Within Reach

by melissaeverlasting


"Come out, then!" Anne shouted madly. "Come out, my friends!"

Angel was a little scared by the fury in Anne's voice, but that was nothing compared to the chill she felt seconds later. It was as if the most horrible thing in the world had come out, but she couldn't see it.

She saw Max and Fang look at each other quickly but couldn't read their expressions. Gazzy's face scrunched up, as if confused. Nudge and Iggy simply looked dumbfounded.

"These are the students from your school, Ariel!" Anne was screaming now. She sounded totally crazy. "They can make themselves visible on call, but their true state is total invisibility! Making it much easier to kidnap people at the drop of a hat! It's the latest technology!"

Angel froze. How did you stop something you couldn't see?

Wait a minute.

What was Angel good for, anyway, if not mind control? She had felt her powers coming back. Anne, in all her haste, had forgotten to give her another dose of the power-numbing drug.


Okay. Angel concentrated, thinking hard: It's this woman you want. No matter what you've been told. Everything you've been told is a lie. You want this woman, right here. Let us go. She kept repeating it in her head until every single invisible warrior was in agreement.

Slowly but surely, the chill in the air vanished. Anne looked really shocked that her perfect weapons had been defeated so, so easily. Angel smiled at her peacefully.

"They finally listened to sense," she said.

"Not so fast!" Anne shouted.

Max groaned. "What now?" she asked in her signature 'I've had enough' tone.

"I believe there's someone else here to see you!" Anne yelled. She looked like a madwoman. "And if I can't have you, Ariel, he can!"

And she turned and ran away. Mr. Pruitt stepped out from where she had been. He was carrying Total! He tried to get away, but Pruitt increased the pressure on Total and he groaned.

"Did you ever wonder," he began in his horrible voice, "why you could never read my mind, Ariel?" He smirked. "Under the drug, I simply… asked you not to. Politely, I hope."

"Not this loser again," Angel heard Iggy mutter. She wasn't sure whether to smile in response, because maybe they wouldn't get out of this. She still couldn't read his mind or control it, which was a low blow for her.

"I won't pretend I'm happy you got rid of my friends so easily," he said slowly, "but at least I can still take y—"


Angel could have grinned when she saw Max use her extremely strong roundhouse kick into Mr. Pruitt's side. Total ran into Angel's arms and she hugged him tight.

"This could not have been easier," Max then said loudly. "I mean, first the six-year-old gets rid of your 'great warriors' in about two seconds, and then you don't even bring backup when you come to face all of us?" She rolled her eyes. "No offense, Boss, but I quit. Up and away!" she yelled to finish.

And the seven of them, Angel and Total included, all unfurled their wings and lifted themselves powerfully into the sky.

It felt wonderful.

They watched Mr. Pruitt become smaller and smaller as he lay there on the ground, panting and clutching his side.

"Ooh, beat by a girl," said Iggy. "That's gotta hurt."

"Yeah, you should know," Max shot back.

Angel smiled and tuned out the rest of their conversation. She knew it wouldn't look good on paper, how fast the six of them had overcome all obstacles, but that was just what they were meant to do.

They were meant to be all together, and to beat all odds. No matter what. Separately, they couldn't even dream of being able to do all of that.

She looked up again at the clouds and in a few minutes, actually touched one.

They were closer than within reach – they were actually there, and always would be.

Author's Note:

At least I didn't promise this before now. ;) It's been a little over two months, and I just wrote this. But it came to me in a rush of inspiration - let me know what you think in a review! Oh, and from now on, I'm going to write at least half of a story before I post it. So that this doesn't happen again. Thanks for sticking with this story! I'll be happy to answer any questions or make any corrections if you just mention it to me. Hope you've enjoyed it! Anything I write from now on will be probably be more intense and quite a few years older in nature, but I admit it was fun to write in character of a six-year-old for awhile, ha ha. So if you like my writing, put me on author alert and watch out for me, because I'm full to bursting with ideas. :)