Regressed Dean: The Journey Back to Trust

Author's Note: Wishing you all the wonderful blessings of this hopeful season. :)

I do not own the hunters, nor the angels.

Please note that this story will include wincest, slash and a threesome at various stages of the story.

Dean will be regressed throughout a good portion of this story.

While there will be sadness and angst and upset, there will also be joy and trust and lots of love.

I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter One – The Rationale

Sam was almost out of his mind with worry over Dean. Ever since Dean's revelation about the whole Hell issue had tearfully been revealed, their lives had been shattered and challenged at every turn.

Dean was refusing any type of comfort from Sam. He'd find creative ways to move when Sam reached out to touch him, they no longer shared a bed, Dean wasn't talking unless spoken too and his drinking was getting way out of hand.

Right at this moment, Sam was on his way out the door to once again go searching for his big brother, his lover, the man who owned his heart, when Castiel decided to make an appearance.

He set Sam's teeth on edge. There was something about this angel that had him titter-tottering back and forth between like and dislike of him.

"I need to speak with you in private, Sam. It's about Dean. Now appears to be a good time" Castiel said as he looked around the empty motel room.

Sighing, Sam turned back from the door and sat down heavily on one of the beds.

"What now?"

Castiel came and sat down beside a surprised Sam.

"Sam, I know this hard, I understand and appreciate this. Please know that. The situation with Dean is grave. He's going to be lost to all of us, unless we can get him back on the road to trust" Castiel explained to a confused looking Sam.

"Dean, you might say, is a man of many layers" Castiel said in what he hoped was his version of a light tone. Despite himself, Sam had to chuckle. Dean was certainly that.

"What happened to your brother in Hell was not his fault, but he's lost his ability to understand this and he's lost his trust in himself and in how you view him" Castiel further explained.

"I know about you and Dean, that you're more than brothers in many regards, that you love each other with an intensity and uniqueness to each other. I'm not here Sam to make any type of value judgement or assessment. That might sound strange coming from an angel, but my core belief has always been one of love and openness."

Sam felt his cheeks flushing with Castiel's words and gaze.

"Dean is to play an integral part in the war against Lilith and her army. We need him and we'll need you too, Sam. I have a proposition for you that hopefully will save Dean. Uriel is in no way involved with this, Anna made sure of it. She came directly to me, so rest assured that it is only you, Anna and myself who would offer Dean the help he needs to get back to the man we know him to be.

We want to regress Dean to benchmark points in his life where trust and love were required in abundance. The tricky part here is that Dean will not be made aware of the plan. His mind will be regressed and the path as it happens will be followed until completion.

Dean will retain his adult body at all levels of this journey, but his mind will be age appropriate to where he takes us on his journey. Sam, there is no way to tell where this path will lead. Dean may end up as a man with infant needs or a young boy of two or five or ten. You will be required to take care of him through it all. He'll depend on you for love and he'll place his trust in you.

The last part of this plan is when Dean returns from his journey, with the hope that his trust has returned, he and you will then need to place a portion of this trust in me.

Sam, there needs to be a bonding process to enable this to happen" Castiel explained, as he lightly placed his hand on Sam's arm.

"What type of bonding process?" Sam asked warily.

"I think you know, Sam. I believe down here it would be called a three-way" Castiel almost whispered. Sam stood up quickly and began pacing the room. "What the fuck man? There's no way" Sam yelled.

A drunken Dean chose this moment to stumble through the motel room door.

"Sammmmmmy......" Dean slurred before falling.

"Dean, are you okay?" Sam asked as he knelt down beside his big brother. "Fell down, went boom" Dean giggled as he clutched at Sam's shirt. "Should be hurt. I hurt people. I should hurt" Dean sing-songed in a mournful tone.

"Let's get you up and into bed" Sam soothed as he helped Dean to a standing position and then laid him down on the bed that Castiel had just pulled the blankets down on.

Pulling off Dean's boots, Sam then pulled the covers up over his brother and kissed him on the forehead. "Still love me, Sammy, even now?" Dean begged as tears leaked through his clenched eyes.

"Forever and for always" Sam said fiercely as he turned to look at Castiel.


"So, how would this work?" a far calmer Sam asked Castiel a short time later.

"Anna has set everything up at a location that I haven't seen yet. It would be very similar to let's say time travel. I would accompany you and Dean to the location, make sure everything is okay and then leave you two alone for the duration of the journey.

As I understand it, everything has been provided for, at all levels. All the necessary supplies for Dean's journey are ready. The location is fully stocked in every way imaginable, for any conceivable scenario" Castiel explained.

"And once this journey is over, then the three of us are suppose to bond. Is that right?" Sam asked as he looked once again at a fitful sleeping Dean. "That's right, Sam" Castiel confirmed.

Sam's mind was plagued with a succession of rapid fire questions and misgivings. Above all else though, he wanted the man he loved so desperately to have his peace of mind back.

"Let's do it!" Sam advised.

To be continued.