bad- Pre-KotOR Jaq.

Disclaimer: Atton "Jaq" Rand belongs to Obsidian Ent. and LucasArts.

A/N: This is "Scary" Atton, his Sith Assassin alter-ego, so this is going to be pretty dark. Warnings: violence, and some mild sexual content.

He'd met her in a cantina not twenty minutes before, and now here they were, in a dark, dank alley, Jaq pounding away between her legs.

There were no street lamps here. Darkness blanketed everything, allowing Jaq to imagine he could be with anybody.

He'd needed this, needed to relieve the tension and pent-up desire that ate at him, building up daily because of his work.

You either grew to loathe yourself, to hate it all and resent your very existence, or you learned to love it; the pain, the blood, the torture. The killing and the darkness. You simply couldn't do the things he did and remain unaffected.

The girl he was with tried to kiss him, tried brushing his open mouth with hers, pushing him, daring him to hurt her. He grabbed her throat in response, squeezing as he pounded harder, pushing her hips into the wall behind them.

Images flashed through his mind, of the soft, sweet little thing he'd just bagged this morning, and he lost it, slamming her against the wall, feeling it overtake him. He shivered down to his toes as his body convulsed, and he let his forehead drop to the wall above her left shoulder.

He pulled his hips back, disengaging from the girl's warm body, and let the hand on her throat relax. But something was wrong. Even in the dark he could tell that she wasn't right. She was too still, too quite.

Jaq released her completely, stepping back as her limp body fell to the ground.

Too much pressure. He'd squeezed her too hard, and crushed her windpipe. Wasn't his fault. She'd asked for it. She'd dared him. And sometimes things just went bad.