickly turned about and showed her dripping wet vagina to Naruto while she was on her hands and knees and only had to shake her butt to send the message, along with her words.

"Come on Naruto-kun….this position will make us both FEEL good!"

Naruto needed no further invitation at this point as he moved up and then grabbed Kurenai's hips and pushed his cock right into Kurenai's wet vagina and it slid deeply into the red eyed Jonin's vagina without any trouble and Kurenai arched her head back and moaned out loudly in pleasure as she finally felt her lover's cock go deep into her eager and hungry body.

"Oh yes!!!! Right there Naruto-kun!!"

"This feels….so good!"

The Jonin moaned out loudly and began to move her hips as Naruto also got into the swing of things as they slowly started out to get used to both the position and to find their needed pace and rhythm. And as soon as they were able to establish this pattern and rhythm, the two went at it as Naruto reached with his hands and once more used his chakra and Dragon Fire to touch Kurenai's breasts, hips, spine, neck, and then to her joy and pleasure…her clitoris as well.

"OH YES!!!!!!"


The two lovers finally got the rhythm right and Naruto and Kurenai were mating wild animals in heat and the two cared very little on who was watching them at the moment, while Tsunade and Shizune were enjoying the pleasure and sight of Naruto and Kurenai together at the moment as the red eyed woman's face showed the pleasure and bliss which she was feeling thanks to Naruto who's hands were covered in blue chakra and gold, white Dragon fire as well as his lips and tongue as he licked her spine and shoulder blades.

Kurenai couldn't help herself any longer as she leaned backwards and the two sheared a deep and passionate kiss and the two lovers were deep into one another as Naruto continued to pump his cock in and out of Kurenai's soaking wet vagina and the Jonin finally moved away and was able to keep herself stable as Naruto continued to lick, kiss, and fondle her body to the heights of pleasure while he continued to move his cock in and out of her dripping wet vagina and drove her to the ends of her limits.

It was then that both of them finally reached their limits.



Kurenai was in heaven….there was nothing in her mind that could clearly describe what she was feeling at this very moment as she orgasmed and felt Naruto's hot, thick and strong cum fill every corner of her body and made her feel complete and full at this moment. She felt Naruto move his hips a bit more…sending aftershocks of pleasure down her body and she couldn't help but sigh as she felt more of his cum fill her body to the brim.

Naruto as well was feeling the end as he felt Kurenai's inner walls milk and caress his cock, taking as much of his essence as she could….the blonde ninja felt like he was going to faint at the sheer amount of times that he had cum but he was not going to let this stop him from enjoying this as much as he could as he moved forward and kissed Kurenai when she turned her head to face him….the two kissed each other deeply as Naruto slowly pulled out of her wet and dripping vagina. And saw the same sight of her wet and throbbing vagina loosening a few drops of his cum.

It was then that all the remaining Kage Bushin who were with Anko at the moment finally orgasmed as they covered the Jonin in their cum and the Jonin lapped up as much as she could and smiled seductively and passionately as she looked to see the looks of pleasure and bliss on the faces of Tsunade, Shizune and Kurenai and now she was ready for her own turn at this point and time.

Naruto was once more floored by the sensations and feelings of the last of the remaining Kage Bushin who had finally poofed away and he was so lost in the pleasure that he was unable to discover the hidden power of using the Kage Bushin at this point and time.

Anko was covered in the cum of the Kage Bushin who had entertained her at the moment and she couldn't help but see the looks of bliss on her fellow Kunoichi and she was eager for more at this point and time and she had a very wicked idea on how to add pleasure to Naruto. As soon as she got Naruto's attention with a torrid kiss of her own….she whispered in Naruto's ear.

"I have a very wicked idea….but I hope you can handle this Naruto-kun…"

"After all this….i can handle anything!"

The Jonin grinned and decided to place Naruto's words to the test….

She got him to stand up and she wrapped her arms around him and to Naruto's surprise, she jumped up a bit and then wrapped her legs around his waist and she spoke.

"Time to prove your words Naruto-kun….let me ride you!"

Naruto quickly got the idea and then used his chakra and Dragon Fire to boost his strength and stamina and coupled with his dragon enhanced physical form, he was more than ready for this monumental task as he felt his body fully recover.

Despite her desire for this position she heard so much about, Anko hoped that Naruto was ready for this and was not going to get hurt the very second they started moving with one another at this moment and time

She didn't have to think on that for long as Naruto, he was able to carefully guide Anko and her vagina was in the right position and he gently lowered his lover on his cock and Anko cried out as she was now on top of the real Naruto's cock and the feel of it in her vagina filled her to the brim as this position allowed her maximum depth and Naruto him



Anko felt her body slide down Naruto's length until she felt him touch the very entrance to her womb and that sensation she felt excited her to no end as she hugged Naruto tightly. The dark haired Jonin hoped that Naruto would have enough strength for what he was about to do at this monument and time….but despite the danger….she was feeling VERY eager for this thing to happen to her right now.

Naruto knew that this was going to be tiring but his training and his natural strength was a lot better than before due to his enhancements and his long training in the arts of being a Dragon Champion as a Konoha ninja…after all, his training had paid off as his stamina, strength, intellect, and other abilities were above the level he had before….and he was now more than a match for some of the higher ranking ninja in Konoha. But for now….that was out of his mind at the moment as he had every intention on focusing on pleasuring Anko in his own unique way and making her feel the extent of his lust, passion, and desire for her.

With that, he began to move his hips and legs and sure enough, despite having never done this before at all and having only read about it, the pleasure in this position was worth it all. Anko moaned as this allowed her to fully take in Naruto's full length and the way he slid in and out of her vagina was undeniably beautiful at that moment. The two lovers began to pick up the pace as Anko allowed Naruto to set the pace of their actions as Kurenai, Tsunade, and Shizune watched on the side….all three women marveling that Naruto still had the energy and power to do all this after what he had done with them previously.

This naturally gave the women PLENTY of new ideas that they were going to try on Naruto the very second he was done with Anko as the dark haired Jonin was enjoying every sensation right down to the roots of her hair and her toes..

"Naruto-kun!!! SO GOOD!!!! MORE!!!!! I FEEL SO HAPPY!!!!"


Naruto could feel Anko's sweat and cum covered form sliding sleekly on his and while it had made holding her a bit harder than normal, he was not going to relent as he held her tightly but not without hurting her too much, the last thing he wanted to do at this moment of passion was to hurt his lover in any fashion and the feel of her wetness flowing down was arousing as well.

Anko was feeling the pleasure grow by the second as Naruto continued to thrust deeply into her….she was happy that Naruto was willing to try it out as long as Naruto was doing this to her…and this position did allow her to be able to feel Naruto's cock going deep into her as he touched her most sensitive spots at that moment.

The two lovers were moaning out their joy and pleasure at this moment as the sounds of their lovemaking filled their shelter and the smell of sex was thick in the air….so thick, that one could cut a knife through it at that moment.

"Naruto-kun…you're inside me, so deep….more!!!!"

"Anko-chan….you feel good…oh yes!"

It naturally didn't take very long for both of them to finally reach the limits as they shouted out their orgasms at the very same time.



Naruto felt his body slowly reach his limits and he slowly lay back down and Anko decided to be nice to her lover as she got off of him. The two however gave each other a deep kiss and Anko moved to the side…. Allowing Naruto see a small moving mixture of her cum and his own moving down Anko's leg.

It was over….for now….


As Naruto feel back on the bed….utterly exhausted from the nearly six to seven hour run with the four mature Kunoichi, he couldn't help but wonder if this was going to be nothing more than a dream that he was having, but his pleasure filled brain told him otherwise and before he could relax….he was being stared at by Tsunade, Shizune, Anko, and Kurenai. The blonde Hokage moved towards him and smiled warmly at him.

"You were great Naruto-kun….a little improvement is in order though, but overall you were very nice. And don't get me or, Anko, Kurenai, and Shizune wrong, we wanted this and we would never do this if we didn't care about you at all…we planed this for days…and we hoped it was worth it to you."

"It is….I guess no one in Konoha will know about this."

"Right you are….now is not the time for it to be revealed yet Naruto-kun, I don't want you to be chased by a mob of angry male ninja all day for the rest of your life if they found out about this…and I am not in the mood to hear that Jiraiya found out about it…so keep it to yourself Naruto-kun…"

Tsunade then kissed Naruto on the cheek and smiled slyly.

"And if you keep this a secret….then you can always give ANY of us a call if you start getting lonely…okay Naruto-kun? We'll be MORE than willing to keep you company in more ways than one….right ladies?"

"Oh yes, give me a call if you want to Naruto-kun, I'm sure I can be around."

Shizune said with a smile.

"I'm ready to go anytime you are lover-boy! You are just too darn tasty to leave alone!"

Anko smiled with relish as she licked her lips.

"You are a very good person Naruto-kun, I'll be willing to be with you if you would let."

Kurenai said with a smile and a deep blush that matched her own red eyes.

All this made Naruto feel like he was in heaven at the moment and Tsunade saw that and she grinned.

"Ready for other go at our lover here, ladies? I think we still have plenty of time left before morning comes…and this time….we are going all out with all the positions we know."


The four women moved towards Naruto and he could only gulp and pray that he will survive what is about to happen to him. However….he reaffirmed his previous thoughts on this situation before.

(I am going to die….but if this is the way I am going to die….no way am I going to complain about this one bit!!!)

(And no way am I ever going to spill the beans about this to ANYONE in Konoha and certainly not the Pervy Sage!!!!)

That train of thought was cut short as the four women were now on top of him and were now going to make their moves on Naruto and sure enough…Naruto was going to be in for the night of his life!!!!


To be continued…


Author's notes:

Hi, been a while hasn't it?

Man….this was tiring…but satisfying at the same time, in MORE ways than one actually. Now I hope that this lemon will be worth the time and effort for all of you to read as much as it was worth my time and effort to make as well. This was a demanding lemon and it shows as this was by far the longest I have made, with the exclusion of the main lemon I made for GunDread SEED The Second Stage. But I have to say this was a good one.

We see yet ANOTHER viable use for Kage Bushin on this story and I have to admit that the decision to have Kage Bushin saved my wrists from too much joint pain and more.

Anyway….this is but the first of many lemons to be written to I hope that this was enough to help you readers enjoy how Naruto is getting lucky in his life.

I'll be working on the next lemon set soon so I hope you readers are okay with this. Trust me, this was a real test on my self control and I swear I am going to have some PRETTY vivid dreams of this tonight!!!

And honestly speaking….I hope you guys have them too!!!!