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Bella was startled by me, I smiled when I steadied her with my hands never leaving her back. She realized that too, as I could hear her heart starting to beat even faster. Charlie, Jacob, and Billy were downstairs, I could hear their thoughts and laughter, but that did not matter to me. I could tune them out as long as they weren't thinking of checking up on Bella. I had no doubt; they would smell my presence in her room.

Vampires and wolves could sense each other very well.

"How come you are here?" she asked, catching her breath.

I liked to see her so human, blushing and being awkward. I found it fascinating and her reactions made me like her even more. No, like was not the word I needed, it wasn't worthy of who SHE was. Like was some word, which was thrown around in the same way love was.

I knew that this question would come since I had been trying to act as if I didn't care and then, suddenly, I was in her room. Not a part of it was true; I cared for her and liked her even more than it was believable. She was my star and my sun, though sun did me no good, she was the one keeping my interest. I felt selfish for using Melody, though I was sure, I'd explain myself and she would, eventually, understand. Isabella wasn't some human girl I casually noticed. Alice had proven that Bella was made to be in my life, our paths had to cross. I had waited my whole life for someone like her. My everything. It sounded cheesy and twisted coming from a vampire that has seen many things and experienced the same amount, but I could not stop the infatuation I felt. She was my drug. A unique drug made for me to ease my pain, the missing piece I have been searching for inwardly.

"My schedule allowed it." I smirked, her heart skipped a beat and I laughed.

I never told people that I could hear their hearts. I couldn't care less if Jessica Stanley's heart went thumbing whenever I came by. The sound of Bella's heart was pure music.

"What?" Bella asked.

She was looking ashamed, as if I was laughing at her. Silly girl. I would never laugh about her, Isabella was too good to be laughed about.

"I can hear your heartbeats." I answered. Bella blushed in an instant.

"You're a cheater! You don't even need to read my thoughts, if you can hear it."

She was talking as went to sit on her bed, my hands fell to my sides, the warmness of her body still lingering. I swallowed venom, to feel it burning my throat was not the most pleasant feeling there is.

"To read your thoughts, it would be something I'd love to do." I answered.

She was an enigma. I could not see her through no matter how much I wanted to and sometimes the obscurity could drive me angry. I wanted to KNOW her, how she felt on her insides. I often forgot to question her about how she felt. I didn't know what music she liked, how did she spend her childhood. I knew she was seventeen, incredibly beautiful and here, with me. A vampire who was able to kill her, if there was a sudden spill of blood. I wouldn't control myself and Bella would be dead. I was being a hypocrite for being with her to prevent her from danger, yet I was the one she had to be the most afraid of. I didn't want to sunk into such thoughts, as I had only seven wonderful days. A week before Melody would come back and I wasn't sure to where would it lead. I didn't want to leave Bella.

"Answer, how did you get here, did Melody even allow you to?"

"First, it would be considerable for us to keep our voices down, if you don't want me to be ripped apart by your dad and his puppy friends." I warned her, Bella nodded, "Second, Melody went on a hunting trip with Esme, Alice and Rosalie. It's a week long, what will I do after it's done… of that I have to think about."

Actually, I was at loss how to put Bella in front of them. Alice liked her, Esme would accept her, no doubt, but Rosalie and Melody were the most toughest cookies to crack. I didn't know how Melody would take it, since she was the one who I did not choose. I hoped she would understand, not punish me for changing my fate. I was sure I was going to marry her before I met Bella. My life, or the leftovers of it, was spun around just by her scent. The whole three hundred sixty turn. Her chocolate brown eyes kept me under a spell I couldn't put my finger on. There was something, but what, I was not capable of explaining. Melody had showed me how it is to be in love, how it is to be loved and I felt as if it was the first stage I had to go through to understand what was happening now. I didn't want to make things complicated, but I had no other options.

"Don't think now, you have a lot of questions to answer."

Bella sounded eager; I joined her on the bed, sitting on the opposite side with my legs crossed. I didn't need that for I did not need to move, but I wanted to seem normal. Be normal, because with her, I was trying to feel human. The human I had been years before Carlisle bit me. To feel seventeen again.

"What questions?" I asked.

What questions she had? I thought that Melody had answered everything, though I did not hear a lot of it. She had sped off while I was left behind by the wheel of the Chevy. I was astonished as to why Melody wanted to be the one who was giving the answers.

"What do you hunt?" Isabella asked.

At that moment, we heard voices outside of the house. They were cheery. Sounded very much like the Blacks and Charlie. I could smell them, too. Jacob's thoughts revolved around Bella, which was the reason why I had tuned out of it. I didn't want to become jealous, I knew she had hugged him, because it was what he was thinking for the past half an hour. He was thinking of her body against his, couldn't Bella feel him continuing on being a true teenager?

I felt disgusting for seeing replays in his head.

"Oh, it's them." Bella stated, looking at me.

"I'll check if Bella's car is alright." I could hear Jacob say, "Hey, Charlie, push me closer to the car, I'll check the engine."

Followed by Billy.

"Billy, what's wrong?" I heard a worried Charlie's voice; I could see Billy's face in his thoughts. It was filled with anxiety and his mind was telling him that it cannot be true. Billy, being a wolf on the insides, could smell me. He had to know that I had been in Bella's car. My eyes widened as I went out of her room to look out of the window of the hallway, I had a clear view on them as I kept myself in the shadows.

Billy had realized something, remembered something important. He was thinking of how to warn Charlie, did chief know about the tribe? Obviously, no, as I could hear Billy saying, "Charlie, you should watch who Bella is hanging out with and who her friends are. It's just a heads up, nothing too particular."

His voice was low and he was trying to sense what else was there. Billy did not succeed and they returned to talking about the car. Charlie was proud that Bella had appreciated it, but I knew that Bella would appreciate everything others did for her. She was too kind to throw a tantrum. I heard Billy ask Charlie how the things were with some women called Elizabeth were. For a brief flash I could see the women's face in Charlie's mind, it seemed that I knew had seen her somewhere before. Strangely, as I didn't interact with humans a lot. Charlie murmured something about not your business, you grandpa and they both laughed it off. Jacob joined them before he resolved that Isabella's car is a viable and they both got into Billy's car. I kept looking out of the window, staring at them driving off.

I looked at the sky, it was full moon and it was lighting the evening up. I had heard something about tomorrow being a sunny day, because Charlie's TV was in my hearing range. Bella would go to school and I would stay at home, probably, listen to Emmett's and Jasper's teasing. They didn't care for Melody, because she had showed her cold sides. Emmett was supposed to be warm hearted for her because of Rose. Rosalie loved Melody way too much, while Jasper sensed Melody being tense every moment the family shared together. I knew she wasn't keen on giving up human's blood and I didn't want her to be who she was due to us choosing to be vegetarian. Somehow, I hoped that my resolution would set her free.

After a moment of lingering by the window, I decided to return to Bella's room. I hadn't given her an explanation before I stormed out, now she was confused. I could read it in her expression. Isabella's eyebrows were crooked while she was in her, I suppose, thinking process, though her eyes were asking for help.

I smiled a crooked smile; her heart sped up as she glanced up to see it. I made a memory not to do that again, I didn't want her to get a heart attack.

I was enough trouble.

"Billy obviously knows something is up, he could smell me." I stated, closing the door of her room.

I heard Charlie come in; he was going to check up on Bella and winced. I would have to hide, that wasn't what I wanted to do.

"Did he say anything to Charlie?" she asked, but I didn't have the time.

"Under the covers Bella, Charlie's coming." I nodded, whispering before I disappeared in her bathroom. How clever of me. She listened into me and quickly turned her light off, just as Charlie opened the door image of Bella sleeping in his head. She was good at acting; he murmured something about himself being too paranoid and closed the door slowly.

"You can come out, he's gone." I heard Bella's voice say, she was keeping it down.

"Your toothbrush is funny." I said, as I re-entered her room. She was sitting under the sheets, looking at me and biting her lip. Why did she have to do this?

"There's nothing wrong with it, it has fairies on it, but blue is pretty." Bella answered, her voice clearly voicing that I could've picked a better topic.

I remembered about myself wanting to know more. I would save the questions she wanted to ask me for later, now I would answer only one. I sat on the end of her bed, looking at her, with my legs crossed. Again.

"Where did we leave? We hunt animals. My favorites are lions; grizzlies are more of Emmett's piece of cake and Jasper prefers wolves, but because of the tribe, he has to be much more careful." I answered, "We rarely hunt around Forks, and, sometimes, we go away for a longer amount of time. We don't hunt endangered species and humans."

Before she was able to ask anything more, I spoke in order for her to have less time to protest.

"How about I ask you questions? It would be good if you went to sleep earlier today, my questions would bore you until you're sound asleep."

"Edward, between both of us, you're the one who's the much more interesting." I smiled my crooked my smile, feeling guilty when her heart sped up, "But you can, my answers will bore you till death, though." Bella added.

"I'm dead already and I don't sleep, so you'll be the first one to be down." I answered, "What's your favorite color?" I asked.

"Topaz, it has been gold and brown, but now it's topaz."

I smiled, but I didn't understand. I never thought Bella would like such colors; they were not remarkably bright of beautiful.


She blushed and looked down at her hands, I was curious.

"It's the color of your eyes today."

I laughed, but it made me realize that I wasn't the only one who was fancying someone. She was attracted to me as well as I was to her, I was not pushing anything on her.

Bella was honest about how she felt.

"I'm… gratified to hear you say that, but there's nothing good about my eyes." I answered.

"There is, you just don't see yourself well, you vampire, you."

I heard her say while I was thinking of another question. I had plenty of them, but I didn't know which to ask. I had seen so much of her world through everyone's eyes, I had forgotten about what was inside of her. People around her could have very twisted views on Bella. If only I knew where to start.

"Do you miss your mother?" I asked, hoping I wasn't bringing up too much.

She had told me about Phil and Renee before, but I didn't know how she felt about being here while they were in Phoenix.

I needed to know how did she cope or how did she manage to let go of it.

"I do, of course I would. But it's getting easier, Forks has been growing on me and I don't even know why."

Almost afraid of someone else hearing it she answered to me. For a second I could see hurt in her eyes, but that it, too, didn't understand. Was she lying about liking it here? It didn't sound like that. Was I the reason for the emotion?

"It's a mystery for me, but I can actually live here. At first, I thought this was it, but then things changed and I grasped that it's not that bad." She carried on.

Bella stretched, I was worried about the lack of sleep she would get if I kept her up with my silly, obsessive questions.

"Do you feel sleepy?" I asked. She shook her head, though yawned. I smiled, she was a bad liar, there was no way Bella would have lied about Forks.

"Come here." I took her closer to me and rested against her pillows, making sure she was comfortable. I felt her shiver, of course, I should've realized.

"Are you cold?" I pulled her blankets up and tucked her in until she was wrapped in them like a cocoon. I laughed at the sight of her nose peeking out; Bella pulled the blankets off of her head.

"Hey," Bella playfully punched me, "it's not my fault you're a walking refrigerator."

"No offense taken, human." I joked, kissing her forehead.


When he planted a kiss on my forehead, I knew I wanted more than beating around the bush. Edward had been doing that lately and for a week, he had not even talked to me, but I was eager to be WITH him. He was perfect, beautiful and my there was no hate left at him. I felt calm, I believed him. I didn't know how long I would, though.

I freed my hand from the muffle I was in and put it on his neck. At first, Edward's expression was surprised, but he wasn't slamming himself in a wall. That was success, I thought as I moved my face closer to him, my hand trailing up to his hair.

"Bella that's not smart." He murmured, but I knew he wasn't serious. There was not a single drop of serious Edward in his voice.

He did not know if he was talking the truth himself.

"You know that kissing warms people up? And I'm a cocoon, you can do no harm." I assured him before my lips touched Edward's. I had to take a deep breath beforehand. He didn't need the oxygen and honestly, I would've been happy if my the only oxygen I needed was him. The coldness of him made me shiver; it was a good shiver, though.

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