Prologue: Runaway

12:00 is what the digital clock on the dresser glowed in a red light. A girl with jet black hair, which blended into the shadows, immediately climbed out of bed and changed into her clothes. The moonlight that filtered in through the window caught the cerulean blue strands of her hair and made it shine as she worked her way around the room.

She stuffed extra shirts, shorts, and shoes in her drawstring bag. She tiptoed to her dresser and slowly opened it, making sure not to wake anyone else up. She pushed aside her clothes and grabbed her hidden stash of money and stuffed that into her pockets. She slowly closed the dresser drawer before going to her desk and pulling out a pen and a piece of paper. She wrote quickly and left it on her bed. She put on two of her three necklaces which were a tied eighth note, a Crystaltal, and half of a yin-yang pendant. The half she had was yin. She touched it and it felt cold, like ice.

She opened her window, put her duffel bag on the roof, and took one last look into the room. "Goodbye," she whispered. She climbed out of the window, closed it behind her, jumped to the ground, and ran off. Her footsteps clapped against the ground as she ran as fast as she could towards the park.

Two girls were standing on park benches talking quietly once she arrived, panting heavily. They both had the same jet black hair as her but one had a single red streak in hers while the other had a single purple streak in hers. "Crystaltal, you finally made it!" The girl with the red streak commented, somewhat bitterly.

"Sorry, I kinda got caught up." Crystal told the girl with the red streak. "Did you guys make it out ok?"

The girl with the purple streak nodded as she looked down at her watch. "It's 12:15 now. Our boat leaves at 1:00. Will we make it in time?" She asked as she looked up from her watch.

"You packed your rollerblades, right?" The girl with the red streak asked as she pulled her skateboard out of her drawstring bag that was hanging on her back. She stepped onto it as she waited for the girl with the purple streak and Crystal to put on their rollerblades.

"How'd you get the money for the tickets?" Crystal asked as they rollerbladed down the street.

"We got the credit card from Dad," the girl with the red streak responded.

"We went through the stuff to find out the password and numbers needed to get the money out and presto," the girl with the purple streak responded.

They made it to the dock with time to spare so they stopped to eat a snack. They stayed silent and alert, looking around from time to time to make sure they hadn't been followed. Crystal was sitting in a relaxed position but the other two girls were tense. Their eyes were shifting back and forth as if waiting to be attacked. Once the boat arrived they got on board and watched the city get smaller and smaller as they left.

"Don't you regret leaving your siblings?" Crystal suddenly asked.

"Yeah, but they know that we had to," the girl with the red streak responded. "They'll understand." They stayed silent as they watched the city get smaller before it finally disappeared from view. They stood at the back waiting for a couple more minutes before Crystal broke the silence.

"We better get some sleep," she said as she walked down the stairs, the two girls following close behind. They took off their socks and shoes and climbed under the blankets the Capitan had provided for them. "Night," Crystal yawned. "Night," the other two replied as they drifted off to sleep on the gentile rocking waves...


This is my first H20 fic. Please give it a chance. And it's not a cliché story, you'll have to continue reading it to see how it's different.