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I had everything that I lingered for, a beautiful soon to be wife, a family that cared. Yet I felt as if I was not complete, the final puzzle piece was missing, stuck under somewhere and I didn't know how to get to it, make myself complete. For hundred years, I was going around, searching and my head spinning at the possibilities before I found her, my Melody. She was what I was searching for, or so I thought, another beautiful vampire to accompany me, Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmett, Alice and Jasper. Rosalie was frustrated, she had always wanted to be the one for me, not because of feelings, it was only her ideology of how her life should happen, always planned everything to the details. Emmett came as a replacement; Rose fell in love with him in an instant. Without a second thought, we all knew he was the one for her. However, when Melody came around, Rose immediately took her in, as if she was thinking of her as her sister by the moment she saw Mel. Alice, who had joined us with Jasper, had second thoughts about my love, but she was able to erase her thoughts when I came around, always reciting French or Spanish dictionary. Sometimes she thought of the previous evening with Jasper… ugh.

Melody was beautiful, the most intriguing person I've ever seen or met. I could hear her thoughts, see what worried her, but that didn't make 'us' complicated. She relayed on me, she believed that whenever something was wrong, I wouldn't go straight to her thoughts, but ask instead. Her hair was golden, eyes were golden too, wide and beautiful they sucked me in the moment I noticed her seventeen years ago. At first I was unsure of my feelings, then they grew and I ran after her, searching until I found her; waiting for me. I felt like Melody had seen us belonging together too, feeling the tingling feeling inside of her as did I.

Someone planted a soft kiss on my cheek, and then I felt two hands snake around my waist.

"What are you thinking about?" a soft voice questioned. I turned my head slightly to see a pair of golden eyes looking deep into me, as if searching for my non-existent soul. We returned home from hunting just an hour ago, she had noticed me falling into silence as soon as we were into m-, our room.

I hope he's not regretting choosing me; he has been looking so lost lately. I don't know what's into him, as if he is changing into someone…

I smiled at her thoughts, she did know I could hear them, but Melody loved me too much to care about whether she let something loose.

"Nothing important, just how happy I am at the moment. Being with you…"

Was I happy? I thought as I planted a kiss on her lips. I took a sideways glance to the clock, it was 7AM and I was positive that Alice was already shrieking on her insides, I didn't seek her thoughts, because, honestly, I had had so much of them lately, I couldn't keep up.

"We should probably go down stairs, before Alice shrieks from frustration." I murmured, Alice had heard.

"Edward, you're right. Get down here, immediately; otherwise, you're getting me a new Porsche. Yellow."

She was always about being at school in time, making an entrance and all that, because Alice knew what was going to happen, so she always prepared us while we were in the car.

Melody giggled as she stood up. She liked my family, for all these years. She was not able to 'connect' properly with Alice though, but since they didn't want to cause any trouble, both didn't dig deeper into the others head and just let it go.

I took her hand into mine, letting our fingers interlace and lead her down stairs. It still felt as if it was the first day of her staying over, when I had to introduce her to my family. Boy was I nervous, now it was just the feeling of love lingering inside of my not beating heart.

"Morning Edward, Melody." Esme's melodic voice chanted from the kitchen, what was she doing there? We didn't really bake, cook… eat human food. As I was wrapped inside of the love feeling, I minded my own business, though how hard it was to tune out of other people thoughts. Melody was thinking about our moments together. I gave her a quick smile, she understood me well enough.

How about we repeat it some time?

I laughed at her thoughts and nodded, thinking to myself about vampire females and their undying lust.

"Good morning, Esme." Melody greeted, I followed and said my hello's as well.

We did not sleep, we didn't need the rest, but we still kept up appearances.

Then I stopped dead in my tracks, as if I could be deader than I was. Alice looking furious stood in front of me. I shot a cheery smile at her.

I didn't understand her sudden mood swings.

"Edward Cullen, this is one of the most important days in your existence and you hop the stairs like they're sucking you in, not letting you go."

"The most important day? Alice, what are you talking about?" Melodie shot, her thoughts being a buzz and face worried. I squeezed her hand in comfort; Alice loved talking complete rubbish.

I was doubtful that it could be anything oh-so-important, when the person who counted shopping for new clothes every second week as important was talking. Of course, it was another school day, another act of what we are and we are not. Acting human had become a usual thing; the only place where I felt truly 'alive' was home and the woods, when I was hunting. I could let my essence be free and show what was hiding inside of this marble, cold skin. Now it was almost March, we had enrolled in school in September, so I felt uncertain to more surprises. What could happen? Was Jessica Stanley planning to seduce me again? Doubt, doubt, doubt. After the event where Melody was almost ripping her in half just for her asking if she could borrow me for a night or two, I didn't think ANY girl had her eyes on me. Melody loved me, cared about me and she adored my family, yet she had the quality of being mean to whoever intruded her personal space or tried to take something that was hers away. If it drove her mad, Melody could hold quite a grudge. That, probably, was the reason why Alice was not too fond of her, Alice didn't like people who had two faces, as it was all I had gathered from her thoughts one day.

Alice looked at her, then at me and let a little of her vision slip. A brown-eyed girl was leaning closer to me. She seemed to be similar to the ones I had already seen, yet there was something about her that drove me closer and made my thoughts spin… Suddenly Alice was reciting Shakespeare's "Rome and Juliet", smiling at me innocently.

Edward, you asked for it.

"It would be nice if you went and started the car, Edward. Melody, you shall come with me as I need to have a chit-chat with you." she smiled, encouraging my girl and asking her to follow. I, leaving her in the hands of the monster, went to the garage. By now, Alice was singing Christmas songs. In February, for crying out loud.


What I had seen made me happy. So happy I was already planning our weekly shopping trip to let my emotions flow. This was damned to be a good week, I thought as I hummed to myself. I had spent the last half an hour searching for clothes in our wardrobe; it had expanded through the years, so Carlisle allowed me to occupy a guest room, no, two as if someone would ever use them. Ha.

I laid my today's choice of clothing on the armchair.

I debated with myself, if it would be the right thing to wear. I liked if it happened as it was bound to happen, so I didn't want anything going wrong. I felt someone come in to the room, but I was busy with thinking, to notice Jasper placing himself next to me. He suddenly turned my attention to himself, as he picked me up and pulled me into a kiss. I still felt as if we were kissing for the first time, my lips trembling from his touch. Of course, for a vampire like me, his lips weren't cold. It was just the fire, how ironic, sparking as they touched. My lover, my destined one.

Maybe he was just playing with my emotions, since he had the gift to feel and change the emotions people felt in a room around him… I was unsure of it.

"Just to get your mind off clothes, Alice." He murmured while smiling against my lips. I opened my eyes to look into his, definitely fire.

"You know that we have to go to school…"

"For the millionth time, don't we?" he chuckled as he let me go.

I was still replaying the vision in my head, he noticed me getting too into it, so he grabbed the palm of my hand. He whispered,

"Alice, you can tell me your secrets."

"Can you keep Edward out of your head?" I frowned; I was the only one who knew how to escape Edward's mind reading. I thought about things that would turn him off. The others were not as wise so they always made mistakes. Edward had already seen all I was planning for his wedding with Melody in summer, so, being frustrated, I made a change of plan, but let Rosalie know about it. Of course, the bloodsucker got that too, so now I just thought about how weird the fact that he had not married her earlier was, they had had ages to do it, yet giving an official promise downed on him just recently. Sometimes I thought that he didn't love her as much as he vowed to others, as if he was still unsure, whether this was it.

"I can, if I want to. Tell me." He summoned me. I gave in; I could not keep such an important event in a secret, feeling as if I would blow up if I didn't get it out on someone.

"Edward will meet someone new." I told, whispering. Jasper looked at me, suspicious. We, vampires, weren't really seen as friendly towards humans.

"Alice, are you not mistaken? Will it be just a friend, a human?"

"It won't be just a friend for long, it will be love." I cheerily said, not noticing the sudden change of his expression, "and yes, a human. Wonderful person, as I predict!" I turned on my heel.

"But he is in love with Melody." Jasper was concerned, oh my overly romantic man.

"Yes, but you can love more than once, can't you?" I asked him, hoping that he would catch up, know what I was trying to say. Maria, he had told me about her. Of course, the love was not a word spoken aloud, but from what Jasper told, I was sure that there had been some… emotions involved. More emotions than the ones of blood lust or the will to make an army. I wasn't jealous, as I was the one with him now, the past didn't matter to me much, as I barely remembered my own.

"Sometimes I don't understand you."

"Then just let me have my way." I said, as I picked up my clothes, I had to get dressed after all; wearing yesterday's clothes to school was a big no-no for me.

There was the sound of footsteps, Edward and Melody.

Could have left her in the forest…

I heard Edward's laughter.

"They've returned, I'll go and see what Esme's been up to." He told me before he kissed my forehead and went out the door, closing them with a light thud.

"Remember, love, keep your thoughts on something else. Just don't be predictable, and if Edward starts to feel alarmed, do calm him down." I commanded him, with a wide grin, happy.

Once I was dressed, I went down the stairs, seeing Emmett and Rosalie cuddling on the love seat. I rolled my eyes. Of course, I acted no differently with Jasper, but he wasn't anywhere near, so I did feel as if I was the odd one out… it was the living room, for the sake of all Volturi clan.

Emmet had noticed my look of disgust. He chuckled as I shot him a glare, if Em wanted, he could have the whole night to fondle Rose. I said nothing, though, because our arguing would just upset Esme, who was keeping herself occupied with kitchen. Interior design was one of her hobbies.

Carlisle had left earlier for work; he was a doctor. I previously had laughed at the thought of a vampire being a doctor, encountering blood… we were vegetarians, but it just didn't satisfy us enough. In addition, Jasper had some struggle with resisting the urge to bite someone who came too close. Luckily, he had me, I was always there to keep him back.

I was still waiting for Melody to come down, while thinking about my own clothes, I had built some plans for wedding. Even after the vision, I wasn't letting go of planning, I needed to hear her thoughts on colors. Let us say, a backup plan. It seemed that Edward had caught my thoughts, as I heard him say,

"We should probably go down stairs, before Alice shrieks from the frustration."

I reacted.

"Edward, you're right. Get down here, immediately; otherwise, you're getting me a new Porsche. Yellow."

I heard Melody giggle, then footsteps and finally, they were here. Edward's face couldn't change color, but I bet if it could, it would be powder white now. He was afraid of me, of course, as I glanced at him.

"Edward Cullen, this is one of the most important days in your existence and you hop the stairs like they're sucking you in, not letting you go."

I scolded at him. My brother sometimes was truly slow no matter how fast he was when running. Melody piped in, asking what was important, I wasn't ready to let her know, she didn't need to, so I just replayed a little detail of the vision in my thoughts.

Have fun, Edward. I thought, adding you asked for it.

I knew that now his mind wouldn't leave the subject, how thoughtful of me. I was proud. When I sent him to the garage, I turned to Melody, the look on her face was not the one I expected.

"Can I talk to you?"

"Yes." She answered, but I already knew that, didn't I?

"It's about the wedding, I know that there's plenty of time left, but we need to set the date and decide on the location." I was enthusiastic.

"Alice, Alice…" she slowed me down. While Melody was quite the same as Rosalie – the long blonde hair thing, beauty and love for herself, she didn't really rush in to things. I had already planned Rosalie's third wedding, which was held at the end of the semester, so she could just show off a little more. That's what I loved about my sister, always ready to just go and make everyone droll. Even girls, I was sure. However, Melody was different, I didn't really understand her mind, because she was so… inside of her shell, she never let a part of her go.

"Can't we decide later, after school?"

Yeah, like later he will be all about marrying you.

I let a snarky thought slip, just to hear Edward's growl echoing. Melody looked startled. I compose myself, gave her my warmest smile even though I wanted to cringe.

"That's all right with me, shall we?" I, looking at the time, understood that we had to already be out the door.

I said my goodbye to Esme and, with Jasper, slipped into the back seat of the silver Volvo. Edward was by the wheel, Melody to his right. Emmett and Rosalie drew his jeep, since it was Emmett's new received baby and he couldn't stop himself from wanting to hear compliments. My vision had told me that he and Rose had already christened the back seat.


Edward had been acting weird for the last days, yet this morning, after we returned from the hunt, took the cake. He confused me while there was no way I could confuse him, as he read my thoughts. I was his open book.

His hands were holding mine, but so weak, I was afraid of him letting go. Just letting me get away, as if he didn't want me to be with him. I wouldn't let that happen; I had chose him and Edward chose me, discussion closed.

Alice wanted to push her wedding plans on my shoulders, it made my head spin even more. In the time when we got to the car, I was in no state to be going to school. I did give in just because I wanted to see what was so important for Edward.

We were driving, soon as we reached the boundary of Forks, Edward slowed down to the limited speed, looking irritated about it. I reached and caressed his cheek; he smiled at me. In the back seat, Alice was talking to Jasper.

I love you, Edward. Don't you ever dare to say that I don't. I thought just to hear him chuckling at my vivid thoughts that followed.

"Never, I promise."

"It's okay; you will be just fine today. No blood spilling, whatsoever." I heard Alice say. Jasper was still struggling with his blood lust, so Alice had to encourage him every morning. She could see what would happen at school, she knew that no one of us would break loose and expose ourselves. That would be a cause for us to move, no one wanted it, we all had got pretty attached to this place. It didn't lack grizzlies and doers. Carlisle liked the hospital too.

As we pulled in the school's parking lot, Alice and Jasper got out immediately. Before that, I had noticed Edward having a wordless conversation with her. It was their thing, he had explained to me, he didn't bother to tell me what every move meant. I didn't want to be sticking my nose up in their business, but today I was a woman on the verge.

"So, what was it about?" I asked, not hiding the curiosity.

"Alice going on about how important for me today is to stay collected." He got out of the car, just to appear next to the passenger door after a blink of an eye, opening them for me,

"She's a pain in the… sometimes." He mumbled, still seeming thrown off.

"Okay, shall we?" I asked, straightening up. He closed the door, locked the car and we headed to the school's building.

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