Disclaimer: I do not own Pouncequick, Roofshadow or the mentioned Tailchaser.
They belong to the great Author, Tad William! This idea is based on how Williams had some moments of PouncexRoof in the book,
"Tailchaser's Song".

Just a Friend

When I first met her, my heart was caught in my throat. Maybe it was her black fur that dazzled my young eyes that made my heart feel this way. Her eyes did. They shone yellow, almost gold in color, and showed her ghost's past.

I wanted to help her, comfort her. She lost her brother, I had no siblings. She lost everything, I had nothing to begin with. I was there to fill the gap that her brother left. Nothing happened afterwards when Tailchaser left. Nothing important anyway.

Her whole family and friends were in the massacre. Her brother didn't want to go hunting, so Roofshadow went alone. She was the only one to survive, the only one to not go into the underground slave place. She's the only one that I could meet.

She is always happy around me. Maybe to not worry me, or maybe to make sure that my life doesn't go downhill. But what she doesn't know is that I'm happy around her. She makes my heart go a thudding.

But she is just a friend to me, nothing more, though I am a brother to her. Right? But why is my stomach churning the wrong way?

Just A friend?

Who said that? I shouldn't be over thinking this, so just shut up now my brain. Roofshadow is looking at me with concern. My stomach is churning the wrong way, once I look into her yellow, no gold, eyes.

You love her.

There. That mocking voice in my head, what is it called? That voice that tells you what's wrong or right? That shouts at you to do the right thing? Now I think that I'm going crazy.

Crazily in love with Roofshadow.

Now I just want to kill who said that sentence. Roofshadow is just a friend, nothing me, nothing less.

But to her, you're like a brother. Which means that you two are more then friends.

The voice has a point. A brother is more than a friend. Snapping back to reality, I see that Roofshadow is taking me back inside, saying that I should get some rest.

She's more than a friend.

She's your love.

I cannot deny it any longer. I love Roofshadow.

She's more than a friend.

She is more than a friend, more than a sister and more than a best friend.

I admit it.

I'm in love.

With the one cat you can't have.

Like it? Don't like it? Please review. I'm thinking of a sequel that shall be titled as "Like my Brother yet My Lover." It is in Roofshadow's POV and thoughts on Pouncequick. I just had to add that last part, to make it more mysterious and to get you thinking, "Why can't Pounce have Roofshadow?" Maybe a story will follow these two stories on their thoughts.

Forgotten Pawsteps (A.K.A. Wind)