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Travel South Cross Land

"You are being very generous Ms. Slone" Doctor Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine at the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, said quietly. She meant it but couldn't exactly relax considering what had happened last time she had accepted so much money from a willing donor. "Four hun…hundred mill-ion dollars" her voice tripping over such an unfamiliar numeral to speak aloud "is a lot of money."

The girl did not look like an heiress. Her hair was not blonde, her nails were not done and her clothes were not Gucci. Her hair was brown and pulled back in a messy ponytail, her nails looked a little bitten and she was wearing old jeans and Pink Floyd t-shirt.

She smiled a bit bemused and re-crossed her legs (she was sitting Indian style in one of the chairs across from Cuddy's desk) "Please call me Cari and I had nothing better to do with it, I'm sure you'll put it to good use." Cuddy flinched "I seem to sense a "but" coming. Is there something bothering you Dr. Cuddy?" her voice was unnervingly calm, as though she would have cared less if Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa fell out of the coat closet making out.

"Well you see Ms. Slo-Cari, we have had a offer like this in the past and-"

"Dr. Cuddy" the girl interrupted "I am not Edward Vogler. I'm asking you for the same thing but our reasons are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Just give me an office, e-mail when something worth mentioning happens and you'll probably forget I'm here, soon enough." Carolina Ann Slone glanced at her plastic digital watch "I'm sorry Dr. Cuddy but I have to be somewhere in a few minutes, I'll come back tomorrow."

Cuddy stood up quickly and extended a hand for the girl to shake but by the time she had done so Cari was out the door "see 'ya later!" she offered back as she exited Cuddy's office and put her headphones on.

Cuddy stood feeling a little confused and not completely sure that what had just happened was real. The grey and red tennis ball that bounced down the hall in front of her, stopping at her feet, did nothing to help re-connect her with reality.

She picked it up looking in its direction of origin to find Doctor Gregory House walking towards her.

"Sorry, should I have yelled four first?"


"No, House! The answer is NO! You may not hire a male hooker for an eighty year old woman!" She felt back in sync with the universe now. House being House was very grounding for her.

"What?! You don't want poor Harriet to make it to her granddaughter's school play? I hear she's gonna play Wendy. I think they even got Michal Jackson to play Peter Pan." Actually he had no idea if Harriet's granddaughter was going to play Wendy or not or if she even had a granddaughter for that matter.

"Oh, you're going to do it anyway no matter what I say." She shook her head in disgust and sat down.

"What's wrong Boss? Is it your time of the month?" he asked crudely.

Cuddy sighed "Just go, I have a lot to deal with right now." House suspected there were emotiony things headed his way and chose to make a quick exit. "House" he stopped and turned around "I can't always put you first. There are more important things this hospital needs."


House opened Wilson's door without knocking to find his friend on the phone. Wilson looked up and closed his eyes for a moment as if preparing to be executed or something.

"Yeah, that's alright I would love to come. What's his favorite color? Okay, see you then. Bye." He finished and hung up the phone looking expectantly at House.

"Planning your next wedding or do they call those commitment ceremonies now?" House questioned.

"It's a birthday party for one of my patients. He's turning six. Wanna come, there'll be free cake." Wilson asked quickly taking his mini sand garden out of House's reach.

"I've never understood the human fascination with celebrating the loss of yet another year of life." House took the medicine balls from Wilson's desk and started playing with them.

"Did you want something or are you just hiding from Cuddy? You didn't really hire a male hooker did you?" as though he really wanted to know.

"Wilson, what's more important than me?" he finally asked cocking his head to the side a little.