Tsunade teaches the kunoichis


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Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves, was looking very peaceful this autumn afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather did not accurately reflect the mood of the village's leader. Tsunade was troubled. You see, the young kunoichi of the village were maturing, and as the Hokage, she didn't want them to face the world unprepared. So, she needed a test subject. But who? Then it hit her. 'Of course!'

She set out to find Uzumaki Naruto, the loud-mouthed overconfident blond that the whole village had slowly come to adore, even though they at first had disliked him. You see, Naruto was somewhat like a human prison; the demon Kyuubi no Yoko was sealed inside of his stomach. The Kyuubi has caused much harm to the village, and so in Naruto's early years he was hated and ignored. Nowadays the people realized that he was a true hero for holding back the Kyuubi and he was always greeted with a smile, from everybody.

That's why Tsunade picked Naruto to be the test subject. Out of all men in Konoha, only Naruto deserved what was going to take place. Besides, with him, it would be too easy. Her apprentice Sakura was already in love with him, though in strong denial, Hyuuga Hinata was already in love with him, she had seen Ino and Tenten take a few glances his way, and she knew for a fact some of the women who were going to be assistant teachers for this event, including Anko and Kurenai, definitely had a thing for the boy. Tsunade would of course first obtain permission from the kunoichis's parents, that would only be proper.

She traveled and traveled around Konoha, and finally found Naruto, training in a field. Her apprentice Sakura was watching him with love-filled eyes, and their third teammate, Sai, was staring intently at a sketchbook in his hands. "Oi, Naruto!" she called.

Naruto walked over to him, with Sakura and Sai following closely behind.

"Yeah, baa-chan?" he asked, confused. Normally the Hokage herself wouldn't go out of her way to come see any of the shinobi, but rather summon them to her office.

Sakura hit him on the head. "You idiot! Be more respectful to Tsunade-shishou!"

Naruto pouted at her angry expression, but as soon as he looked back at Tsunade, Sakura started staring at him lovingly again.

"Well Naruto, I have something to discuss with you in private. And Sakura, before you go, take this envelope and give it to your mother. It's a permission form for an educational trip."

"Hai shishou!" she then scurried off, but not before taking a few lingering gazes at Naruto. Tsunade saw this and smirked.

"I'll see you later Naruto-san," Sai said as he too walked away and sat back down, his nose back in his sketchbook.

"So, Naruto. I'll say this nice and simple. The kunoichi of this village are starting to become more of age. Their bodies are getting more developed, ne?" At this, Naruto blushed. "Basically, I'm choosing you to be their test subject. With the help of your cock, we'll be teaching them handjobs, blowjobs, tittyfucks, and full sex, including a lot of really nice positions such as doggy style and cowgirl. Also, anal, DP (with the help of your clones), bondage, all that good stuff. I'll be coming with you, and Kakashi will stand in for me as Hokage."

Tsunade reached down to caress the growing bulge in Naruto's pants. She leaned into his ear. "At the end, you get to choose one to keep as your mate, forever."

Naruto looked like he had seen a ghost. He sat down on the grass shakily. "W-what girls are going to be.. part of this?"

"Not too many… including teachers: Me, Shizune, Anko, Kurenai, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and that Temari girl from Suna. Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Temari are all virgins though, and you'll be able to fuck us all as you please."

"H-how long will this… course… last?" he quivered.

"We'll be going to a small, nice little village for about a year and we'll be renting out a unisex hot spring resort. We'll also have a hotel, and the kunoichi will spend most of their time in either the hot springs or your bed. Every sex act done in our time there will be filmed up-close with a high resolution camera and given to you as masturbation material for your cooperation, but you'll only be able to masturbate if one of us is watching you." She grinned.

Naruto was pale and nearly hyperventilating. He thought for a moment. "I want Sakura-chan. For the mate," he said greedily.

"And you'll get her," Tsunade purred as she sent special chakra through Naruto's pants and into his penis, making him shake wildly with a vision of what was to come.

"Urggghhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned. Some cum leaked through the fabric of his pants and onto Tsunade's fingers. She brought them to her lips and licked them, humming in approval.

"Go and tell Sakura that she belongs to you now, and that she's now your sexual toy and breeding partner forever. Tell her those exact words, tonight, and tell her to give you a blowjob."

Naruto's eyes widened dramatically. "B-but – Sakura-chan doesn't see me that way! No way! She'll never be my 'toy'! She'd kill me!"

Tsunade smirked at him. "You'd be surprised. The truth is, Sakura likes you FAR far more than she ever liked that traitor Sasuke, even though she's in denial. Saying those direct words to her will shock her out of her denial and bring her to her knees in submission, ready to do ANYTHING to please you. Just make sure you're direct and come on extremely strong and aggressive. She'll melt like butter and be ready to suck your cock at the drop of a dime."

With that, Tsunade left him, walking with a bounce in her step as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

He stared at the ground in shock at what had just happened. For the next year, he'd be having nine girls as his sex slaves, four of them experienced pros, five of them virgins and one of them the love of his life.

'Sakura-chan… if I show up at your door tonight and say those words to you, what will you do…?'