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Author's Note: In this narrative, Sango casts a spell gone awry, finding its way to the worst possible host—Sesshoumaru. With the circumstance pushing them together, all they want to do is be apart; at least… in the beginning. Follow them as they go on a journey to lift the incantation facing innumerable perils along the way, the most formidable of which is one that soon cannot be denied—their growing love for one another.

Bind a Human, A Demon for All Time

Chapter One: Four Wretched Syllables

"Thank you, Master." Sango bowed politely to the old retired demon slayer.

"It is nothing, Sango. My only hope is that I was able to assist you in your quest." He smiled, his eyes wrinkling at the corners.

"Yes, you truly have. Thank you again."

The female demon slayer exited the little hut where she met with the old man. He was truly knowledgeable when it came to dealing with demons, however, the purpose of her visit had nothing to do with killing. During their last run in with some relatively formidable tiger demons, her beloved Kilala was separated from their group. It took a couple of days for her to return. The young female was torn by the disappearance of her companion. It was then that Sango decided that she would find a means by which Kilala will always find her way to back to her master. With this in mind, the young woman went out to seek the expertise of the old demon slayer.

Her efforts were not wasted. Sango had found exactly what she was looking for. He had offered her an incantation that can be used to bind a human and a demon as allies. If performed properly, the two should be drawn to each other so that neither one would ever be unable to find the other. This was perfect! This would ensure that Kilala shall not be separated from her again. She is the only remaining family that Sango had left and she intended for it to say that way—even if she had to go through slightly drastic measures to do it. Besides, she was certain that Kilala wants to be with her as well. She would be happy that her master is going through great lengths to have her by her side, not that she need to, of course. This was merely a precaution.

It was an absolutely perfect summer day. The sun shone, giving everything an other worldly glow. The birds were singing as if to convey their approval of this glorious day. Sango breathed in the crisp, fresh air, letting it fill her lungs and penetrate her soul. There was only one word to describe such a time—

"Beautiful!" Kagome's voice carried through the open field to Sango's ears. "Don't you think so, Sango?"

"Most definitely." The demon slayer agreed to the statement whole-heartedly.

"So how did your meeting go?" The younger girl was walking toward her friend.

"It went well. He has entrusted me with an incantation that will allow Kilala and I to find each other if ever we were to be separated."

"Whoa, how would that work?" Kagome asked with awe.

"The old man said that it would form a bond between us."

"That's incredible!" She paused for a second, waiting for her friend to go on. After she realized that she wouldn't, she became slightly worried. "Is that all you know, though? That's a little vague."

"Yes," Sango sighed. "As I said, he is quite elderly, he has seen many battles and many decades. He was quickly becoming weary of our conversation, so I decided not to push him much further for the little details."

"Hmm… good point. Oh well, if it's anything important I'm sure he wouldn't leave it out. Right?" The miko was looking down from the hill where they stood to the rice fields. Then, suddenly remembering something, she turned her head sharply to face Sango. "I still have to cook lunch! Oooh, where did the time go!"

The older girl giggled at her friend's sudden outburst. She was truly animated—each emotion playing at her face and eyes. It was incredibly honest. Sango loved this about her, she loved people who are open. She watched with amusement when Kagome sprang into action, almost jogging back to their camp.

"Are you coming, Sango?" she called.

"No, actually, I would like to perform the incantation first." She had to raise her voice so that Kagome could hear.

"All right. Well, come back as soon as you do. I'll have a bowl ready for you!" With that, the girl disappeared into the trees, heading to a clearing where Inuyasha, Miroku, and Shippo are most likely waiting for her to get the meal prepared.

"I wonder where Kilala might be." Sango said to herself. As if on cue, the little fire-cat came bounding up from the direction that Kagome had left. The two were truly in sync. The neko demon had perfect timing.

Sango smiled at her most trusted confidant—aside from Kagome, that is—and kneeled down to pet her. "I went into the village today, Kilala, and I found out about a spell that can bind us so that we can always find each other. We won't be separated again, like the last time."

The little demon seemed ecstatic about the idea. She gave her master her silent consent to perform the spell. Kilala was just as unwilling to be taken away from Sango as the demon slayer was to be part with her. The taiyja was beaming at her. It was irresistibly adorable how the she would tilt her head into Sango's hand and purr.

"You ready?" Sango sat up straight, lifting her hand off the kitten. "Now, I must warn you, according to the old man, this might be a little uncomfortable."

The demon nodded. She braced herself for the effects of the incantation, whatever it may be. Kilala waited patiently for a few heartbeats with her eyes shut, only to have them open and gaze upon Sango's pensive expression.

"Hmm," she began. "Maybe we should do this in a more remote location. I'm not sure if this will have any ill effects on anyone else."

Kilala nodded once more. She had a good point. With this in mind, she transformed to her larger form and allowed Sango to climb up on her back. In a matter of seconds, they were soaring through the air. The wind rushed passed them—it was invigorating. For Sango, there was no better feeling than to be one with the wind allowing it to do what it may with her. She felt so free and so out of control at the same moment—she loved it! They were heading to a place where the unknown aftermath of the spell would not harm any of their comrades or innocent people. However, this task was more difficult than one would imagine. Villages littered the areas which the pair flew by and the clearings in the forest were teaming with wildlife. They did not find a suitable place for miles. Determined, Kilala and Sango pushed further west.

"Look down there, Kilala." Sango pointed to a spot beside a river bank.

Seeming to approve, Kilala descended into the area that girl chose for their task. Sango got off and surveyed the it for anything that they might put in harm's way with the demon doing the same.


"This place is perfect." The girl said. "Finally!"

The large demon transformed back into her tiny form and stretched as if to say, "My sentiments exactly."

"Come on, Kilala." Sango patted the soft, green grass in front of her. "Right here."

The adorable kitten did as she was told and settled herself before her master, who had taken her position—kneeling, facing her.


The demon meowed and nodded.

"All right."

Sango began to chant the first few lines of the incantation. She did so in the most hypnotic rhythm that made the little demon's eyelids rather heavy. She fought to keep them open.

"With these words, I hope to bind a demon, a human for all of time." She continued. "As the demon's name escapes my lips, make them forever allies—until their life's apocalypse…" The slayer paused.

There was a great demonic aura approaching. How had she not noticed it before? It appeared out of nowhere. As it came closer and closer, seeming to do so with a leisurely pace, Sango was able to tell that it was familiar. With eyes still shut, she racked her brain for who this powerful aura belonged to. Inuyasha and Shippou were left far east—they could not have followed them. It was definitely a foe. The aura was truly menacing in its strength, however, it did not seem hostile. Who could this demon be?

Then, it clicked. Her eyes flew open in shock and without even thinking, his name came out of her mouth, "Sesshomaru!"

Sango quickly clapped both hands on her open mouth as if pushing the name back into it. 'The spell!' She thought frantically. 'What is going to happen? I have to reverse this somehow.'

Determined, she repeated the last two phrases of the spell and said Kilala's name.


She tried again, saying the name louder this time.




Wild with panic, she looked around for any sign of the demon lord. Observing that no effects seemed to have occurred to him either, the young woman relaxed a little. 'Maybe I didn't perform the incantation properly.' She thought, thoroughly relived of this revelation.

She placed both hands on the ground preparing to lift herself off the grass. The spell didn't work and Sesshomaru was in the area. The taiyja knew better than to stick around to find herself in his way. It was then that the heavens darkened and streak of blue light whizzed past Sango's head from behind her. It stopped a few feet away and began to widen. 'This cannot be good!' she willed her legs to run but every muscle froze in place when she saw a white form being carried swiftly through the blue light.

"Oh gods!" she exclaimed when she saw the taiyoukai end his journey and settle himself before her, close enough to touch. He was enveloped in the strange illumination that was shrinking into the demon lord, wrapping around him. Sango took notice that his eyes were closed and his face was serene. He was unconscious! The silky white strands that lay atop his head floated around him, his clothes doing the same. He was suspended in the light as if he were underwater.

Out of shock, Sango sat there, paralyzed but at the same time becoming hyperaware of her surroundings. However, she felt her body slowing. Through her drooping eyelids she saw the blue light radiate from underneath her and engulf her as well. The world around her became muffled and her senses dulled. Somewhere, as if far away in the distance, she could hear Kilala growling and hissing. She was falling deeper in her trance, barely taking note that she was being lifted up by an unknown force and being brought closer to the immaculate demon lord.

It took too much effort to keep her consciousness. Somewhere—maybe within herself –there was something coaxing her to give in. The taiyja fought as long as she could, but her efforts were futile. Slowly, she drifted into a dream-like state. Her last thought before she went in entirely was the feeling of being carried in a circle with the hazy vision of the demon lord mere inches from her.

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