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Chapter Twelve – Hold You Down and Kiss Your Soul

Cas was leaning against Dean, with Dean's arm wrapped around him, gently stroking his hair. Sam was sitting beside him, holding his hand.

"I still can't believe what happened. I wasn't even supposed to be here to begin with, but now I'm thinking, that maybe it's meant to be, to help with the healing, each in our own way."

"I think you're right" Dean whispered softly, kissing the top of Cas' head. "I think so too" Sam agreed as he squeezed Cas' hand.

"Remember?" Dean asked softly as he held out the ice cube tray to Cas a while later. "See, the ice that we blessed with happy and positive thoughts is different."

The three of them were sitting together on the bed. Sam was gently stroking the back of Cas' neck and had his other hand on Dean's knee.

A small smile played at the edges of the Angel's lips before he nodded.

"There's our Angel" Dean said fondly, leaning forward and kissing Cas' cheek.

Placing the ice tray on the floor, Dean looked at Sam and then at Cas.

"Sammy and I are your family now, Cas. I know we can never replace Steve or Georgie, but we can still be a family together, in every real sense of the word."


Cas was asleep. The brothers had moved from the bed.

"C'mere, Dean" Sam whispered as he took one of Dean's hands and pulled him onto his lap.


"Might as well get comfortable, baby, cause you're going to be here for awhile" Sam said softly as he waited for Dean to relax against his chest and settle his head on Sam's shoulder.

Pulling the couch blanket over the both of them, Sam then tilted Dean's chin up. "Love you so much."

"Love you more, Sammy."

"I need to tell you about how we came to be here, Dean" Sam whispered softly "and the promises I made to make it happen."

"Do you remember what you were like before we ended up here?" Sam asked.

Dean flushed and nodded. "I was such an asshole Sam, I was losing you and myself and was sliding down a slippery slope I couldn't get back up on" Dean acknowledged truthfully.

"It was the only way out, babe. You needed to learn to trust again and get back to yourself." Breathing heavily, Sammy continued on. "But...ummm...well...part of the deal I made, is that we have to...oh man...have a three-way with Cas" Sam squeaked and then waited and waited and waited for Dean's reaction. This was a big one and he didn't know for sure how Dean was going to respond.

"Do you hate me for promising what I did to get you back to yourself?" Sam asked, looking at his big brother with worried eyes.

Dean looked at his younger brother with love and compassion.

"Never, Sammy. You did what you believed to be right to try and save me. How could I ever hate you for that? " Dean responded as he gently ran his thumb along Sam's jaw and kissed those adorable moles.

"We had sort of talked about something like this right, inviting Cas into our relationship, before I turned into such a prick."

"Well yeah, we did, but I more or less went ahead and made the decision pretty much without you."

"And you saved my life." Dean soothed as he continued to stroke lightly at Sam's face.

"There's one more thing you need to know, Dean" Sam gulped.

"I think I already know, Sammy. It's pretty obvious the way Cas looks at you what you two have been up too. And if anyone knows what a caring heart you have, it's me. I think our Angel over there was in need of some serious healing and I'm glad you were able to give it to him."

Leaning into the touch Sam turned his head and kissed Dean's palm. "Love you."

"Love you too, Sammy" Dean murmured as he leaned in and kissed his little brother.

The kiss was warm and sweet and a welcome home of sorts.


Sam was watching Dean. It was so wonderful having Dean back to himself, but yet, Sam missed the baby side of Dean too. It had been such a remarkable time for them all and he so loved taking care of Dean.

Dean was sitting in a chair gazing out the window sucking on his finger. It was the little endearing things like this, that Dean did naturally, remnants from his time of being regressed, that drew fierce feelings of tender protectiveness in Sam.

Realizing what he had unconsciously done, Dean quickly removed his finger.

"Hey...hey Dean" Sam called out softly as he came to his brother and squatted down beside him.

Dean looked embarrassed and shy and awkward. "I guess it's force of habit or something, huh Sammy?" Dean whispered, not meeting Sam's eyes.

"And it's wonderful and I hope it never changes. There is nothing to be embarrassed about – not ever. So you go ahead and do whatever comes naturally, Dean. I so loved taking care of you and loving you and being with you. There were no barriers – only love and I sure don't want that to change" Sam soothed as he cupped Dean's cheek and drew his face towards him.

"Cas loved taking care of you too. It was a real special time and in many ways, I sure didn't want it to end. I want to still be able to take care of you and I want you to know, that I love and adore that gentler side of you and that I love you all the more for it."

Before Dean could respond, Cas carried in a kitchen chair and sat down in front of them.

"Uh-oh, someone's got their serious face on" Dean commented and smiled fondly at Cas.

Leaning in, Cas placed his hands over the boys intertwined ones.

"I wanted to discuss something with you and I don't want you to be embarrassed by it or anything like that. It's something I've been thinking over. Okay?"

Sam looked at Dean and they both nodded at Cas.

"Our lives in the real world, as we all know, can be tough and cruel and unforgiving. What we deal with most of the time is pretty rough.

You guys found a way of dealing with it through your love for each other and have invited me in to that love, which words will never be able to fully describe the love I feel back for the two of you.

Dean, after you and Sam make love, the way the nurturing and love continues, is a really special time, and I was wondering, if you've ever wanted to engage in a dry adult nursing relationship with Sam, outside of your lovemaking?

I've seen the comfort that it brings to both of you firsthand and it got me to thinking that perhaps after a particularly rough hunt or fight, and you're both too tired to engage in any physical activity, or maybe you just want to comfort and nurture each other, that you might have thought of this.

If I'm out of line, just tell me and I'll drop it" Cas explained, searching Dean's face, before looking at Sam.

Dean stared at Cas, then looked up at Sammy, before hiding his face against Sam.

"Dean?' Sam asked softly.

"Talk to us, please Dean" Cas begged.

"C'mon baby" Sam urged gently.

Dean turned his face outward and looked up at Sammy.

The truth was written all over his shy face. Cas had been right.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I didn't know exactly how too, Sammy."

" know I wouldn't have said no."

"I know that Sammy, I really do."

"And now?" Sam asked and felt his heart melt and all his nurturing instincts kick in to high gear with the gentle look Dean gave him.

"It's settled then. It's part of us Dean and no more holding back. Okay?" Sam said gently as he watched his big brother sigh happily.


The brothers had held their own welcome back party to each other. It had been all sorts of wonderful with lots of light touches and body mapping and re-discovering.

Shortly after, Dean nodded his thanks as Sam handed him a bottle of the wheat ale.

Turning, Sam winked at Cas and silently counted to three.

"What the hell is this? Apricot?" Dean asked indignantly as he examined the bottle's label.

Sam leaned against Cas, both of them laughing so hard, tears began to stream down their faces.

"Told yeah."

"It's apricot flavoured wheat ale and it really is good" Cas choked out. "Just try another sip."

"You guys are nuts" Dean said as he hesitantly took another sip and then another. "Not bad" he commented, which brought another round of laughter from Cas and Sam.

It was now time for Dean and Cas to get to know one and other, in the biblical sense so to speak. If the promise was to be kept, the three of them didn't want Dean and Cas fulfilling it, without having the benefit of being with each other first.

"I'm going to go for a walk. I'll take my time and make it a long one" Sam grinned, looking at both his lovers.

"Sam, you don't have too" Dean said and Cas nodded his agreement.

"I know, but for the first time, you need to get to know each other, just like Cas and I did" Sam said, smiling sweetly at Cas.

After Sam closed the door, Dean turned and looked at Cas.

Running his hand through his hair, Dean cleared his throat.


Cas could feel his face starting to flush. This was Dean he was here alone with and OMG.

"I need to go to the bathroom" Cas said nervously as he practically ran into the bathroom and closed the door, leaving Dean standing there.

"Calm down, calm down" Cas was quietly whispering to his reflection in the mirror.

"It's going to's about to happen" Cas gulped, as he stripped out of his clothes, just as Dean knocked on the door.

"Cas, you alright?"

"Be right out" Cas squeaked, splashing water on his face.

Opening the door revealed a concerned looking and naked Dean.

"Sure you're okay?" Dean asked as he cupped Cas' cheek and ran his thumb lightly over a cheekbone.

Nodding, Cas smiled weakly.

"Okay then."

Dean reached out and pressed Cas to him. "Relax, Cas. We're going to take things as slow or as fast as you want."

Dean led Cas over to the bed and gently laid him down against the pile of pillows he had positioned earlier.


Cas nodded at Dean with wide eyes.

"You're shaking" Dean noted as he sat down beside the Angel.

"J-u-just nervous."

"Don't be" Dean murmured as he laid down next to Cas and pressed a small kiss to the corner of his mouth.

Feelings of love swirled in Dean's heart as he kissed Cas again and ever so slowly began to run his hands over the Angel's body before pulling him as close as he could.


"Sure" Cas hummed and leaned into the feel of Dean's lips sucking lightly on his neck.

The smell of want and arousal permeated the air as Dean moved slowly down and began to work his tongue over Cas' nipples and then the outline of the stars.

"" Cas slurred as Dean worked his way down, using his tongue and lips and fingers to provide Cas with a three dimensional experience.

Those feelings stopped for a short moment as Dean's lips reached Cas and discovered he was not circumcised.

"You're not cut" Dean admired and then went to work showing that he knew exactly what to do with this situation.

Rock hard and leaking, Cas almost lifted off the bed as Dean's tongue worked its way under the flap of skin and began to suck the slippery tip.

Three good and deep pulls and Cas exploded inside Dean's mouth, warm cum filling and spilling as Cas rubbed Dean's hair, pulling him close as the aftershocks hit and tiny sensations vibrated through the core of his being until Cas couldn't take it anymore and gently turned from Dean's mouth.

Sensing the over stimulation, Dean pulled off and wiped Cas' cum on his hand.

"Cas, turn over" Dean rasped as he fondled himself.

Turning onto his stomach, Dean spread his legs and rubbed at Cas' entrance until the Angel was good and slick.

Moving back and positioning himself, Dean gently inserted the head of his dick in, trying desperately to pace himself and not push too much at once.

Finally, he was completely inserted and began to thrust rapidly.

"Fuuuuuucccccccccck" Dean bellowed as he thrust one last time and orgasmed deep inside the Angel.

Collapsing on top of Cas, Dean kissed the side of his neck. "Seriously man, that was fantastic" Dean panted as he shifted his sweat soaked body slightly, so that he was covering as much of the Angel as he could. When Dean had asked Sam about making love with Cas, Sam, ever the gentleman, wouldn't say too much. He did explain to Dean though about the sensitivity of Cas' stars and the fact that he loved to be body covered during sex.

Eventually, Dean slid out from Cas and rolled them both over, so that the Angel was turned to him and up against him, with blankets covering the two of them.

Kissing Cas' face softly, Dean leaned back a bit and looked at him.


Blissed out eyes and a sleepy smile confirmed a very positive yes as Cas buried his face against Dean's chest and closed his eyes.

Fully sated and wonderfully relaxed, Cas was snuggled up in the warmth of Dean's strong arms, feeling very loved and special.

"You're so fucking beautiful" Dean whispered.

"You're not so bad yourself, my darling, Cas smiled, looking up at Dean.

Cas was rewarded with fluttering kisses lovingly applied everywhere Dean's lips could reach.


"Sam tell you about the stars?" Cas asked as he stood beside Dean at the kitchen counter, peeling the potatoes for supper.

Dean nodded. "Only about them and the fact that you like to be body covered after lovemaking. All the rest I learned on my own" Dean grinned, as Cas smiled back at him.

Dean was standing by the sink. Cas was in his arms. "Sammy will be home soon" Dean re-assured as he kissed the Angel's forehead.

No sooner had Dean finished speaking, then the door opened and a smiling Sam walked in.

Looking at both of them, Sam continued to smile as he motioned for them to come and give him a hug.

If truth be told, there was nothing like a hug from Sammy and after his extensive walking, those manly pheromones, were out in full play.

Kissing each of his guys, Sam smiled down at them. "Something smells great. I guess I better go grab a shower before eating."

"No" both Dean and Cas cried out and then looked at each other in surprise. "You too?" Dean asked. "Oh yeah" Cas agreed before both turning towards a reddening Sam.

"But guys, I really do need to shower."

"No you don't, Sammy. "

"What? C'mon."

It was Dean's turn to redden now. " You've got this manly smell about you after you work out or have been on a walk and it's a major turn-on for me and evidently for Cas too" Dean explained as he sat Sam down in the kitchen chair, enjoying the blush that was seeping into his little brother's cheeks.

Secretly, Sam could feel his heart swelling and filling with this information. It's always good to know what contributes to your lovers' enjoyment.


A soft rain was drumming against the window panes a few days later. Cas had just finished checking on the turkey breast in the oven. The sides were simmering on the stove and dessert was sitting on the counter.

The table was set and the house had a comfortable peacefulness to it.

Walking quietly over to the little alcove, Cas looked down and smiled.

Assorted pillows and blankets had been taken off the bed and were now residing in the small space, along with Dean and Sam.

Dean was curled up tight against Sammy, suckling contentedly. Sam had his face in Dean's hair, humming softly.

A very special and tender furtherance to their relationship had happened and this was all thanks to the Angel who was now kneeling down beside them.

Rubbing Dean's back softly, Cas leaned over and kissed Sam's head.

The days of contentment could go on forever like this, as far as the three of them were concerned. However, it was not meant to be.


They had gone to sleep in one place and had woken up back in the motel room where it had all started; even the Impala was parked in front of their door.

There was a strong sense of disbelief and overwhelming loss, but they were all glad to see that Mr. Walla Walla had made the trip with them, tucked safely in Dean's arms.

Coming back from where they had been was brutal. There had been a special serenity to their home that had transformed the three of them. Sam, Cas and Dean were, each in their own way, having issues with the transition back.

Their motel room was grotty, the bed was too small for the three of them and frankly, none of them wanted to resume the whole hunting and angel responsibilities at the present moment.

"Shit" Dean yelled as he jammed his knee on the wooded door frame of the bathroom, causing Cas to jump and nick himself while shaving.

"Darn it!"

"What's your problem?" Dean grumbled.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe nicking myself because you yelled."

"Fuck you, man!"

Cas looked hurt, whether it was from Dean's tone or the words he used, the hurt was there in his eyes as he looked away and down from Dean.

"I'm just going to go for a walk" Cas murmured as he slid past Dean and headed out the door.

"I didn't mean it like that" Dean said, looking helplessly at Sam. "I know you didn't, babe. Look, we're all under the gun here. We're going to have to find new digs or we're going to end up killing each other" Sam said as he massaged the muscles in Dean's neck.

Dean leaned back into Sam's touch and closed his eyes. "Yeah, you're right. We better start looking, but first, let's go get Cas" Dean said as he turned and kissed Sam.


It was getting really late and normally they would be in bed by now. Sam was tired, Dean was tired and they were both concerned about Cas.

"Sam, there he is" Dean said sadly as he took in the forlorn looking figure who was sitting on a parking stone with his head leaning against the wall.

Pulling in and parking, Dean and Sam made their way to Cas, who saw them coming and abruptly pulled his knees up to his chin.

"I'm sorry, Cas" Dean apologized as he sat down and reached out and touched Cas' arm.

It was clear that Cas had been crying and he looked so tired.

"I'm sorry too" came the trembling response as Cas allowed himself to be pulled onto Dean's lap.

"You sure you want me to stay?" Castiel asked nervously as his hands worked the end of his shirt hem.

Reaching out and clasping Castiel's hands, Dean kissed his temple as Sam knelt beside them and wrapped his arms around both of them.

"Lean back, baby, that's it" Sam encouraged and helped Castiel lean against Dean's shoulder.

"Of course we want you to stay" Sam murmured.

"Cas, you know how much we both love you." Dean soothed.

The tears were sliding down Castiel's face faster than they could be wiped away.

"Thank you for loving me and taking care of me and letting me be with you both. I love you both so, so much and…and…I just really want us to be a family forever. Is that okay?"

"Okay? It's better than okay, buddy. There's no worries here. Between the three of us, we've had enough misery to last twenty life times. We've got nothing but great things ahead of us – the three of us together." Dean exclaimed.


"It's sleep time" Sam said after they had gotten back and as he took Dean's hand and then Cas' one.

"We're going to go to sleep now, all three of us and tomorrow we're going to start looking for somewhere to live" Sam soothed as he got both guys into bed and then turned out the bedside light.

They wanted Sam in the middle, so that is where he went.

Wrapping arms around each of them, Sam drew them in close to his chest, where he hummed a low tune until he felt the two of them fall asleep.


As promised, they spent the following day driving all over, checking out any and all for rent signs that they came upon.

Cas was sitting between the brothers in the front seat of the Impala, feeling the human bookends of love for him.

"Can I flip through the channels…please?" Cas asked hopefully.

"But I thought you loved rock."

"I do, just not all the time."

Sam was laughing as he looked out the Impala window.

"Well…okay" Dean groaned good naturedly and cast a sideways glance as Cas kissed his cheek and started pressing the radio channel buttons.

"This is a really good song" Cas exclaimed as Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs' Sugar Shack came on.

"Kill me now" Dean growled good naturedly.


Luck was on their side, by early afternoon, when they came across an old farmhouse that had certainly seen better days, but didn't seem all that bad.

Wiping away the grime from the windows and peering inside, they could see where it was mostly furnished.

Calling the number on the sign post, arrangements were finalized fairly quickly when the grateful owner was called and he realized he wouldn't have to do any extra work, to rent it out.

An old truck wound down the bumpy road and hearty handshakes and cash on the barrel for the upcoming few months rent were exchanged.

The key was handed over and with a wave the farmer left, leaving Sam, Dean and Cas to explore their new home.

Sometimes things had a way of working out and this was one of those times.


As they had figured, the place was mostly furnished and they didn't lose any time, routing through cupboards for cleaning supplies and getting down to the business of getting it liveable.

The place had a good energy about it.

Dragging the mattresses from the two double beds located in different rooms, they set them together on the floor in the main bedroom.

From that point on, it took them almost two days to get the place good and clean and furniture arranged the way they wanted. Nothing was left un-touched, everything got a thorough cleaning, from the floors to the fridge and freezer.

The bedding was washed and hung out on the line to dry, as were the towels. The rugs were hung over the banister and broom beaten.

The windows glistened with freshness.

Once everything was clean and dry, towels were placed over the seams of the joinings in the mattresses and then sheeted.

Pillows and fresh covers were then added along with the woollen blankets and one heavy quilt.

Needless to say, the homemade bed, under slanted ceilings, looked beyond inviting and it took a monumental effort not to jump in and spend some quality time doing things to each other they all enjoyed.


"Anything else you can think of?" Dean called out late on the second day, sitting cross-legged on their bed, as he looked down at the shopping list which held items the three of them had written down during the course of the last while.

"I'm good" Sam called back.

"Me too" Cas agreed.

Dean's heart warmed when he came downstairs and observed the small corner room that had been lovingly set-up with pillows and blankets and throws. He didn't need to be told that this is where Sam would nurse him and love him. Sam's gentle smile told him all that.

The alternate world they had come to know had sadly disappeared, but while the physical place was gone, the memories, the special times and what had happened there, would be with the three of them always, tucked lovingly in their hearts – forever and for always and new and happy ones were being made now.


The following day, they were driving along a country road, when they came across signs for a Farmers' market.

"Can we stop?" Cas asked hopefully.

"Oh man, really?" Dean grinned as he pulled the Impala off onto the shoulder and parked.

Sam was chuckling as he put his arm around Cas and pulled him in for a kiss.

The first thing they saw was a coin operated photo booth.

Three grown men in the small space of the booth necessitated some interesting contortionist work.

Sam sat on the small stool, with Dean on one knee and Cas on the other.

Sliding in the coins, Dean then leaned back, and the three of them aligned themselves for the four strip photos, which would later grace the door of their fridge, surrounded by some magnets which proclaimed love.

An endearing selection of smiles, kisses and funny faces were developed within four minutes.


The wonderful thing about a Farmers' market is the variety of items available for purchase.

The money the brothers had before the journey, they retained upon their return, which was plenty enough to meet their needs for the next while.

Dean was leaning against one of the beams in the barn, sipping his coffee, watching Sam and Cas move from booth to booth, trying samples, making choices and turning every now and then and smiling at him.

"Do you like this?" Cas asked as he held up a comfrey and spearmint scented soap bar for Sam.

Inhaling deeply, Sam smiled.

They purchased four bars of the handmade soap in scents of cinnamon, lavender, patchouli and the spearmint and comfrey one.

Into the bag also went some lemon shampoo and conditioner and mint scented shaving cream.

"I'll just bring these over to Dean" Sam advised, as he kissed Cas.

Depositing the bag beside the ones already residing at Dean's feet, Sam smiled up at his big brother.

"Thank you for this, babe."

"My pleasure, Sammy" Dean grinned, cupping the side of Sam's face as he rose up.


"And, I'm married" Dean thought to himself as he walked behind Sam and Cas, who were going on about the market finds that the three of them were now carrying back to the car.

Opening the back door, Dean placed his items on the seat and then took Sam's and Cas' and placed them on the floor of the car.

Cas held on to one paper bag and brought it with him into the front seat.

"What's in the bag?" Dean asked.

"Something for the house that I thought was really nice, but you guys will tease me about it for being too girly" Cas said shyly.

"We won't" Sam assured, anxious to see.

Cas slowly opened the bag and pulled out a panel of antique lace curtain.

"I thought...well, I thought...this would look real nice on our bedroom window" Cas whispered, keeping his head down.

Dean looked down at the filaments, clearly put together with love and withstanding the endurance of time.

"It's going to look beautiful, sweetheart" Dean said softly as he fingered the delicate lace. "It sure is" Sam agreed, taking one of Cas' hands into his own.


They celebrated their finds and purchases and move from the motel, at a burger joint that served burgers just the way Dean loved them.

He was a joy to watch as he savoured each mouthful.

Heading out into the night, satisfied and content, Dean nudged Sam in the ribs and pointed to the adult store across the street.

"Let's go have some fun."

Sam rolled his eyes good naturedly and Cas sort of shrank back behind the brothers. "I'll just wait in the car."

"C'mon babe, we won't let the big bad wolf get ya" Dean chuckled as he clasped Castiel's hand in his warm one.


Dean was still holding Cas' trembling hand. "Hey, relax sweetheart, this is supposed to be fun" Dean soothed.

Cas looked gratefully at him and squeezed Dean's hand. "Steve always took care of this."

"Everything okay?" Sam asked as he came and stood beside them.

"I don't know what to choose" Cas whispered.

"Well, there's some flavoured ones here and some plain ones over there."

"I'm game for any of them" Dean said.

Both Sam and Cas looked at him. "We know."

People in the store heard the burst of laughter coming from the three men in the corner who were having a hard time selecting what type of lube they were going to buy.

Four different bottles, two flavoured, one natural and one that enhanced nipple play were finally decided upon, along with a flavoured massage bar.

The purchases from the market and fun store were supplemented with a trip to the grocery store.

Bag upon bag, including food staples, perishables and junk food were loaded into the trunk of the Impala.


"Almost home" Dean commented and smiled over at Cas and Sam.

The word home was not lost on any of them.

Turning into the laneway, Dean pulled up in front of their house and turned off the engine.

Dean was first out and went and unlocked the door.

Bag after bag was brought in and deposited on the wooden kitchen table.

Fresh buckwheat honey, hand rolled herb breads and locally sourced coffee joined the rest of the groceries in their appropriate areas of the kitchen, the fridge and the small upright freezer.

Walking around the table, Dean slid his arms around Cas' waist and leaned his chin on the Angel's shoulder.

"Thank you both so much for everything" Cas said softly and Dean felt the hitch in his breath.

"Anytime, sweetheart" Dean responded and kissed the side of Cas' neck.

"Ditto" Sam agreed, smiling from across the table.

"Umm, smell this" Sam said as he held the cinnamon soap up to Dean's nose.

"Smells great." Dean replied taking another whiff. "And, what else did you guys get?" Dean grinned as he was shown all the things that were going to make up their home.


"Look" Cas said excitedly as he opened the medicine cabinet door in the bathroom and showed the brothers the shelves that held the shampoo and conditioner, the shaving lotion, three razors, toothpaste, mouth wash and moisturizer, along with the extra bars of soap.

"And look here" Cas beamed as he pointed to the bathtub and the soap dish that contained the lavender bar of soap.

"And here" Cas continued as he showed them the three tooth brushes set out in the holder.

Towels were on the twin racks, toilet paper was in the proper holder and a flowered candle was sitting on the bathtub ledge.

"Wow, this looks great" Dean and Sam complimented as they pulled Cas between them and kissed him.


While Cas had been busy getting things set-up in the bathroom, Dean and Sam had been busy getting things sorted in the bedroom.

"Come see what we did" Sam said softly.

The lace panel was now residing on the curtain rod in the bedroom, a cut glass red heart that Sam had bought was strung over it.

"This looks so perfect. Thank you" Cas gulped and kissed both the brothers.

"Beautiful…just like you" Dean admired, rubbing his face against Cas.

"And, we're all set-up here too" Dean chuckled as he strode over and pulled out one, then the other drawers of the nightstands, which contained fun treasures for future fun evenings and days.


Their first meal in their own place was going to be a happy and contented affair.

Rosemary flavoured chicken, baked red potatoes, mashed peas and corn, with pie for dessert.

"Out with the both of you, I'm almost done here and supper will be awhile yet, so I'll take third shower" Cas exclaimed as he kissed the brothers and then turned back to setting the table.


Neil Diamond's song Cherry Cherry was playing on the small radio in their bedroom, when Dean grabbed Sam and swung him around so they were face to face.

"Dance with me."


"C'mon" Dean encouraged as he placed his hands on Sam's hips and got them to start moving.

A dimpled smile, shaggy brown hair and those wonderfully long legs started moving in time with Dean and stayed that way until the song ended, leaving them happy and breathless.

Dean had taken his shower earlier in the day and had every intention of helping Sam take his, but once he'd stripped down and layed on the mattress, he was quickly asleep.

Sam smiled as he came out of the bathroom, rubbing a towel through his hair and looked at Dean.

The delicious aroma of roasting chicken was filling their home. The bedroom window was open and a soft breeze was blowing in, gently ruffling the lace curtain.

Climbing in beside his brother, Sam snuggled in nice and close and it wasn't long before he was asleep as well.


Cas had insisted on their clothes buying mission, that they purchase, as he called them, cuddling around clothes.

Soft t-shirts and flannel pyjama bottoms, for lazing around and cuddling in.

After Cas had taken his shower, dressed in the soft clothing and got supper on the table, he gently woke up the sleeping pair, rubbing a soft hand over their bodies.

"C'mon Sam…it's time to wake up, Dean" Cas said gently and watched the stretching and sleepy smiles.

"I've left your clothes on the chair and supper is on the table. Up you get now."


Supper was fabulous, the meal outstanding and the conversation easy and light.

There was hand touching and small kisses and even some blushing going on.

Once the dishes had been cleared and stacked for washing tomorrow, the three of them moved to the living room and sat together on the couch. Dean was in the middle and holding each of their hands. Gentle kissing was taking place.

The three of them stayed like that for some time, until Cas' eyes began to droop.

"I think it's time for bed" Dean chuckled.


Their first night together in their own bed, in their own place, snuggled up together in the darkness, surrounded by smells of sun filled bedding, lemon shampoo and lavender soap was intoxicating on every level.

Each of them were lost in their own thoughts after goodnight kisses were exchanged.

Sam was in the middle this time and Cas and Dean were solid forms next to him, warm and comforting and Sam said his prayers in thankfulness.


Dean was fidgeting around, roaming from one room to the other. He knew what he wanted, but was very shy about asking for it. It wasn't missed by either Sam or Cas.

Opening the fridge and taking out one of the milk filled bottles, Cas handed it to Sam, who placed it in the microwave to warm.

Once the dinger went off, Sam tested it to make sure it wasn't too hot.

Dean was now sitting on the couch, his arms on his knees and his head down.

Walking in and squatting in front of him, Sam ran a gentle hand over Dean's head.

"Look what I have for you."


"C'mon, babe, we've talked about this. There's nothing to be shy about. Now, up you get." Sam soothed as he stood and got Dean to follow.

Cas was just finishing fluffing the pillows when the brothers came up.

Smiling at Dean who was leaning against Sam, Cas reached out and rubbed his cheek.

"Hey Dean, look, everything is all ready."

Nuzzling his cheek against Cas' hand, Dean smiled before giving him a hug.

"You never, ever have to be shy about this Dean. You are loved so very much and to be able to give this to you, is also a gift for Sam and me too."

Sam was rubbing Dean's back and felt the tremble run through him.

Quickly kissing both his guys, it was impossible not to miss the blush beneath the freckles.


Sam laid down first, followed by Dean.

Helping the brothers to get settled, Cas gave them each a kiss before leaving.

"C'mon, sweetheart" Sam soothed as he held the bottle to Dean's lips.

Watching the hazel coloured eyes of his baby brother, Dean latched onto the bottle and began to suckle.

It was wonderful and special and heartfelt.

"So in love with you" Sam whispered, kissing Dean's forehead.

Once the bottle was finished, Sam laid it down and cuddled Dean in his arms.

"I bet that was good, huh?"

Dean nodded against Sam's chest, kissing his sternum.


Life was being lived, the three of them were taking care of each other and treasured moments in time were being experienced as one day moved on to the next.

Cas' head was resting against Sam's shoulder, squirming as Sam worked his nipples. Dean was on his knees, his face buried between Cas' legs, working his tongue slowly and delicately over sweat covered skin.

Extra caution was being taken by the brothers as they initiated Cas into their world – treating him like a fragile doll who might break at any moment.

In some regards, they were right.

Dean rose to his feet as he slowly ran his hand up and then down Cas' spinal cord. Blushing deeply, Castiel looked at Dean and then at Sam. "Thank you for taking such good care of me when I couldn't take care of myself" Dean breathed into his ear as Sam slowly guided them towards the bed.

"Ugh, guys, it's okay, I think we'll be fine without having to proceed with the last part of the plan" Castiel exhaled nervously. "I know what we had done before, back in the other place, but I've never…ummm…well…not like…"

"It's okay, baby, neither have Sammy or me. We'll all get into this together."

Cas was feeling a multitude of sensations and was unsure about what was happening.

"Can you bend your knees for me?" Dean asked as he smiled down at a flushing Cas.

"Sammy's going to help get you positioned."

"Don't be nervous" Dean murmured as he tugged gently on one of Castiel's ear lobes.

Sam's hands were running over his torso, his naked torso. When did he lose his clothes? When had the brothers shed their own?

Dean was doing these wonderful things with his tongue, causing a delighted sigh to escape from the object of their attention.

"Hey baby" Dean purred as he rubbed up against Sam in all his naked glory, while mouthing Cas.

He was hard and more than ready for some serious loving.

His whole body felt boneless, like he was riding on a wave of bliss.


Dean stroked his hand through Cas' hair before giving his cheek a light squeeze. "It's all good, babe."

"Sam, do you have the bar ready?"

Gathering the hand warmed bar from beside him, he handed it to Dean.

Breaking off a corner piece of the vanilla bar, Dean slowly rubbed it between the palms of his hands, working it down to a creamy base. Cas was a hairy guy, it would have hurt him if Dean hadn't blended it just so.

"You like?" Dean murmured as he held his hands up to Cas, who inhaled the scent deeply.

"Smells fantastic" Cas said as he slanted a curious grin at Dean and then turned and looked at Sam, who was now leaning in very close to the side of his face.

"It's my favourite" Sam whispered as he slowly began to lick at the tender flesh just beneath Cas' ear lobe.


Cas closed his eyes as every single coherent thought flew right out of his mind, when he felt Dean's hands on his thighs, rubbing in small press filled circles.

Things were heating up amongst the three of them. Arousal, sweat and body musk were scenting the room as three young and healthy males started their loving of each other.

Kneeling within the circle of Cas' legs, Dean gently began to apply firmer circular motions over Cas' pelvic region.

It felt so fucking good that Cas was sure he was about to approach orbit.

It was like pushing the door to home open.

"Easy, baby, easy" Dean reassured as Cas jumped from the new location of Dean's hands on him.


Sam lifted his head from where he was sucking on Cas' neck.

"Lips or fingers?"

"How about a little of both" Sam groaned.

"I've never done this before" Cas murmured. "Us either" Dean chuckled.

Cas buried his face against Sam's chest.

There was going to be no hot and heavy thrusting this time. It would all be about slow and gentle touches.

Dean began running his hands over Castiel's body. From the top of his head down the sweep of his back, over his hips and ending with stroking of his butt.

Sam meanwhile was shifting lower in the bed, so that he could get closer to Castiel's chest. Running the pad of his thumb over one nipple, Sam felt it pebble and harden beneath his touch. Turning him completely onto his back, allowed Dean to take care of the other one with his mouth. Cas began to writhe with every motion.

His cock was steel hard and heavy and leaking with pre-cum. Sam's hand made it down to the area first and began to swirl the weeping liquid with his thumb and forefinger over Castiel's tip. "Spread your legs, baby" Dean directed.

Slicking some of the pre-cum onto his fingers, Dean gently began to circle Castiel's anus. A little wiggle at his entrance hit the same time that Sam rubbed him and that was it for Cas as he came in shuddering waves and full release.

Coming undone between the two brothers, feeling their gentle hands on his skin, soft kisses in his hair and on his lips, sent Cas over and into the chasm of love as Dean entered him and began to thrust.

"That's it, baby, that's it" Sam moaned as he ran his hands over Cas and Dean, running his fingers over the crease of Dean's butt and fingering him as he felt the first stiffening of Dean's release beginning.

Thrusting and panting, Dean heaved twice against Cas as he spilled and released.

"Hmmmm...ughn...oh shit" Dean yelled as he finished and trembled and smiled weakly as Cas lapped at his mouth and Sam kissed his body.

Dean managed to pull slowly out of Cas and roll over onto his side, his eyes slightly crossed as he grinned at Cas and then at Sammy.

Ever the caring big brother, Dean reached for Sam's erection and started stroking.

"C'mere, Sam" Cas mumbled as he adjusted himself and opened his legs.

"Sure?" Sam breathed as he wiggled.

"Um hmm" Cas whispered and wrapped his arms around Sam as Sam mounted him.

It was Dean who guided Sammy in to the slick and hot cavern.

Dean continued to rub as Sam continued to thrust. "Oh fuck, don't stop" Sam panted.

That, coupled with Castiel shifting underneath him sent Sam over the edge in a sputtering orgasm of pretty awesome proportions.

"Holy hell" Dean howled.

Laughing lightly, Sam stayed on top of Cas and put his arm around Dean. "That was amazing" Sam breathed kissing Dean and then Cas. "That it was" Cas agreed smiling.

The intensity of what had just happened was bordering on the overwhelming and Castiel felt hot tears begin to run down his face. He didn't know where to look so he kept his eyes closed.

Dean lifted his head slightly and looked at Sam. Their Angel needed some reassurance.

Pulling out slowly, Sam rolled to Cas' other side and between them, they spent a few minutes nuzzling the Angel's forehead and neck. Sam spooned in behind and wrapped his arm over Castiel and Dean.

"We got ya, Cas. We got ya" Dean soothed, easing the trembling body in his care.


"Do you think it'll be okay?" Cas asked, worry framing his voice.

"Absolutely" Sam soothed, just as Dean called out "It sure will be."

"For sure?"

"For sure."

Dean was curled up in the bedding, in the little room, with Mr. Walla Walla for company.

When Cas came in and got settled in beside Dean, Sam then handed him the bottle before laying down on the other side of Dean.

Feelings of protectiveness and love were swirling in the room as Cas began to give Dean his bottle.

Perhaps there are no proper words to describe the bonding that this form of love has produced between the three of them, except for the word love, that all encompassing love.


The sun was just rising and kissing the sky good morning as Sam was sitting in front of Cas and Dean, feeding them raspberries and blueberries with a large silver spoon.

"One for Dean and one for Cas" Sam smiled as he fed them the delicious berries.

"And one for Sammy" Dean whispered as he took the spoon and bowl from his little brother. Opening his mouth and taking the spoon and fruit in, Sam held the spoon between his lips, and kept holding it, until Dean bent forward and offered a kiss in exchange for the spoon back.

Tiny droplets of juice dribbled down chins as Dean deepened the kiss. The fact that Cas had gotten off the bed and headed to the bathroom did not go un-noticed.

It was early morning, way too early for anyone to be awake. And yet, the three of them were – again.

"You'd think Cas was pregnant" Sam remarked and then looked at Dean, who was staring at him with his mouth open.

"Could it happen?" Dean gulped.

The brothers continued to stare at each other.

"Naah" they both reassured themselves as Cas walked back into the room and crawled into bed.

"You feeling okay, Cas?" Sam asked in concern as the Angel clutched his stomach and groaned.

"Not sure. I still feel like I want to throw up" Cas moaned miserably as he looked up at Sam.


Cas moved so he was laying against Sam, back to chest. The warmth from Sam felt good on his aching lower back.

Dean reached out from his side of the bed and began to rub Cas' stomach.

Snuggled up between the two brothers, Cas felt very loved and protected and taken care of and so did the precious life that was growing within him.

The end.