sweetest intoxicant
every sentiment has been contrived.
touhou project | kanako/utsuho | wordcount: 267

the prompt for this was hard candy. looking back on it, this drabble makes no sense, but I like this pairing.

( characters belong to ZUN, not me. )


Utsuho's heart is pliable, like sticky-sweet pink bubblegum.

She has the tendency to adhere herself to whatever cause she's spoon-fed, even if it goes against the natural standards of decency in Gensokyo, as long as her emotions are manipulated the right way.

Hellfires need stoking? Just casually mention that someone else could do it better, and her pride will take a leap as she torches the coals. Palace needs guarding? Tell her that Master Satori's very life would be endangered if she didn't. Utsuho would be so shaken with fear that she'd stand tall outside the gates, ready to confront even the most middling of intruders.

The goddess of the mountain recognizes this flaw all too well, and as she stands before this gullible youkai in the blazing depths of the underworld, she can only think of one thing that would get her to commit allegiance to her side.

She carries herself over the cracked earth gracefully, admiring Utsuho sitting atop her makeshift throne of kindling and embers, and she leans in so close that her lips brush against her ear as she whispers her plea: "If you really are the strongest creature down here, then you're the only one I need to help me. Please, won't you? My friend and I can't do this all without you."

Her honeyed voice rings in Utsuho's heart, and a blush flourishes on her cheeks. She nods vigorously, pulling herself to her feet, ready to submit to her every command.

The goddess smiles a cunning, wicked smile.

Her own heart is hard, like a jawbreaker; sweet on the outside, but impenetrable. Utsuho's emotion is wasted on her.