Chapter Seven: It's Raining Brad Burbs!

Meanwhile: At the Burb Residence

The Brad clone is standing perfectly still in the pantry, his hand covering Johnny's mouth.

"Mmm-hmhm hmm!" Johnny struggles to exclaim.

"Quiet Brad!" the clone hisses, "Do you want them to hear us?"

"Well, I don't know where that intruder is," one of the police officers says from outside the pantry, "Maybe he escaped."

"Don't worry, we'll catch him sooner or later," another one responds, "Let's get back to headquarters."

The Brad clone sighs in relief as he hears their footsteps exit the house. "That was close Brad," he states before kicking down the door and releasing Johnny from his grip.

Johnny struggles to catch his breath before turning to the clone, "Alright," Johnny responds, "I'm only going to ask you this one time, who are you?"

The Brad clone turns to Johnny smirking, "Why, I'm Brad Burb."

"There is no way you are my dad," Johnny responds, "I mean, I know my dad can be crazy sometimes, but he's definitely not this crazy."

"Oh, I think your dad is crazier than you think."

Meanwhile: Back at the Giant B

All of the Brad Burb clones and Brad Burb are standing in front of large table situated on the roof of the giant B. The table is filled with all different kinds of soup. Brad Burb steps over to take a look at it.

"Wow," he thinks to himself, "I've never seen so many different varieties of soup before, maybe coming here wasn't such a bad idea after all."

One of the Brad Burb clones goes behind the table and blows a whistle. All of the clones turn towards him.

"It is now time for the first part of the official Brad Burb test," the Brad Burb clone speaks, "For this test, you will each be asked to classify these soups in the order that Brad Burb would eat them. Whoever does the worst is the imposter! Are there any questions?"

One of the Brad Burb clones raises his hand, "What if one of us is having an off-day and we accidentally classify the soups incorrectly?"

"Good question fellow Brad Burb clone," the Brad Burb clone responds, "If that happens, we always have the all-powerful back-up test that is guaranteed to fish out the imposter- it never fails!"

Brad Burb watches as all of the Brad Burb clones cheer; he begins to sweat. "There's no way I'll be able to outsmart them, I'm dead," Brad thinks, "Well, it was nice while it lasted."

"Now," the Brad Burb clone calls out, "Let the test begin!"

All of the Brad Burbs race over to the table and take their places behind the table. Brad watches as all of them rearrange their bowls of soup in front of them. Brad begins to panic.

"Oh no," Brad thinks, "They're almost done rearranging and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. What do I do? Think Brad think."

Not thinking any further, Brad rearranges his bowls in a random order. The whistle blows.

"Alright," the Brad clone states, "Time's up. It's Brad Burb judging time!"

Two of the Brad Burb clones take out clipboards and watch over to the first Brad Burb clone's arrangement; they gaze down at the soups.

"Good job fellow Brad Burb," one of them responds, "You remembered to put Clam Chowder in front of Cream of Celery. That's the Brad Burb way!"

"Crap," Brad thinks as he begins to squirm, "How could I possibly forget that chowders came before creams? I'm doomed."

Brad watches in horror as the two Brad Burb clones stop in front of his arrangement, they look down at it in confusion.

"Well this is an interesting arrangement," one of them responds, "I've never seen anyone put Gumbo before Chicken Noodle before."

Brad Burb laughs nervously, "Well, you know, it's a Brad Burb thing."

"Wait a minute!" one of the Brads speaks up, "That's not a Brad Burb thing! That's not a Brad Burb thing at all!"

All of the Brad Burb clones gasp.

"That's it!" the same Brad speaks, "I know exactly who the imposter is, it's-!"

Brad Burb accidentally pushes the table forward with his leg causing all of the Brad Burbs to fall off of the roof, seemingly raining from the sky.

It's like it was raining Brad Burbs.

"Oh they did not just put that sentence in there," Brad Burb grumbles, struggling to crawl out of the gigantic pile of Brad Burbs.

Brad hears quiet footsteps approach the pile, "Brad?" the voice speaks.

Brad Burb looks up, preparing for the worst. But something about that pink frilly dress and matching high-heeled shoes seemed strangely familiar.

"Tiffany?" Brad manages to speak.

"Tiffany?" All of the Brad Burb clones exclaim from the pile.

A smile grows on Brad's face, "Well this is about to get interesting."

Author's Note: Well there you have it, chapter seven of 'It's Raining Brad Burbs', because no SClownzZzZz story is ever dead. : D