Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, which belongs solely to Rumiko Takahashi. I'm just borrowing the characters for my own twisted ideas!

Summary: Kagome's mother meets up with a long lost love from her high school days, and they decide to get married. Problem is, the long lost love already has two sons; one is quiet and mysterious, as well as beautiful, and the second son is just a pain in the ass. Life had never been so crazy for Kagome!

Genre: Humor, Drama, Romance

Rated: PG-13 for crude humor and suggestive material.

Couples: Kagome/Inuyasha, Sango/Miroku, Kagome's mother/Inutaishou, and Sesshoumaru/Rin

AN: I borrowed the song title "With Or Without You," which belongs to the band, U2.


With Or Without You

Chapter 1: "The New Family"

The day started out as a normal day for Higurashi Kagome; she got out of her bed in the morning, got dressed for school, made sure her room was nice and clean, and then went down stairs for breakfast.

Kagome ate her normal routine breakfast that day; a bowl of grain cereal and lightly buttered toast. Her little brother, Souta, sat next to her and ate his breakfast. Their grandfather sat in his usual spot, talking nonsense about mythical legends as the other members of the family pretended to pay attention to him.

Kagome's mother sat in her usual spot, picking at her toast, and barely sipping her coffee as she had a magnificent smile on her face.

That was the most unusual of the day so far.

Kagome did not think much of her mother's odd behavior, as well as the other two members of the family, as they continued with their daily routine.

Suddenly, Kagome's mother, Yumi, gave a light cough and everyone turned their full attention to her.

With a bright smile and radiantly happy eyes, Yumi started her speech, "As you all know, I got a new job a few weeks ago, and I met a special someone from my youth. We dated a few times, as all of you know, and now we decided to take the next step; WE'RE GETTING MARRIED!"


"And she just smiled as if all of us were supposed to be happy about it!" Kagome cried out indignantly to her friends Sango, Miroku, and Kouga while they all ate lunch.

"She just dated this guy a few times, and now they decided to get married?" Sango questioned with wonderment in her voice and eyes.

"Yes! And now we're supposed to be happy for her!" Kagome yelled again as she grabbed a breaded dumpling in her lunch and stuffed it in her mouth in frustration.

Her other friend, Miroku, scratched his head as he once again played the voice of reason.

"Kagome, as Higurashi-san's daughter it is your duty and commitment to be happy for her, even though you might not be happy about the situation."

Kagome sighed and reluctantly agreed that her friend was right. "Is that an official duty, or forced upon us at birth?"

"A little bit of both," Miroku answered as he picked up his lunch chopsticks. "It has always been our duty as daughters and sons to step aside and let our parents be happy in their lives, since they tried more than half their lives to make us happy. I think Higurashi-san is just trying to think of what's best for you and your brother, as well as find a little bit of happiness in her own life."

"How is my mother thinking what is best for me and Souta?" she inquired.

"Well, it has been a while sinceā€¦" he paused, reluctant to mention it, but he had to make his point. "It's been six years since your father passed, and poor Souta never got to know him, nor did he have a chance to have any father figure in his life."

"He's always had jii-chan." She insisted.

"Grandfathers are different, Kagome." Miroku stated with a kind smile. "It's time Souta had a father in his life."

"Have you met the guy who your mother was dating?" Kouga asked, finally speaking up about the Kagome crisis.

Kagome shook her head. "I just saw his car when he was dropping off my mother from one of their dates. I officially meet him tonight; all of my family, except my grandfather, is going to dinner with him."

"Oh? Why not the old man?" Kouga asked, curious as to why Kagome's grandfather would not go to dinner with a man who is dating his daughter.

"It's open shrine night at our house shrine. As manager, he has to be there."

"I wonder who this guy is," Kouga wondered out loud as he poked his rice with his eating utensils. "To have the foxy Yumi all tied up in knots!"

"You're just so wrong, Kouga," Sango exclaimed, shaking her head in dismay. "To have a crush on an older woman!"

Kouga snorted at the accusation.

"I don't have a crush on Higurashi-san; as a guy, I'm just noticing beautiful women, even if they are older than me."

"Isn't that just too true!" Miroku agreed, as he and Kouga "high-five" each other with huge grins on their faces.

Sango and Kagome just roll their eyes as the two boys display their immaturity.

"So, Kagome-chan," Sango started to ignore the two perverts in front of them. "Can you make it to gymnastics practice today?"

"Iie, Sango-chan," Kagome answered as she drank more of her bottled water. "I have to leave immediately to the restaurant after school."

"I see; I'll tell the coach your excuse." Sango said in understanding.

The rest of lunch was completed without any mention or thought of the dinner that Kagome was due to go to when the time came.


After school, Yumi picked Kagome up from school, and then picked Souta up from tutor classes. They rushed home immediately to change clothing.

Kagome came out of her room dressed in a plain sunflower dress and white dress shoes. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment when she saw her brother in a nice suit and tie, and her mother in her fanciest suit; a dark blue skirt, cream-colored, silk blouse, and a matching dark blue coat. Yumi's jewelry consisted of her two diamond post earrings, and her favorite pearl necklace that her late husband gave to her.

Yumi gave her daughter an odd look as she was adjusting Souta's crooked tie. "Why are you wearing that outfit, Kagome?"

Kagome stared at her mother for a few seconds of embarrassment before answering, "I-I didn't know we're going to a fancy restaurant."

"Of course we are; the Shikon no Tama restaurant has always been considered extremely fancy."

"THE SHIKON NO TAMA?! Just who is this guy, mother?!" Kagome cried out in awe, and she wondered who her mother was dating since he seemed to be able to afford a first class restaurant.

The Shikon no Tama restaurant had always been every high school girl's fantasy to just be able to see inside the most talked-about restaurant in all of Japan.

"You're going to meet him tonight, Kagome. Now, please change your outfit; we're already running a bit late."

Kagome went back into her room to change into the fanciest clothing item she had; a nice suit just like her mother's, only a dark violet color.

After making sure everything was alright with the house and what everyone was wearing was acceptable, Yumi herded her children out the door, into the car, and they were off to the best restaurant in all Japan.

After finding a parking spot, Kagome was able to step out of the car and admire the restaurant building from where she stood.

It was a two level building, with huge windows that made it look almost like it was made of nothing but glass. A person looking at it could hardly see the beams that separated window by window; the glass was tinted so no one could see inside and also to block out the sun when it was setting.

Kagome sighed dreamily which causing one of the people who walked by to give her a strange look. The trio walked up to the door, which was opened by the doorman, who bowed and said, "Welcome."

"Arigatou." Kagome replied with a smile, and the poor doorman practically fell over with shock. Obviously, doormen did not get much response from the people whom he or she opened the doors for, and Kagome did not blame them. Rich people were often snobby and said nothing to "commoners."

"Y-You're welcome." The doorman replied, giving a slightly embarrassed smile.

Yumi, Kagome, and Souta walked inside, and Kagome was blown away by the whole fancy setting that surrounded them.

Ballroom chandeliers were above the dance floor, which no one seemed to dare go up and dance, were made of the finest crystal, which reflected rainbow colors in amazing display. Waiters walked around, some carrying trays of food in one hand, and a white handkerchief placed perfectly on the other arm. Other waiters walked without trays, but they all had the same white cloth placed perfectly over their arm and they all had their noses up in the air, as if they were the richest ones in the restaurant; they also walked in perfect unison clockwork, avoiding each other without spilling a single drop of food.

The lighting was a dim, romantic type setting with a dimly lit lamp on every table, which was made of the finest oak, and the tables were covered with the finest white cloth that could be made, besides silk. Kagome was surprised that even the table cloths were not made of silk.

The champagne glasses were completely spot-free and also shined rainbow colors when the light passed through them. There was soft music played by the band playing on the stage, which was directly near the dance floor; the soft, velvet music filled the giant room from the strings of violins and bases, and from the flutes and piccolos.

Kagome looked at her mother, who just got finished talking to the waiter at the front, telling him that they were meeting people here. Obviously, their company was already there, because the waiter knew exactly who Yumi was talking of, and he motioned for them to follow him.

Kagome noticed the anxiety that fell over her mother and brother's faces as they took in the overwhelming, wealthy atmosphere; or was her mother's anxiety caused by her worrying over whether her boyfriend would like her children?

When the waiter showed them to a private room, Kagome almost fell over. A person had to be either super rich to get such a private room, had to be someone super important and famous, or all three.

When they entered the room, the first thing Kagome noticed was it was exceptionally brighter than the romantic lighting in the other room, although not so bright to make one squint their eyes. There was, of course a fancy chandelier on the roof, only this one looked like it was made of diamonds.

The round table, which could seat six, was made of the finest cherry-wood, and had a white table cloth on it. The chairs were also made from cherry-wood, and had soft cushion on them, with armrests.

"Yumi," a male voice greeted, and he hugged Yumi, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Kagome almost choked when she saw how handsome the man was. He was very tall, wearing a fancy suit, probably name-brand, and had long silver hair, which was tied back into a ponytail; his ears were pointed, which looked similar to elfish ears. His eyes were the most unusual color of golden-yellow, and his pupils were slits that reminded Kagome of her cat, Buyo.

"Inutashou," Yumi greeted back, and motioned to her children. "This is my son, Souta, and my daughter, Kagome."

The man, Inutaishou, gave a warm smile in greeting, shook Souta and Kagome's hands, and motioned to the other two males in the room.

"This is my first son, Sesshoumaru; he's a fourth year in high school." Inutaishou introduced as he motioned to a young man that looked a bit like his father, but with distinct differences.

Sesshoumaru had the same long, silver hair that was tied back into a ponytail, a nice evening suit, same ear shape, and same color eyes and pupils as his father. The son gave a small nod of his head towards Yumi, Kagome, and Souta; a poor excuse for a bow. Sesshoumaru's facial expressions were put to a minimum of displeasure and expressionless.

"And this is my last son, Inuyasha; he's a second year in high school." Inutaishou concluded, and motioned to the other young man, sitting next to Sesshoumaru.

Inuyasha, while not a clone of the father, did look a lot like him. The most peculiar feature of him was the pointy, "cat-like" ears on the top of his head; however, he marred the same displeasured expression as his brother, Sesshoumaru. Inuyasha did, unlike his brother, give more of a bow towards Kagome and her family, however sitting down.

Inutaishou gave a cough of embarrassment for his two sons' lack of politeness; however, he gave them both warning looks as he asked the family trio to sit down.

Yumi sat next to Inutaishou, Souta next to her, and then Kagome, who ended up sitting next to Inuyasha. Kagome gave a wobbly smile as she took her seat while the young man her age glared at her.

Kagome buried her face in the menu to find out what she wanted to eat. She looked over the various dishes the restaurant offered, and almost gagged on the prices.

"Um, Inutaishou-san?"

"You can call me Taishou."

"Okay... um, Taishou, I'm not sure what to order." Kagome said with a small laugh.

In the corner of her eye, Kagome saw Inuyasha shake his head from side to side while muttering, "Poor people."

Kagome gave the infuriating male beside her a glare that could kill and Inuyasha looked away, but not from Kagome; Inuyasha looked away from his father, who gave his son a glare worse than Kagome could see on any person's face.

"Order whatever you please, Kagome." Taishou replied pleasantly.

Kagome looked over the menu again, which was more like foreign food to her, and she gave the menu to her mother and said, "Mom, please order for me?"

Yumi gave a sigh and ordered for Kagome, which was the same thing Yumi was having; salmon with a white sauce and vegetables on the side.

While her mother and boyfriend quietly conversed, Kagome looked at her empty champagne glass, and decided to test if it was glass or crystal. She licked the tip of her finger and gently swirled it around the rim of the glass.

When a high-pitched song came from the glass, she quickly pulled her finger back, afraid of breaking it, and exclaimed, "It's real crystal!"

"Yes, it is." Taishou agreed pleasantly, his conversation with Yumi interrupted by the young woman's outburst. "You must have good grades in school."

"Well, I get by." Kagome stated with a shrug. "Math is my worst subject."

"Do you have any extracurricular activities?"

"I'm on the gymnastics team." She answered her mother's boyfriend.

"Kagome is very good at it, too." Yumi said.

As her mother and the boyfriend conversed once again, Kagome stared at the odd family. There was something off about them that she just couldn't place. Not to mention that all of their names were absurd.

"Would you three like dessert?" Taishou offered.

"Dessert?" Kagome asked while she counted the calories in her head. "I don't think I have any room for that!"

"Can I have dessert, please?" Souta asked politely and enthusiastically.

Taishou smiled and gave a nod, and Souta asked the waiter for some ice cream. While Souta gobbled down his dessert, Yumi and Taishou smiled warmly at each other, and Kagome gave a polite cough to break up the sickening scene.

"So, how did you two meet?" she asked, playing with the napkin in her lap.

"Oh, it was a loooooooooong while ago." Shisumu chuckled.

"I'm not that old!" Yumi play-yelled at her companion, and both laughed together.

The three teenagers, Kagome, Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru looked like they wanted to gag, while the youngest kept shoveling ice cream in his mouth.

"Souta," Kagome whispered to her little brother, and gave him a soft shove with her elbow to get his attention. "Stop eating ice cream! Mom's going to marry this guy, and we don't even know him!"

"I know, but I like him so far; he's cool." Souta whispered back as dribbles of ice cream ran down his chin.

"So are ax murders in the beginning of the relationship."

"Who'd want to murder an ax?" Souta asked innocently, shoving in another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.

Kagome sighed and said, "Well, don't blame me if he gets you all this food and you find out he's fattening you up for the kill!"

"How long ago?" Inuyasha asked Yumi and his father while glaring with folded arms.

"We were high school sweethearts," Yumi explained. "He was a year ahead of me, and he went off to college before me. We lost contact a few months after I graduated, and so after a few more months, I continued on with my life."

"So... when were you two reunited?" Kagome asked, keeping up the interrogation process.

"When I got transferred to a different building at work," Yumi continued to answer the questions. "I didn't know Inutaishou was the owner of the company I worked for; and he didn't know who I was because my last name is different than when I was younger. We saw each other at a monthly work meeting."

Yumi trailed off, and the couple looked at each other warmly as if reading each other's minds about their reunion. While the atmosphere between the two lovers was comfortable and loving, they left their children in an uncomfortable and tense atmosphere.

Inuyasha cleared his throat uncomfortably and continued, "So, where do you two plan to go from here?"

"We plan to get married." both Yumi and Taishou answered in unison.

"So, us four children are going to end up in one house together?" Inuyasha asked, raising one eyebrow and eyed the two children of Yumi. "The young one I don't mind, but the girl here..."

"What about me?!" Kagome demanded, standing up, getting ready for war.

"I'm saying that I don't get along with girls who look like you!" Inuyasha yelled, also standing up for war.

"Look like me?! What about you with your freaky ears?!" Kagome charged back and she promptly grabbed an ear and gently pulled, earning a surprised yelp from the young man. "What are you, anyway?!"

"Kagome, Inuyasha," Taishou exclaimed calmly. "I realize this is a major change for you two that would take time to adjust to, which is why Yumi and I came up with an idea."

"Instead of getting married and then you four get used to each other," Yumi continued, and then her and Taishou continued in unison with all smiles, "We're moving in together! ...And then getting married..."

"WHAT?!" Inuyasha and Kagome yelled in unison, their lower jaws dropped.

"Next week," Taishou said. "We're all moving into one house so you four can get used to each other before we get married. Don't worry; we already have a house picked out and paid for."

"What about my school?!" Kagome yelled indignantly. "All my friends are there!"

"The house is still in the same district," Yumi explained. "You'll still be going to the same school."

"What about my cat?"

"You can bring him along." Taishou answered.

"What about grandpa?"

"Well," Yumi explained. "He knows about this already, and he's alright with it, considering it's very close to him."

"What about the shrine?"

"Grandpa can manage it himself."

"What about... what about...?" Kagome trailed off, running out of things to make excuses for.

"Everything's taken care of, Kagome, and if anything new comes up, we'll handle it." Taishou explained.

Kagome sat back down, hard, in her chair. She could not make up any more excuses; everything was already planned, and she had no say about it.

Kagome looked over at Inuyasha, who also sat back down, although with more grace than she had, and they exchanged looks of defeat.

The battle about Inutaishou and Yumi's relationship was over, but now the war of living together was about to explode.

To Be Continued...